Saturday, June 14, 2014

Live from Mc Carran

Yet another Vegas trip in the books as I sit and wait for my flight to board. Headin back to San Jose to dive head first into a 6hr shift then a few hours of rest and a lovely 20 hr shift yeah that's right 20 hours on a short rest LOL. People ask me all the time why I leave to Vegas solo and quite frankly it's to fuckin sleep and rest up for what I do throughout the week. Hard work deserves a break here and there and I don't intend to miss what's rightfully mine haha. Got some pissy ass news on the work front this week that was more annoying than it was shocking, but in due time I'll be winning sometimes it just takes a little longer than normal. Didn't have any cool highlights from the week just kicked back and visited my aunt and uncle who flew in. Tried to play slots with them and lost a quick $200 or so in a hurry lol FML. Won a bit back later playing video poker but those damn salt machines will get ya every time LOL. Did the traditional Fridays thing last night with Carla and then swung by yard house to meet up with Christian at his job. Always a pleasure that fool gettin hitched so congratulated him on that and chopped it up for a bit. Good times for sure. That's pretty much the jist of it I literally slept the entire day and evening of my birthday which was fine with me, but I think I'll plan something in the future just so people shut the fuck up about holidays haha. Gonna start coming up with utter and complete lies  of where I am going and who I am meeting in these extravagant places so people won't inquire so much and give me shit. Next year I'm flying to Dubai so book your tickets now and everyone is invited... Lets get back to makin this money like we supposed to!

Monday, June 9, 2014


Well it's been a fairly solid 30 years I would say. Could it have been better? Sure. Could it have been way worse? Definitely. Just checked in for a flight to Las Vegas for a week to relax and rejuvenate the body and soul after yet another long work stint. Feels kinda good to still be doing the same stuff I was  ten years ago since dates are the topic today. Always traveled a lot and have slacked recently but good to play nick of the past even if it's just for a few days. Work stuff didn't go out as planned and glad I was lazy about canceling this flight or I would have been posses to stay home and not have the excuse that I was working a lot haha. Hung with my normal crew last night from work and had a relaxed time talking shit and bowling which is always chill. Vegas should be pretty low key with just a bunch of catching up on sleep and hangin with the homie Carla and talking shit with her about anything and everything which is always pleasurable. Got the TSA pre check today and boy does that system seem a bit less secure compared to the normal shakedown you get in the normal line, and checked in with no boarding pass just an image on my smartphone? Maybe I am feeling old already cuz this technology shit I'm starting to question hahahaha wheels up in 20 so cutting this thing short and going to start my Vegas sleep sessions a little early. Happy birthday to ME

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


If I didnt know myself better Id think I was addicted to money. But Im def not LOL. Anyway somehow getting to fulltime at RMC just gotta figure out the specifics and manipulate it on my terms haha. Worked a bit of OT this week so feelin tired but good, havent scrapped my vegas trip yet but its def in the cards. Still gotta get this shit pile evo going again. Boutta scrap that bitch and finance a GTR. FML.