Monday, June 17, 2013


Sprint store doesnt open til 10am? Who the hell needs to sleep in and get the late start treatment at the sprint store? Lazy bums get with the times, the early bird gets the freaking sales LOL Been phoneless for about a week now #strugglin.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Well here we go with being 29. What can I say it's been an eventful 28 years so should be pretty standard as I ring in being that much closer on the bubble spot now for dirty 30. Happy Birthday to myself and to celebrate Im gonna take on a nasty 17hr. work shift bwa ha ha. Thats right 7-12 at the hospital, then work til 7:45 at the park and wrap up with 8-12midnight at the hospital. Haha work hard play hard I guess LOL. First BMX camp kicks off next week as well and that should be a good time so definitely looking forward to that. Ankle has been really hurting lately and I already have told myself surgery after summer is over. Hoping it isnt nearly as bad as it feels, but Im 99% sure its fully blown out, I know nothing about ankles but it may damn well be beyond repair at this point LOL Anyway back to being the ol 29... Stoked I guess I dont know I try and not make a big deal out of my birthday but excited to be older and wiser hehe. Thats all for now sorry I havent been blogging any substance lately work has just been crazy and thats 75% of my life I feel LOL. Back in a flash I promise!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


So I wake up feelin like Pete Sampras, arrive early at the tennis courts to watch the other 4.5 singles match thats going on and they look good but definitely beatable and my opponent shows up... Rocking flip flops... Im thrilled because I know damn well if I were ever to lose a tennis match it would most certainly NOT be to a guy in flip flops... Well apparently this guy had some new age tennis steeze that I have yet to learn. I got worked so bad the only thing that was pleasant was he dealt with me quick and easily, kinda like the death of a Samurai you just get beheaded with honor sorta like that... 30minutes I had not managed to win a single game, likely only won about 25 points in the match total LOL 6-0,6-0 the tennis triumphant return has been dashed people. Gonna start at a lower level likely 3.5 next time and see if I fit in that category a little better. LOL got killed sheesh.