Friday, February 29, 2008


First off let me go ahead and tell you that Keak Da Sneak is the shit. Google that man and enjoy.
Anyway Umm the rain has finally stopped in Nor*Cal so hopefully things get less boring. Ive been sittin at home doin alot of nothing for what feels like ever lol. The good thing is though that sales wise Ive been kickin ass so I at least have a few hunnid to spend on whatever wasteful things I can think of haha. "coke white tee shirt, blue jeans, and nikes"

Really psyked to be going to AZ in a few weeks, that race is always really good and it was like the first national I ever went to when I was a youngsta. Im juiced to see tons of old friends and catch up and with my knee being shot right now the scenery change is definitely the biggest thing. Im used to not being around the same place/thing/people for a long period of time, I like moving around keeping things going forward you know? So really excited to go to AZ see all the people that I aint seen in a good year or 2. The gameplan is to roll to PHX with my sister and her lil ones, Ill prolly drive the whole way because her and Bj both have work that day so Ima roll the all nighter shift and you know me I would rather fall asleep at the wheel then wake up in the middle of a wreck and have someone esle to blame. Uh Oh Story Time!

Matter of fact I think it was the AZ race last year that i went to with Jesse and Andrew. So I drove like 10 hours and the whole drive is like 12. Im pretty tired so i tell Andrew to handle the rest and wake me up when we get into Phx. Hes been sleepin the whole time so he should be cool right? Haha I doze off pretty quick and it hadnt even been 15 minutes and this fool snoozes out at the wheel I wake up and were doing like 55 on a gravel shoulder because the freeway mae a slow right curve and this fool snoozed off. He comes to right at the same time I do and Im shitting myself becuase I hate not being in control when some shit is goin down. We end up almost hitting an inner rail but we get straightened out and get back on the freeway. Haha I bitched him out we laughed it off and I drove again. I made him buy me a 4pack of Red Bull and I drank 2 on the spot and turned up the radio really loud. The last 2 hours either time those fuckers started to snooze I hit the sleep strip things on the freeway to fuck with them. Haha. Anyway someday Ill tell the story of when I cheated death in the 2hip van/trailer but Ill leave it for another day.

So yeahafter the Phx race Im staying to chill there, and then flying to Texas to see the USAC National Championships and see who qualifies for worlds. Ya boy is already in with my main event finish last year but Ill be sidelined I think for this year :( The flying home from TX on Sunday after that race. Lastly Leandre Parker came back after ACL surgery 11months later! Too long man...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tangent About Life...

Aight so get a soda and some snacks I have a feeling this is gonna get long...

So this weekend was chill on Saturday I was t my uncles house with my immediate family hangin out shootin the shit and cooking some Puerto Rican food called pastelli's (sp?) We were talking about making them on Friday and my uncle always calls my bluffs and said you get some green bananas and it's on... Ha- Don my good riding friend is a produce manager at Food Maxx in union city so I made a call he made a call and wallaaaaaa the next morning I had a whole box which is 40pounds of the rawest Bananas youd ever seen in your life.

Most people dont know but bananas you buy in the store well a week before you buy them they are "gassed" with nitrogen to make them get sweet. The trick with getting them and where Don is the big help is that he calls and makes sure they dont get gassed because how we use them we dont need them sweet. OK back to the story :)

So we are leaving the store after picking up the bananas and of course its Hayward/Union City so its in the hood no doubt and these 2 older guys are trying to push their truck across an intersection and are having no luck because for one their old and not lookin too strong and secondly, the 22" rims arent gettin rollin too easily haha. No joke either 22's on a brand new f-150 that shouldnt be stalled out. Anyway I tell my uncle lets help these fools they aint boutta make it anywhere at this rate. So I throw the shit in park hop out and get shit moving and their super thankful or whatever we get it pushed into a parking lot/stall and we hop back in the truck. So like 5-10 minutes down the road were on 880 comin back to SJ and my uncle is like hey and im all whats up. And hes like you helped those guys and your knee is fucked up thats really cool of you. I didnt think nothing of it really until my uncle told my mom n dad n my aunt later, and I was like yeah all feeling good because I guess it was nice of me to help even though I had a good excuse to not. Its kinda good feeling to help so try it sometime is what Im getting at...

