Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another one...

Well as the year 2016 is just less than 12hours away I am doing my typical glance back as we all do around this time and some people get thankful and start the wish list for the next year. I'm not much different in that aspect I do have a wish list but it's not so much wishes as its goals I know I will obtain. Thankful for all the people who make my life a little easier and even possible, I typically run pretty wire to wire and don't set a lot of time aside for myself and when people help me it really gives me a chance to breath so shout out the behind the scenes favors and shit that people help me with. My  controlled chaos life can get hectic and lazy and hectic all in the same day lol but I like it that was I guess! 2015 was likely the least active on my bike I've ever been which ironically it's the most active I've ever been with kids and camps also so it's a double edged sword. I started calabasas camps and that has always been something I wanted to get rolling and it gained some traction this year and was a solid effort. I was listening to some stuff the other day and someone was reflecting on leaving something a little better than when you found it and it really made sense to me in the aspect that I may not have done much of what I consider quality riding and my own ambitions on the bike but I definitely did a lot with kids and that will always Be around longer than any accolades I come upon. As the year started to unwind I figured 16 would bring me more time for myself but in a twist of events it's likely going to be much more of the opportunity to stack up cash and I always side with that just because I have some goals that are only achieved financially so the bike unfortunately will get little usage again as the calendar rolls around. I do have a plan to hit the worlds in 16 and we shall see if it pans out, I can settle for one cool trip versus a bunch of random ones. Kinda crazy to see priorities change up but refreshing at the same time knowing you are growing and becoming full circle so I'm content with it... Until I get the bmx itch again haha. 2015 it's been solid and 2016 lets keep the momentum going and handle some business. Happy New Year everyone stay safe and enjoy what the blank slate of 2016 offers you!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Plan it out~

Getting the ball rolling on my schedule of races and its looking good so far :)

Las Vegas NV Jan 8-10
Tulsa OK Jan 22-24
Phoenix AZ Feb 12-14

Will be the first leg of the year. Considering going to Medellin for the worlds.... hmmmm if Im feeling decent why not right?

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Catching up is easy to do!

Made a phone call today to a person I text on a regular basis and the phone call ended up being a little over 2 hours. Its amazing to me how much you can discuss with someone you haven't seen in awhile. We talked about a few things and just had plenty to say from stories to experiences, opinions and what not. Was a great conversation and don't know that I've had that much to say or listen to someone in some time. Starting to plan what races Im gonna hit next year and what events I want to attend so thats going to be cool to make it official by booking some flights and dropping some cash :) Thats all for now going to get back to watching bull riding. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vegas... Or Nah :(

Planned on hittin Vegas this week and chilling out and watching some bull riding at the National Finals Rodeo but plans went south so looks like a typical week in SJ :( Booooooo Could have gone still but didn't feel like trying to plan hotel and car arrangements last minute so fuck it gonna wash this trip and save it for the next round. Good news of the month is come January Ill be in full BMX race goon mode again. Figure since I wont be working the city as much and definitely not weekends I have plenty of chances to hit some nationals and travel more. Definitely not going to travel as much as I did in the past years racing but I figure 6-7 weekends just go to some fun races that I enjoy or haven't been to before. South Park Pennsylvania jumps out and Louisville immediately comes to mind, and probably a few more random places should be a good time. Gotta get Alan Porter back on a bike to be my road dog so we can split costs and do it like old times, that fool sure did take down a #1 national ranking while running around with me and such a great year of memories I had with him. Thats all for now just wanted to blog so I can keep somewhat in routine and not slack off!

