Monday, April 30, 2012

Duck... Duck... GOOSE!

Well I'm still our here and I'm definitely doin the most! In the midst of 43/53 some random number of days of work in a row and its going by pretty quickly. Started doing training for the parking lead position for the city this weekend so did 2 11hr shifts to get all comfy with that stuff. Just alot of money counting and verifying amounts and stuff. Should be fun and the new work crew on that side is pretty dialed so Im good with it. My pet goose at the skatepark after 2 months of squatting on her eggs has finally hatched 5 of 8 of her eggs and now has a squad of mini geese. I was pretty stoked to watch them fools chip themselves out the shell, if you ever get the chance its pretty rad for sure. Sunday lil Justin Garcia was doing fly out flips on his scooter of al things?! Haha pretty rad and cant wait for him to step up to his BMX and get it done. I think were gonna try and have an advanced BMX camp this year and teach some kids flips and what not. Works been crazy at the hospital doing my normal stuff and learning instruments in SPD has been fun. Workin so much I think when I get all these paychecks I might buy me some wheels for my evo earlier than I thought LOL, still lookin for a house and over paying 2k for my apartment for sure. Thats all for now goose action below!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


This fool is in commercials now? Congrats Sir. Screen grab because I dont know how to get the vid loaded.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

As Promised-

I said if MC posted a pic of the USAC main Id show you exhibit A of my rant against the evil axis of usa cycling/uci LOL. True to form MC posted a pic, it aint the best pic and not clear enough but you can definitely see my efforts to rock a set of race pants and my inside out Australia jersey. After that enjoy a photo overload sourced from my Iphoto folders. Ive ridden Levi's jeans in worlds qualifiers, worlds motos and world main events. The winner of 30 & over men in South Africa beasted the field in a set of jeans. Long Live Levi's baby!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