K time for the second tangent. So Saturday night were playing cards again like we do the foods cooking and it takes 4-5 hours to cook so we might as well play cards you know? Im gettin worked over and Im down like$25 my mom and dad are gettin smoked they are down like $60+ and my uncles ballin he cant lose a hand at all. I aint trippin because Im up like $120 playin cards so Im figurin its my day to lose a few bucks. Anyway Its gettin late like 10:30pm and we get a phone call from someone in Modesto and My aunt Judy is in the hospital yet again. Let me give you a quick overview on her. Shes had cancer for like 10 years at the least and she's been battling it pretty damn good. She cut off a boob- whatever the term for that surgery is insert it here _____________. And then the cancer got into her back and brain and generally everywhere it wants. But like I said she hasnt slowed down life at all and keeps it movin. She is probably one of the biggest Hustlers Ive ever known and will be for some time. She's into some shit that a 65 yr. old woman should be bitching about not involved in haha. Anyway shes awesome and shes my great aunt by the way I just recalled that fact. So we get word shes bleeding both internally and its coming out here n there and they are like its boutta be over you know "the call" so were sittin their still dealing hands of poker discussing shit. Mind you we've gotten several of these calls over 10 years and each one you kinda get a lil jaded and think its never gonna really happen. Alot of us are psyked to have her this long and were thankful for each day but we know its coming so we dont panic as much as before. So we do the math and a few more calls come through and her kids are flying in from Hawaii and its like fuck I guess this is really it I mean people are flying in and shit somethings happening. We continue to play cards and finally I come up yet another $40 so Im up to like $160 this week from cards :) So I volunteer to pick up some heads from SFO at 4 am and then drive to pick up my grandma in Newark then off to Modesto. hella long trip. I get to the hospital and I got 4 heads with me and no shit like 30 family members there already, plus how irnoic is this another great aunt goes to visit her and falls in the parking lot and gets hurt and ends up 2 rooms down from her. No shit 2079, and 2071 are both my great aunts. Crazy. So I step in the room Im not much for hospitals unless its someone I know well and can hold a convo with because the person needs to rest and get well not hang out n shoot the shit you know? Theirs no joke like 12 people in the room its chaos so I post up the majority of the day in the waiting room. Hella family all day shits crazy and we finally dip out at like 6pm. I make the journey trip home and drop everyone off and see my cousin monica for a few minutes. Shes on a girl scout cookie hustle and has seriously a garge full of those things... Damn someone is makin good money off those damn cookies. So I get home at like 8,9 pm maybe? Iono. And Im talkin to Lisa whos a racer from Stockton and sure as shit her dad is set to havea double bypass heart surgery the next morning. And Im like fuck man tomorrow is not guaranteed by any means and you cant slack and wait for shit to happen in life.
I always bitch n moan to Daniel, Scott, Endo, and Don about how were all at a point right now that we can do little things and go on trips and enjoy life without having tons of responsibilities. Dons excluded i guess he already is pretty deep rooted and cant do that much. But anyway I rag on these fuckers nonstop because like I travel alot I think, and I hate how they never get to see anything but the BAY. Dont get me wrong I love the BAY and Ill never call another place home i dont think, but time away and travel is some of the best shit ever. Experiences and people youll meet are some of the best things I can show from my bmx stuff. So after hearing about Lisa's dad and my aunt and shit like that, I get to thinking fuck if I were to kill over right now people would be bummed Im sure but for the most part if I had to hang it up right now Ive done plenty that Im stoked about and Ive had a good run. I plan on doing much more but for now if it all ended today Im good. So the end of the tangent message today is simple.

"Live life in the moment and working toward the future; but dont rely so heavily on the future that you miss current opportunity." Nick Valencia

P.S. Say a good word for Lisa's pops and my Aunt. Much Love to them.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fresh Knee Pic

Haha how fu%$#ing ugly are my knees? Im gonna take a poll on if I have ugliest knees ever LOL. Anyway thats both of em if you can tell the difference of course. Just wanted to post that up my Moms 45th Bday was tonight so we all hungout played cards cuz were a gambling bunch and your boy made yet another $45 bucks. I was sucking a$$ for like 30minutes I was down to like $2.50 and somehow made the comeback. Tons of fun and Im actually gonna get to bed soon. Been talkin to Dave Wray whos pedaling his race bike across the country right now hes in Austin at the moment and I plan on flying out meeting up with him and clocking a week at the least in riding. It all depends on my money situation at the time I get healthy but I definitely want to do at the least a week or a good 100 miles, keep in mind I have never pedaled my 20" far so those may sound like really lame distances but Iono it doesnt matter to me that venture is the shit and I plan on being able to say I put in some work and helped out. Im going to upload a pic of my race bike soon so be on the lookout for that a few people asked me in an email what I was riding and I told them an all white bike. So pics soon I promise. Its my fav. bike ever since Ive never had a good solid whip now I just have to get healthy enough to clock some results with it. And lastly 19-27X when i get back into it is gonna be stacked haha. Ive been watching the results and seeing whos turning 19 Its gonna be Good.

