Friday, June 26, 2015

See ya.

Walking away. Quitting. Leaving. Ending. All these words and terms are in a sense foreign to me. Sure I quit stuff on the daily and Im sure everyone does but it really gets under my skin depending on the “why” and the reasoning behind me leaving something. This past few weeks I’ve watched the writing on the wall get more and more vivid that this new camp I created just was not going to work out to my standard of camp. Sure you can drop your kid off and I am going to hang out with them and we going to ride some BMX and things are going to be ok. But that’s not me. See BMX didn’t give me an average experience so I will never be content with letting what I give someone in the form of a BMX memory an average one either. I want you to remember it and remember it well. From every aspect I want it to be complete best and then some. I want you to leave empowered and confident and just thrilled that the camp was the best decision ever type scenario. And quite frankly that just wasn’t happening for a few reasons. I will even take the blame somehow for not knowing more going in about the situation, I basically trusted MY camp in the hands of someone else who knows nothing about the situation. Not to say that person cant go on to do great things and be a miraculous person in their own right, but the fit with me just wasn’t working and showed signs early. So to that person youll never see this but best of luck and I hope you learn and build from this. And to whomever else just hang tight as always because I have more up my sleeve always and might finally explore some options that Ive considered over the years as far as camps and recreation stuff for kids. Until next time people- Nick

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


damn it's crazy how fast a month can go by and being so busy just ain't had time to be lazy and blog. Between that and the fact that zero has changed I just havent been having much to say. But as always im Gonna promise to try harder cuz I enjoy reading old posts and I can't read old ones if I never create new ones right? This last week was my second camp of the season and was a good one with new kids and 15 strong. Worked with some beginners and really enjoyed them and can't wait to have a full week with some groms. Check back for more info from camp 1 and im definitely gonna be back to blog weekly at least!