Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tax Scam strikes again.

Well as usual pay the cost to be the fuckin' boss. I bring down $66,000 this year and pay $14,000 in taxes and how the fuck do I barely break even? Jeeeeeeeezus. Not much to bitch about thats the whole crybaby session right there. Fuckin youd think I was filthy rich the way I get hosed each tax season LOL. Next year you mutherfucker Im gonna win somehow haha. The good part is I made like $22,000 more this year than last so stoked cuz if I can do that again I will be knockin on the door to 6 figures woot wooooot

Blast off.

Sheeeeeeeeezzzzzzusssssssss Game Recognize Game.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Most of you knuckleheads wont put 2 and 2 together but someone will and thats fine by me. Now lets get to it todays happenings are a recount of last nights shindig and yesterdays partay. Met up with the road dogs matty and rach and headed out to Oakland SX to be bro status for a day. Matt was right at home in his element, so he was chillin with no worries. I was showing off my chef skills and convincing Misty that I didnt buy all the food I brought, she may or may not believe it but shit that food was bomb. Few beverages down the hatch and headed in to scope out qualifying rounds and they did not let me down :) Something about watching the noobs to SX get worked warms my soul. Few good crashes and then Oakland PD cam and ruined my fun, took a mob back out to the bbq area and shot the shit there before heading back inside to watch the night show. Jason Silva was on his best behavior as always so the only true entertainment was def JS7 and the lines he was creating mid race. But as always Poto grabbed the holeshot and never looked back. 20 laps of uncontested winning and he is again the points leader. Guy is a machine and although he aint my favorite he def gets the job done. Saw Fire. Saw alot of fake boobs and moto girl spray tans. Saw lifted trucks and trucks with 54 6x9's in the doors, yeah Id say it was a good day. Next SX round is SD in 2 saturdays, see ya there boys.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Validation means different things to different people and for me today it didnt really have a meaning as much as it was a physical showing. I loaded my W2 from RMC which I've been eager to see and I wasnt too shocked at the dollar amount which I wont disclose cuz I dont want anybody thinkin im trying to showoff or whatever cuz thats totally not the case but I was thrilled at what my base pay was versus what I generated through extra hours and overtime shifts. For comparison and fictitious numbers lets say over a year I was supposed to make approx $600 for my work. Playing the percentage game I took home $1500 give or take a few bucks so basically more than double what I should have made. In the course of working it I honestly dont even notice it you just get in a routine and make it happen and enjoy yourself when not at work and it goes fairly smooth sure sometimes I get "over it" but all in all I wouldnt change a thing. And then on top of that my city job is factored in as well. So to stop rambling and dragging this out it didnt really have a point I was just proud of myself for beasting so many hours and it was a trip to see it on paper. Moving right along. OAKLAND SUPERCROSS is 24 hours away. Thats that shit if you aint been knowing. Jason Silva will be my tour guide, Misty Castro will have some food for me, drinks will be poured and a stellar time will be had by all. Very excited. Might buy a bike when its all said and done. Braaaaaaap make that SX debut, skip the local and regional scene and leapfrog the arenacross steo just straight to the big show LOL. Cant wait. What else umm political rant of the week... If you aint watching the Michoacan Mexico situation you should get educated. Basically dudes going militia status to take back their towns and im supportive of that for sure. The mexican government cant seem to get away from the corruption and cant keep the people safe and dudes are fed up. Toast to them for doing what they need to do- rather to die with my head up then to live with my head down! Jay Z need to call Obama and we oughta send a squad of troops to take down some cartel heads and civilize the shit down there. That shits funneling right here to the USA and the money trail is likely too lucrative for us to shut it all down, but we can definitely clean it up and make it a respectful trade again. Yes I just said that.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Las Vegas Salt Crew Mission

Just killing time in the terminal at Mc Carran waiting to hit this flight back to the bay ;) in true nick fashion I touch down and head straight to work to get this OT money thanks to MLK day being today :) should pull down some good cash and get some work done since emergency only surgeries are being held. Vegas was a blast met a millionaire from Montana named Roger and dude was stoked on our crew and went crazy at Vanity to show us all a good time. VIP and bottles is new to me but I see how people get sucked Into that nightlife for sure. If you don't pay for that shit or just have money to burn it's a good time for sure. Notables from the weekend were seeing every pornstar on the planet for the AVN awards and mastic ally every plastic surgeon to boot. So funny watching the red carpet walks of some of these chicks but all in all a good time and I never judge anybody. Git it girls! Hung out wit the homie Carla and she always makes my Vegas trips financially possible because between her place and her car I never have to drop coin on anything expensive and that money rolls I to gambling lol. 49ers could get the win or beat the spread so I made a handsome $100 on that bet, sorry ppl I know it stings to take the loss but the 49ers were a  last ditch effort team and that's fine but as the playoffs are designed the best teams ride to the top.  Seahawks for the win and the overall. Played a few games here and there smashed some blackjack and made some cash there all in all a good weekend. Let's get back on this grind now suckas! Wheels up in 20, work in 2hours. Grind time bang bang bang!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sippin Lean'

So tonight I see a bunch of dudes drinkin what is termed "lean" for those not aware its basically promethazine (sp?) which is fancy for prescripiton cough syrup mixed with sprite. It was originated in the South/Texas to be exact and has gaine and lost popularity over the years but is currently on the rise. I despise when I see a trend in the bay that isnt originated from here. Im all for Hyphy and that term but I despise when I hear someone say "turn up" shut your ass up that term is from the ATL lets let them have their own term and we stick to hyphy and go dumb. We are the bay man have some originality and lets keep our own style that only the bay can be known for. No biting on other regions shit we set the trends baby we dont follow em. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, January 2, 2014


2014 has arrived ladies and gents. And pretty much the same as 2013 just a little bit of dates changing but still the same shit just a new day. Busy month as work will finally begin to taper from 7 days a week but got a few trips that are gonna eat up those weekends so Im still movin n shakin a bit. Reno next weekend, then Vegas, then Ummmm I cant recall where after that but I got some shit planned LOL Racecar build is going down ASAP. Thats all for now just blogging for no apparent reason.