6 Stars?

What up? Its Thursday Im bored for the what seems to be 50th day in a row. Without my computer i think I would have gone crazy by now I swear. Anyway so Im finally going to get my tattoo Ive been wanting for like 2 years... I met a guy that has been doing work for like 20 years and he sent me some pics of his stuff but I lost them in me email somehow but it doesnt matter the stuff looked good and Im finally going to get 6 stars 3 on each side of my body. They are going to be really good if they come out the way I am hoping they are and they should be pretty unique. Ive never seen any like it before but Im sure the next day after I get mine someone will tell me its been done before thats how it always happens LOL. They are gonna be pretty basic stars similar to if you had a solid star cutout and you laid it on your side and spray painted over it, so the "overspray" will be the ink and your skin will be the star. The best part is its not gonna cost me much at all im gonna trade off some product for it since the guy rides :) Im going to AZ for 2 weeks then to Texas for a weekend and Im going to get it done while Im in AZ. Ive wanted them for awhile but it never worked out for lots of reasons but now that Im hurt I dont have to worry about any healing stuff and riding messing anything up, so that works out well. Steve the guy whos gonna do it was talkin to me about it, and Im like a few people said itll be a bitch over my rips and hes like dude you just had ACL surgery youll laugh at it. Hope that fucker is right haha. if I come home with a star and a ahlf well know I was a big baby :) LOL Enjoy this graffiti piece if your into that kinda stuff cuz I know I am. Shits clean.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Card Shark?

Haha so this weekend I didnt go to the so*cal national which I was pretty bummed about because I need a change of scenery pretty bad. Ive always been like that about 2-3 weeks at home and Im ready to see something else for a few days. A few rides flaked out and my sister didnt want to go anymore so she was the last hope, her kids all ride so I figured she'd take them but no dice.

Anyway went to the local track friday nite and ran gates for them which was pretty easy just press 2 buttons for awhile haha It was really cold as usual but it was fun and just did the norm- talk shit about bmx and hang out.

Saturday my grandma came over for a party we were going to next door, for my cousins bday. Party was fun food was ok nothing great but good enough and me and Bj my sisters husband went to the worlds largest shithole aka Walmart and grabbed some ping pong stuff. The shit was on and I figured I was gonna have a good laugh at Bj's expense because I always just barely beat him. Fuck no hes been practicing and my knee wasnt helping. That fool ran me like 5 games straight. I thought about hangin myself but figured I prolly shouldnt its just a game right? Ill be watching the ping pong channel from now on though...

Sunday morning woke up and I wasnt planning on going to church because my knee wont handle sitting still for 2hours so I slept in a bit while the family went. Got to the track and Jaycob was gonna race because i told him 1 more win and he turns intermediate, he was sketch cuz his chain was all rusted from reno. I lied to him and told him after the 10th time he asked me to put oil on it that I did because it was gettin annoying. The bike was running fine didnt look the best but it was riding just as usual and hes a sucker for head games if you tell him his bike is slow hell think automatically hes going to lose. So fibbed to him told him i hooked it up and it was spinning fast again. He barely won it and he was psyked to get the move up trophy, so well see how long he likes racing intermediate he'll be at the bottom of the food chain but if he wants to he can get faster its all up to him. Nicole my niece beat Thomas my nephew because he was BS'ing the 3rd round and she nipped him at the line. Bj was typically mad because Thomas didnt win every lap but you have to take the kids to ride places if you expect them to get better. The kids did all get new jerseys though and they looked matching again so they were happy and thats all that matters.

So yeah the card shark :) I played cards the last 2 nights with my folks and my nana and cashed out like 80bucks. I was psyked and it works because I need to smog my car so haha easy come easy go i guess? Lol

Lastly I got my first $crilla donation to get some new shit going. In total Ill have 5 grand to invest in some shit, Prolly do a small run of frames or something like that... 5 racks aint a bunch but it will get something started and itll give me something to do while Im laid up for a few more months, I need to come up with a name for a bike co. but its harder than youd think I guess... Stay tuned mayn!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stitches no mas'

So I went to the doctor today and got my stitches pulled out they were in a few days too long as I suspected so they didnt come out too easily... Kinda sucked but my leg felt better once they were all gone. Talked to the surgeon she said everything went very well and since my knee was going down quickly she didnt want to pull any fluid with a needle she said its going down fast and my range of motion was @ 120 degrees which is good your full range is at 145 degrees so Im doing good already. She told me 6 months until activity but didnt say full activity or anything specific so well see.... She also said 5 weeks until she needs to see me again but she didnt give me a referral to therapy soIm kinda stuck for the next 5 weeks but I have a few therabands and stuff so once Im feeling good I have lots of stuff I know of that I was doing pre surgery... No knee pic today because it looks just like it did before so you aint missing much. I was annoyed waiting at the doctor though I just remembered that my appt. was @ 11:30 so me being punctual showed up at 11:15 and didnt get called into the room until 12:55 which sucks, but like its all but free so thanks again Valley Med. Thats it for now Im gonna end up stayin in town which sucks this weekend but Im not giving up yet... 909 riverside shit!

sucka for a quote.