Monday, November 23, 2015


Seriously have a ton of old footage clips and really miss this whole crew. One of the best trips Ive been a part of and people change over the years but Ill be damned if at one time we werent a solid group. Jamie, Ry Dog, B-Dizzle Britt, Al, and Rio Frio... Fuck man lets regroup and give it another go. Solid times!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fail Fail Fail

But as they say if you keep knocking at the door eventually it will open :) Had 2 promotions go down the drain this week, one from the city and the other from my off site warehouse. City one wasnt a huge shocker but the warehouse one was. I never get too bummed on missing out on gigs mainly because I know Im going to work just as hard either way if you pay me $100k or if I have 10 different gigs paying me $10k. No difference really I just work as much as necessary and keep the bills paid. Arizona this weekend, which is a serious trip because with the exception of just going to ride a race in and out this will be the first time in seriously 10 years or so that Ive gone just to hang out for the most part. Graduation ceremony and then just kickin back livin the AZ life should be crazy and fun all at the same time. Wish me luck lol AZ is far from my favorite place on earth so fingers crossed it goes well.

Friday, November 6, 2015


"Arrogance is your biggest obstacle" stay humble and hungry people.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Insane ass week of inventory finally came to an end and was semi good as the last day I wrapped up at my old warehouse. My big boss there asked me to meet with her this week and go over a position I was interested in awhile back. Problem is I am pretty sure the salary offered is going to be substantially lower than what I make right now busting my ass getting all sorts of OT. On top of that my benefits would go from free to being paid out of pocket, again not cool. But it also would be a step in the right direction to having a management title of sorts and trying to grow that into something for the future. But frankly I just dont see the $$$  at the end of that rainbow. Not sure what I am going to do but definitely going to field her offer and see what her starting base is, not that I have much room to argue why I deserve more LOL But see where we are at numbers wise either way. Cruise to Mex was chill but Im def still burnt out on them. The company on the cruise was cool but got  curveball cunt of a visitor and some people are just lame, wont give said person too much shine but seriosuly how you gonna be mad at a magician? LOL more coming soon!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Admitting your wrong.

So today I fucked up. In a sense. I mean Im trying to own up to it, but fuck man what the hell am I seriously supposed to do? Heres the shortened version of the story- Im at my city job I notice a guy walk through the office attempting to avoid paying the whopping $5 fee, I step outside and call him out and he gives me every excuse under the sun about why he shouldnt pay. Yeah whatever man rules are the rules its $5 and $5 to rent pads so $10. I get more lip and blah blah blah. Then I see that my new best friend has a buddy with him and its much of the same nonsense with him. Claims his wallet is in the car etc etc etc. I tell him its gonna be $10 and he can head down and get the wallet if he wants to ride. more and more attitude ensues and one of the genius boys mumbles the word bullshit. Its America the land of the entitled where a $7million dollar facility should never try to charge a meager $5 cuz thats down right robbery right? Joke. Anyway I go back and forth with Beavis and Butthead for a few minutes the story changes but its the same old song and dance and eventually it escalates to them letting me and my co worker know that we are being "fuckin dicks" mind you we are around kids and that shit doesnt fly with me. I immediately let them know that they definitely wont be skating my facility today and they are welcome to leave at this point. Matter of fact Im asking them to leave. I get met with some more choice words from one of my little cupcake buddies and the other just has a death stare fixation on me. Oooooh we have a challenger over here? Really? So I let them know they can leave or if they would rather have a plastic badge toting ranger come ask them to leave we can go that route too but we are all adults so doesnt need to go there. Choice words come again and I glance and mr look of death is still locked in on me. Well lets just settle this really quick. I let him know that if he has something that hasnt been resolved I would be off work at 6pm and would gladly be willing to work out any issues he might have. He immediately goes into the victim role at this point. And thats when I was confused. You mean you wanna run your mouth and tell me Im a fuckin dick and an asshole for doing my job, and then when you stare me down and puff your chest up and I invite you to discuss the situation further you all of a sudden feel threatened? Oh the bullying only gets to go one direction? What a joke. The ranger comes and kicks the pair of idiots out, and then tells me that he should file a police report of the incident for me threatening the guy? WTF. City service I tell you its quite the fucking thankless job. Ridiculous. Thats all. Rant over. I was wrong should have just let him keep going and then let him skate the park cuz thats less controversial. #respectiseverything

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wet behind the ears...

