Monday, August 31, 2009

Road Trip and Murray

Road trip essentials- way too much electronics haha.

I guess HBO finally let this leak and isnt controlling it so here it is. Inspiration comes in many forms and what you do with a tragedy is really up to you. Stephen Murray the biggest inspirational story and closest to my heart below. Love you Murray!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

34 Hour Trek.

Well boys and girls you read that correct its a 34hour scorcher to Louisville for the NBL Grands. Trip crew is the usual suspects me and Roybal along with Ian from SC. 26 bikes stuffed inside the van, and nothing but 80West for what will be another long drive. The weather lately has been nuts over 100 all week long so thats kinda weird but whatever. Its hella late and I still have to pack my bag and get some rest in before opening the skatepark at 9am before we close @ 12noon for the above 100degree weather... Say a prayer for travel mercy and that i pay attention to the gas guage on this trip, and text your boy sometime in the next 96hours and see where Im located!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Haha just got the text from Mike Hughes today and he said had the ill priced tix for the Disney race. Checked it out and got all booked up for $262 Round Trip. Coordinated the flights with the crew and things are lookin good. Bad part is I gotta live off $10 for the next 24hours until my direct deposit comes through because I had 272 in my account and dropped 262 on the flight hahahaha. What can you do? Live it Love it and Run it. Buy your boy lunch tomorrow cuz we on a nasty budget!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Good solid weekend I must say. Headed out to Roybals on Friday night I think? Iono kinda blur I guess, but whatever met u with Fowler and Brad at Polo Grounds and rode that trails spot for a lil hour or so. Kinda cool little spot that has alot of potential as the city/county basically gave them dirt, use of a tractor, storage, and water and said ramp it up. Alex lives close so I guess hes the resident local there. I had fun and jumps were weird but still enjoyed myself. Headed over to the secret spot and finally had a chance to ride there. Really good no pedals needed and like 10 hits that are kinda cool and relaxed. Brad was all over the place he needs a shot of confidence or a tampon for his vagina because he was head screwed the whole time, but we clapped when he finally got through the middle section. I had tons of fun and got through without any crazy issues. Ended up bombing the whole line top to bottom before we left and it was fun, really good hip that I like and plan to ramp up more often. Stayed there for a solid 2 hours before heading over to santa cruz's new bike only park that is tall. Haha 6 foot quarters everywhere and Jordan Murdock was just going to the moon all day long. Not alot of times do you see someone who can shred wood/concrete/dirt with no issues and he is definitely a full circle rider. They had a narrow 6foot mini that i took advantage of because I didnt wanna take the time to figure out lines and I hate riding cramped areas with alot of people whom I dont know. Good shit went down I must have taken 40 runs in that mini, it was chill. Met up with Adi, Roynuts, Julie aka boobs, and her boy toy who's name eludes me right now maybe scott? jeff? And went to some mexican spot for dinner and shit talk. Shit talk was better than dinner like always haha. Got back to Roybals and crashed for the night before taking off to roseville at 6:30am, we were makin great time but apparently Nascar Roybal decided 65 meant 80mph and we get a roadside visit from officer numb nuts. Roybal donates to the state of California defecit and doesnt even get a tax write off this time :( Haha I slept for 2 seconds and were rung up on the side of the road like 15 minutes from roseville. Typical. Al is the new Nor*Cal State Champ woot woot. The way I see it if you dont win the state finals then your title is a fraud. Rio Frio... At least your pic looked good buddy! Porter hasnt lost a race in like 2months, once again when he clips in he is going to be trouble. I got waxed! Haha won the first lap from the outside so figured I was good for a 1st or 2nd in the main as I was outside of everyone again, Mulhause hung with me all the way down the first straight but never moved over to keep us from gettin blasted, so lamester pimps him and I get hung out to dry, rest of the lap was blahhhh and I got 3rd. Whatever mayn- Left home and got stuck in the worst 5 hour traffic jam ever. Shitty shitty. Walked into my room at 1am or so and slept hard.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Watch This Feel Good Stay Strong Murray Love Ya Man!

