Friday, December 19, 2014


An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves. The thought of greed or the act of being greedy isnt necessarily a bad thing in my opinion but the dictionary definition even throws in at the end the catch all... "deserves"See I consider myself to be somewhat greedy at times but its always a balance of what I deserve. See you wanna make a billion dollars even if you dont need it im fine with that, just work for it. Your work hard you earn that shit and I will for one applaud your effort and cheer you along. Now if you lie cheat scheme and steal to obtain that billion I am also going to think your a real piece of shit and I wont be recognizing your accomplishment as anything more than greed. You can obtain your stuff through work and others dont have to suffer for you to prosper. That shit is key. The world somehow loses track of people being stand up to one another and respectful and whatever other qualities we should hold important to people. Instead these days we just want "likes" "follows" and whatever other bullshit each sect considers cool. The long story short of this rant goes like this. My landlords charge me $1750 for my 2 bedroom, I never had a person live with me because I dont bother to look for one, my buddy James needed a place so I offered him the room and he moved in. He is rarely here but as soon as my landlords caught wind that he was here, the dollar signs rolled through their minds and they hit me with a $250 rental increase. I am far too lazy to bother but thats more than a 10% increase and it's totally bogus because they simply saw the chance to ask for more money. They just bought a new Lexus coincidentally and you want to think that when you are somewhere for 2 years never been late always been a stand up guy never had issue you get a mutual respect but fuck that apparently LOL. I countered and said I would meet them more than half way and would do a $150 increase, frankly nobody likes to move and its not worth the hassle to me... They came back with $200 is the least increase they would take. LOL that shows me it's clearly time for me to go. I dont fuck with people who dont respect me and that shit is plain disrespectful, You shouldnt have a problem renting the place for $2000+ when I move out so best of luck to you and thanks for the 2 years. Keepin it classy these days!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Finally had a few minutes to bang the keys a bit and get some text laid down to describe the Red Bull event last weekend. For starters I have to say I was stoked to even get an invite to the event because for whatever reason people view Red Bull as the pinnacle of the sport. They do things proper as shit when it comes to events and athletes so to even get the nod was kind of cool. I had work scheduled that day but Rachel came through with the coverage and that made it possible to attend, so shout her out for that. Matt was quick to hop on the trip bandwagon so me and him talked about it all week and made joke after joke about how sketchy it would be. As the day got closer I took the mentality of eff it I am going to ride Im gonna give it a solid go and rip that thing. We wake up at the crack of dawn on 4 hours of sleep to make it down to SF by the riders meeting at 7:30am. Alicia and Matt stumble off to Mc Donalds and I get the first look of the who's who that was invited along with me. It was an epic group of dudes from my generation that were and will always be straight rippers in different aspects of BMX. From dudes still living the bmx dream to legends that never chased it but it followed them anyway. I had a solid streak at one time in the contest scene so everyone knows me well and to an extent all those guys are my idols and living legends and I enjoy sharing in a session with them so it's an odd feeling to compete against them. Anyway we get acquainted to the staff puttin on the event sign away our lives and start to trolley up the hill. I already knew we were in for a LONG day when the trolley was smoking like crazy just to make it up the 21% grade. Wild. We get to the top and dudes are wondering how to scrub off speed for the initial run, squeeks aka Josh heads down first brakeless and just gets murdered into hay at the bottom. I was shortly behind him and feathered the brakes to save myself. Racer guy behind me skids down and blows a tire first run from skidding so much. Dummy. and it just got wilder after that, we start hitting the small kickers at 35-45mph and things get loose in a hurry. Great times and everyone was juiced. Qualifying was cut throat as hell and quick. Mind you this is a test event so they just want to see the action quick and see how it works. we made 4 groups of 4 and they said winner out of each group moves to a 4man final and winner takes all. WOW. I draw Kurtis Elwell in my heat and D block and someone else and Im stressing Kurtis for sure. Dude has been an icon for me for years and he can pedal and fearless as they come. Only dude at 7am who was drinking coors type of guy. I get a good start and me and Kurtis start to pull away but he fades after the first jump. I pin it the whole time and finally when I want to stop and slow down I catch a solid speed wobble for about 50-75feet at 40mph or so? Sooooo sketchy and everyone thought I was done for. I fought it off and rode it out like a boss and everyone started making jokes and it was hilarious. Ticket punched to the final where I had Jason Lopez of Haro/Premium fame to deal with. He lays waste to me for the first leg of the hill. Im watching him the whole time and I tell myself when he stops pedaling I have to take 4-5 more cranks, sure enough he stops to get set for the first jump and I seize the moment to gain ground, we hit the jump at the same time, but my extra cranks have paid off Im carrying more momentum and pass him quickly, at this point I take 2 cranks more and tuck in for the hill bomb. Jason ended up fading to 3rd and I held on for the win. I was stoked and crashed into the hay wall. Hopped up to a cheering crowd and high fived everyone. It was a dope experience to win but the results are irrelevant just seeing and being respected and held in the high regards of the riders at the event that day is the real payoff. BMX has given me everything in life, it truly has as crazy as that sounds and most of those guys have been there every step of the way. So to those other 15 guys I salute you. Truly Nor Cal's finest out there that day and respect to everyone. Shout out Jackson for the invite. Next year Im doubling up and taking the MTB title too. Ill post more about this soon. It was sick.

Myself and Tony Campos
Right Pegs vs Left Pegs
Nike vs Vans
Tee Shirt vs Leather Jacket
Plastic Pedals vs Metal Pedals
High Seat vs Low Seat
SJ vs SF

Very different but both in search of FUN.

Monday, November 17, 2014


I mean I did call the win a week prior. Just sayin' hahahahaha

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Last night I was a champion and tonight Im crashing into a benz? The fuck? 24 hours sure can change shit. haha #shitasskarma

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Make move$

How do you earn more money when you cant fit more hours into a day? You get paid from multiple sources in those said hours. Insert my plan to go to Vegas and work for 2 weeks while using PTO to cover my missing days at my hospital gig. All in all I should make a few hundred bucks of profit and spend some time in the 702 which is always a good deal. Will be nice to change up the scenery even if its just brief. Evo still isnt back on the road yet and thats blehhhhhh so tired of driving different cars lol #missmymainwhip  Vegas on the 29th gettin money now then and beyond.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Back in the saddle again!

Fresh back from the 808 and batteries refreshed. Twas a good trip I definitely wouldnt do a hawaii cruise again though Ill stick to flying there in the future. The long 4 day stints at sea can get slightly odd when you just cant explore, or maybe its the anticipation? Either way it was a good time and good to force a vacation for sure. Had a good time all in all and now just gotta stack cash to cover the expenses from it LOL. Next on the trip roster is Vegas for some work, and then Vegas again in January and then Caribbean cruise in February. Expensive taste means hard work inbetween which can get taxing but whatever. Gonna do a Red Bull test event next weekend that should be interesting and Im excited to see how it pans out basically a steep ass downhill race which can get hairy because of how steep the hill is. Best trick event as well so should be interesting if nothing else. SEMA car show is this weekend so all the car gurus are all out at that, I almost attended but thought the excessive time off would be a bit much. Played that one good by skipping it. Thats all for now might upload some photos if Im not too lazy and yeah thats all for now. Hang tight.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vacation time.

