Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome To Omaha...

You can usually figure your going to have a great day when you wake up to the real deal Hannah Montana and she is giving you the eyes. I chatted her up for a second when I woke up, but she didnt seem interested. To be quite honest she didnt even reply it was like she didnt even listen... Just stood there all sassy with a hand on her hip and a full load of attitude. All good though, I asked her where Allan Porter was since I have seemed to misplace him somehow. He didnt return my calls or texts and I feel like ive been stood up for this race... Guess Ill be partying alone to celebrate my wins LOL. Just the cruiser this weekend, trying to stay on a budget and I have nothing for 19-27x anyway, plus it's a duck race so I wouldnt care if I did that well in class anyway. But Im excited cuz these will be scores 3 and 4 for cruiser so only 2 more after this weekend and I'll be set for a grands shot at a NAG plate. Its been far too long LOL. Sent in my 24" request for team USA, I would assume itll get approved without too much hassle, but funny they changed it up. It used to be if you qualified on one bike you were good on both, but not anymore. Deadline was today at 5pm, and I just luckily emailed mike king yesterday while on a flight and he replied at 12midnight and said get it done by 5pm today LOL sheesh talk about cuttin it close.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Quit talkin and lets see who got skills!

Bring it fools! After being in Chula this weekend and hearing the smack talk from SEVERAL words with friends players I promised I would make this little project tournament happen. So here is the logistics. Its $10 to enter and its pretty much winner takes all and we can kick a few bucks back to the 2nd place person and a "Say I Wont" prize pack for the 3rd place person. I got plenty of cool stuff from the Nor*Cal Classic prize stash so the 3rd place person will probably make out with the most loot.

How do I enter? Log into your paypal and send me $10. Here is the catch when you send the payment to MAKE SURE TO SEND IT AS A GIFT... That makes the whole $10 come to me and if this scam is going to work I need every penny. When you click send a payment, click the "personal" payment tab and select gift from the options. Once your done sending the whopping $10 your in and Ill be emailing you from the Bahamas, errrr I mean I'll email your further instructions. Or... You can also pay me $10 in person but dont expect a receipt, thats a paper trail and uncle scam aint welcome at this party. This is gonna be like a good pyramid scheme so sign up early and Im hoping to get 12 people, I figure those tempted to cheat *cough* Rio Frio *cough* will elect to play fair, but at the same time if Misty puts a 200 point beat down on me again I have to keep my pride somehow so dont ask me how I though up the word... jhvejkefql and scored 197 points in the process. LOL Brackets are drafted up and will be placed here and updated throughout the tournament until we crown a winner. Single elimination first round and best 2 out of 3 for all rounds after that... Questions? Lets do this!

USAC National Championships...

USAC race was this weekend down south in Chula Vista Ca aka Mexico. As usual the actual USAC race was fairly small with the majority of heavy hitters saving their cash and not bothering with the days events. Ive always been curious as to why USA Cycling doesnt spice up the event by actually giving some serious support for winners in classes. Im sure if you put up some real cash towards worlds expenses you would see a faster team USA challenge effort, and bigger numbers across the board. But if USAC is happy with weak numbers I guess who am I to tell them different? I raced class only and went 2,2,2 in motos behind my least favorite rider so felt pretty good but my first straight has been pretty weak lately and I live and die by my first straight if I aint holeshottin a race you might not wanna count me for a win, I dont pass people often so if I aint winnin to turn 1 things arent going as planned LOL. Lane 4 in the main next to Brandon Panuccio who owns the rights to the class and is probably unbeaten all year so I knew I was gonna have a rough time gettin started, but he is a stand up dude and didnt bother cuttin me off so it worked out chill. Hit turn 1 in 4th and followed Jake Brown and Homo through the 2nd straight while Brandon was already at the podium waiting for the rest of us haha. Jake cheats death over the triple into turn 2 and would live to tell about it but not for long... Half way through the rhythm he bonks one roller and thats all it takes at full speed for a rhythm to go horribly wrong. I was delighted to see bodies flyin everywhere and swerved through the wreckage, but hot on my left came Cupcake Trevor Cummings who had a better line through the crash and just walked by me for the brief moment I was in 2nd. So I shuffled back to 3rd and thank god that chipper didnt get by as well. He had reminded me all day about how bad he was "snappin" me. Free bit of information here people. Just because your moving in the gate before me, or you even beat me by a wheel as the gate drops, until you have taken one pedal stroke in front of me please do us all a favor and save your comments about snappin me so hard for your girlfriend at the finish line. Its like the equivalent of me going to the Olympics and hittin the 100yd. dash with Usain Bolt and getting blown away and then walkin up to him and saying "I still tied my shoes before you did". Your an idiot, think before you open that hole in your face.

Notable mentions below...

James Stewart with the SX win, keeping things interesting in that sport.
3D had trouble with the first jump all weekend but still podiumed on Sunday and maintains a healthy points lead.
Sharrah is still going fast, and Herman is in his groove again. nice.
Marquise needs to figure out if he wants to trail ride or race, because doing both didnt work well near the finish line.
BMX is very expensive.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Its coming...

Boom! I've been reading dictionaries for 3 days in preparattion for my win in the first annual "Misty Castro pays my way to the UCI Worlds Words With Friends Invitational" Its a long title but it's kinda got a ring to it right? Anyway, I personally hate words with friends Im a word feud guy but for the sake of some good ol fashioned comp I can get down with this. Bracket style tournament first round is single elimination and all concurrent rounds are best outta 3 games. $10 a person to play and winner takes all. Brackets are being rigged up as we speak so stay tuned the tournament starts ASAP 16 people needed or as low as 8... Pay up suckas leave a comment with ur email addy if ur tryin to get in!