Man oh man I had a rare situation occur tonight and it was pretty refreshing. Im waiting in line to order some food at a bbq spot and im with 2 friends, we somehow get separated in the line and a young girl is between us. We continue to chat back and forth and eventually she works her way into the conversation. We are a joking group so we loop her right into the convo and keep it going, she then asks to have dinner with us, of course we say yes because she is nice and so far fun. This isnt turning into a crazy story so if excitement is what you seek this story aint it LOL. She eats with us and picks our brains about all sorts of stuff, she was just young as can be still in highschool and just wet behind the ears as they say and happily clueless about life. It was refreshing to see and just listen to her outlooks and stuff and get a glimpse into what a highschool kid thinks is important these days. She got a call from her mom at some point and had to get herself home so she left off in a hurry. But it was an interesting time and it was really refreshing to see someone who is just open as a book, and just a ball of outlooks and vision. Good times. I need to meet randoms more often seriously.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


I swear I wish I had a tally on how much money I move around in orders a week. Easily this week I sent out a few different orders for my city job all $1000+ and then my hospital gig I move around order after order for way more money. All this money floating around can I get a cut of it? Please?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just rantin'

I dont know why specifically but I been in a bitching and complaining mood lately for sure. Haha always good to have a blog as a soundboard to bounce shit off :) And close friends to text and talk ears off and have them use me for the same reasons. LOL its a vicious cycle! Applying for a job tonight for my old warehouse location, they need an assistant manager and inventory analyst spot filled and although Im not qualified on paper Im applying anyway, figure if they wanna take a chance I already know I can hit a homerun working for them. Might be a slight pay cut though but Ill worry about that if I get to that point. Fingers crossed it works out and if it doesnt it's another one of those oh well no big deal scenarios. Ive found a good niche where I am not complaining too much about the money im making and deciding my own schedule for the most part. The way I see it cant lose anything by throwing my name in the ring... #fuckit Really juiced on heading over to Vegas in a few weeks and think I might start going more often like I used to a few years ago. Things were fun and life felt simpler back then and I feel like I would be better off doing that again, traveling keeps me refreshed I just need to quit trying to stay a homebody when that shit just aint for me. Fuck it between vegas and the national race schedule Im tryna be out and about more. Yeah thats the plan, or is it? LOL confused.

Throwback photo Fresno Am Jam announcing with the homie Waylan behind me casting judgement!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Cali Livin' and Vegas Trippin~

Just booked a flight to Vegas for a few days mid month. Home life has been a bit of a stressball and Im burned out on it so to relax for a few I figure a 72 hour Vegas retreat should balance me out a bit. The homie Carla been going through it with some job shit, so I figure we can be the misery loves company pair LOL. It aint nearly as bad as I may make it seem but its definitely a credible excuse to go soak in that 702 sun. Been getting the chance to hit fridays at the track again and pleased with how quick I got back into "fair" shape, been really debating on trying to shred and get fast again but it definitely takes up some time and I am thinking I care more about stacking up cash right now. But thats a swaying thing so I can see some more race trips in the future and a sprint program of sorts, time to get back to the glory days LOL. Thats all for now not too much to blog but had to keep the loyal few who read entertained.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


