Saturday, June 27, 2009

pic overload

more pics- that lightning struck this tree was no joke 30 feet from us. augusto my boy on the podium! and whatever else lol...

More details...

Raced my lil ass off today. Went 1,2,4 in motos so got out pretty easily before a shitty semi but I still got 3rd and made the main and drew lane 1 so was pretty psyked. First straight is a lil slow but came out in 3rd and was makin the same ol nick moves lol. 2 lead guys dart to the left avoiding the pro section so Im committed to ramping it up and set up for it. Case the set up jump and had to abandon the shot at the win. I was pissed because it was a simple mistake and I was close to easily come out on top. Dropped back to 5th and was a little bit annoyed at it, but its all well. Roybal got moto'd? WTF trippin son. Jamie Lilly won her first lap and showed that she isnt far off the pace at all. Stump nailed down the #1 with my columbian coke connect Augusto gettin the 3rd! Pics below if they work on Lilly's laptop :)

Pics are scattered but Julian al's off spring, and PA has the coolest old brick buildings everywhere.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Road trip!

So this is my virgin post from my I touch! What a road trip so far, met up with friends, rode my bike at a ton of spots and enjoyed the company of bmx riders. Good practice today at one of the premiere tracks in the country until lightning hit a tree about 30yards from us. No joke it was fuckin rad. Our room got blessed with none other than jamie lilly for the weekend! If you don't know her get it google on and make note of a uci world champ. Rad and I'm soakin it up figure she has some knowledge but all I've learned so far is that she steals puppies for fun... Odd. Where's the American idol? Results and more stories sooon!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

White House!

Haha yeah thats right your boy went to DC and checked out the white house. shit was rad as can be and enjoyed it with a few close friends and the new king of 41 and over X Alan Porter. Trip went well I ended up with 2 2nds and 2 3rds on the weekend. Track was super lame, soft as a pillow and I should have won 3 out of the 4 mains but whatever. Got taken out, got payback, had fun and visited the white house so cant complain. Pictures to be posted soon but dont hold me on that one. I even got kicked out of a hotel while I wasnt even there! Apparently using an employee discount when your not an actual employee is frowned upon hahaha its all love though and special thanks to Kim for hosting myself and Porter and making our east coast trip even possible. Got home and started right back into the training mission, gates gates gates and working on stamina as apparently im only good for about 1000 feet of track haha. Back into NAG top 10 I think so psyked about that and had a good birthday week and weekend. Still some drama at the homespot but what can you do? Took apart morgan hill skatepark today as they are opening their new concrete one and a friend of mine Al Roybal @ got the duties of taking up the ramps that were left over. Before anyone asks the 6' mini was destroyed by the city months ago so NO im not hiding a secret shred spot at all. But if I was hiding one that would be exactly what Id say so you decide. Bombed that spillway me and Chris are trying to finish up some "work" on film which should be good. Nothing groundbreaking but fun stuff I guess. Australia is coming soon! The white house is 1.3 miles from the HOOD. No Joke. Shits grimey over there. Secret service agents are pretty cool. My bike is way light and way white, exactly the opposite of the way i like the women hahaha. Quite a few people have a serious hatred for me but its OK and Im trying my best :) over and out players lack of updates are still due to no computer at my house :( Roybal has a baller mac that has this feature where you say a word and it types it up for you. No joke. Prunedale tonight.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Its my birthday and I'll grind if I want to!

Hey people yay its almost my Bday and Im pretty psyked to make a 1/4 century! Just a few things to mention today. The limit for riding hard is officially 8 days straight without your body seriously going into shock :( Haha its been a solid last few days, myself and Chris got our Jihad on and bombed some rad stuff across SJ. Did some filming for a lil edit that is proving to be difficult to line up times with Chris hehe. Should be good though. Riding has been solid getting alot of time in and should payoff well. Work is the same stuff just repetitive and I take off in a hot second to go there again for the 4th day in a row but Im makin money so no worries right? Evo should be arriving anyday now haha kinda excited to find out who bought it for me! Im out this piece mayn send a text to ur boy tomorrow or you cAN GIT FUCKED! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Nasty super duper training sessions have been going down. Ive ridden the track 5 days in a row now, and squatted and sprinted within those same 5 days so my legs are super cooked but I feel good :) Birthday is Tuesday! woot woot took the day off so should be good noting planned just going to kick back and have a relax day and feel older LOL. Working alot and taking off to Delaware Thursday still pretty excited about that! Have you seen the newest Rocky movie? If your trying to get motivated thats that shit right there :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


I've been far too busy and the blog hasn't been up to par, I know this and my apologies to the legion of followers LOL. With that being said. The Worlds Training super duper program has been working well. I found a cool sprint spot and been frequenting that alot and dusted off the weights so squat racking thangs! Chris @ and I are figuring out a 25 for 25 kinda video thing should be cool :) Going to Delaware in 2 weeks to ride BMX hang with Alan, Kim, and Garret so should be fun. Lots of racing and pedal time before I leave for Worlds. Very excited.