Boutta go off grid for 2 weeks and hit up Hawaii. Definitely think its a bit long but PTO will keep the money flowing and Ive definitely stacked up enough that I wont notice it too much. Busy days ahead so gonna be good to recharge the batteries before heading into closing out the year busy as all hell. Co worker gonna go out to birth a baby in the next few months so should be stacking heavily at that time. And just adjusted my city hours to work there a little bit more and go from 2-4 days a week. Figure give it a solid run into the holiday season there too. Should get real outta control here coming up so for the next 2weeks its sun or as hawaii goes it might be rainy LOL but either way, aint gotta wake up aint gotta do shit just be a bum on a boat for a few weeks. Gonna be relaxing for sure. Haircut thursday tomorrow woot woot. And thats about it for now just stacking up paper and trying to keep it simple. Booked some Vegas tickets for my race comeback in January, booked another Vegas work trip for December shit call me 702 Nick pretty quick LOL over n out bruh!
Hawaii in 08' fresh in white

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hi Hater :)

I generally dont acknowledge haters because I think once you acknowledge them you are devoting energy that could be better served in other directions. But today I make an exception :) The name shall go unmentioned cuz it truly isnt worth chuckling at said persons futile attempts but sometimes you get to laugh at people falling short. Use that energy elsewhere is all I can suggest, because frankly you aint slowing me down until I want and choose to slow down. You gonna have to fabricate too much bogus information and anyone with a brain is gonna see how hard you are trying to attack my stellar character. I was born bred created and molded to do what it is I do. You cant beat me at me cuz you will never even get the opportunity to compete at my level. Do you, cuz you tryna keep up with me is not what you built for. You aint bout that life and ya boy is not slowin down yaddddddddimtalkinbout? Ever meet someone hating on you that is doing more than you doing? Nope. Life rolls on breh breh.


Thursday, October 2, 2014


Got a raise from RMC yesterday for $.40/hr was thankful and celebrated by eagerly applying for 3 other jobs this morning LOL. Loyalty has its place but RMC hasnt helped me at all in my trek to make 6 figures lol so continuing to seek it elswhere. Why not?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Good Ol George

So today is the day collectively a whole slew of people will say our last good bye to George Esquivel. I've known the entire Esquivel family for about 10 years or so and they a solid group from top to bottom. The kids all raced throughout our teen years and that's when I spent the bulk amount of time around them. In that time I got really close with George and Anna and they are truly genuine people. I've gone to several races with them George would always make it a point to find out if I needed a ride or had one situated, he would never let me miss a race on account of  something he could control type of guy. That always went over well with me because I try and be that same type of man as I grow. Anna and him would even let me crash at their house  the night before leaving to a race early just so I wouldn't have to wake up as early. Always there with some tools as well I can't even explain how many times Id be in the back of the suburban sifting through George's tools and he would be thrilled to have me get things sorted out. And I'm sure everyone else will attest that George always beyond a shadow of a doubt would watch closely every lap and if you wanted his expert opinion he would let you know where you could pick up a second and where you were looking strong. Several times it would be cold at the local track and he would yell for me to come and sit with him and anna and start the truck to get the heater going. Hot chocolate? Yeah. Dude always ordered an extra 1 or 2 because someone would be able to benefit from a little kindness. The truck talks were always good and usually team related or what race was next or how work was going. George never cared if you were the fastest guy on the gate or never even qualifying he knew life was more than trophies and points and he was a perfect example of that. I say to people a lot to pay things forward and George was that same type of guy and that's why I respect him and always will. Thanks George for all the kind memories and all the conversations through the years. Your family has always been  special to me and  will always be looked after to the best of my ability. Love ya man and until we meet again.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

PBA Life

So I dont think I make much of a mention about it here on my blog but Ive been bowling quite a bit lately and Ive become decent IMO. Tonight I had my best average since I started bowling and I had another game that was 10 strikes out of 12 needed for a perfect game. Ive had that happen a few times in the last 2 weeks and not gonna even front I want a 300 game for sure. Would be a good random conversation piece if for nothing else. I still dont have any desire to bowl in a league or compete at it for some reason which is fine by me. Keeping it fun and just enjoying the challenge of the activity. Would love to blog a 300 game but for now just blog about the pursuit of one hehe.

Scored 2 14hr days this week. Monday and Tuesday my receiver is out @RMC so Ill fill his shoes for the days. Should be good to keep stacking the OT hours. If I can somehow get lucky and my other coworker calls in I would go into double time rate LOL fingers crossed hahaha Thats all for now- funeral Tuesday for the homie George Esquivel. Solid dude and gonna be a bummer saying goodbye to him classy guy always a good time talking to him and going to be like I said a bummer. Much respect though and love that dude.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Balance Achieved.

Ok so after a slight day of shittyness over finances and what not I think I got things under control. Time will tell I guess so hopin Im right. How do you balance a lopsided checkbook? YOU WORK. So thats what I did last weekend to get the incoming total higher than the outgoing total. Worked a few very undesirable shifts with minimal rest and in one or two cases no rest between and LONG hours that went into double OT so things should head north again. Had a few different conversations with different people and some people totally understand it and where I come from and some are just clueless which I totally understand. I try to break it down for people who just dont get it fairly simple. When you grow up in a less than stellar financial situation you either accept it and let that be your status quo or you make it a point to never get back into that situation when its in your control. I take the latter. So I live pretty damn frugal or at least I think I do and I dont spend as much or as wild as I probably could. Sure people may not see me rocking the newest jordans, and I might have the same tee shirt that you saw me in 2 times last week, I dont drive a fancy car albeit my fuckin evo could be a Benz at this point LOL. But I live simple, simplicity has its place in life and if you can pass on some of the things that people take on you would be shocked at how much liquid cash you could save and use toward better longer lasting things. In the past month I saw $8k basically get pissed away for lack of a better explanation and it was a harsh realization that people may not value money, but you always should value your time and in my situation it takes alot of time to generate that kind of money. I dont think if I were to stumble upon a billion dollars that I would be much different and honestly Id likely give more money away than I would spend on myself cuz Im just not that type of person to need money or items, but when it comes to the option of wasting or saving for a rainy day count me in the saver category. All that being said Ill be in hawaii in a few weeks so all that ranting is fully hypocritical for the most part, but feels good to get it off my chest. Someone I told I was going to hawaii asked how I could afford it and it was a simple reply "work. and lots of it" they told me they could never take a trip of that stature and it bewildered me. Hawaii is like $400 in flights and some hotel stays you could easily knock out a trip for $750 if you do it right. They told me that they would never be able to afford that... I pointed out the $250 phone they were texting on that comes with a $50 bill monthly, then glanced across at their car that comes with $250 per month payments, and told them that the choices they make without even making them are the reasons they dont have the liquid to go to hawaii or anywhere else. Everyone is guilty of it, but shit if people could sacrifice a little of the normal expenses that they think they need and make some goals and do new things it would really show people they are more than just rats in the race. Thats all rant over. #ifyougottapayforitwhynotpayitforward