I find myself in a bit of a pickle this week. Ill try to explain this as simple as possible but likely nobody will understand but thats ok cuz only 3.5 people read my blog anyway :) So my favorite rapper Killer Mike has a hasthtag he uses cuz he is pretty vocal about things that matter to him and it reads #killyourmasters which means basically in a sense kill the people oppressing you. Someone keeping you down kill that shit. Its an aggressive stance but to some like myself think it isn't an aggressive stance at all just a necessary step in some situations. Am I going to kill anyone? Of course not. Now on the flip side Im a huge fan of Robert Greene who wrote 48 laws of power and rule #1 is to "never outshine the master" It's a great chapter in the book and it basically explains my situation perfectly. You can google and I highly recommend you read that book anyway cuz its great. So onto my situation and Ill try and give background briefly. 5 years or so ago I wanted dirt jumps at my skatepark, I email my big boss Cindy and she says let me see what I can do. I line up a meeting with Cindy and the director and get the ball SLOWLY rolling. Fast forward and here we are about 3months from the build. It has turned into a mess of a project but whatever Im glad its getting done either way. I attend a meeting last week with the same director and he is asking for a volunteer to start marketing and making stuff happen, at first I wanted someone else to take that role because Im so busy, nobody bit at the chance so I emailed him later that night and told him I was up for the task. Then the next day he declines my offer? Even though he asked for a person which was weird but here is where it gets odd. My immediate boss and his boss and then one level above him "supposedly" have issue with me emailing my director without CCing them or getting their permission... Like ummmm wtf? If I have built a relationship and email this guy for stuff and work related nonsense all the time why should I now include you or ask your permission for decisions? I dont feel that is necessary and its downright silly. So now I am at the point where I  either say fuck all the "authority" figures and keep doing shit my own way. Or take the route of going the route of me doing all the work CCing them and letting them share in the fruits of all my labor and work? The city has whored me out for years and has never assisted me as far as Im concerned so what would even be new at this point? But I guess since it's just obvious I should be doing this stuff that it's hard for me to swallow that I wasnt given the thumbs up from the start? IONO. Someone solve it for me because Im not sure which way Im going but I def know its going to get ugly at some point. I say if it is going to get ugly might as well be while I steer the boat right? LOL

#killyourmasters but "never outshine them either"

Friday, August 28, 2015

Paying it forward...

First of all this is NEVER to toot my own horn or ego stroke or any of that bullshit by any means. Its just my observation and my thoughts on stuff. Being thankful is for some a moment, or a fleeting thought, or a single gesture. For me its a mindset. Ive been fortunate enough to literally be given more than I could imagine from and through BMX. I am so thankful for the situations and opportunities provided to me that its my mental obligation to not just give back to make sure that I give back and push forward so that a future generation of kids get the same opportunities. Somebody asked me this evening what I was doing and I explained to them that I was ordering up a few bikes for some camp kids that I knew. I wasnt paying for them the parents were but I was helping out by passing along a discount and making it possible. Sure I dont "have to" but in all seriousness I definitely HAVE TO. If it takes 20-30min of my time to research bike sizes and what not, and I have to email a bit with the parents its all irrelevant because I owe it to the future. Someone did things for me at one time and I will definitely leave my mark going forward for the kids behind me. I could only imagine if I were to win the lottery or something what kind of crazy things I would do for the kids coming up. Im setting up a little scooter comp right now for my local kids at my city job and Im super stoked on doing custom acrylic awards for them. I know for me its memories, friendships, and lots of stuff that you take away from these golden years and a dope trophy thats a one off is always a cool thing to have around to start a conversation and spark hopefully the next wave of someone paying stuff forward. So for those who wonder why I work my city job and why I still do the random things like that when I clearly dont have the time hopefully you see why. It isn't for my benefit but its simply something I owe for the people who did it for me, now imagine if everyone did that kind of thing in some sense. As the world gets crazier and crazier we all should help the next generation and raise them up right. #payitforward

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Straight Outta Where?

Watchin' Straight Outta Compton with Nate on the most bootleg copy ever. Screen so fuzzy I feel like I might be drunk lol Started the great BMX comeback this week which means basically I will be riding my race bikes for a week or so to get worked at Reno and then retire them until Vegas in January :) Wish I had the time or the schedule to be able to put more effort into that riding again and be quick at the track but just not in the cards right now. All that being said 31-35 cruiser should be fun, hoping the other guys are just as slow as I am LOL. Did bike party last Friday and it was a blast, 21 miles of pedaling and just listenin to random tunes and people watching. Wish that was a bi weekly thing cuz I really do enjoy them. Something about just zoning out and pedaling with nowhere to go and no time to be there. Even though Target scammed me for a $27 hoodie it was all good. Scooter contest Im planning is coming along well and flier should be done soon hopefully. Throwback photo-

