Saturday, November 28, 2009

So far so good.

I should probably knock on wood but whatever haha. Things are going good Im riding well and the first straight is helping me to get out front of a few laps and stay away from carnage and getting ousted early. Got out of cruiser with an early morning lap win in the first round and backed that up with a 2nd and a 1st getting me out of class rounds as well. We have 60 riders in class so the toughest lap of the weekend will be the quarters where 8 man gates will only qualify 3 to the 8 man semi mains. Semis arent so bad when you just have to hang midpack/top 4 but an 8 man quarter is always unpredicatble and plenty of guys think the first turn is the only chance they have to get into the top 3. So should be interesting. Anyway Olive Garden for the 4th time this trip :) Yeah buddy...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Grands Practice...

Went well :) Got through the section fairly easily but I have a feeling it's going to be tough inside of a full lap so we shall see. Moto's look tough for tomorrow but I should get by with clean basic laps hopefully. 14guys in Cruiser and 34 guys in 20" Class so I have a good way until the mains for the real deal bike. Thanksgiving texts were hittin my phone all day and I didnt reply to most because they were just mass texts lol, but I guess Im going to do the same. All my good friends and riders and all that be thankful for something. Family? Stability? Prosperity? Whatever it is just take a second to think about what your fortunate to have and even better take a second to help someone who might be less fortunate... Real talk mayn! Update the lack luster results tomorrow has the live stream- hit it bro.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fuck a speed limit.

Haha 85mph in a 70mph zone got me done up early this morning. The great state of Texas will be $180.00 richer on my account if I paid out of state tickets that is. Haha get fucked your Texas asses better suspend my California license if you want a penny out of me. I now dont operate vehicles in New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and Illinois? Haha of course as usual everyone was snoozing and I was texting to stay awake and noticed the Texas Ranger himself come across 4 lanes and a grass median(sp?) to get to me and I knew I was rung up haha. Good drive though all was well. Track is kinda weird with a few dogleg turns but appears to be fun and dogleg turns are the best for making moves so we shall see. Ummm what else not much yet a day of relaxation ahead....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oldies/Goodies Road Trip Clear For Takeoff

Countdown for the Grands Roadtrip. Porter will get the results, Myself and Al will take down the chubby women, and Im not sure what Mike Hughes is bringing to the table but he better come correct. Here are some assorted pics from Jamie that were left over from who knows when. Myself and Rick Moliterno who is probably one of about 10 people I will name drop and not feel like a douche. Respect a living legend. Vans ponchos coming this winter modeled by my volunteer crew who packed goodie bags for NCC. Thanks guys, Vans poncho's I got em for cheap. Khalen Young half passed out and about 12hours before he didn't love me anymore :( Just jokes mayn get at ya boy! And me and Bailey the best muhhfuggin Bulldog ever.

Check the Pablo Escobar tee shirt I got for $2.50 in Florida. They respect legendary figures too.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009



As always the cycling crew in Fresno has their $hit together and I just got the flier for a sprint trails race they are having on the 28th of this month. Whats so great about that? Well the holiday season is just knocking on the door and local food banks everywhere are getting thin and with a fair amount of people out of work right now with the recession you can bet that your donation is probably more important now than ever. I wont climb up on the soap box and ask you to go take all of the canned food items out of your pantry but thats not such a bad idea, but I will say go out ride your bike and show some support to Ryan and all the good things he does with Fresno and also feel good knowing that you hopefully helped someone get through a tough time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ridin Dirty!

Just got home from ridin stonegate and cali with Rob. Good lil session and glad to just blow off some steam for sure. Home situation has totally gotten live in the past few days and is bad for business but working through it and trying to stay busy and away like usual haha. First weekend home in a long time, was kinda good to have some park sessions and relax and save money up, but was bumming on missing the lil so cal road trip that was on deck. We shall see. Anyway stay up kids!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Too many posts?

Haha sorry if this is getting to be too many. came across this pic and realized its just a few days over 2 years since I tore up my knee. Weird. Lookin at this pic that was an every day fufanu for me but it was time to pay the cost I guess... Anyway 2 years later Im still the same pretty much, love riding and traveling and I have a knee brace that I wear and I second guess some stunts now LOL

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pics Leaking In...

Here come the early pics and pretty much sum up the days events. Chad B stretches out every bit of a lookback, and Gabriel Verduzco hits the banger of the day with a no footer to seat ride on the grom side of the dirt course. Pure BMX. Chad took down the win in Pro Dirt and Gabriel got on the podium for Grom Class.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

haha so close

Cam at the line if you freeze frame it at 2:32 you can see he was a knobby ahead. Good shit.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NCC Dirt

In no order LOL those are the 3 hits for the NCC dirt stuff. Straight jump with a hip left and then another straight jump. Digging is hard but so rewrding.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Silly Aussie. Nick Wins

Dont fall asleep next to me rockstar AA #1 Pro. Anyone can be a victim!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So George my boy got 2nd overall for the Disney Cup and I was like fuck that shit lets make this fool a disney cup. Took a walk down to Jo Annes craft shop and got to painting. Here's to not givin a fuck we made our own shit!

Laugh Fools

First of all those are american gators and its a FEDERAL OFFENSE ALLAN PORTER to hit them in the face with hot dogs and such hahahaha. 2Bucks for a hot dog to feed those things was a ripoff but the story was well worth it! I aint snitchin Porter but if the croc feds show up we better have a damn good story to explain why you were beating them senseless LOL Those crocs ARRRRGreat!

Jamie wised up and took off the Lance Armstrong gear and had an epic thought to gear something that is normal and proceeded to go 2-2-5 in the main. Just missed the podium and was a spot or two away from her first win on the comeback tour. Welcome Back. Get it? The song? yeah corny.

Been wanting to jot down a tally of the trips and did it finally. Here's to having a flexible job and a good crew of travel buddies and alot of friends in alot of states. In no particular order of course this was my 2009. Round trip figures.

Pittsburgh Pa- 78 Hours
Nashville Tn- 67 Hours
Louisville Ky- 70 Hours
Vegas- 16 Hours
Perris Ca- 10 Hours
Phoenix Az- 24 Hours
De Soto Tx- 51 Hours
Bakersfield Ca- 8 Hours
Roseville Ca- 4 Hours
Tucson Az- 24 Hours
Chula Vista Ca- 12 Hours
Lancaster Ca- 10 Hours
Albuquerque Nm- 31 Hours
Reno Nv- 8 Hours
Redmond Or- 18 Hours
Goodyear Az- 24 Hours
Fresno Ca- 6 Hours
Prunedale Ca- 3 hours

464 Hours! Unless I suck at math. so 464X75mph would be approx. 34,800 Miles. Nearly 20 whole days in a car. Hahahahaha. All that and I think I have won about 6 laps total