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Curve Balls

Ever have a day where from sun up to sun down you just catching all kinda of shocks and surprises? Thats was my day today to the T. I aint ever one to keep a secret so here goes, I wake up and hear someone wants to hollar at me when I know damn well that person doesnt like me. Why the hell they wanna get ahold of me all of a sudden? My days been going perfectly fine and I dont need a visit from anyone who aint trying to keep me going in a positive way, keep your weak shit all by yourself LOL. Then I find out Im walking around thinkin Im rich and ballin and find out clearly beyond a shadow of a doubt I am so not ballin. LOL Fake it til ya make it is the new theme for me from here on out. I be joking with the homie about "strugglin" and shit little did I know I am actually struggling. Lordy lordy. I work 7 days a week for like months at a time as much as 16 hours days and hella shifts and then I glance at my account and I dont see the reflection of that? Oh hell muthafuggin nah. Some bullshit. Anyway thats it for now, anyone hiring cuz apparently my new lifestyle is a bit more expensive than I thought it was. LOL #FML


Well well well. Seems the NFL has somehow stumbled into a straight up shit show of suspending players in the past 2 weeks or so for several different off the field issues and a common reoccurring theme seems to be violence... I sit back and think well something about this seems a little extreme, you just gonna nix someones job or career because of a mistake? Dont we all make mistakes? Well thats my initial thought and its pretty short lived. Listen you idiots who are so blessed with the opportunity to be professional athletes but cant seem to wrap your heads around common sense- STOP FUCKING UP. Plain and simple. The same reason that you are paid multi million dollar contracts and sponsorships are the same reasons that you should try and be upstanding citizens. Companies get behind you to be impressionable and push that this pair of shoes is the next cool thing and this pair of shorts is the new hot trend. In that same boat if you smack your lady up you open the conversation for someone to say well now he is promoting this negative behavior as well. You are lucky to be in the spotlight to earn the big check, but the same spotlight will only get brighter when you make a bad mistake. I guess I feel "sorry" for the first dudes who gonna be the example for the rest of the athletes but at the same time, you made the decisions you made and now you gotta own the consequences. Sorry fellas sometimes you gotta get hung out to dry to realize you had it so well. Hope you stacked up some of that signing bonus money cuz financial times fiddna get rough for alot of these assholes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


"we aint buddies, we aint partners and we damn sure aint friends" haha fitting set of words for tonight. Get notified of a fuckin FB status about me and how Im not involved with some people or in their lives. Like WTF? Spin your social media propaganda all you want and stack up the likes and prayer requests all day long and rest your mind in the hope that all that nonsense is going to sway my decisions in any way. Yeah best of luck with that. Instead of worrying about how to get me in your life I suggest you just make your life so awesome that I might go seeking to get involved with you. Now here is a little secret, Ill never come seeking that no matter what you do but I sincerely hope the best for you however I just dont rock with you. When I depart from someone I don't do it for the fun and the attention, its a calculated decision and its purpose meant. Best of luck in the future and Im sincere as I can be, you can achieve greatness and I may even applaud you from afar, but please believe I will not be rockin with you ever. #factsonly

 Onto more awesome things we gettin money and we currently doin the most and always lookin to improve. ufck with me you know i got it. jay z

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I dont know why some things amaze me sometimes or even some people amaze me. I naturally think and assume that if you hang out with me alot you will tend to pick up a few pointers and gain some info, and when I notice that that isnt happening it seriously astonishes me. It's for a better example if you hang out with Warren Buffet once or twice a week for a few years, if you dont somehow figure out some financial sense and get rich in that time, people would think you are an idiot. And I would agree with them. Now maybe money isnt a good example.... Say you hang out with Yan Can Cook for a month or two and you somehow cant make a freaking grilled cheese sandwich after that time? WTF are you doing with your life? Step up and learn some fucking skillsets and expand your knowledge people. Holy shit everyone around you has something to offer in the way of free experience and free insight in a variety of subjects, learn from other people and you then gain more as a person. #rantover

Whens the next fuckin vacation im too angry lately hahahahaha

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I just want the evo back fugggggggggggg its been like forever and I generally am working so much that I dont notice it but shit its only day 3 of slower work weeks and im spinning my wheels wanting a normal non janky car again haha. someone snap fingers and make an evo appear. Thanks.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

When's vacation again?

Pretty sure Im past due for a cruise or a trip to the middle of nowhere. I really should have hit the Nebraska BMX race this weekend because for starters I raced there once and won both days so Im basically undefeated in that state, and two I like the local track there and it used to be super good/fast so even if you get waxed the laps feel like they were fun. Someday Im going to follow the national schedule and do all the tracks the week before or after the nationals just to ride them all but save $10k in entry fees at the same time. Haha that would be kinda cool I think. Anyway finally finished all the skate and bmx camps for the season at LCRSP and we killed it as a collective group as usual. I was pleased with the numbers and we beat last year so programs growing as it always is, cant wait to get some marketing behind the program and really see where the numbers go. Speaking of city work alot of my homies down south in the 559 got laid off this week as casualties of the 1040 rule, which really sucks cuz they are far better employees than the quality I see around my area and are paid much less than they deserve and are axed because of benefits complications and unions :( really crummy and hope those guys can land on their feet they definitely deserve better and hope they get it. Would be DOPE to transplant them to my park and let them run it hehe then I could be the least qualified person around.

Works going good stacking crazy hours and stacking evo throw away money above anything and that is the WHY behind it all. Financial stability is big to me although its not important at the same time and ive been working enough to not have to worry about the money pit car or anything else for that matter, and if this transfer works out I can stack even more cash and settle down the crazy schedule and really blow off some vacations :) I have like 200 hours of PTO just waiting to burn and would love to do a week in hawaii or something yeeeeee. Thats all for now yet again not much to blog about because so much working is going on, dinner before a 16 hour overnight shift should be good. Haha lets run this thing! Yeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, August 10, 2014

clickety clank clickety clank....

