Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So 2008 is still dramatic as all hell and Im still glad to get it gone. Downtown with Roybal and the fresno crew for New yeras should be good, pretty psyked on that. Bailey just turned 1 so Hapy Birthday to her. Hit pets mart and got a fresh new hoodie and a jacket for the winter along with some way big bones and she already killed the 2 bones and they were like 3 feet long LOL. She's a beast. Relief of the day is I just got my email back from my overseas manufacturer and luckily I deal with some reliable companies and they shot me over the .pdf files of my product that was on hold for the all new CPSC certificatons. Lead is a major no no these days, I opted for powder coat over paint and guess what? No Lead Detected! Hehe Im sending it over to the appropriate peple now and hopefully it holds up and all is well. The industry for BMX is going to see some things change I dont see it as too much of a problem if everyone switches to powdercoating which IMO is better anyway... But interesting and hope BMX comes out OK. Thanks to the DJ for switching the song thought she forgot- Love ya Lisa and thanks for covering up my lack of computer skills~! Lastly Southwest has a KILLER sale in and out of Vegas right now $40 each way so if you want to hit that Nellis National its very much doable!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Good bye 2KH8 and kick effin rocks! 2008 was by far the weakest year of my life and I aint trying to sound all crybaby emo about it but just tons of stuff that was not as rad as it should have been. So seriously 2008 file that 365 day stint in the records as a wash and hang tight for 2009 or 2KSHINE. Christmas Eve today just wanted to wish everyone a Merry One with their families and the loved ones around you maybe it isnt family maybe its just friends or close people in your life but look around in the next few days and for the most part youll see the people that have some love and respect for you and youll get calls and emails rom everyone who is thinking about you as well, let em know you care! As for me Ill be chillin with the family we have a little bit of family drama but its nuthin too major and we always overcome it right? Myself personally typical year didnt get too into it, most people know I dont do typical xmas gifts if I do get you something its because it was perfect for ya and I knew youd love it, so if your wondering what I bought people this year dont stress it I didnt go shopping a single time nor did I buy anything whatsoever. Im gonna blame it on the recession or my current week of financial hell LOL Whatever though its about family and friends and for the most part I got a good circle that keeps me psyked through the holidays :) Shout out all the people that are really thankful this year too, small things, big things, health, money, whatever it is be thankful for the situations and the people in your life. I say it all the time tomorrow isnt promised so take today and tonight and thank the ones you got love for and show em you care. Merry Christmas Kids and as always Drive Safe...

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Sometimes you just cant catch a break! Ive been dealt lemons all week and Im makin lemonade haha. Seriously bad stuff all weekend and its gotten financially ridiculous and just really bad luck. The Blazer died after costing some money, got a seatbelt ticket?, Work has been rained out... Just never ending stuff and its extremely frustrating. BUT AS ALWAYS- The good of the week! Hit the Nor*Cal Xmas party and hung with Joey G and Ryan and all the Nor Cal ballers and shout out to all those guys that visit the blog. Haha everyone was givin me shit for takin down the money shot but maybe itll come back soon for an encore LOL. Mike, Vince, Chris, Al it was a good time for sure. No fire jumping this year but we always have next year I guess? Road trip is shapin up for January might be gone 3 weeks but we'll see. Reno-AZ-OK and should be doing it for my 09 return to Psykopath and working with Carl. Things are sounding good so hopefully it all goes well and we can get some races in and see what I need to work on for June :) Hip we built at teacups and the xmas party fire below...


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So for those of you that dont know or arent in the loop. Stephen Murray had a cool little HBO Special that is a definite must see if your a BMX rider of any level. Im a long time Murray supporter and if you got a minute check out the HBO clips and enjoy a great person. Easiest way to watch em is click on those puppies but first scroll down and pause the song thats playing by clicking the cassette tape at the bottom of the page. Long SJ PAL meeting today things are slowly coming together and our dream park is being realized one Tuesday at a time. Much love Murray Stay Strong!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Yay got 3rd last night at the Pal Pro-Am race behind Gavin Lubee and Austen Lee. Podium spot is good I was prolly good for a second but had a little plan that balled up when Austen bobbled a jump into the first turn. Always good to let the lil grom up and comers take a shot at you though and I enjoy chasing a few fast riders down as well. Couple of guys ducked out for whatever reason and didnt wanna ride which is weird but to each their own. Changed up the blog pic for a non watermarked version if you didnt notice props to B-rad for that one. Lastly and ever so important. CONGRATS LISA Our lil lady is graduating from school! Im super psyked for her she set a goal and knocked it out and now has a good lookin road ahead of her. Really glad that she got that goal accomplished and skys the limit when you set your mind to it kidd! Congrats big time and sorry mother nature decided to get all pretty meaning I have to work and miss your grad walk :( Dinners on me in Reno for sure- Have a great day and enjoy the honors you very well deserve! Nick

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Get your swerve on!

