Monday, January 25, 2016

Slackin like always!

Damn nearly missed the whole month of January. Always easy to explain though as work has been crazy busy and just stacking the loot to knock out the home goal. Can we start off the night about how taxes are looking quite promising? $5000 coming back to me after my high ass 401k contributions paired with giving an extra $400 per pay period finally got me balanced out and uncle scam shooting a little bit of cash back this way for once. So salute to the tax time ballers I finally get to see how you live! I aint buying ish though just tossing it in the bank for a rainy day purchase. Finally scaled back the city gig as Ive been planning a bit. Its been a few weekends now without a shift and although Im at RMC its still kinda nice slowing down a bit. Much appreciated and this weekend is SX so that will be my first day off in a month or so and stoked to share the day off with all my once a year SX fans out in the coliseum lots :) Teriyaki bbq of course, tri tip no doubt, salsa, chips, beers if thats your thing. Pretty much a solid day and if JS7 can ride Ill be even that much happier. K time for my nightly outlook on renovating a house, swear Im buying my grandmas house and revamping that fucker into a legit ass spot. #goindown