Name that song? Just wrapped up my work weekend and glad to say it went smooth and only 1 week left of camps before I get to scaled down to a somewhat normal work schedule. Gonna be nice to not have to set an alarm and thats pure hope that it stays that way for a bit. Ive stacked up far more than enough and I can use a few weeks to sleeeeeeeep. Real talk. Gonna figure out a summer trip for myself maybe a race somewhere or a riding session somewhere with a few friends? Who knows but its time to enjoy the $$$ ive earned from killin it at work the last few months and Im excited to do something. Hawaii? Who knows but I need a hotel hook and im dipping fa reals haha. Wekfest is today but with no evo to drive I dont even care to see anyone elses cars looking all good HAHA instahater I am LOL not much else to report. The bewildering thoughts of peoples opinions of me are still so odd, last week within about 10 minutes I had one person tell me I was too concerned with safety and its lame. Then the next person told me I need to think that safety of skaters should be paramount and above all. Like uhhhhh Im confused on what is going on here hahahahaha. Thats about all on my end I always start typing and think I have so much to spill but then I get into it and its a straight blank lol. Its whatever and Im sure people will accept it haha all 6 followers will survive :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Random Rant

Seriously a pretty crazy week. Been shredding the skateboard a bit lately and finally buying a whole board and gonna shred some mini ramp on the thing. Its the challenge to get better that attracts me and Ive bitten the hook for sure. New setup is an all white and blue "real" deck, with indy trucks and spitfire wheels to round it out. Pretty excited to finally have my own setup, Ive skated a few different shop boards from time to time and given away my last setup earlier in the year so Im stoked to build this one and not let it go. Been riding slightly above average lately too. Been dialing in the flairs and starting to do smaller transitions and having 50/50 results so pretty juiced Im still able to push it a little bit. Bike party is tomorrow night 18.5miles of pedaling enjoyment and its at a good time, will be good to clear the head and just pedal and manual. Stretch out the quads. Been debating on hitting the Colorado race in 2 weeks, flights are slightly pricey so leaning towards NO, but Ive done worse things so still very much in the air. What else is new? Campers have been so awesome, cant say thanks enough for hanging with a new group of kids every week it really keeps you on your toes and its crazy trying to encourage kids in 5 days to step outside their comfort zones. Love it though seriously love it. Park is killllllin it and we makin moves. Holla!

Monday, July 14, 2014

1 step forward, 2 steps back?

Most think thats a problem or an issue, or some subliminal message about whaaa whaaaaa poor me. Nah eff that. I say if you are forced back by 2 steps you actually gain some running room to get some momentum going for your next effort :) Use that room to your advantage! Started 4th camp of the summer today to the tune of 13 strapping young gentleman ready to rock. It was a good day taught some kids some new shred maneuvers and got back into the groove after Vegas. Vegas... Argentina failed me that was the biggest single bet hit. Three card poker I dont know if I love or hate it... I went with $500 in my pocket and had to hit the ATM for an additional $300 at some point so thats not a good sign right? Trip was mehhh Im truly a solo dolo person Ive come to realize when it comes to Vegas. I did however meet up with Carla and had a drink or two playing video poker. And by a drink or two I mean a pair of $30 pepsi's LOL. Was a good bit of driving, pool session was chill and thats about it. Next stop is Colorado for a race in Dacono that I won like 10 years ago haha. I think Im going to just race at tracks I used to shred at back in the day. Might be a short trip/list though haha. Thats all for now peeps I gave someone some keen advice today that was something to the effect of "only look forward and better your future because the past is just that, its behind you and you cant be effective going forward if your stuck looking the wrong way"

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Long Overdue

This blog was long overdue and some more of payin it forward was overdue as well. Enter my newest project which I called S3 aka Summer Scooter Session @LCRSP. Now before you start ranting about how gay scooters are and how stupid they are and dont belong in skateparks you have to know 2 very important things. The first one is I dont give two shits what you think and your opinion holds no weight to me, second thing is I love me some kids and kids love the scooters so by default Im loving the scoot game too. So I planned this event and the company support was strong from day 1 which was a good sign, I knew the kids would come out and Rachel came through with a solid flier in plenty of time to get the word out. That flier ended up going fairly viral through some channels in the scoot industry and it all translated into the perfect scooter storm. I was hoping for 35-40 entrants and was pretty shocked when I saw we had 74 amateurs and 9 pro riders. Thats amazing and single handedly our biggest entrant list of all time. I got a crazy sun burn from being halfway in the sun but was all totally worth it. Kids had a blast and I had a blast hooking them up with over $2000 worth of product. Totally good times and worth the crazy day. Did some reflecting on it already and getting ready to get started on the next event. Woot woot.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Live from Mc Carran

Yet another Vegas trip in the books as I sit and wait for my flight to board. Headin back to San Jose to dive head first into a 6hr shift then a few hours of rest and a lovely 20 hr shift yeah that's right 20 hours on a short rest LOL. People ask me all the time why I leave to Vegas solo and quite frankly it's to fuckin sleep and rest up for what I do throughout the week. Hard work deserves a break here and there and I don't intend to miss what's rightfully mine haha. Got some pissy ass news on the work front this week that was more annoying than it was shocking, but in due time I'll be winning sometimes it just takes a little longer than normal. Didn't have any cool highlights from the week just kicked back and visited my aunt and uncle who flew in. Tried to play slots with them and lost a quick $200 or so in a hurry lol FML. Won a bit back later playing video poker but those damn salt machines will get ya every time LOL. Did the traditional Fridays thing last night with Carla and then swung by yard house to meet up with Christian at his job. Always a pleasure that fool gettin hitched so congratulated him on that and chopped it up for a bit. Good times for sure. That's pretty much the jist of it I literally slept the entire day and evening of my birthday which was fine with me, but I think I'll plan something in the future just so people shut the fuck up about holidays haha. Gonna start coming up with utter and complete lies  of where I am going and who I am meeting in these extravagant places so people won't inquire so much and give me shit. Next year I'm flying to Dubai so book your tickets now and everyone is invited... Lets get back to makin this money like we supposed to!

Monday, June 9, 2014


Well it's been a fairly solid 30 years I would say. Could it have been better? Sure. Could it have been way worse? Definitely. Just checked in for a flight to Las Vegas for a week to relax and rejuvenate the body and soul after yet another long work stint. Feels kinda good to still be doing the same stuff I was  ten years ago since dates are the topic today. Always traveled a lot and have slacked recently but good to play nick of the past even if it's just for a few days. Work stuff didn't go out as planned and glad I was lazy about canceling this flight or I would have been posses to stay home and not have the excuse that I was working a lot haha. Hung with my normal crew last night from work and had a relaxed time talking shit and bowling which is always chill. Vegas should be pretty low key with just a bunch of catching up on sleep and hangin with the homie Carla and talking shit with her about anything and everything which is always pleasurable. Got the TSA pre check today and boy does that system seem a bit less secure compared to the normal shakedown you get in the normal line, and checked in with no boarding pass just an image on my smartphone? Maybe I am feeling old already cuz this technology shit I'm starting to question hahahaha wheels up in 20 so cutting this thing short and going to start my Vegas sleep sessions a little early. Happy birthday to ME

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


If I didnt know myself better Id think I was addicted to money. But Im def not LOL. Anyway somehow getting to fulltime at RMC just gotta figure out the specifics and manipulate it on my terms haha. Worked a bit of OT this week so feelin tired but good, havent scrapped my vegas trip yet but its def in the cards. Still gotta get this shit pile evo going again. Boutta scrap that bitch and finance a GTR. FML.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


"you might win some but you just lost one" I am not much of an animal activist but I dont think it's cool to kill off bulls for no damn reason. That being said 3 matadors got worked over in succession in Spain this week and it led to a cancellation of a festival that has gone for 35 years. Props to the fallen bulls for leveling the score just a little bit.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Summertime Grind

Weekend @ LCRSP has 3 birthday parties in 2 days and Im gonna go ahead and say its summer time at this point. Temps nearing 100 degrees, customers mad about the lack of shade, and being at the skatepark other than the weekends.... Yes sir it is in fact Summer. Bike party is tonight and havent done one in like 6 months probably so that should be fun. My knee will hate me later but no big deal. 19miles from North Downtown to Great America then to Alviso and back up North First into SJ. Adri's birthday is this weekend but she in SC celebrating with the crew out there, fun fun. Camps/Birthdays/Lessons LETS GO.

