Sunday, February 2, 2014


  • Im on a roll lately. I generally tell people how fuckin gay they are when they post pics of the meal they just ate and the hashtags about putting in work and this and that. The social media body builders as I call them. Your all a fuckin joke and after we see your posts we laugh because you think the 1 person who agrees and hits the "like" button for you redeems you. When in reality it shows that the other 99.9% of the planet thinks your a douchebag toolbox doing self preservation things for everyone other than yourself. Have a great day "BROOOOOOOO" and have a double protein shake its on me today. #puttininwork? #youjustgotworked

    Khalen Young Hahaha hell yeah macheech! You know it ain't about you man
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  • Christopher Pilot Fielding K yeah keggsy
  • Khalen Young The social media training programs are the worst. Look, no one gives a shit about leg day or diet bullshit. At the end of the day, all the photo shoots and gym posts ain't going to help you. Sell your shit to someone else because I ain't buying it.
  • Khalen Young Yeah Tickky Tickky! Let's go Wilson! Yeah Gang Bang!!
  • Ken Cools I think UCI needs to hire you as a colour commentator KY. We miss your flavour on the scene.

    KY Agrees. And being that he is a legend is all that much better.

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