Monday, August 30, 2010



Haha check the pic of me workin the mic...
And they said the curl activator was played out. Pffffft~!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yeah Buddy! End of Summer Jam Recap...

How many riders showed up? Hella. Event went down it was very good and kids were treated to good prizes just for signing up (grips, tees, DVD's) and then the top 3 or even top 5 in some classes got some extra swag. After all was said and done just about 70 people rode in different classes and the day went very well. I was way excited to see some wild stuff pulled. Mesta rail rode the entire big rail in the street course. wild. Pics soon and results to follow Im sure... So good!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bob the builder my a$$ :)

I have been promoted from Rec Leader at SJ Parks to Captain Carpenter! Haha built this 8ft. wallride w/ 2 1/2ft. sub for the jam this weekend. Turned out pretty good even though a few of the guys are kinda spooked about it. Myself and Rob Payne worked a solid 8 hours or so gettin it all dialed in from scratch. I love building ramps and stuff because you get to shred them when its all done and I thoroughly like to build new stuff. Nate Wessel is a bit more dialed then me, but it was fun and proud of the finished product for sure. If you dont plan on coming out to the comp this Saturday then I expect you to be moving out of Nor*Cal by Sunday evening because Im sending out a hit squad come Monday morning. ALOT of kids are psyked and ready to shred for anything from Vans shoes to a $200 Zumiez gift card!?! Wild. Cash for pro's... and just all around long fun day. Enjoy a shot of a double pegger on my new pride and joy. Thanks goes out to Mr. Nyquist for lending me his garage to make it all happen.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eye Burn...

Worked the BMX all nighter last night at LCRSP. Rode my bike from 6pm to about 5:45am with all the kids before I stumbled into the office and dozed off for about 35minutes to wake up to the worst eye burn of all time :( Not fun. Need to get my tail down to Roseville this morning but I dont see it happening so hopefully I can ghost ride somehow and get qualified for ROC... Sketchy. Thats all 12hr shift netted about $150 bucks so stackin that bread boi!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dawg Inc. Presents...

Yet another one in a long line of shady events that Ive strung together that hopefully is better than the last one but only half as good as the next. I give you my friends- The End of Summer Jam! Haha believe me it took me twice as long to make the event happen than it did to come up with that oh so clever event name. Ha. What to expect? Prizes and some fun riding. Its at LCRSP so bring the soft pads and be ready to ramp some stuff both old and new. I got a good sub wall 8ft with a 3ft sub in front of it, being built sometime soon. That will sit on the deck of the only kinda mini we have at the facility. I kinda wanna see like a real good mini ramp jam go down and thats what Im aiming for. Ive seen some wild shit go down already in that bowl and hopefully this creates even more nutty stuff to go down. Shay Nyquist always has some original tech moves as does that weak brother of his so hopefully we can get one of them out, 30&Over vet class should attract the older and classic riding that we all like to see. If Vince can get his tampon out he might have a shot at the win Id think. Squid Squirrel has the air dialed but might lack the tech moves to take down the W, but we shall see! Im calling specialized mr. foley to surprise a few with a good all around style, and the darkhorse would be Marlo. He learns tricks as I take breaths so he could easily clean up the comp... Cash will be paid out to Pro class riders and swag from a slew of sponsors will be given out all day so Im hoping for a good sized turnout and some fun to be had by all. If I dont break 100 people showin up then it was all for nothing LOL.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dave From SA- Not sure the exact day that I met Dave but he was definitely one of the first riders that I met who was super humble and just genuinely happy to be riding BMX and not too worried about other shit. He rides a mongoose that is way too old and dated for how good he is but thats kinda typical of alot of the rippers in SA. They just rock whatever they have and thats fine with them, we spoiled americans have to have the newest shit and keep up with the current fads and shit but it's a bit more simplistic to guys like Dave and Im glad I met him early in the trip and spent a good time riding and talkin shit with him. His worlds went pretty shitty though because he flipped his bars in the rhythm section on day 1 of practice and sure enough was ok enough to ride the next days practice but that proved to be a shitty event too. I didnt see it but I heard he was in the same spot got bucked in the rhythm and tossed over the bars. Somehow he smashed some teeth even though he rocks the fullface so he had to get those things straightened up and was dealt a nasty concussion so his first worlds appearance wasn't as planned Im sure but he made the most of it and besides scaring the shit out of me with that crash he was a rad dude and definitely enjoys riding which makes him good in my opinion. Keep up the riding buddy and dont get bummed because Tom Ritz builds the shittiest rhythm section anyway :) Lastly- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYN


Dustin Mulder- Awww my step son Dustin... Dustin was yet another rad kid who I think has a good future in BMX and a cool supportive mom behind him so if he stays on the up and up he can definitely get that tiny bit quicker and be at the competitive level that he wants to be. He was stressing the 17-24 class way too much but it made for some good times. He would constantly ask me over and over what guys were fast and who should he worry about and stuff LOL. I told him he would do fine and to just ride his race and enjoy the experience. I must have given him so much shit because he had the only cute girl in the country and he kicked her to the curb for some reason?!? Haha life of a player I guess- out with the old and in with the new maybe? His mom was too smart to take my invite to dinner which I made sure to ask 2-3 times and let Dustin know that she was more open to the idea everytime. He took the shit talk like a champ and dished it back and is yet another SA ripper kid who is dialed and a respectful little shit that I would love to host and show the states to. Congrats on your first worlds event dustin it only gets better and you will have banked memories that in 10years you'll look back on.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Feel good!

Raced Orange Cove this weekend and enjoyed myself even though my hand is all but broken, couldnt grip the bars with my hand but luckily drew a soft moto and didnt have to dice with anyone and ended up winnin both days. Orange Cove is one of the best local facilities that I know of and its crazy that the place doesnt do bigger events more often so if you live out there get something going and use your tools that are provided for you. That place kicks ass and should get more traffic for sure. Victor Lopez might be shady but he sure can get BMX stuff done hehe. Ironically I watched some BMX kids get kicked out of the skatepark there later in the day on Sunday and thought it was funny because earlier in the year before the birth of the OC Police Department myself and Roybal were at a city council meeting discussing the future of the BMX program and I spoke on that topic and also gave my 2 cents about the establishing a police force there, which I was heavily in favor of. Little did I know that speech vote whatever would come back to bite me in the ass as I saw some cops oust a few bmx riders :( Bummer.

Guess who the pictures are! Thats Daniel he is a kid who riders from SA that I didnt have the pleasure of meeting but I heard he was a good kid who rode the Giba local track a bit and loved him some BMX. I spoke about him to Robbyn who gave me the tip as she knows his moms hair dresser or something like that and well I thought it would be rad since he was so stoked on riding to give him one of my Team USA jerseys. I wrote him a note and said he can have it as long as I get pics of him enjoying it. True to the pics above the lil guy followed through and Im psyked to see him ramping and enjoying life. Simplistic things can have the best pleasures in life.

Friday, August 6, 2010

True Stuff.

A few people didnt believe me when I sad monkeys are just everywhere in SA. Here is 2 of them on Lloyds gate to his driveway at about 8am. So rad.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

Hit SFO this morning after a 25hr flight back home and gotta say SA was one of the best trips of my life and definitely gonna find an excuse to head back sometime- Im going to start with all the footage I compiled so stay tuned the next few days for race interviews, shit talk, friends, and plenty more!