Bailey the bulldog when she was like 5 pounds and adorable.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


See I did curse it LOL. Evo has a nasty ticking noise to diagnose before it can be shredding the streets again. It sounds nasty with the tick and it sounds nasty as well and much louder than my old setup and like the honda kids say noise means power! Hopefully like always it gets sorted back out sooner than later. Just want to drive a race car is that so hard?

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Ok I think I cant curse it, or can I? Evo gets delivered tomorrow and Im pretty stoked that its getting back home. Dima really killed it with the install and getting through my lack of knowledge LOL. He hooked up a few little touches that I would normally overlook. More info to come as James does his thing with the ECU and hopefully it all holds together through the tuning time. I always say the car gets more usage and beat down while tuning than any other driving. Click the photo for the full sized engine bay goodness.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So Cal Brahhhhh

So a random chance at a so*cal drive popped up today and I jumped on it. Kid asked if I was up for a road trip and I said sure. Gonna let work know tomorrow and then its a quick 8hr drive south and then his folks paying for me to fly back. Win Win he gets his car done down south and I get a one day vacation. May stay down south for an evening but likely just fly right back and not miss a beat. YG- Who do ya love is the jam right now fa reals. Oooooo maybe see if the Dodgers are playing down south and stay for a baseball game before flying home hmmmmm options! Thats all for now just wanted to toss that on the interwebs. Found an old blog post about a summar of trips from 2009 where I drove/rode in the car for 34,000 miles. Haha wild shit miss those days for sure.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


"king kong aint got shit on me" thanks spike TV for looping training day all day just before I leave to work hehe not that I needed that but sure was a good 10min of tv.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tax Tuesday!

Well if you didnt get your taxes taken care of its likely that you are hiding out from uncle sam, but in all honesty like they are really gonna try and deny your return cuz its late... I call BULLSHIT on that. Someone let me know if they really have ever hit you with a late filing fee or whatever, I could see it happening but mehhhhhh dont know if I believe it outright. Anyway. Headed down to Livermore for the 3rd/4th time this last week and finally got the evo moved out of d&m. Dude just bit off more than he could chew at the end of the day. Sucks because Im pretty loyal and was sticking by his word but just watched him basically give the fuck up and it was useless toward the end. In the last week things just got loopy and it was a joke. I had no choice but to make it happen elsewhere which I did. So hopefully pending some parts stuff Evo should be getting back into shape here. None the less its at least getting worked on and thats a complete 180. Thats about all that is new got some green scrubs for work now? I kinda like the baby blue ones though go figure. Thats about it for now kinda annoyed and dont feel like blogging anymore, over and out suckas!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Just a normal Friday.

Headed out to Quickly's last night to meet up and touch base with the evo fam. Good times and talked alot of shit and had too much fun. Snapped this photo because I knew it would be comical to say something corny like "what doesnt FIT in" bwa ha ha. The ol honda hold its own in a lineup of some heavy hitter car shows winning beast builds cant nobody boast about 30+mpg doe. Haha towing my bitch back home very soon nd cant wait to parking lot pimp it with the rest of these knuckleheads.

Friday, April 11, 2014


"say what you mean and mean what you say" I live and die by that statement for sure and it's applicable to 90% of life IMO. For example you shouldn't be rude when going by that term, well you can be rude just don't go out of your way to be rude LOL. Anyway todays pointless rant is yet again tied into the saga of my fucking car. Last week Wednesday I called dude and basically told him to tell me how long it was going to take until I could come pick it up. Mind you it has been at the shop for 2 months and 1 week at this point. We exchange conversation blah blah blah about the situation I tell him the communication has been shitty on his end and his follow through sucks but Im determined to get the project done so I ask him to tell me how long it will take and to even give himself a few days extra just in case he runs into any snags he will have given himself extra days. He says 1 week. So fast forward a week and a day. Of course I don't hear from him all day Thursday, I text him get the read receipt because iphone stalker mode helps you with that. He doesn't respond at all and all call attempts to him go to voicemail after a few rings. I try the shop line and no answer. Friday morning Im figuring I will drive down yet again and waste a couple hours just to update myself because I love wasting gas and time right? Anyway i try and call his cell again no answer shoot a text no reply and call the shop line. Low and behold he answers! He says what's up like he doesn't know exactly wtf is up? Im cordial and like yo man its nick checkin on the car, you said thursday it'd be ready and its friday whats up? He says its not ready and I need to understand that the ECU stuff takes time, to which I immediately step in and say you dont have to get deep into that at all simply get it to fire and James will handle all tuning and as a matter of fact James can handle it all after the mechanical stuff being finished, so forget that excuse mechanically whats going on. He switches his angle to the fact that "we" have 3 big unknowns The engine is used, the transfer case is used, and the transmission is used. Really thats your angle? The fact that parts are used are the reason that you cant seem to stick to the schedule that YOU created? By all means if the parts were installed and then you started it and the tranny was shit then yeah its a mechanical issue that I would have to take care of, but the fact is you haven't fixed your end to even see if the parts are an issue! The fuck? Don't mention ECU anything because you aren't there yet, he mentions that Im converting to speed density as well. Like wtf? Thats finishing touch stuff man and we both know you are not there yet! Me converting to SD isn't slowing down the project at all! I tell him forget any ecu stuff and ask him are you working on the car this weekend? He says yes. Ok. Would it be a stretch to say Monday mechanically things should be done otherwise you call me earlier? He says Monday should be plenty of time. Im going to call my homie today and line up a tow for monday afternoon because this shit aint never getting done. Im just putting off the inevitable and I know it and dude been knowing it. Lesson learned on my part uhhhhhhhh not sure what lesson I learned because Im not sure what I could have done different? Went with a shop that clearly either bit off more than it could chew, or couldn't deliver on or even remotely near its own deadlines. Annoyed as fuck and at least Im working this weekend and the time will go quickly. See ya monday for the drama update LOL

Throwback to when my car was at a credible shop.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

deyonna sa kcuf

Grrrrrr. Keep testing me, go head keep playin wit me! grrrrrrrr fuck meeeeee LOL this dude playin and I am not the one. LOL

Monday, April 7, 2014

RESPECT.   copy paste that shit boyyyyyy

Some things in this day and age when attention is such a fleeting passing moment I truly believe that some things get over shadowed by things that done hold a candle to them. Between tweets, posts, status updates, shares, likes, tumblers, uploads, downloads, etc etc etc. Information is a gift and a curse because you only get a brief glance at it to determine thumbs up or down. Very rarely does anyone slow down and really divulge into something past the initial surface content and its crazy to think what you miss out on. Take for example Red Bull Stratos- by far one of the few mind blowing accomplishments of our generation and a display of effort and execution that is second to none. While NASA is shutting down these types of exploits private companies are just getting into playing around up there. Im not a fan of wasting resources for stuff but if you earned the money you earned the right to burn it as well so cheers to you. Anyway this dude I dont care how prepared you want to be and are but  at the end of the day you can only trust the work and prep you put into something and this man is a BOSS. Take a few minutes and forget about the cute little 45 sec clip you likely have already seen and look into the level of beast mode that this deserves. Savage.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Therapeutic Blogging=BEST.