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Just figured out that Im 95% going to hit up the Reno race in a few weeks. BMX cancer  still has me infected and the draw of a miserable 3 day race in the armpit known as Reno is just too much fun to not attend LOL. After getting murked on my 20" at Vegas I figure I'll ride the vagina bike the 24" one and see if im even remotely close on that bike. Ordered some new shit from the homies at S&M to get my bike back together after it sat outside for a solid year if not longer lol, need some pedals still too and I think Im good to go after that hehe. Work life has been eventful, from calling out people for talking shit to trying to see what the short term future holds its all a bunch of fun these days. LCRSP BBQ on Friday courtesy of the parks department should be chill and see some faces I dont normally get to see. Excited about work being slowed down finally and now I have the chance to pick and choose what stuff I want to work on which is way better than just taking all things thrown my way, definitely not complaining though! Pictures of my rejuvenated bike coming soon, where is the damn UPS man?!

Friday, August 7, 2015

2015 camps is done!

After 10 weeks of camps it's all finished for summer 2015 and as always im glad to wrap it all up but I will definitely miss getting to meet and hang out with a new crop of kids every week. From the stories they tell to the bad knock knock jokes and just seeing what they are about and interested in at such young ages is always a fun time. Did a good bit of talking with the kids and hopefully helping to shape them into awesome people for the future and as they go back to school the teachers they work with daily will continue that and the kids will keep learning and aspiring if all goes correct. Shoutout to all my little groms from not just this year but every year and cheers to you guys for making my "job" that much better. I always tell people that the city work doesn't pay the bills by any means but it's definitely my way of giving back to my community so until 2016 starts up you kids have a blast and enjoy school and learn!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

See ya.

Walking away. Quitting. Leaving. Ending. All these words and terms are in a sense foreign to me. Sure I quit stuff on the daily and Im sure everyone does but it really gets under my skin depending on the “why” and the reasoning behind me leaving something. This past few weeks I’ve watched the writing on the wall get more and more vivid that this new camp I created just was not going to work out to my standard of camp. Sure you can drop your kid off and I am going to hang out with them and we going to ride some BMX and things are going to be ok. But that’s not me. See BMX didn’t give me an average experience so I will never be content with letting what I give someone in the form of a BMX memory an average one either. I want you to remember it and remember it well. From every aspect I want it to be complete best and then some. I want you to leave empowered and confident and just thrilled that the camp was the best decision ever type scenario. And quite frankly that just wasn’t happening for a few reasons. I will even take the blame somehow for not knowing more going in about the situation, I basically trusted MY camp in the hands of someone else who knows nothing about the situation. Not to say that person cant go on to do great things and be a miraculous person in their own right, but the fit with me just wasn’t working and showed signs early. So to that person youll never see this but best of luck and I hope you learn and build from this. And to whomever else just hang tight as always because I have more up my sleeve always and might finally explore some options that Ive considered over the years as far as camps and recreation stuff for kids. Until next time people- Nick

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


damn it's crazy how fast a month can go by and being so busy just ain't had time to be lazy and blog. Between that and the fact that zero has changed I just havent been having much to say. But as always im Gonna promise to try harder cuz I enjoy reading old posts and I can't read old ones if I never create new ones right? This last week was my second camp of the season and was a good one with new kids and 15 strong. Worked with some beginners and really enjoyed them and can't wait to have a full week with some groms. Check back for more info from camp 1 and im definitely gonna be back to blog weekly at least!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Leave a little on the dresser...

