Saturday, October 29, 2011


"If I said it I've done it, or it's about to happen" -Ludacris

Been had this monkey on my back for about 3months now. Rain was coming soon and the hand wasnt healing fast enough. 3rd time was a charm and clearer footage is on the horizon. But for now the Watts gap off my evo phone with the only human to vouch for it being 13 yr old Justin Garcia haha. Enjoy. Haha and it wont load up on blogger so you have to hunt for it on FaceCrook. Best of luck.

Friday, October 21, 2011

We Out Here!

And tonight we'll be doin the most! Bike party suckas. Its gonna be a long ass night for me Im takin my park bike for the first time and that means no sitting down for the most part :( Fixie kids better steer clear, I got pegs that will end your night quickly. My aunt and uncle are rolling, alicia, alex fowler says he is gettin in it as well as Al the pride of Gilroy. Im sure Ill see some more people out there. Get at ya boy!
for info and Im starting at the downtown regroup jyeahhhhhh

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Camp Over :(

Camps over and I expect an edit of the action soon. For now you gotta settle with Alex's iphone version of an Orange Cove flair. Yee

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Camp Status

Bangin Yo! Camp is off the hook, we session mosqueda today and then the dirt parks at woodward and everyone had a blast and burned 6.2million calories per person. Just checked into our second campsite and the owner informed that "adult" means 12 and over. haha what douche so he raped me an extra $5 bucks on each head in the camp, whatever asshole karma will get you and from the looks of him it had already beat his face with an ugly stick. Orange Cove tomorrow and possibly heading back into Fresno for some more concrete enjoyment. Someone set a date for camp #2, cuz Im hooked.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Lets Goooooo!

Packed up the fit this morning, gabe lumberjacked some wood to keep us eatin marshmallows and heading out to get the campsite setup in just a few minutes. Alex is coming from the indians house with the other rig and some more gear and then we should be dialed. Headed out to Casa De Fruta tonight for the first night pizza, swimming, and hangin out before the cold sets in then its off to Fresno tomorrow morning where our resident local superhero Ryan Garcia is gonna take us to all the shreddable spots. After a long day in Fresno we will set up camp at Kellys Beach in Reedley and then session Orange Cove park and track sunday morning before heading back to the bay. Kids should have a good time and I havent slept in a tent in ages, wish me luck!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bummed :(

It's been a rough year or few months or whatever. And it really sucks to relay this information because losing someone you know is never a good thing. Im not sure exactly when I first met Fumiko, but she was an old school BMX'er and had a genuinely happy outlook on life. I recall meeting her somewhere at a Ca national and then I remember sessioning her local track in Oklahoma with Alan Hudson and a few of the locals out there. We hit a dinner session with her and David and talked nor*cal bmx. She was and will always be Psykopath family :) When I heard she passed away today I was bummed for sure. Normally Id head to the trails and roost a double in her honor but the rainy days will have to let up for that. But Fumi I owe ya one for sure. Here's to a future meeting and never goodbye but I'll be seein ya again. RIP Kidd.

Monday, October 10, 2011

School Shows/BMX Camp

A few teachers about to get 360'd over for the grand finale of sorts haha

Did a few school shows in Los Banos with Al last week and had a bit of fun shredding the baby box jump. Its funny cuz you ride that thing enough and you just start to get comfortable with it. Its tiny at about 3ft. tall and the gap never gets too far maybe 10 feet? We had to do the show indoors which was fun and it worked out and we stayed out of the rain which threatened but never really started. Al took off to the Reedley NBL State finals and I headed back to work and the drive was a burner but luckily I took the fit which gets probably 2x the gas mileage my evo gets. Its hard to drive that thing after my car but to save gas money I wasnt trippin. Speakin of the Evo that breezy is gettin a set of 18x9.5 rota grids and some new tires pretty soon as well as some wheels spacers and some adjusting to get that perfect stance I want :) Then its an Hta 71 turbo from the guys at fp that will be ordered and a tune session, hoping to get 400hp on 91 octane and then she will be done :) Finally gonna get the tint laid down too :) Im homeless as of late so staying with my aunt Mary which isnt the best scenario but when your saving $2000 a month on rent that can add up quickly, likely gonna just buy a house in the next few weeks/months/years however long that nonsense takes, renting is for the birds so im gonna make some move asap.

BMX Camp starts Friday and should be good, plenty of room for more little gremlins so if you got a snot nosed kid send em my way! Pretty juiced about it, Friday starts at Casa De Fruta for a night of fun and then early Saturday headed to Fresno to shred the greatest place on earth.... Wayyyyy excited for this weekend.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I guess I am one of those guys now. The kind who copy pastes shit from everywhere in hopes that if even 1 person sees it here they would have not seen it elsewhere. But some things just need more attention than others. Jim Bauer does his best at keeping print media alive- shot for the lens of Jeff Z .

Best quote from BMXBoard "Jim B needs a 41thermal wheelbarrow to carry his nuts in"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ape $hit...

Im not one to copy paste stuff from other sites generally but this one is a heater and Hucker is one of my top 5 riders Im sure. Hang 5 at speed straight into a fronty, nuts to say the least and a landing I could be proud of. Monster Truck it!

Mike "Hucker" Clark's Hang 5 to Front Flip during the 2011 Vital BMX Game of BIKE - More BMX Videos