Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flip Vid Test!

Rode Livermore with the kids today. check it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nag Chasin

Nag scores just got updated and I made some progress on both bikes. Nag 13 on my class bike and Nag 11 on my 24" whip. Hoping to go top 5 on cruiser and crack the top ten on my 20"... Lookin good so far!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yo Yo Mic Check 1, 2, Mic Check! Southwest Airline AKA The 32,000 feet cruising altitude Greyhound of the sky is having a nasty sale right now $39 to and from Vegas is just the beginning so anyone looking to chase the gold cup book it by Thursday! Dont sleep.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Karma 101

Im far from the best person on earth but I hope to think Im far from the worst too :) Myself and Al brought the Jump2Jump show down to Fresno on Thursday morning and had a blast entertaining 500-600 little groms in a summer daycare program. Ive done a few school shows in my time but I think this was more than likely the biggest one I have ever done. It was cool because we did both race stuff and freestyle stuff. Pics below and my Karma bank is now FULL, it's all about showing BMX to new minds that have never expeienced it. With 500-600 kids if only 10% ever come back to try it then thats 50-60 new riders somewhere!!! Thats good numbers mayn! Click on the above pictures and have fun trying to locate Myself and Ryan Garcia

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Roybal is on Speed...... The legal kind :)

Haha Al apparently is taking this ABA push to the next level. He has officially sold his rid his soul of rock and roll and is hanging up the 125R Standard Whip and opting for the newest option out of the VSI Camp courtesy of Pete D. Check below for his new "Speed" buildup and he just got fresh new wheels a few weeks ago so his rig should sittin pretty for awhile. I told him to keep an eye on that fork because I want the lightest version someday and I wont hesitate to take his in a heartbeat. LOL Congrats on the build buddy. Also I have gotten a few pics from the East Coast National and will be posting slowly. Below is my day 1 Semi shot down the second straight. In that pic are myself leading Seth Utz in 2nd and Tony Favata in 3rd. Favata would somehow get the Win that day I would settle for a 3rd and Utz would consistently run 2nd all day. Not bad at all huh? I had the best lap one lap too soon! hehe. Pete D I know your a follower of the blog I just need the superlight fork in all white and a fresh set of tires, lets drop Danny C's photo contingency and make some room in the budget for your boy! Haha Good times!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

1st Cruiser/3rd Class!

Gave myself a good start to a NAG run on my 24" bike. Felt really good all day on it even though I feel a little easy on the gearing but it was enough to lock down the win in the qualifier and then much of the same in the main. Good times 240 points towards my NAG start. Class was where things were surprising. I had a shit first lap and tangled up with a kid in the first turn, so decided to teach him a lesson in turn 2. We met at the apex and I was on the inside :) If your gonna blast me dont ever leave yourself vulnerbale in the next turn silly boy. Won second round with a good lap, and then had lane 3 in the semi with a few heavy hitters. I got out and put some good pedals down the first straight and sure enough myself and Seth Utz got to the turn 1st and 2nd pretty much tied, this foolish guy tries to keep me low and force the issue... Numb nuts. I went ahead and help him off and in the process took him into the turn on my outside. He ended up gettin the brunt of 5 guys coming in hot and I checked out for the semi main win and turned a few heads :) I checked the main event gates and sure enough I lucked out and drew lane 1. The inside here can be a help and I was psyked to have a shot at the win with a good first straight. Gate dropped in the main I kinda had a stalled 2nd pedal, I personally like the feel of the old 3crank low wheelie and feel it transitions you into pedaling efficient. Not this time My front wheel tagged the concrete early but I just kept motoring and felt good over the first jump. Apparently Tony Favata got the gate and first few cranks of his life because I was barely at his back wheel? Haha this is where lane 1 saved me I was admittedly off the back into the turn probably 4th or so. Drop the head lean left and hope for the best. Bikes and bodies everywhere and I was rolling along off my pedals but looking good coming out 4th in the carnage. Got on the gas and realized the kid in 3rd was a squid and a good rhythm section reeled him in like_______________________________________________(insert your own funny line there) HAHA blasted him in the last turn to take over 3rd place and secure my sot on the podium. All in all not a bad day. Lil G-rat that I came with nailed down the 9X win so he is on cloud 9 for sure. Rain tomorrow?1?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Congrats In Order!!!

Adi and Teresa are both new Grads this week! Adi walked tonight and Teresa got her stuff done thursday. Im always proud of seeing people accomplish such big long term goals and hope god blesses them with the ability and hustle to make the degrees and stuff turn into solid careers :) Adi is locked and loaded for a teaching gig and Im sure Terri has a plan in place. Good job ladies I salute you.

As for me Im in North Carolina, practice went well and the weekend is lookin good :) updates soon!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy 26th Lets Dip!

June 9th Woot Woot! Pretty relaxed 26th Bday just chilled with Adi and my aunt and uncle hit some dinner with the crew and laid low. Havent updated since last week which means the 6th place finish at Roseville is news? Haha pretty weak and then slid out in the semi main on Sunday but was off the back trying to rail the last turn and pick up a spot. No dice slid out and got a little banged up but its all good. Headed to Raleigh North Carolina today in just a few minutes actually. Starting the cruiser bid as Im now in 26-30 age group. Heavy hitters are Brandon Pannucio and Bebout in that class... Brandon took down 2 big wins in Roseville showing that Study is in fact beatable so cruiser should be tough at grands and class will be nothing nice either. Still havent booked my flight for South Africa but I do plan on doing that ASAP. Gotta get the finances in order then pull the trigger. No pictures to update with which is kinda weak but maybe from this weekends racing who knows. Airports all day today and then the weekend warrior race scene. Run it bruhhhhhhhhh.