-2 Chainz.  Been smashing the work shifts and sheeeeeeit lately. Its finally going to slow down at the end of the month which is good so going to lay down a few more 16's while the gettin is good. Camps start on the 8th of June and my birthday is the 9th so thats on the horizon and will spend the bday with some groms from camp should be fun! Excited for summer to get started and burn this pale skin lol. Thats all for now sorry nothing exciting just working as always yeeeeee

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Been stackin up, dropped $33k in cash on a new Evo as a boss should do. But this short and brief statement is just to say as everyone puts forth their expert opinions on the Baltimore situations. I say this much. Burn that fuckin city to the ground if need be. The fact that this shit is still occurring is ridiculous and domestic terrorism in a sense. Fuck that. Burn that bitch to the ground and rebuild with a new state of mind and hope that It teaches people that the new rebuilt city was because the old one was accepting of too much bullshit. And at this point fuck you too Mr. President for not pressuring these situations and getting shit done faster. Tired of dudes being murdered and equally tired of shit ass cops plying judge jury and executioner all in the same moment. Fuck you if you can't make better decisions take your shit ass reactive thought process and head back to the less important jobs you came from. That's all hate me or love me but enough is enough burn that fucker down.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Well well well

Almost murked the Homie james last week but somehow avoided tragedy. Pretty wild how shit goes down and when I tell people that material shit is nothing more than just that I think people try and think I act like I don't care or conceal emotions... Nah man it's legitly like that sometimes you have shot and sometimes it's gone the next minute so you gotta keep that range on what is and what isn't important in life. That was when unimportant shit goes away you don't mistake it for something that Truly matters. To some people certain things hold more importance and to some nothing is important. I don't know where I file myself with that scenario but I do know that I don't give too much of a shif about most stuff so my life is generally easier than most i believe. That's all no point to the rant just typing to kill time and smashing these 16hr shifts at work. Money is a goal but it too isn't important at the end of the day lol. Weirdo I know.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

whoa time flies

Kinda crazy how much had gone down in the last 30 days and how I have been non blogging. Sheesh failing so hard. Anyway took a mob over to the dominican aruba grand turk again and did the cruise thing and it was chill. Im kinda getting burned out on them but they are still pretty relaxing so Im still feeling em and grand turk is a blast as always. Got back like last monday or something and low and behold james scooped me up in the evo. granted it was dirty as all hell and needed some tlc it was the evo none the less. Been working on getting that thing back together for like a year so kinda cool to see it finally work out and be squared away. Its still not fast enough IMO but its moving out so dont be fooled its quick for sure. Just got a new front bumper for it and have a rear as well that should be getting done soon in vinyl and will be all murdered out. Gonna do a few things to the exterior and all in all excited about it. Been smashing the OT at the hospital and the spring is just around the corner and boutta get even more busy somehow. Wish I had more to say but honestly just been hangin out with the OG Vince working on the car and talking shit with him about life, simple and chill for the most part. Hoping to blog in less than 30 more days. reposted evo shot...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stackin so hard!

Been going hard at RMC and the City Job and its been lucrative. Smashed about $13.5k in a months time after paying uncle sam his due I still took home about half that LOL. All that money still aint got the evo going though which is some bulllllshit. Got invited on a snowboarding trip this weekend opted out just cuz the timing isnt right but fuck I need to get that shit done at some point and if snow keeps staying scarce I better not wait too long. Might have to hit a Montana trip or some arctic ass place that snows all year long. Seriously gotta get my dead fish flop on a bunny hill somewhere. So fun haha just laughin thinking bout bein the suck ass person on the trip. Cant enough money bring back the evo though, shits on hold again for another fuckin week and im sooooo over it. The cruise at the end of this month should be good just so I can quit being annoyed at this fuckin car situation lord its driving me crazy, wait its not driving at all. Thats all for me on this end, gettin the camps developed for calabasas has been chill and should be fun later in the year cant forget about that. Holla at a player when you me in the street trick! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Family... What is family to me may not be family to you, who I consider family may not be family at all by dictionary definition 99% of the time. Some idiot who shall go un named because they made comments about me and not to me so they get no shine mentioned some sly shit about because I visit Vegas so much how does someone not know that I don't have a relationship out here or a whole other life/family. I first laughed it off and repeated the statement and lets be real its a joke so I told this joke to several people and they all had a chuckle as did I about it. Then of my closest friends said well Nick they are hating lets be real but you do have a family in Vegas but it aint much of a secret. Her name is Carla and she is this that and the third and you appreciate that. Bingo. That person was fucking spot the fuck on. I have no secret life out here, many people do a different style of Vegas but I just chill and lay back and relax. For example this weekend I didn't set foot nor even drive on the strip, truth be told only time I saw it was from a plane seat. I did hang out with close friends, made plans with people I consider my family much more than what the world would consider. All in all I had a great time. Didn't have time to get together with other friends but whatever its chill aint nobody trippin and no worries over here. I think that's what I love so much about Vegas and the crew I see out here they just genuinely happy to see me. They aint concerned about any drama or serious shit they just wanna talk catch up laugh smile eat and hang out. Its genuine and I love it. So shoutout my Vegas family love ya guys and you likely don't even know I blog so youll never see this anyway. Gio Kyle Maryanne Carla Larissa Carlas folks Fernando fuhhhh who else do I be postin up with? Who knows but fuck it salute you guys youre the best. Aint no secret shit goin on you guys the real deal and I appreciate ya. Until next week when I visit again. Out this beeeezy we fiddna get paid and make some moves. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome to 2015!

