Sunday, July 31, 2011

Can I get a 6th to go with that 5th please?

Son of a bitch! just squeaked out of motos, where I drew the eventual top 3 guys in the main to qualify through and just snuck in the semi with a 4,5,4 scores. Sketchy 3rd round and that was super nerving. Loaded up for the semi and got a great gate, snuck in an extra crank to make sure I hit the first turn in 3rd and silly me, epic brainfart I guess? I ended up hitting the first jump switch footed. Yeah I dont think thats ever happened before but it tossed me pretty sketchy and to the back of the pack for sure. Diced a little and caught back up but mistakes are mains at this level. Annoyed a little but whatever. Looking forward to trails on Tuesday when I get home.

Edit... The hotel manager just called to see why our closet doors were broken... Uh oh someones in trouble. Crown shots and a 23rd birthday are to blame, and I think Brian Carillo just purchased a nice ikea closet setup...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

5th in a semi...

Call me many things but dont call me broke or inconsistent. 5th in a semi again. Son of a bitttttttt... Rode great all day and ill blog it out later but juss wanted to deliver the shitty news. 5th in a friggin semi AGAIN.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Tried to blog Lil D's 1/8main clip but no such luck. Anyway very ready to get some laps done tomorrow and try and sneak into a main event. The draw was pretty decent I lead off 25-29 men usa efforts with the first rack of 8 gates of us with Nate just behind me and Frank to follow. Lets do this!

Nor*Cal Cecil Approved!

Big ups to the 1-2 punch and the pride of Manzanita BMX knows as Bubbs Gonzalez and Ryan PettiGREW. Both did outstanding jobs and brought home World Titles today. Bubba was very close to getting nipped at the line, but ry ry took it by a good margin. Bubba some advice from your uncle Nick, shrink that new bike down! Envy Lites in the 1.5 size and wash it and dry it a few times. It looks big on you and had me nervous about your skills. But you stepped up and showed that at the worlds you need not win all the laps just the main event. Congrats again boys. Mr. Ontiveros unfortunately departed in the 1/8 mains when a Brazilian kid made the best of a few small mistakes and laid down a high low with a questionable last straight that shuffled Damian back to 5th. he rode very well in the motos going 2-2-2 and the draw of the racks had him sitting pretty or so we thought into the main :( I'll upload his rounds and stuff from dinner in just a few but as always tough breaks and lesson learned for sure. Love ya kidd lets use this motivation to step up our $hit when we get back home. Fresno is always calling us to session...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Practice #2!

Just finished up session #2 of practice and it was a doozy. I rolled in for the first sight lap and pumped around just getting the legs warmed up and started the morning off perfectly by blowing out a shimano pedal. F you shimano. Those stupid pedals always just randomly blow up and slide off the spindle without warning. So of course lucky me I get the shit luck at the big race. I swapped out a set and borrowed Lil D's pedals for a few laps but they just werent cutting it :( After stressing out for a bit I went back to the team tent and had the mechanic kinda rig em up for a few laps. So hopefully it works out and stays tight for the rest of the weekend. Felt good and got some laps taken down, the track is good at speed and the only big issue for everyone is that first triple that is just making things ugly for everyone. As always I felt way slow out of the gate and down the hill but that happens with the SX hill. Gonna be a battle of gate starts for the most part. Took a team USA shot and now back at the hotel contemplating walking up the street to get a burger- Yeah Boi...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Jamie Lilly I Apologize.

Thats right. Ladies and gents of my blog I was finally after such a long time of carrying animosity, ill will, or even hatred as some would call it in my heart toward Jamie Lilly I was finally eased of all those negative feelings. I would like to be the bigger person and say Jamie Im truly sorry for all the bad things Ive said about you and rambled off at the hint of even hearing a whisper of your name. The word cunt should never have been used to describe you, and a thief who deserves the wrath of god should never have been wished upon you daily as I requested so religiously. But yesterday I received a comment on my blog and it read " get it son win that race and Ill deposit the $500 I owe you " I thought who could this possibly be, surely you still owe me $900 dollars of the $1,000 you borrowed and then vanished like a vegas magic show, but perhaps I thought maybe my math had been a bit off. Must be. So Jamie again I apologize and thanks for remembering me and making things right between us. Without that stress maybe I can jump now without the weight on my shoulders, yes. Today is a new day and I should have never wished you dead thinking you had F'd me over and head for the hills with my cash and my good indian friends last few dollars to his name. It's moments like this when Im pleasantly shown that not all people are bad, I just make snap decisions and judgments too early. Al Roybal Im sure your next in line to get ssquared up with so drink an extra Pepsi today buddy.

