Wednesday, October 30, 2013


just needed to host this picture here. :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

AZ road trip.

Just got back from AZ last night for a sput of the moment necessity road trip. Found a good deal on an evo engine and didnt wanna pass it up. Last week I had an altercation under the hood in the evo with a broken rod and the wall of the block. Not sure a clear winner was crowned but it definitely left both contenders bruised and broken and me without a car for the next few weeks/months. Evo is down for a bit but never out. Found a built 2.1 block and head and pulled the trigger on it. The cash was pretty steep so I didnt wanna buy it blind and decided to drive out and pick it up. 10-11 hours both ways in the capatain seat of the fit was quite taxing and I semi regret what I had chosen to do once or twice but overall it was worth it and the bulk of getting the evo back in order is now done. Choosing a fitting turbo kit now is the next step in the process and deciding what route I want to go. Budget is in mind and selling off some stuff from my old motor definitely needs to fund the new shit. Ill put pics up sometime soon when I take some, for now use your imagination kids :) PS. who wanna give me a ride to and from work? Haha FML.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Haha so me and Lovedizzle always send back and forth pics and texts depicting what we consider "the struggle" so when Ryan Garcia had the bright idea that we could likely air up Stevie's flat truck tire with a standard air pump I knew good and well I was gonna have a pic to top a few pics for awhile. We all took about 35 pumps in a circular rotation and shockingly it didnt take very long although it was taxing on your arms. Got that shit handled and got Stevie on his way for a fresh new set of rubber. And btw that kid fucking OWNS fresno. He was on flats at the track just doing every section like it was nuthing. Gap to manual in the smaller pro section and just handling the place at will. Good to see him killing it so hard and still a humble guy as always.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ying Yang Twins.

I feel like this picture should clearly explain itself. 5year old girl rocking the dance outfit and twirling around the pole... Wonder where she is headed in hmmmm 13 years give or take? Haha horrible.
Headed to Fresneck for a little race tomorrow and Matt was too pu$$y to drive to vegas with me for SX races so heading back tomorrow after races. Then trail session on Sunday and should be broke off after.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dane MF Searls

"Everyone needs to respect dirt because it's big, badass and sick"- Dane Searls.

Had a good little Dane Searls inspired morning cant wait to get broke off riding some dirt again, Trails just does it. If you aint knowing get educated. Respect.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Puke session.

Trotted on down to Prunetucky today to race a little pro-am and try and make some BMX money. Didnt have much hopes of doing too well but it was an excuse to ride and continue my comeback tour of sorts. 11 riders were entered and it was 8 monsters and then 3 goons myself being included. I joked about getting taken out by the 3rd straight all morning and sure enough first hot lap of the day I almost flip the bars through the rhythm. Shit was comical and Ryan Garcia was chuckling the whole time I was riding the bull LOL. SO took a 5th of 6 first round and then second round got through clean but only managed another 5th so the point count was already looking too high, then get back to the truck and my body lets me know it has enough cardio for the time being. Walked to the front of the car and shot out the 12 chicken nuggets which had tasted so delicious on the drive up. Felt like i was going to pass out and then Gavin rolls up, come on buddy its 3rd round! I gave him the most polite stare down ever and waved my option to ride another lap. The main was stacked I only recall the top 3 for sure but I know all 8 so from top to bottom here ya go.

Joey Bradford
Gavin Lubbe
Jordan Miranda
Brandon Cato
Steven Grote
Ryan Pettigrew
Bubba Gonzales
Marquise Montgomery

I can tell you off hand if you dont know any of those guys you live in a shoe. More world titles between that group of guys than spokes on my bike. So it wasnt a shabby main to not qualify into and the big winner Joey was fresh off a flight from Korea where he pocketed $12k or something to that effect, and still made it a point to ruin everyones day by destroying the first straight away. Killin it. Thats all for now next stop on my world tour is Fresno next weekend for a Saturday local race, back on the grind suckafishes!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hashtags and Retweets.

Im never one to borrow an image from another site, but in this case I just wanted to make sure people saw that other dudes on bike are pushing it as well. This obstacle is dubbed the Oakley sender. Check the drop height and the steep landing. Balls of steel. Respect.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Sometimes when a picture speaks totally for itself you just tarnish it up by thinking you need to hype it up or build it to be more than it is. In this case Ill stop right here and let this one speak loud and proud for itself. As we say in the park world- #stokedonbeingpumped

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fuck wit me you know I got it!

Beasted out the Fresno race this weekend and posted up with my 559 crew. Swear I just need to move out there already and quit bullshitting. Good times I rode like garbage but had a blast and could pedal which was suprising and even ramped some jumps and cased even more hahahahaha. Good times. Boutta get back on the race kick, kinda burned out on seeing fucking shithole San Jose so much and not going to any events so gonna stack up the race schedule like old times. I got PTO at work for ages so fuck it not tripping just gonna get on that hype. Josh Taylor won our rivalry this weekend with a 2nd and 4th to my 3rd and 5th/6th. damn that man. What else I got stung by a wasp this morning in bed? My arm just started stinging out of nowhere and i wiped it off thinking maybe I had like a crumb in bed or something? Maybe glass? I dont know it was weird and it just kept stinging, like 5 minutes later this wasp ass fool just goes walking on by on my bed. The fuck? Weird. Anyway over and out no pics from the weekend but just think pure style and zero track speed HAHAHAHA