Well we are into the first weekend of the year and while most people are changing their lives and reinventing the wheel for themselves im just doing much of the same stuff I always do. Consistency is key IMO so don't hold your breath in thinking im going to do some wild stuff to validate how my year will be sooooo much better than my previous one. In all honesty last year for me went pretty damn well and beating it out won't be an easy task so I don't ponder and make Fb posts about how I will be changing stuff and improving lol. Takes more than a calendar date to change things people so get a clue. All that being said today's rant will be simply about the goodness of consistency. Yep. Even for things we dislike in life if they are consistent it's just better for everyone involved, for example at my hospital job the cafeteria food always sucks. Always. 7 days in a week you can grab 7 shitty meals over there. They don't throw you a curveball and come with a day 5 mid week great meal and then you think you've been missing out. Nope. Shitty everyday and i appreciate that personally because I adjust to not even factor them in when it comes to meal options. See consistency for them actually helps me and saves me time and money because I don't bank and depend on them for anything. Kudos to them and a respectful head nod for keepin it 100 all the time, might be crummy but like I said it is what it is and its my decision how I act after knowing that. I have some family and people I know in my personal life same situation, they shitty. Always have been and probably always will be but when they are consistent shit I can only say thanks! Once you know how people get down and you gather information it's much easier to play them to the left and keep em at a distance so as not to ruin my good shit I got going on. Again I can appreciate the consistency whole disliking the outcome. Then you get to people who are consistently inconsistent, these fuckers are the wild card but you can still play them to the left because since you never know what you're going to get with them you are always at risk of getting some bullshit. Same scenario for me consider them to be shorty all the time that way of and when they are ever kind or helpful or whatever the case may be its a pleasant moment but since you consider them to be sketch you likely didn't bank on it. You say thanks and keep it movin like you should. Lastly it's the other 90% of the world yeah you know em and I know of em too. They comical like real funny style. Smile in ya face and stab you in the back to make a dollar type suckas. If  you know me you know I keep a small but tight circle because when I acknowledge a person as one of my true friends I give em the world and don't hold back so with that always a chance of vulnerability in the air. Somebody asked me yesterday while at work why I don't talk to a certain boss figure and I tried to explain this stuff to them and it took awhile but eventually they figured it out and they said "well since its your boss just act like it's cool atbwork and then say fuck that guy when you leave" lol I told them I just keep it chill and don't try to pretend we are cool and the person will realize it eventually and that's that. They were confused and I figured they were just a say its cool to your face and stab you in the back type LOL. Moral of this whole story? I don't really have one just keep it real like Ron Wilkerson says and when it comes to friends quality will beat quantity over the test of time so stay in it for the long haul. I have several friends I've known for years upon years and those friendships are a direct attribution to them bein solid and true as fuck and me likewise. Welcome to 2015 children! Oh yeah before I forget... Vegas for some Bmx in a few days should be fun, been awhile since I pretended to race! And that's about all that's new for me!