Friday, February 26, 2010


Hahaha who knew? Saw that Avatar movie and apparently Im the last guy on the planet to see it. Good thing is its LONG so for $19.00 you get a top notch movie, 3d effects, Stunna shades after you pop the lenses out, and the best part you can fall asleep and wake up in the movie and not even feel like you missed much! Shit was a deal IMO.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Sittin at the terminal in Tampa after a great weekend filled with sun, friends, bmx and the ocean! Haha if you know me you already know my body is good for showing the perfect male specimen but swimming is not in the cards haha. So decided to go rent jet skis and ramp up the ocean water in Clearwater Florida like 30 minutes from the national. I somehow squidded my way into the main event earlier in the day and took a 5th so I was up for anything. After signing every waiver known to man and dropping the credit card for the security deposit it was all good. I had never ridden a jet ski before so I figured it would be pretty fun. I asked the guy for the fastest one and he joked and said youll be the fastest because your the smallest guy in the group. thanks dick. Anyway we get out to the open water they give us the do and dont speech and etc etc etc. Finally get to ramp back on the throttle and fuckin ponies! That shit had some gitty up and I was like hesitant at first because you would start rollin gnar fast and then get to skippin across wakes and stuff and it would get kinda sketch. After about 5 minutes of gettin used to it, what can I say? Shit was on. Full on pinning it going like 80 or whatever the hell they measure jet ski speed in LOL and then just full on ramping wakes behind boats and people getting pissy about the fishing areas and shit. It was so funny. Hey buddy your fishing in a dock entry/exit area you dont expect wakes? Haha it was so gooood. Best part was our babysitter instructor guy didnt give a shit about anything. Kim and G took a digger and he didnt even notice! Haha I cruised and checked out an island beach and just pinned it for an hour or so and now my forearms are crazy sore but definitely the highlight of 2010 so far. Sorry no pics which is getting to be a bad trend I know people have short attention spans and pics definitely help LOL. What else. Saw some POS that has owed me $450 for like 3 years and talked to his kid but the dad was nowhere to be found. So technically I didnt see him but rest assure karma will come and settle our score. First time shame on you, second time shame on me :) Headed home today and about to board finally! Lets do this thing Nashville here I come... Wait Cashville!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Yeah boy. Shawn finally got me to get my ass off work and go out and shoot a few pics that he had some ideas about. It ruined a set of fresh white kicks and Bailey was gettin real tired of being leashed up and not going anywhere, but the pics came out pretty cool and Im psyked to switch out the header with one of them :) Sittin at SJC Mineta waiting to hop a flight to Nashville for an awesome 3 hour layover before heading into Florida this weekend for the ABA Gator national. Finally got paid from my new job a whopping $370 haha I was pretty bummed but then I realized they had shorted me 3 days which is like $220 so eventually Ill have it all squared up. Found an Evo that I think Im getting but not in a major rush so kinda scoping them out in general. Wayyyyy tired and going to take a pre nap before I take a real nap on this flight. If you need me hit the text Ill be at 75,000ft just snorin away LOL.

Monday, February 15, 2010

For the sake of...

I hate blogging for no apparent reason but this place cant become a ghost town on my watch LOL. Shit uhhh the rain has still been falling but let up just long enough for PAL to ride, session was good i almost died after unclipping down the first straight. Sketch. Then Ive been ridin cement nonstop which has proven to be quite good. Fast fast lines at LCRSP and somewhat clear skies. Leaving to Florida on friday morning to go get pulled by some east coast guys and hopefully enjoy the better weather :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fuckin Kiddin Me...

I didnt post this on vintage vadge dot com because cussing will get you banned. But here at Nicks Blog you can express yourself as necessary. Below is a quote from Arielle Martin who made her triumphant return to "normal" BMX after her stellar SX career, if you can even call it that, anyway she squidded out all goonball status on a small ass jump at a rodeo arena race and ate shit. Her helmet she claims wasnt too tight and thats what got her chin all scuffed up. Hello dummy you ate shit and your chin is the lowest thing that hangs from your helmet you scuffed it because you ate shit. I have watched a few of her comments and she blamed ruts and stuff... HAHA ruts? What is this the 125 Lites main at SF SX? Its Indoor dirt that is all but perfected and smooth as shit so a rut wasnt anywhere around you. Admit you squirrel'd it out it happens to everyone. Now the quote below is what really made me let loose...

"I'm still unsure as to how the crash happened. My best guess is once I saw how much speed I gained on Dom as I launched the lip I must have thought I was going to land on her rear wheel so I threw left and didn't have time to correct. That or I possibly caught one of the ruts leading up to the lip that sent me sideways as I launched. Either way... lesson learned. Strap your helmets tight kids even when its first moto."

Now your blaming Dom? HAHA you couldnt hit her rear wheel unless you were in staging she mopped the floor with your ass all weekend and now your placing blame or let me correct your "best guess" was you gained so much speed on her- PAUSE... it was coming out of a turn and was a pure straight away. Are you telling me you horsed Dom down a flat out straight away? PFFFFFT Fuck outta here. Someone get this girl a DOT approved helmet and pull her USA Cycling access to Colorado and the SX hills in general cuz the altitude is really getting to this girls head.

"Lesson Learned" ... haha the only lesson you need to learn is stay at the secluded SX track and get a new helmet with option 2010 Jofa style guard, and do yourself a favor unplug your computer because you are obviously seein stars still, and I aint talkin the red white and blue ones on the back of Doms jersey. USA Cycling you got another Cisar on your hands cuz this chick is fuckin HIGH. HAHAHAHA Its all for jokes laugh or take it serious, either way next time I squid out which should be very soon Im just blaming Redman for distractin me, or the chubby mom in the stands for me losing focus...

New Job, Redwood City Sucks

Jamie got me an interview at her lil cafe spot after I kept in her ear that she needed to get me a dishwashing job hehe. Hit the interview with new white kicks, creased denim, and a white button down and 10minutes in I was dialed. Working 7-2 daily for only $9.75 an hour mon-fri now which is good because I hate being poor and the last month was shit due to missing a ton of work with the shitty weather. Pretty psyked on it and we shall see how it goes. Probably going to mess up my travel plans but now Ill just fly more often and drive less. Good news.

Now the bad news. The San Jose Mercury News ran an article last week I guess about how the idiots in Redwood City will be building a fence to the tune of $80,000.00 to keep BMX out of their local park. $80,000.00 you fucking idiots thats 80,000 reasons as to why your city is oblivious to the needs of the entire fucking community. Why not use that money to build a top notch BMX park if you so truly believe that the 2 disciplines cant co exist. Which BTW they have been for what 5 years now? If you feel the need to keep them out, why not give them somewhere to go? Do BMX riders have to sit outside the parks and rec office there and make a big episode to get a fair shake? Does a BMX rider need to grind the handrails at city hall until someone realizes that his activity is just as legitimate as the next guys? This is always a heated debate with me if you didnt know lol and dickhead officials who fuel the fire by excluding any activity without giving an alternate option are one of the major factors in the issue. Fuck you Redwood Shitty.