Friday, December 19, 2014


An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves. The thought of greed or the act of being greedy isnt necessarily a bad thing in my opinion but the dictionary definition even throws in at the end the catch all... "deserves"See I consider myself to be somewhat greedy at times but its always a balance of what I deserve. See you wanna make a billion dollars even if you dont need it im fine with that, just work for it. Your work hard you earn that shit and I will for one applaud your effort and cheer you along. Now if you lie cheat scheme and steal to obtain that billion I am also going to think your a real piece of shit and I wont be recognizing your accomplishment as anything more than greed. You can obtain your stuff through work and others dont have to suffer for you to prosper. That shit is key. The world somehow loses track of people being stand up to one another and respectful and whatever other qualities we should hold important to people. Instead these days we just want "likes" "follows" and whatever other bullshit each sect considers cool. The long story short of this rant goes like this. My landlords charge me $1750 for my 2 bedroom, I never had a person live with me because I dont bother to look for one, my buddy James needed a place so I offered him the room and he moved in. He is rarely here but as soon as my landlords caught wind that he was here, the dollar signs rolled through their minds and they hit me with a $250 rental increase. I am far too lazy to bother but thats more than a 10% increase and it's totally bogus because they simply saw the chance to ask for more money. They just bought a new Lexus coincidentally and you want to think that when you are somewhere for 2 years never been late always been a stand up guy never had issue you get a mutual respect but fuck that apparently LOL. I countered and said I would meet them more than half way and would do a $150 increase, frankly nobody likes to move and its not worth the hassle to me... They came back with $200 is the least increase they would take. LOL that shows me it's clearly time for me to go. I dont fuck with people who dont respect me and that shit is plain disrespectful, You shouldnt have a problem renting the place for $2000+ when I move out so best of luck to you and thanks for the 2 years. Keepin it classy these days!