Sometimes shit can be spinning around you a million miles a minute and appear overwhelming but as long as you stay grounded you will be aight. I have 32 different things spiraling out of control right now but the facts of life and my reasoning are out of the 32 zero are under my control. Sure I have influence and how I approach each thing is in my control to a point but whatever. Never one to put out a teaser and a subliminal I'll disclose my crybaby ass drama bwa ha ha.

So the Evo is still not done. Its been at the shop for 2 months and IMO should have been there a month tops. I spoke with dude and he said a few parts were missing which I know beyond a shadow of a doubt were there, so I sourced them and took the hit. Then I call today and he tells me again the same thing. Bullshit. I called bullshit and now tomorrow I have to go down there and right the ship before it gets any worse. We agreed that it would be finished completed within a weeks time and that is where it currently stands. The parts I need to look for will definitely be there tomorrow I just have to locate them and then all should be well. If they for some reason are not there? Well the whole situation will be headed south in a hurry. Fingers crossed it doesnt go that way.

Work- HR has seem to fuck up my paychecks 3 times in a row each time docking me 2hrs of OT pay. Its a drop in the bucket honestly but more the principle  that I am after. So now yet again I have to go to HR and sit and explain this bullshit again about how the hell am I getting fucked for OT hours. Lord.

Work part 2- Had to file my first ever union grievance this week, because an extra shift was offered to someone besides me and all shifts come to me first via the contract wording. That shit is lame and I wish my manager would just keep that shit in check because it sucks to have to do paperwork and deal with it when I would much rather be working you know? Annoying. But none the less it does work out to free money for me in the end but not my style.

Thats all my drama pretty much and not anything I cant handle just a bit annoying at times. #fuckitdoe

Life is definitely a full circle experience...

Caught some shitty saddening news out of AZ this evening. Blackmore family of my Psykopath days took a major hit. Shellie passed away and her daughter Dani as well along with 3 other small children in the car. Way sad. I always have kept in touch with alot if not all of my AZ people in the BMX community out there from Tucson and Chandler where I basically grew up and this was devastating news to swallow and came sooooo out of left field. When I met Dani she was a little rough around the edges but just a preteen being a preteen, Shellie was always happy to see her hanging out with a few of us guys who were doing positive things and I recall her coming on a few road trips to Nellis for NBL events and stuff like that. She would travel with the Anderson's outta AZ so I would see her pretty often as well as Shellie. Just crazy to think in the blink of an eye they are now gone. The other weird twist in the story? They passed away on a stretch of I-10 coming back from a Tucson day trip in none other than Picacho Az. If you dont know of it it's because their is no reason to know of that area except for the fact that I lived there for a few years aint nothing too epic going on there and of all the places that accident happens I trip that it's there in Picacho. A blown tire is the fault of the accident and one thing I recall while living in AZ is that tires would blow out all the friggin time. I dont know if its the road heat or what but seems it's always an issue out there. So sad and that family just got dealt a shitty hand losing 5 members 3 under 12 years old and the dad is still in ICU so he isn't exactly in great shape either. Soooo bummed about it all and nothing you can do. Kids I say it everytime this shows its ugly face- enjoy every fuckin day and dont wait for anything get it while you can and live life as much as you can with a respect for the future but not a regard for the future because it isnt guaranteed by any means. I donated a few bucks to the family and if you are bout that life I wont link you but find it online and show your love. To Shellie and Dani- Love ya guys. You are definitely the kind of people I talk about when I say BMX has some legit people and Im glad to have met ya and created memories with. Until we meet again, until we meet again ladies. XOXO

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dual Vacations!

Been resting up a bit lately and feeling good about it. Vegas recharged the batteries and a few lazy days solo helped as well. Rain and NCAA elite 8 games kept me at home snuggled up after working the OT shift. All in all feeling good about it. Evo has been MIA still which is getting really fuckin annoying but the OT shifts have made it so that it isnt a financial burden at all and seriously thank god and my hospital job for that, cuz if I had to pay those costs with minimal work? Pffffft I would be rebuilding a stock evo and throw the racecar aspect out LOL. Thats all for now just over 100 hours worked this last pay period so a little bit of a slow down but plenty of OT in there so we good. The quest for 6 figures continues suckas. BTW. Karma came in the way of Mother Nature bwa ha ha

Friday, March 28, 2014


Hunnnnnnnnnnids!!!!! I'm at the mall bought everything that I wanted. Livin this shit so seriously right now racks on muthafuckin racks who gon stop me now?

Monday, March 24, 2014

$in City March Madne$$

If you know me you know I think watching other people do sports is suuuuuuuuper lame, because 99% of the time you can go out and do them yourselves and have 10x more fun. Sure the lure of seeing some elite level athlete who has put in the time and work to polish and refine his craft does have some merit, but uhhhhhh fuck that. If you want to hear people praise these guys head over to and those guys will show you how to jock these fools on the regular. Now as for me I personally dont care much for basketball, although I respect the talent of some I just simply dont care much for the game although march always brings the NCAA tourney and that I get excited for just because of the chance to see storied teams get ousted early by random guys who snuck in from outta nowhere. This year it would me Mercer to send Duke packing in the opening round and luckily I steered clear of that bet. I did however pledge to put down $1000 on Arizona in their opener, but the moneyline was turned off when AZ was opened and favored by 22points. Only casino taking action on moneyline bets was GTBets online and it was $6000 to win $100. Clearly I aint risking $6000 so that was a wash. But I went with San Diego and won that bad boy put me up $250, then took Wisconsin who even covered the spread with a late rally and a lucky technical that netted me a few bills and then the bet of the weekend was none other than Arizona again I intended to play Money line for $420 to win $150 or so because AZ was favored by 7. I felt they would win but not nearly by 7... Somehow while talking to the chick at the window we got confused and when I got back to the shep spot I noticed my moneyline was not a moneyline at all! I was stuck with a $420 bet for AZ to cover 7 points?!?! WTF. I hate and despise the spread! The good thing was it would pay double that, but fuck 7 points is alot, I expressed my disdain and swore off the palace station casino's and headed back to watch my money vanish. Little did I know AZ would demolish all comers and win that game by 23 or so. I was up a fresh $400 more and stoked as could be. Factoring in I got to hang with Carla and the Shep crew- Kyle, Brando, Gladys, Diana, Alonzo, and Maryanne calling me a fuckin sailor all weekend I had a great time and made money. AZ versus SDSU next week I may lay down $250 if the stars align but other than that weekend was great. Shoutout Analina too I always shoot her a text when Im in town and she comes through. She had a rough night playing catch up at the bar, but she had a good time so cant say she aint bout it. This older lady at the bar kept asking me to dance over and over and I finally danced with her and Carla was dieing laughing and grabbed her to take a photo with me haha. Cougar? Not so much. LOL good times and as always the 702 never leaves me without a good story. Until next time Vegas, keep it classy.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