Just wanted to drop this pic in as well. Shot by B-rad of course Livermore at dusk and you've heard me say it before Im not a fan of the same ol race photos so I try and have fun if I am shooting photos and Im on my race bike. Lil bit of a crooked manual/skid type thing... Enjoy and yes in certain situations gravity is under your control and the laws of physics can be slightly bent :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sun Ringle Shipment

My cruiser may have gotten swiped but the goons took it a week too early! 2009- Thanks again Jon @ Sun Ringle got me rollin fresh through the new year. All new 4stroke hubs laced to black envy rims 20" and 24" and of course the Shred wheels for the park bike. Pics to come in the very near future. Bailey has a lock on the shipment so in case anyone tries to make a move on the newness they got problems.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Last few days have been hectic. Saturday woke up at 3:30am to get to Roybals by 4:30 and drive us down to Bakersfield for my first NBL State Board Meeting. I wish I was there doing some Proxy work and landing some state races for my local tracks back here but the ball was dropped and our current TO decided to pull a no show, meaning I could have gotten all my state scores without driving more than an hour, but now Ill be doing more so-cal trips and spending cash while at it :( Meeting went well a few of us younger guys are getting slowly involved and were learning the ins and outs of it for a future takeover LOL. Got home late Saturday hit the track Sunday morning and then a solid trails session with the SJ race crew. Go figure those guys never ride or at least dont call me to ride LOL Good times though and I was having fun gettin stylish and keeping it simple :) Got home to an email that has me excited and lets me know that when a door closes a window opens. More news when it becomes available or Im allowed to give out the info :) UCI Worlds 2009 I havent forgotten at all :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

ABA Grands 2008

What a trip huh? Things started out last tuesday in Fresno loadin up Robs Tahoe and the trailer for a few guys' virgin trips to the greatest race on earth and my 3rd. The crew was Dave and Becka, Rob, Me, and Roybal. 24 hour drive was like 26 when you factor in the time zone changes and stuff like that, plus with a girl in the car you tend to stop quite a bit more. No worries though got to the La Quinta and settled in the room for a few days of the best BMX racing ever. I shacked in with Adam Finch from Wa and Lisa who flew in because she ducked our drive LOL. Thnaks again Adam! Practice went off without a hitch I felt slow as usual but thats pretty much the norm lately and I wasnt too concerned with it. Lots of AA guys casing the pro section was pretty entertaining. The first official joke of the weekend was me "ducking" riding 19-27x and bringin my cruiser only. Little did we know that cruiser was only gonna be mine for about 3 more days anyway! Aflac is an ABA sponsor so the jokes were endless but all in good fun and we enjoyed it at my expense. Nag 5 race was pretty good and showed that 19-27x is no joke currently as they took all 5 of their entries into the main, except for KJ Romero taking Thomas Vallejo to the moon in the last turn, KJ's my boy and Im glad to see him back. Nic Long would win it and take the first huge win of the weekend. Saturday morning I get smoked pretty quick in my first rack of cruiser and Im watching Roybal get his 24" action on. This guy is runnin 3rd and lookin to make a move for the lead bumps his a$$ on his back wheel which happens alot if you just ride 20" most of the time, and gets sent over the bars in the rhythm section. Not too big of a crash but he crawls to his knees and I can tell hes gotten the wind knocked outta him. I hop the guard rail and tell him to sit up on a chair right there and raise his arms... hes bitching about his back and still very very short on breath. I get his shirt off and its obvious his collarbone is broken. :( His weekend is done IMO but nothing too bad. Hes still in tons of pain and Im thinkin its just a collarbone man relax... We get hime moved over medics check him out and were talking ambulance now? WTF? Turns out this fool gets 12 broken bones? 4 of his ribs are broken in 2 spots (8) collarbone in 2 spots (2) and 2 "normal" broken ribs (2) makes 12! Haha geez louise man! Cherry on top sure why not- One of his ribs or him taking a gasp of air before impact has made his lung collapse... Hes off to the hospital and I stay to race my 2nd round. I get worked again and the thought of getting moto'd out dawns on me. Lately Ive been slow since being off my bike but I aint gonna get moto's that cant happen. The racing day is done and we head to check out Al. Hes got a neck brace on because he mentioned back pain so he looks really bad. Chest tube is going on to keep his lung inflated and let the fluid flow out. Once again it looks really bad but the doc says its fairly routine and he'll be fine. Dinner at Applebees me and Alan meet a cool waitress chick who we end up talking to the whole trip and Im psyked to make another friend in another state :) Dreaded 3rd round of qualifying! I have gate 8 no help there but takin 2 out of 5... Its ABA Grands and the cut is always low from motos, Pretty stacked every guy in it has a good shot at the main and a NAG # to boot so I know Im in for a rough lap. I get out good and get into the turn in 3rd which is no good Im not much of a passer and I suck on my cruiser track speed wise get to the 3rd straight and Ive made my mind up to hit the last straight pro section without even looking at it prior, Luckily Jacob Griffith bobbles in 2nd place and I get by him so now Im on the bubble spot, no need to bomb the last straight! I was psyked, so psyked I puked :) haha If you know me when I do a full lap rest assure Im puking at the line. Got that taken care of felt like crap and waited around all day for the mains... More story to come its lunch time :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

man down!!!

so i took 3rd at abaABA grands but roybal almost died be home fridayFriday