Flip vids of practice today maybe?
Breakfast is delicious.
Austin Hiatt dropped the N bomb in conversation with me yesterday? wtf?
Lifes good players.


#125 is what the BMX gods have blessed me with as the number to go by tomorrow while Im doing work practicing and then racing on Thursday. Pretty jazzed because Rick Moliterno created the 125r race bike which I love and I respect him as an iconic mo frow in BMX. So 125 I can deal with and accept before shedding 124 digits off that puppy. Enjoy the google hits from #125-

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ummm Still No Sunshine?

Enjoyed a $42 buffet last night that appeared just like a $9.95 buffet back home. LOL. Breakfast was free with our $800 room purchase though and killed that weak a$$ dinner buffet. Check the pic for the weather today. Pretty cold so hoodies are in effect and Ill be reppin the Jump2Jump official threads. Practice is at 1 today and the wind is going to make it a 50/50 shot if you wanna charge it and risk things. Im the send it type so Ill likely try to figure things out in a hurry and not stress it. We shall see.

Rain Rain Go Away...

Got into Copenhagen safe and sound today and all bags are accounted for. If you have been to the worlds thats usually the sketchiest feeling when your waiting for your bags to show up. Rain is still falling and the track has been covered for a few days, I suspect practices will be shuffled around and they will get creative with the schedules. Heading down to pick up the team USA packs in a few minutes and Kenth Fallen said he enjoyed a $32.00 burger last night haha. Sign me up!

If your curious for $250.00 USD you get $1,232.00 in DKK. Suckers!

Email aint working here so far so if you emailed me, relax Ill get to it when I have a chance.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


@Nickdawg says... Held up in Minneapolis with a 3hr layover before we hop onto the burner into Amsterdam. Jyeah. Pretty psyked its still raining through Thursday off and on in Copenhagen so I expect practices to be shuffled/shortened who knows but a change in schedule could be looming. Just rechecked weather reports and numbers are down to 30% mid week. Gonna be interesting. Gavin Lubbe? Where yat son?

Lets dooooooo it!

Checked the bags and somehow avoided the nasty looming $600 cloud that was messin with my mind all night. I figured Id check it al curbside flop out a $20 and hope for the best, I knew it was bad when Delta is the ONLY airline that doesnt have curbside checkin! sheeeesh! So I walk in and look for the lube in my carryon to make the raping not so harsh. Luckily someone of a darker shade assisted me checking in and a hawaiian dude printed my tickets, the gift of gab worked out and I got away with just paying $75 for a second bag. I could have easily went with my original plan and loaded it all in one bag and rolled the dice but I was spooked and the risk vs. reward was better paying $75 against paying $600 if things got ugly. Nate Mellone Im going to tell you here and now, follow me to the podium or stay outta my way! Im gonna try and blog as much as I can as often as I can so be checkin back often and hopefully I can finally post the "triumphant Nick @ worlds" blog that has been saved on my mac for 4 years just waiting to be published LOL. Good times, Johnny O and Lil D juss slid through the line with an oversized bag weighin in at 47 pounds hehe clever guys. Aight over n out hit ya from Minneapolis/Amsterdam/Copenhagen. Jyea!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fidel Castro!

Well not exactly but work with me here. Fidel Castro basically dominated Cuba and ran that shit the way he felt was right for just about ever. His not so distant nephew has done much of the same with 21-25 cruiser this year. Enter Phil Castro. Ill give you a little bit of background on myself and Phil and even my other favorite Fresno shredder lil Stevie. If you rewind the clock about 2-3 years I was a young chicken and not as slow as I am now, and Phil wasnt training like he is now. Stevie has always been quick and in the mix so the 3 of us used to shred it up at every state race and I really liked being on the track with those guys. My how times have changed, this jackass got the gym bug put into him and about a year ago started killin me and things just werent the same. Props to him and by all means improve yourself on the track but sheesh its not fun chasin you around all the time. Luckily he is always in the cruiser main before me at nationals so I get to see his mains often. He has put in a serious bid to get 6 wins and go at the nag title this year and Im psyked to see him get out there and go for it. He made the most of an inside gate in LV and walked with the Saturday win before partying and skipping sundays races where a huge crash would have likely given him another win. Ive promised to blog about his results and Im making good on that now. However..... The dude is definitely gay and I have proof, so when he does win the title in 21-25 Ill be selling the proof to the highest bidder. Good job Phil!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Doin it....