Hit that link watch the vid in its entirety and youll have donated a buck. It wouldnt embed for some reason but link up and check it. Thanks PPL

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dont Judge Me.

Package up the work. Haha it's an inside joke between a few friends, but basically I owed a close friend a few hunnid and I decided to pay him back with a lil style all my own. Plastic wrapped some singles and a lil bit of powdered sugar and hit the paper bag with the Escobar logo. We laughed it up and enjoyed laughing at things and having fun with life. If you know me you know I dont support anything of that nature so relax and have a laugh at it.

Orange Cove was good the track was chill needs a little bit of TLC but Robbo and the crew had it in fairly good shape and the facility is still top notch there. I must have holeshotted maybe 10-12 laps and won like 1 or 2 motos? Haha typical Nick stuff. I always have alot of fun racing Phil and Stevey and they always drag it to the line. Every time. Good stuff. Ended the weekend with 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, and 2nd. Allan Porter is running out of room on his belt for notches because he treated Rob on saturday and is still on FLATS!?!? Guys a monster and when he clips in Im not sure what these guys are gonna do. Love ya Rob. Gearing up for NBL Grands/ABA State/Work in the next few weeks. Been pushing the BMX politic shit real hard, the track stuff got stale real quick and Im not sure what is up on the race side, kinda out of the loop or whatever... but working on gettin some more access and stuff at Cunningham. The boss kinda figures I might have a clue after 10years of riding :) So works good. Got the new Vans shipped in today and so far so good, alot more float though but should be ok well see after some rides at the track. Still wishing SC Pal was open publicly, as I work 2-9 daily and would love to work on skills before work but no dice and that sucks. Peep the photo below- Roybal puts the youth large jersey to the test.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Backflip 180

Yay, did a flair today out at stonegate and its been a loooong time since Ive done one the day I blew out my knee to be exact. Sweated it and have alot more respect for that trick now than when I first did em. Anyway stuck that thang first try and was pretty happy. No picture no vide just did it for my own piece of mind and so Chris knows that Im still a relevant factor when I need to be. Ride HoMo.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Haha the weekend trips continue I think im on my 11th or 12th weekend in a row with a race or event. Haha pretty burned out but still fun so it's whatever. 19-27X Marketing killed it this weekend with our lone rider Alan aka Hot Pizzle taking down a win and a 2nd I think at the ABA happenings this weekend. Alan was riding strong down the first straight all weekend and was on point going 1,2,2 in the mains Sunday for the overall and making himself about $800 richer. I was honestly cheering "Daddy needs a new pair of shoes" Thanks Alan for the Vans! Highlights of the weekend? Track sucked with a few rollers sprinkled around a double and some tight indoor turns, made for good action for the spectators but it was just dog eat dog for the riders. I was gettin horsed by every kid in the building and somehow stumbled into a semi on sunday where I finished 5th behind Dennison Smith, Thomas Vallejo, Kevin Shankel, and Lee Lewis who all have several wins this year LOL. I was riding decent though just no ponies out the gate and that track was not good for anything passing wise so I was weak. Road trip was good I knocked out the 12hrs both ways by myself and rocked the kids to sleep as you can see. Haha the bad part is I took these pics about an hour into the trip on 152 East. LOL Patrick Price is definitely a road dog and I will co-sign him on any trip in the future. Respectful kid for sure and has a good attitude and carries himself well. Good in my book for sure. Porter knocked off George Goodall and I told him he is trippin beating factory guys and runnin top 5 NAG and not gettin any assistance from any team. Hopefully he can get some support and go to more races and make a serious run at NAG 1. Orange Cove races this weekend, work all week as Im trying to bank a ton of hours in the next few months. Thats about all Im sure Ill update some more tomorrow and this week. Blake Foxx is as quick @ Chandler BMX as his mom is hot. Ha.

