Friday, August 28, 2015

Paying it forward...

First of all this is NEVER to toot my own horn or ego stroke or any of that bullshit by any means. Its just my observation and my thoughts on stuff. Being thankful is for some a moment, or a fleeting thought, or a single gesture. For me its a mindset. Ive been fortunate enough to literally be given more than I could imagine from and through BMX. I am so thankful for the situations and opportunities provided to me that its my mental obligation to not just give back to make sure that I give back and push forward so that a future generation of kids get the same opportunities. Somebody asked me this evening what I was doing and I explained to them that I was ordering up a few bikes for some camp kids that I knew. I wasnt paying for them the parents were but I was helping out by passing along a discount and making it possible. Sure I dont "have to" but in all seriousness I definitely HAVE TO. If it takes 20-30min of my time to research bike sizes and what not, and I have to email a bit with the parents its all irrelevant because I owe it to the future. Someone did things for me at one time and I will definitely leave my mark going forward for the kids behind me. I could only imagine if I were to win the lottery or something what kind of crazy things I would do for the kids coming up. Im setting up a little scooter comp right now for my local kids at my city job and Im super stoked on doing custom acrylic awards for them. I know for me its memories, friendships, and lots of stuff that you take away from these golden years and a dope trophy thats a one off is always a cool thing to have around to start a conversation and spark hopefully the next wave of someone paying stuff forward. So for those who wonder why I work my city job and why I still do the random things like that when I clearly dont have the time hopefully you see why. It isn't for my benefit but its simply something I owe for the people who did it for me, now imagine if everyone did that kind of thing in some sense. As the world gets crazier and crazier we all should help the next generation and raise them up right. #payitforward

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Straight Outta Where?

Watchin' Straight Outta Compton with Nate on the most bootleg copy ever. Screen so fuzzy I feel like I might be drunk lol Started the great BMX comeback this week which means basically I will be riding my race bikes for a week or so to get worked at Reno and then retire them until Vegas in January :) Wish I had the time or the schedule to be able to put more effort into that riding again and be quick at the track but just not in the cards right now. All that being said 31-35 cruiser should be fun, hoping the other guys are just as slow as I am LOL. Did bike party last Friday and it was a blast, 21 miles of pedaling and just listenin to random tunes and people watching. Wish that was a bi weekly thing cuz I really do enjoy them. Something about just zoning out and pedaling with nowhere to go and no time to be there. Even though Target scammed me for a $27 hoodie it was all good. Scooter contest Im planning is coming along well and flier should be done soon hopefully. Throwback photo-

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Just figured out that Im 95% going to hit up the Reno race in a few weeks. BMX cancer  still has me infected and the draw of a miserable 3 day race in the armpit known as Reno is just too much fun to not attend LOL. After getting murked on my 20" at Vegas I figure I'll ride the vagina bike the 24" one and see if im even remotely close on that bike. Ordered some new shit from the homies at S&M to get my bike back together after it sat outside for a solid year if not longer lol, need some pedals still too and I think Im good to go after that hehe. Work life has been eventful, from calling out people for talking shit to trying to see what the short term future holds its all a bunch of fun these days. LCRSP BBQ on Friday courtesy of the parks department should be chill and see some faces I dont normally get to see. Excited about work being slowed down finally and now I have the chance to pick and choose what stuff I want to work on which is way better than just taking all things thrown my way, definitely not complaining though! Pictures of my rejuvenated bike coming soon, where is the damn UPS man?!

Friday, August 7, 2015

2015 camps is done!

After 10 weeks of camps it's all finished for summer 2015 and as always im glad to wrap it all up but I will definitely miss getting to meet and hang out with a new crop of kids every week. From the stories they tell to the bad knock knock jokes and just seeing what they are about and interested in at such young ages is always a fun time. Did a good bit of talking with the kids and hopefully helping to shape them into awesome people for the future and as they go back to school the teachers they work with daily will continue that and the kids will keep learning and aspiring if all goes correct. Shoutout to all my little groms from not just this year but every year and cheers to you guys for making my "job" that much better. I always tell people that the city work doesn't pay the bills by any means but it's definitely my way of giving back to my community so until 2016 starts up you kids have a blast and enjoy school and learn!!!!