Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spider Man Camp

Thats right week #3 at LCRSP is gonna be a Spider Man themed session with movie tix to participants to see the pre scrrening of the new movie on July 2nd. Woot Woot. Been working crazy amounts of hours and doin it so hard. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Slackin So Hard!

Been workin a bunch this week as camps just kicked off for the city and hospital hours are still up as well as parking on weekends. Been doin it for sure. Gonna hold off longer on gettin new wheels for the evo :( Gonna do a conventional loan for a house so gonna need even more ca$h so still in saving mode. Bummin a little bit cuz I wanted to get some fresh wheels for my bday but oh well Ill hold off longer not a huge biggie. Turnin 28 jyeah stoked on it and gonna rip a trails session Im pretty sure but thats up in the air so Ill see if it works out or not. Gonna toss a flair out tomorrow been a few weeks since Ive done one and I always try and do them more often but I slack what can I say. Last 3 were first try and golden so hopefully the streak keeps up hahaha. Over and out and see ya when Im a year older hahahaha