Oh yeah Red Rock Az, has a dope a$$ park that I would have loved to take some runs at, but NO BIKES ALLOWED and it was monitored LOL Pics anyway just for good measure...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Kids are the future and if you dont think thats true keep thinking that and watch them progress and make you old news in a short time. I have had a great week with my lil campers Chris and Jordan, we've laughed, cried, and enjoyed ourselves and Im glad I got to chill with them. Made them some gifts that look similar to whats posted below and have them some goodie bags as well for tomorrow :) I get off at 1:30pm but Ill be leaving with the crew at 1pm to Tucson for the SW Nationals. Should be a quick hit n run mission style trip go grab 2 wins and see what an indoor ABA race is like I feel like its been forever. Also below check out my new number plate for Stephen Murray tribute :) Stay Strong! Im eating kim Chi straight with a fork out the bottle right now, I need to shave, and Im washing it down with Red Bull. Strugglin! And before I forget. Lately more than one person has told me that Im way too busy and I have too much on my plate, but the way I see it is like this. And true enough I dont expect people to see it exactly the way I do because a smart person once said "to understand my train of thought you would have to put yourself in my situation" and for most people they could never grasp my situation so i dont expect them to get it really but I do expect them to keep their doubt to themselves. Anyway off topic. I dont think that I have 40-50-60 years to accomplish things in life. I think every morning I wake up is a gift from God and I make the most out of it, tomorrow is never promised and if you assume it is going to come for you someday your gonna be pissed because you put something off that your not gonna do. That isnt what i want in my life so I live hard and fast and spread myself thin, its good. Try it. Never fear failure because fear inhibits success.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Do Good.

Started the first ever BMX Camp at work today which featured a whopping 2 rippers and myself! The kids had a ton of fun and think im the smoothest thing since peanut butter. We learned about linking lines and carving vert transition today and had alot of fun with those 2 Chris and Jordan. Respectful kids who love riding bikes. Raced Prunedale over the weekend. I had a decent time the track felt like junk to me so I only raced 1 day and my gear felt way too big for some reason. Could be tired legs as Ive been riding park nonstop for the past week or so. Dialing back in old tricks really sucks and learning how restrictive a knee brace can be is killing me. All in all I cant complain though. Heading to Tucson this weekend out in the Arizona Desert to race an indoor ABA event which should be fun and kinda excited about a good fast indoor track with a normal rhythm section. Not too much to report for the moment just work all week saving cash for my Evo which Im gettin someday haha. Just got word of a meeting going down as well. So check this below and if you have a chance support one of the guys who supports me- Yeeee


Hayward, CA - Please support Hayward’s Life Goes on Foundation (LGO) on Tuesday, August 4th, at 7:30pm at 15510 Usher St, San Lorenzo, CA 94580 while the non-profit attends San Lorenzo’s School Board meeting to seek approval for an afternoon program designed to benefit children and those living in wheelchairs.

LGO needs citizen support to encourage the school board to pass the measure for LGO to begin staffing and operating an after school program which will offer free use of a both a BMX track for kids & a hand cycle program for the disabled members of the community.

The concept has already been passed and supported through H.A.R.D (Hayward Area Recreation Department). The school board’s approval is the final piece of the approval process to initiate the program. LGO estimates hundreds of children and adults will benefit from its proposed initiative.

“It is crucial that people in wheel chairs just like myself, have an opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreational activities such as hand cycling”, said Arthur Renowitzky, founder of Life Goes on Foundation. “This proposed after school program of a BMX bike track combined with hand cycling tracks will provide able & disabled people of Hayward a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy fun & exercise,” added Renowitzky. “I am hopeful the community & local media will attend the board meeting and show their support along side with LGO and H.A.R.D for this exciting program.”

About Life Goes On Foundation:
Life Goes on Foundation is a nonpolitical nonprofit organization working in the Bay Area to help bring an end to gun violence amongst youth and to find a cure for paralyzing spinal cord injuries. Life Goes On Foundation was founded in 2007 By Arthur Renowitsky. That year, Arthur was tragically shot at a San Francisco night club by an unknown assailant, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. Arthur is taking his unfortunate occurence and is turning it into a positive mission with a desire to raise awareness of gun violence amongst youth and to find funding for a cure for paralyzing spinal cord injuries.

For more information please visit: or

Media Contact:
Joshua Steinfeld @ 339.225.1581 or