Wednesday, August 7, 2013



The power of now. I listened to a motivational speech the other day and it was based around that thought and how you always have an opportunity if you choose to take it is entirely up to you, if you choose to acknowledge it is again up to you. Today I got word that my hospital schedule which is already 7 days and 52 hours is going to somehow jump higher? Hahaha stacking that OT LOL And still getting in those skatepark weekends and openers during the week? Pffffft Nuthin to a boss. Gonna plan a hell of a vacation sometime later in the year or dump all the cash into the evo who knows LOL. Should stack toward that house downpayment but really over that shit- if anyone wants to loan me $10k hard cash hit me up :) Thats all for now- beastin.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hustle Means Hard Work. Been working crazy hours as usual and getting really tired of it all hahahaha. Not burned out at all just sleepy all the time LOL Finally starting to somewhat slow down though as summer is nearing an end with only a few more camps to go for the city and a relaxed full time less projects at the hospital schedule things are looking better. Been getting pulled over alot in the evo lately but getting some love from cops and no tickets is always nice. I wasnt speeding either time they just saw me at a light and noticed I dont have a front plate, so lighting me up and talking with me about that. They generally find out where I work and the rest of the stop is a breeze, so thanks SJPD for realizing no front plate is no biggie and I really will consider ordering a new one but not in any rush for sure. Gonna wrap some car pieces tonight and maybe even mount the new jdm replica rear bumper next week? Got a sweet rep diffuser for it too lol fake it til u make it status hahaha Knee is still shit :( havent been able to ride much in the past 2 weeks and looking like its gonna be awhile so thats bothersome but whatever. Works good moneys good and mental game is on point what else can I ask for right?