So what happened was-

To give you a general understanding of this whole story/rant/crybabyness I'll have to give you the full details before the good stuff so grab a snack this one's gonna end in a storm of harsh words. LOL So the USAC championship race was this past weekend in Chula Vista down south about an 8 hour drive from Nor*Cal. I had the opportunity to start working more hours at the hospital which I gladly jumped on with the extra money going toward my worlds expenses, house downpayment, and just whatever. So I worked Friday night til 8pm and embarked on the journey drive south after a days work and knew Id have to drive overnight to arrive in CV at maybe 4-5am but in enough time to practice a lap or two and race the USAC race. A lesser and wiser man would have skipped it and just petitioned into the worlds team, but me trying to do whats right and support the good ol BMX scene I was gonna do it right. Drive went well, arrived at 4am slept in a cozy bed thanks to Lisa Masterson for the spare bed in her room xoxoxo and woke up with a brief 3hr nap ready to do the thing. I get to the track and meet up with all my boys and shoot the shit getting ready for practice. Only had 15 minutes and ahdnt been to chula in a bit so was kinda stoked. Practice starts and I get yanked to the side by a UCI guy telling me that Im ok to practice in jeans, but will not be able to race in them. Im annoyed in my head because I know the rulebook only states pants must be a tear resistant material. Levi's were effin created on the basis of a better set of pants 500 years ago in the gold rush time fools, dont get much better than levi's. Now lets all be real here. Its an olympic year and we as snobby BMX'ers are now looking down on jeans because we want this new clean cut image. Keep it real is what Ron Wilkerson says and Im just following his lead. I know the rulebook because Ive had this issue with team USA coaches at the worlds in years prior, Ive heard every excuse as to why I shouldnt ride jeans but the down right facts are they are legal to ride in and your dislike of them is fine but you throwing your UCI weight at me tellin me I cant race is fuckin BS. Here is where I feel I made a mistake and I regret it. Instead of arguing with the guy, I simply said I dont have any race pants because I always race in jeans, Ive raced this race in years past with no issue and I even raced the worlds in jeans. He replied no sir you havent. Pffffft ok buddy. So I didnt argue and I went to J&R and hit a bargain bin. $27.00 later I was rocking some bright yellow Answer Edge pants from 1994. The sizes in the bargain bin were all off sizes and my chunky ass couldnt fit a 28, so 36 was my next option. They looked funny as shit and all kinds of long/baggy but the yellow really went well with my Australian jersey I was rockin. See Im in the process of moving every 2 months it seems and buying a house so I dont even unpack my clothes anymore. I have about 5 shirts in my closet 4 sets of jeans 1 hat and socks and boxers and thats it. All my other stuff is boxed up. Yes I have 25 jerseys, and a full race kit but its all packed up. My australian jersey is the only one I have out and thats what I run. So motos start up and the ABA crew makes the announcement that this year you'll be able to race in jeans but not next year at all. Im quickly annoyed because thanks dicks you just cost me $27.00 to buy pants that I knew I didnt need, but to play nice I bought to conform to your imaginary rule about jeans. Whatever I was gonna be racing and I already dropped the cash. Racing goes decent I felt slow as could be but I was beating Nate and thats all that matters :) After third round the same asshole from UCI approaches me and asks me if I have dual citizenship... Im like what? He says are you a dual citizen? Im like ummmm not really man. Bizarre ass question, he follows it with a statement about how he doesnt think its ok for me to ride the Australian jersey at the USAC race. Im like excuse me? Its a jersey. I immediately regretted bending my backbone for this dude with the jeans issue and was now heated. I didnt drive 8hours overnight to support your fuckin race and then to get shit from you over a fuckin jersey now. I stayed calm and all the funny things in my head were enough to keep me entertained as he explained more and more about how that jersey cant be worn. I told him flat out, Sir I already wasted $27.00 on pants that I obviously didnt need and I refuse to buy another jersey when I have raced 3 out of 4 laps in this one and it hasnt been an issue. He said I need to find another one for the "finals" or I would be DQ'd. Shit at this point thats fine and fuckin dandy to me. You can give me 8th place in the main and Ill be fine. Everyone I race knows what place I got, everyone that is there will know and who gives 2 shits about you DQ'ing me. It aint that serious buddy. He tells me that I will need to turn this jersey inside out or I will be DQ'd. I finally start to ride away and say thats fine, do what you have to do. Never disrespectful at all, I saved all my shit talk for Nate and Brian in the stands haha. So main events come up and Im on the hill behind the gate. Laurie the stager, bless her heart, tells me I have to flip my jersey inside out. I tell her dont worry Laurie its cool if they DQ me Im not worried about it, just a finish. She says well they informed that if you dont flip it inside out they just wont drop the gate... WOW. Now Im like fuck it. Soooo over the UCI/USAC bullshit. I give Laurie a piece of my mind and she laughs because she has known me for 15 years so she doesnt take it personal, she knows I love her. I explain to the rest of the gate why Im taking my jersey off and flipping it, to which they all seem stumped LOL Race the main, have a decent lap 2nd place to the last corner but the drag created by the stitching being on the outside slowed me down so much that 2 guys snuck by me on the last straight. Its all someone elses fault, I had plenty of gas in the tank! Hahahahaha Took a 4th and got ready for my 8hr drive back home before going to work Sunday morning at 8:30am. So in closing all Id like to say is I will definitely not be attending Worlds this year. Sucks because I look forward to that race every year, but at some point in time you gotta stand your ground and not continue to get fucked over because someone is in a higher position than you. The folks at USAC/UCI wanna ban jeans, thats fine n dandy. Do it the right way. Ban them, let it be known before I show up to a race. You wanna ban another countries jersey from being worn at a certain event. Fine. Do it the right way. Because when it appears you are nitpicking at someone things get realy annoying really fast and you start to come off like an asshole. You wont get my hard earned cash this year as part of good ol team USA, and I hope everyone else thinks about the bullshit that we are being thrown. Shout out Carla for always having the Levi's hookup, J&R for the bargain bin special, and best of luck to all my boys going to London. Im sure I'll regret not going but "Sometimes you have to stand up for whats right, even if your standing alone" Sorry no pics of the aussie kit in action MC hasnt posted much :(