Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vent Time Children.

Haha pretty psyked to be back home in the Yay, but kinda mixed feelings at the same time too. Happy to be back in my own element sleep in my own bed go to work and make money and all that stuff, but bummed at the lack of riding I get done while Im home. Its like I get more practice and better sessions when Im a guest in someone elses town which is odd. Have BMX lessons that im doing all week so that gives me 2hours of park time on tuesday and thursday for the next 2 weeks but as far as race stuff, pfffft nobody ever wants to ride. Been doing the sprints and shit but that shit is boring as fuck and I dont mind doing them but they are pretty played. Met our new boss at work and she was pretty weak so not sure how thats going to pan out, BMX gets played out pretty bad at my job and is always 3rd class it seems. Boss wants more BMX participation but still doesnt exactly let me make the changes needed to make people come out and ride- weak. Mom has been pissing me off as usual, so thats a definite downer to being back home. Alot of BS and she is just a fuckin douche to me which is annoying as fuck. Like serious we dont get along so just you do you and I'll do me and thats it, why you wanna fuck with me. Im fairly tired of her shit and Im sure its all gonna explode sometime soon, which will be both good and bad. I have tried to just leave the situation as it is but this bitch is on some other shit and needs to be checked into place ASAP. :( fuck em though :) What else is new? Ummm working on a few things for the near future as far as riding, trying to keep things moving forward. Privateer shit for the time being- Busy schedule too

Atwater ca RLC this weekend, Fresno State Finals the next weekend, Lancaster ABA after that, then Vegas NBL, Then Disney Orlando. Haha so 5 weeks of straight stuff.

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