Thursday, September 30, 2010

SA Reppin!

Shout out all my boys in SA! I saw a post on mania that had a link to the SA grands galleries and wanted to show off a few pics I saw of my guys racing their Grands out their but the douche guy is trying to sell the pics for 30rand which is like $4 USD haha so I couldnt paste them to here and give my boys some fame, but never the less they looked good and glad to see everyone riding and havin a good time. Works been busy for me and a full month of racing and freestyle demos this next few weeks so things are on the good up and up for the most part. Trying to get locked into a car before I go to vegas in a few weekends, because leaving with a few grand and no bills to have to pay can definitely be a big problem and lead to some foolish spending while Im in sin city. Im not a huge gambler but Im sure with the right amount of money and dreams anyone can get carried away. Im paying my uncle back some cash that I borrowed a long time ago prolly tomorrow, Ive been paying him slowly a hundred here hundred there but figure I might as well drop $500 on him while I have it to burn anyway. I think I have paid him about $500 or so and maybe even a little more but whatever he is good peoples and always supportive of my shit so its all gravy. I figure if I get my credit score up to 700 with him I can take out a second loan LOL. To my boys in SA- Email me you goons! Live fast/ride faster and always take chances!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Quotes for days!

This quote is not PG-13 so kiddies stop readin but a goodie is a goodie....

"BMX isn't about who wins and who loses, but this feels pretty fuckin' good."

Chris Doyle after his NORA Cup win for dirt rider of the year. Doyle is a badass and you may never see him on the top of the X-Games podium and he doesn't do double whips, double back flips or anything circus stunt at all really but he has been a staple in BMX dirt for ages and I tip my cap to him. Congrats Doyle. Today I will send a turndown in honor of your supremacy!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Quotes...

Let me start off by givin props and big up's where they are due. True story you can check my phone for the realness. I texted Phil Castro to see if he was racin the pro-am this weekend and his exact reply was "you better bring a jet pack because im going fast right now" I laughed it off and was excited to hear he would be in town, we always have good races along with Stevey Grote and I love heckling and riding with those guys. Well.... This guy was so far from joking it was not even remotely funny. Phil is in fact going fast right now and killed me down the first straight all weekend long. He pocketed $145 for his efforts and has definitely kicked it into a new gear. It can only be good for the class though because he owns the deed on 19-27X as far as local talent goes right now and if someone thinks otherwise, the bar has been set and I dont know who is on deck but you better get to work. Props to you Phil, keep it up and rep that 559 Bruhh!

"I dont consider myself to be famous really because that's for other people to determine, but I will say that I know some "famous" people are well aware of me and the moves I make"... Such a good quote.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We dont approach things like "we're good", we just approach things like we're gonna work and we're gonna work hard. And hard work pays off. If you work that hard your gonna get good and good turns to great and hopefully Im the definition of that. Lil Wayne

Monday, September 13, 2010

Squirrel Whisperer!

Dont get it twisted Bailey is my overall favorite pet for sure... I love my lil fat a$$ bulldog, but my newest pet is unique in his own right. His name is Walter and he is the local skatepark squirrel. He has ventured into my office a few times and finally we struck up a conversation and he actually has some of the same likes and dislikes as I do. After a few minutes and swapping contact info he asked me for a BBQ Lays chip and me being the nice guy I am, hooked that fool up. Blog world meet Walter.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trip it.

Language is bad so kiddies turn off the sound :)

Home sweet home. As much as the drives typically suck their is always reasons to choose to pile in the car and do it again. This trip was a quick one as I flew in and only drove the way home. Hudson was hot off a 3rd in single a at the grands and was really juiced with his riding, but apparently the powers that cut the checks weren't so impressed. 3rd place at the Grands get's you $300 bucks? Sheesh rough crowd huh? I figured they used the rest of the funds to pay out Brit Dizzle for her 3rd in 16&over women's open wheel... Wait that class isnt paid anymore either? Sheesh. They pay 16-29men but the women get shafted? Odd? Whatever it is what it is and I had a good few laps at the 33rd running of the grands with both mains in the bank and then gettin on the box with two 2nd's. On the way home we did some math and come to find out had I skipped work and went to Fresno and Prunedale nationals and went into the grands with some points, my 2nd place finish would have been well enough to crown me as the national champion in 26-34X. I dont support the NBL points system because they count the moto scores which are irrelevant IMO but it would have been funny to see them work in my favor and crown me as the champ LOL. Hotpants and I stopped in Wyoming and met a great group of local riders and volunteers who treated us as family and even arranged an impromptu pro-am which helped us get home with the gas situation. 10miles to the gallon was not a joke at all. We almost ran out several times because a 1/4 tank meant you had roughly 35miles to get fuel or you were on gods grace. Wild. More trip stories to come...

Marquise Montgomery on his best day is only a fraction of my speed. Get worked son.

Monday, September 6, 2010

We out here!

And we drivin the most! 40+ hours and 21 bikes I think we counted? 4 on the rear 10 1/2 on top and 6 in the back of the escape. Loaded up as shit and headed the north way home on 80 because me and Alan Hudson dont have outstnding warrants across the states on that freeway. Very true. Check the pic and make sure to have a laugh at the situation :) F.T.C. Racing did well this weekend with Hudson getting a 3rd in Super X and taking home a whopping few hundred bucks, not even enough to cover his flight LOL. I made both mains and even snuck onto the box with a pair of deuces chalk me up for silver's at the 33rd running of the NBL Grands. Join The Nation! ha.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


"If you are not busy you might not be relevant" Ive been absolutely swamped with BMX stuff lately but I feel like Ive been hittin homeruns with everything. I took a Fresno city tour with my boy Ryan last week because Lake Cunningham is next on the list for revamped city parks and they were kinda stuck with no ideas but are under the gun because they have to get up to par. Seemed like an ideal time to show them the parks in Fresno and all the action sports stuff they have going. The tour went really well and I expect a few things to crossover from Fresno to SJ. Big things coming and it was perfect timing as I start to push the BMX stuff with my city... My summer jam event went perfectly with over 75 entrants and record totals across the board, highest number of entrants for a contest, register totals, and foot traffic :) That was a good thing for sure and showed my higher ups again that the stuff im pushing definitely has a following and is worth the dollars. Couple of staff meetings and 12 hr. days left and right were hectic but got alot accomplished and all is going smooth. Then had a sit down with the Livermore parks and rec squad and got the ball rolling with the program there that I am spearheading with Jason Silva. Expect a big time rebuild and to cap off the track with about 42 layers of soil-tac sealant, building is being proposed and green lit then its all about findin a cheap one to move on into :) I believe that infrastructure is key to a tracks success and I want to get that place out of the stoneage. Thats all coming soon hopefully... Then Tuesday evening I hosted the first stop on the Road Fools tour thanks to Marco @ Props Visual. We had about 25 riders in 2 gucci rigs stop by and wow the kiddies with all sorts of riding. Alot of the kids on the east side lets be real here will never have the chance to meet some of their favorite pro riders for whatever reasons. Im glad I could get them over there and the kids were crazy start struck and Im glad I could get that to happen for them. Riding was crazy as expected and I was excited to see some of the bangers that went down. Then it was home at about 10:30 after getting everything locked up and secured, a few guys were bummed cuz I cut it at 9:45 PM for actual riding, but when you have 100 people to clear out your best bet is to start early and it worked perfectly I hit the alarm at 10:12pm. Hit In-n-Out with the boys and then shook home to pack. Im at SJC where Ive blogged way too much in the past few years LOL Headed to Louisville for the NBL Grands. Run it bruh.