So Im watching some movie last night and heard a good one liner kinda quote and had to write it down. "Rather to be judged by 12 then carried by 6." It wasn't a gangsta movie totally but yeah. I absolutely Love great quotes like that and whenever I hear stuff like that I gotta write it down so I dont forget it. hehe pics of my naked knee later today after my stitches are out :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Pic

So heres the newest pic the swelling is going away but not very quickly. Its under ace bandage and T.e.d's or whatever you call those cool stocking nylon things that keep everything compressed about 20hours out of the day. Ive been hearing many people were only out 2-3 months after this surgery but Im going to wait 4-5 at the least but I guess Ill see how it feels.

Went to the sk8park yesterday and saw the infamous Red Berry of San Jose Ramp Club. Hehe he doesnt really know me but I know of him and Ive seen him there a few times, said whats up to him but he kinda brushed me off like whatever. Im sure he didnt recognize me cuz I wasnt on my bike and had the whole hoody and fitted cap thing going so he prolly assumed I was selling crack not peeping some kids on the "come up" There was no school in SJ yesterday so it was like go skate day lol like 50 kids just ratting around the park it was chill and I wish that many riders came out for no reason. Endo was with me he did a few airs and we just chilled n talked shit for a bit. On the way to the car saw Danny Silvera also from SJRC days hehe 2 in 1 day who woulda thought huh? He apologized like 35 times for missing my benefit jam but I kept tellin him dont trip man shit happens but he made it clear that he was bummed which was kinda cool i guess, but he shoudl know that weve been cool since the vans days so i wouldnt hate on him. he said he hasnt ridden in few months and then proceeded to 1 hander manual his way down the path lol. That guys awesome. Alrighty enjoy the new pic of my knee and Ill try to keep at this blog yay!

Monday, February 11, 2008

So heres the 1st pics of my knee. I guess surgery went well I showed up at 7:45 early as always, Got asked if I did drugs like 25 times it was kinda annoying but I like sayin no to that question all the time... Smoke? nope, Drink? nope, Drugs? nope, Street Drugs? nope- But WTF is the difference between drugs and street drugs haha. Finally got into the little room where they change you into the gown and stuff. Get changed and the guy makes a comment about how I am fast, I think to make a joke and say dont tell the girls that but I decline cuz he doesnt look like hed laugh much kinda serious looking dude. Anyway he tells me to wear a sheet like Im superman on my back and Im like WTF? Kinda odd I laughed and got my superman on hopped onto a bed and he rolled me into a setup kinda room. He gets on his cell and proceeds to talk to a GUY about their date later that night. Haha me and my bust up laughing about how hes gay and just saw my wang so it was pretty funny. Kinda akward the rets of the pre-op stuff though LOL. They pitch this "nerve-block" thing to me about how it will keep me from waking up really in pain so I agree and its a trip as they like do an ultrasound to locate my big artery in my leg and make sure they dont come near it because youll bleed out in like 8minutes if they hit it. Kinda sketchy. My GF just showed up and the receptionist says hey your GF is here you want me to let her back here? I being a smart ass say "hell no!" and she laughs and say Im bringin her anyway haha. Only at county hospitals I swear... They tell me the ins and out sign my life away and all I hear is here comes some meds buddy- zzzzZzzzzZzzzzzZzzzZzzZZZZzzzz Wake up puking and my knee is 3times its normal size. Puke all day every time I move anywhere and it doesnt stop until the next morning but its 3days after now and Im walking which is good and I have a follow up on Thursday. So far so good I guess?

Virgin Post!

So here it is, after wanting to start some kind of journal for like the past 5-6 years it took my broken a$$ knee to get me to sit down and get it done. The first few posts are going to be about my knee and the progress with it and me getting back to hopefully 100% health and returning to riding. Ill have pics and stories and all that good stuff, and Im full of stories from travels and trips so hopefully people that check it out will enjoy it. Its not so much for alot of people to see and to become some famous blogger guy but I want to tell some stories and if people like it awesome if not oh well Ill be psyked on it either way. Stay tuned and I plan on updating pretty often so check back and hope you enjoy it- Nick Dawg