Sunday, October 18, 2015

Admitting your wrong.

So today I fucked up. In a sense. I mean Im trying to own up to it, but fuck man what the hell am I seriously supposed to do? Heres the shortened version of the story- Im at my city job I notice a guy walk through the office attempting to avoid paying the whopping $5 fee, I step outside and call him out and he gives me every excuse under the sun about why he shouldnt pay. Yeah whatever man rules are the rules its $5 and $5 to rent pads so $10. I get more lip and blah blah blah. Then I see that my new best friend has a buddy with him and its much of the same nonsense with him. Claims his wallet is in the car etc etc etc. I tell him its gonna be $10 and he can head down and get the wallet if he wants to ride. more and more attitude ensues and one of the genius boys mumbles the word bullshit. Its America the land of the entitled where a $7million dollar facility should never try to charge a meager $5 cuz thats down right robbery right? Joke. Anyway I go back and forth with Beavis and Butthead for a few minutes the story changes but its the same old song and dance and eventually it escalates to them letting me and my co worker know that we are being "fuckin dicks" mind you we are around kids and that shit doesnt fly with me. I immediately let them know that they definitely wont be skating my facility today and they are welcome to leave at this point. Matter of fact Im asking them to leave. I get met with some more choice words from one of my little cupcake buddies and the other just has a death stare fixation on me. Oooooh we have a challenger over here? Really? So I let them know they can leave or if they would rather have a plastic badge toting ranger come ask them to leave we can go that route too but we are all adults so doesnt need to go there. Choice words come again and I glance and mr look of death is still locked in on me. Well lets just settle this really quick. I let him know that if he has something that hasnt been resolved I would be off work at 6pm and would gladly be willing to work out any issues he might have. He immediately goes into the victim role at this point. And thats when I was confused. You mean you wanna run your mouth and tell me Im a fuckin dick and an asshole for doing my job, and then when you stare me down and puff your chest up and I invite you to discuss the situation further you all of a sudden feel threatened? Oh the bullying only gets to go one direction? What a joke. The ranger comes and kicks the pair of idiots out, and then tells me that he should file a police report of the incident for me threatening the guy? WTF. City service I tell you its quite the fucking thankless job. Ridiculous. Thats all. Rant over. I was wrong should have just let him keep going and then let him skate the park cuz thats less controversial. #respectiseverything

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wet behind the ears...

Man oh man I had a rare situation occur tonight and it was pretty refreshing. Im waiting in line to order some food at a bbq spot and im with 2 friends, we somehow get separated in the line and a young girl is between us. We continue to chat back and forth and eventually she works her way into the conversation. We are a joking group so we loop her right into the convo and keep it going, she then asks to have dinner with us, of course we say yes because she is nice and so far fun. This isnt turning into a crazy story so if excitement is what you seek this story aint it LOL. She eats with us and picks our brains about all sorts of stuff, she was just young as can be still in highschool and just wet behind the ears as they say and happily clueless about life. It was refreshing to see and just listen to her outlooks and stuff and get a glimpse into what a highschool kid thinks is important these days. She got a call from her mom at some point and had to get herself home so she left off in a hurry. But it was an interesting time and it was really refreshing to see someone who is just open as a book, and just a ball of outlooks and vision. Good times. I need to meet randoms more often seriously.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


I swear I wish I had a tally on how much money I move around in orders a week. Easily this week I sent out a few different orders for my city job all $1000+ and then my hospital gig I move around order after order for way more money. All this money floating around can I get a cut of it? Please?