BMX Camp #2 kicked off this weekend to the tune of 9 kids from 7-14yrs old and went very well today for only having 1 instructor, yours truly. Apparently my idea for a banner at Calabasas dirt park was somewhat a good idea as 4 of our riders mentioned thats how they got the camp idea. Who knew marketing could be a worthwhile investment? Hmmmm maybe if we had banners and signage for our whole facility at different places around our city maybe we could even generate more customers... Ya think? Stopped by Oscars yesterday to check on the bbq session they ahd going on. Nyquist was going high, there was a good session going on but I never enjoy riding with 12 people on a small deck so I donated some cold pizza and $10 for the entertainment I saw. Notables were Will Grahn, he is co signed as the next big thing to come outta Nor Cal. Ive been watching him for awhile and he now has all the skills to get things done. If he stays away from weed and dumbasses he can do well for himself. But time will tell... Endo was trying flairs but they didnt work out, just more practice will fix him. Nyquists' were riding well and the trails were hittin and I shaded out up to aptos for a 1hour quick hit session at SS. Good times with Jay Fil who sold his MTB and rode a 20". 12 days til worlds! lets doooo this.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Im not the most political but uhhhh

Another person killed by BART police officers? Come on people that shit is seriously a major problem. I have read a few different news outlets about it all and the way it shakes out is a call came in about a man on a BART platform, to which pair of officers responded, the guy had a knife and was drunk and then no outlet says that he stabbed the officer(s) in question but reports say one of the officers "suffered" light cuts and bruises. Ummm attention you effin idiots. If your a cop and you respond to a drunken guy, why the hell would you even be close enough to get cut/stabbed/attacked etc? Your equipped with tasers! stand your dumb ass 5-10 feet away ask the guy to comply and if he doesnt comply, then start the shock treatment. Its not rocket science people. Being drunk and a douchebag I dont support and I definitely dont back anyone being drunk, in public, and waving a knife around. But I also cant support cops who use deadly force which is a permanent fix, to a temporary problem. Come on guys you got tasers to use in instances just like this. Light the dude up with a few volts, chuckle about it later while he sobers up in the drunk tank and life goes on for everyone. Stop The Violence.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

RIP Brandon Barnes, Ricky Castro Diggers, and Trails.

Definitely not psyked to relay this information and was very bummed when I first heard but who knows maybe we can all learn from things. Brandon Barnes a Fresno local passed away last week just days after winning the intermediate class at the contest I announced. I vividly recall him riding well, and me joking about how it must have been difficult to match your shirts and shoelaces so well when riding so smooth. A few days after he was riding a motorized scooter across town to a friends house and was hit by a car accidentaly, and after some information was revealed the driver was unfortunately texting. Now if you know me you know Im likely more guilty of texting while driving than anyone on the planet. The only time I dont do it is when I have someones kids in the car with me, because I feel it's a respect thing. Well I dont think Ive ever considered it, but it's not just the people in your car that you should worry about protecting but in this case anyone can be effected by your decisions. Chalk me up as someone who took this situation to heart and remind me if you see me textin and drivin how stupid Im being. Ill try my best but can always use friendly reminders. Brandon Barnes on that Saturday you started to me as a simple name on a list of riders, but you transcended from a simple name to a kid I vividly recall. I've read alot of people thoughts about you and I can tell you'll be missed by family friends and the entire BMX scene there in Fresno. From myself and Im sure others share my feelings, respect from one rider to another and may you rest in peace buddy. Life is precious people and tomorrow is never promised. Brandons funeral was today and tomorrow I'll lay a skid down for him, I suggest everyone do the same.

Ricky Castro. When your mom texted me and said you crashed, I think I chuckled at first and hoped you got a pedal bite on your shin so i could heckle you about it later. I had no idea you actually took a serious digger. Now some would say that you crashing is karma from the BMX gods for you costing me some large sum of money back in New Mexico a few months ago, but I would NEVER say that or suggest it in a round about way. *Cough* But anyway back to me pretending to feel bad for your misfortune... LOL Smooches they call you huh? Well you may wanna leave the concrete Smooch free next time you come shred LCRSP, and doesnt your mom frequent the blog? Didnt she read my literature about how stupid we are for riding the helmets that do absolutely nothing for our pretty faces? I blogged that like 72 hours ago! Next time you come to shred I better see full face in tow or your gettin a talking to buddy. Get well soon and thank your mom for the TMZ Photo Leak...
Rode Post Office today and learned that Endo will never win a dirt comp. Ever. Lil Justin showed him the hot line but he was too spooked to hit any jumps. Maybe Calabasas will host the Dew Cup, but until then... pffffft
I bailed once on a nasty nose dive gone way wrong but lived to tell about it. Pics dont do justice but this is current post office, steep and deep.