Monday, July 15, 2013

Knee blown again?

Well I can start off with the good news I made a main in 28-35x LOL. I had a brutal semi lineup and gate 7 all by myself semi had the top 5 guys from the day before and me in it taking 4. I cut down the first straight and basically swung out wide and cut the entire bottom of the turn to move into 3rd. Sweeet! one guy got by me again and I was in a 4th battle with someone for 2 streets hooking bars and throwin elbows but I held him off at the line by a few inches YAY. Got lane 7 in the main real big shocker there I had been outisde in 7 all weekend. Tyler Clark was in 8 and we got out pretty good, he was pulling me and when he cut over I was mid manual and he cut down my front wheel. I thought no biggie reacted to catch my now off balance self and when my foot hit the ground it immediately sent a ouuuuuuuuuch up my right leg. I coasted to a stop and cut across the infield. Dean drove home and now here I am staring at what will likely be another knee surgery LOL. Pretty lame and Im slightly frustrated for sure but whatever I needed a vacation anyway. More info after I book and appt and MRI- Nick