That's the itinerary for the Thursday-Monday vacation. Had a flight credit that was going to expire and figured it was enough of an excuse to go shoot the shit with the homie Carla in Vegas. She got the hotel hook and we boutta just chill and watch ncaa basketball like I enjoy it LoL. Was planning on dropping  some serious cash on the u of a but the moneyline has gone insane and I despise the spread. If it somehow gets back to a reasonable payout you can chalk me up for $1000 for the Arizona team to get through which should be easy or so we hope ha. Still ain't got my Evo back I may have to send out a missing automobile report and see what the holdup is lord it's been forever a man just Wants to go fast haha. Not much else just cleared again 112 hours worked at one job making a cute paycheck to leave to Vegas with. Starting to figure out my after summer plans surgery wise gonna get this ankle/foot taken care of and take off 3 months while I heal and enjoy the fruits of disability payments.   That is all for now if somehow  my weekend goes epic and I win a million bucks don't worry I'll still blog here just more arrogant than I already am. That's it for now. Say what ya mean and mean what ya say!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Said it before...

I always say it and only fellow martians understand it. Dont ask for the ultimate outcome unless you willing to put in the work and withstand the process. Enjoying this process heavily today. Sure did make short work of a 10hr shift with this 3rd ankle. #neverscared
In all seriousness surgery after the summer to get this thing running cherry again. Best guess at how many ligaments are torn/detached wins a $20 bill.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Neighborhood Superhero

When you hear that term it could mean a few different things to different people but at the end of the day to me it means that one guy in the neighborhood who is just "the man". Haha like the dude who you look up to or envy or seek their approval or whatever the case may be for whatever reason. I have had a few over the years and a quite vivid one was my good buddy Mark La Paglia from Az. I spent a good few years in Az and thats when I really got my start riding/racing BMX and from the jump no pun intended Mark was that dude. He worked at the bike shop we all shopped at, had a dope bike, had skills to match, had a cool car, and lived pedal distance from the local track setup that we all loved to visit. Seeing him around was mythical at the time and Im not sure when I went from thinking he was the coolest guy on the planet to riding with him regularly and traveling and eventually being on the same teams and trips together. Bauer Bikes/Second Sucks Apparel to be exact fuck good times those were. None the less it wasnt just BMX although everything for us revolved around BMX that was just our daytime excuse to meet up and then we would hang at wherever and do whatever we wanted. My parents were non existent at the time so I spent a fair bit of time at Marks house and always tagging along with him to the track and races and whatnot. I recall vividly when he gave me his Carbon Fiber frame just because I loved it so much, it was likely too big for me because mark is at least 6'3" and at my best im 5'8" LOL but that just goes to show that he just wanted to make me happy and hook me up.  Dude ripped on a bike and was always killing it and kept me pushing to be somewhat at his level. Like I said I dont recall when or what it was that took me from being a grom knowing him to being a riding buddy but fuck if im not stoked that it happened. I havent seen Mark since we both somehow drifted apart I moved after HS graduation and he did much of the same.  Now unless you come from where we come from in AZ youll never know how important it is to move the hell outta that area, but we both made it and have become good stories. He is doing well has his own shop and that doesnt shock me at all, and he still pedaling a bike just a different one than Im used to. Which to me is all good. We swapped memories all night about old times and jokes and shit from 10+ years prior and it was like we never missed a beat. I caught up on everyones current state and got updates on anything and everything AZ related. Im gonna go back there someday and just pedal around my old town like I did when I was young just to see it and soak it all in. Mark asked me last night if I ever reflected on coming from little old town to where I am now, and its funny because I think he see's things like I see them. I replied to him "man nobody understands how content I am and how I could drop tomorrow and fuck if I havent come far and had a helluva ride" I think Mark agrees with that and shares that opinion. Truly one of my best fuckin friends on the planet even with a 10 year gap we somehow put between us LOL cheers to you Mark and Im just as proud of you as you likely are of me. Much love buddy!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

That interview life.

Had my city interview today and did pretty damn well on it or so I think I did LOL. Dont expect to get the nod but very happy that I did what I did and got a fresh resume' all done up for it. Shout out Andrew for coming through with the solid ass letter for me I was stoked on that thing. Thats all for now heading out to go bowling and meet up with Mark La Paglia my neighborhood super hero from way back when. Should be cool and ill def blog about it. woot woot

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hundred M's

Woke up and started blogggggggggggggin! Figured I better get at these keys while I have a rare day off and set the tone for my week that should be quite interesting, in all honesty only 30minutes of it should really be interesting but whatever. Anyway so a few weeks back I applied for my management position at my city job as I always do when it comes up and every year I dont make the interview phase because of the way they word the qualifying process, but I do it for the sake of putting in the effort. I got approved to interview for it which was slightly surprising but not crazy out of this world shocker status, so that was cool. Booked a time and date and then started analyzing if anything has changed about my feelings of managing that place. See the actual job isnt anything too crazy and I wouldn't mind taking that position but the way its setup and the levels to get things done are just exact 180 from how I function. Ideally I would like to just be an assistant manager of sorts, make my own schedule and get a city credit card to get shit done in a much more timely manner and make some changes that would help things out. But alas that wont be coming to fruition so I shall interview for the main manager job and politely decline if offered the spot anyway, or accept it and tell them my hours will be later in the day going forward and then they would not be happy with that and decline me anyway. haha its a win/win situation because I basically cant give the city my commitment because the pay is not there and it's never truly about money but the management stuff weighs heavy and Im not too keen on that situation. But the flip side is a materials transfer is opening at RMC and Im over qualified for that as well so I am considering sliding in there. Only drawback is it would kill my overtime streak because I would get blocked to 80 hours and lose my 120+ so thats a financial hit too. Haha what to do what to do. Best case scenario? mornings at RMC evenings at the city and $115k at years end, scratch that off the non existent bucket list to make $100k in a year :) Thats all going on over here pretty much, cruise was sick likely planning another one later in the year or hawaii again not sure which one I feel like yet. Vegas in a week or so should be good and relaxing. Apparently the racecar coming home pretty soon too? who knew? Pretty excited to revamp the resume' for that interview not gonna lie :) gonna work on that this week a little bit woot woot.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Something about the west coast, it makes me wanna fly!

Getting the early debarkation nod from the cruise ship is greatly appreciated because you can get off the ship first and on the transfer bus early, the only drawback is you arrive at the early 3hoursbeforw departure haha fuck me. If I were solo I'd visit one of the gaveled Rick Ross strip joints but alas I'm not DOLO do scratch that idea haha. Passed the downtown Miami area and literally 8am and clubs still getting out? Who the fuck parties til. 8am???? Sheeeeesh I give you that Miami you do go hard because that's a loooong night and it wasn't like one or two people haha a solid 15-25 ppl outside of euphoria across from lebrons arena. Insanity. Anyway trip was pretty fresh hit the beach a few times and checked off a few islands which is ways good for the travel cred. Grand Turk was by far my fav island I could pass on Puerto Rico didn't care for it much and Nassau Bahamas was so so. Virgin Islands was coo I'd fuck wit that again all in all had a good time. Back to the grind tomorrow get back to making this money and covering this cruise bill real quick like. Observation of the weekend you appreciate rap and hip hop music sooooooooo much more when you are not around it for a week. Shit sounds like a symphony right now so shout out ace hood radio streaming for me while I kill time and stalk people on face crook haha.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Well well well

Mineta wifi you already know. Trip on deck fiddddna go to the east and then mash out of Florida and hit this little cruise doo whop. If the shit sinks all my worldly possessions should be divided between bailey and bailey. Ha. We in this thang breh get at ya boy when ya get a chance yeeeee phones off for a week random texts if possible yeeeeeeee

Monday, February 17, 2014


In an internet world of instant gratification where "we" strive for things like hits, likes, retweets, hashtags, follows, and friends I think some people put far too much emphasis on being rockstars in their fictitious scenario worlds that they portray with each and every carefully chosen upload. Cant stream this and cant stream that, but definitely upload this and tag me about that. People tend to stamp and approve what they put forth when in all actuality the people around you they know the full story and the people who are not really anything of importance are the only people you are spoon feeding your tidbits of stuff in a futile attempt to appear great. And in this day and age most of us just laugh because when someone is making mention on  a daily basis about how great things are and how blessed they are and how seemingly perfect their life is, 95% of the time Im usually suspect that it's quite the 180. Fear keeps people from letting the real facts and details go out to the court of public opinion to whom people think matters. Yes Im rambling, dont like it? Switch to another blog. Where was I. So Im watching Flight tonight with Denzel and that movie is soooooo dope because regardless of how much of a fuck up that dude is in 99% of the movie when it really counts and only a few people would ever know the honest truth that fool held down his homie which had already passed away so he could have saved face and hid behind an easy lie but to boss up and hold your people down rings very true with me. I keep a low number of friends not for some particular reason I just like to know that people that I truly consider a friend are those types of people. The cards down hell or high water gonna back you type people. Most people never understand it and I dont ever try to even explain it to some people because its past their mental capacity, but none the less. This one's for you, thanks for everything and everything to come. You have seen me high and low rich and poor maybe honest or lieing and we kept it moving. Shout out to my real!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


"We the same we came up off the same corners, we aint had much. Believe me if I want it I'm gonna get it believe that"- snippet that rings soooooo true.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

San Diego SX

Sometimes you dont plan the best but forcing the issue always works out for the better. No quitting always wins out remember that advice kids. Worked a 12-14hr day Friday got off took a few hour nap and left toward SD for the sx race at midnight-1am. Snagged Rach Rach from her house and threw eggs at #wheresmatt for flaking on us. Drove all night tired as shit and got to Jesse and Chads house which was pretty cool they got a cutty little setup with all sorts of odds and ends type shit that made it pretty cool. Definitely staying at their place again in the future. SX was dope as always and my dude JS7 took down the win. Wire to Wire got some pressure from Villopoto but nothing too crazy. Helluva good time. Met up with Lilly of all people? Fuckin was good to see her ass man its been too long. We aint talked much over some $$$ issues as always haha fuckin BMX'ers be forgetting how to get ahold of you after they borrow some cash. But that shit was cool to see her and chop it up for a few minutes and said hello to her nephew and Kristin her fam bam sister as well. Her pops was in the house rockin a  cam for the production side of things so I didnt see him but sent my love for sure. Rhyno was in the house missed him somehow and Jonas was there too and missed him? LOL fuck my life haha too many homies and not enough SX. Rach avoided the Betty Ford clinic so props to her on her new found sobriety! JK she had a good time Im sure. Glad to see her get some travel done and expand her knowledge of the world. Apparently fuckin #wheresmatt doesnt need to expand shit he is well traveled enough? fuckin guy. Thats all solid trip in the books shoutout my sleepy road crew of alicia/rach for snooooooozing down i5 being supportive as a daisy LOL Tits ass tickets right on a burly triple I was stoked.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

We in this thing breh

Gooooood Thursday to ya folks! Its an official rain in Nor*Cal for the rainy season LOL. After a few solo random days it looks like this weather system is going to hold for a few days and get us some much needed water for the dirt. Good for everyone who was stressing it bad as for me I hope it rains clear through Sunday so I can hang out in San Diego for an extra day to make the drive less painful. Haha seriously the game plan is to work Friday then dip set south hit the sx Saturday and get back for work Sunday if its not raining. Cancelled a flight today and didnt really care because the trip was still happening just my means of getting there had changed to bring more peeps. Rach/Matt are coming with although Matt could be suffering from a swollen vagina so he may flake out which is tragic. Kid needs to experience more in his life for sure. Travel is the key I have said it a zillion times and it falls on deaf ears but Ill keep repeating it anyway. March Hawaii trip? Its in the works :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Keep it rollin I guess?

I been blogging more and more lately so I guess keep the streak alive right? Haha checking flights today because I have a $99 credit thats gonna expire at the end of March. I can use it for a race in Phoenix or do another Vegas weekend with Carla the connect over there. Likely do a thursday evening and come back monday morning type deal so my flights are dirt cheap. SX this weekend is going down I have yet to finalize plans but my 559 crew is going so I will likely link up with them somehow and roll from there with the cutty Rhyno. Pretty jazzed about that. Work has finally slowed up so I guess I gotta start putting in work on the bike again haha and the evo is no excuse either cuz that thing is getting overhauled at the moment as well. Lots of shit all over the place right now and thankful things have worked out so fluid even though I cleary have been lucky as fuck or thankful to my friends more like :) Thats all for now Go Seahawks LOL


  • Im on a roll lately. I generally tell people how fuckin gay they are when they post pics of the meal they just ate and the hashtags about putting in work and this and that. The social media body builders as I call them. Your all a fuckin joke and after we see your posts we laugh because you think the 1 person who agrees and hits the "like" button for you redeems you. When in reality it shows that the other 99.9% of the planet thinks your a douchebag toolbox doing self preservation things for everyone other than yourself. Have a great day "BROOOOOOOO" and have a double protein shake its on me today. #puttininwork? #youjustgotworked

    Khalen Young Hahaha hell yeah macheech! You know it ain't about you man
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  • Christopher Pilot Fielding K yeah keggsy
  • Khalen Young The social media training programs are the worst. Look, no one gives a shit about leg day or diet bullshit. At the end of the day, all the photo shoots and gym posts ain't going to help you. Sell your shit to someone else because I ain't buying it.
  • Khalen Young Yeah Tickky Tickky! Let's go Wilson! Yeah Gang Bang!!
  • Ken Cools I think UCI needs to hire you as a colour commentator KY. We miss your flavour on the scene.

    KY Agrees. And being that he is a legend is all that much better.