Sunday, November 24, 2013

Farewell and Remember!

So today I read a press release that the homie Carl of Psykopath put out that Augusto Castro had decided to hang up the BMX gear after a stellar career. Kinda thought it was a little early for him but glad to see he getting out in good health and relatively young to start something new in his life. Stand up fuckin dude and spent ALOT of time with him while he was staying in California an likely the one person I can thank for getting me to ride a little better. Best of luck in the next chapter of life buddy.

And then I read another tidbit of info that today is 2 years since we lost Dane Searls. I blog about him often so I guess time just flies and you dont even realize it. Much respect to a straight boss on the 20" and cant say enough that we lost a big dog when we were forced to say goodye. Far too early in that case for sure. Thats all for now folks- LIFE IS SHORT.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Marvin The Martian

I swear some fuckin times I am nothing more than a damned Martian. More often than not I just totally have an ass backwards outlook that I think is golden and some people just think sucks. I like to think that 99.9% of the time I have an awesome outlook I generally look for the good in situations that Im in, or I get out of them. Surround myself with positiveness and all that shit I just try to keep it moving and enjoy life like a mutherfucker. So to the rest of you martians out there who be thinking the same way on my wavelength please do me a favor and hit me up. Cuz its getting real difficult trying to act like a normal human with the rest of these fuckers. Im over it and I just wanna be a damned martian grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr RANT OVER.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


"pain don't hurt me and fear don't scare me" Cory Nastazio AKA Nasty.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Damnit Sam!

When you get bent over and worked for $2k you dont have to call anyone uncle, you pretty much call them what you want. So YOU can choose to call him "Uncle Sam" but I will refer to him as "Crook" hahahaha. Cashed in a big ol bucket of PTO from work to cover the evo expenses which are mounting by the day LOL Cashed 160 hours which is 2x the limit at work but the HR girls feel bad for me so they hooked it up. Then "Crook" took his share as you can see and walaaa everyone is happy I guess. LOL I aint tripping I consider PTO to be money that I didnt earn so kinda nice to cash it out and get rid of some of the evo sting. Booked my flights for my vegas trip so getting excited for that and finding a shop to do the evo this week and think I have it handled so thats good. Just getting a few more things tied up and hoping to have it back in my hands when I get back from LV. New years gift to myself. Still need to setup a shady smog for it as well. Been slacking on that. Whatever life is good, I dont let money weight too heavily on me cuz I keep a good amount in reserves, and being broke for a few weeks has been nerving haha but the reserves are climbing. Fuck it. Stay Strong.

Vegas? Sure!

Well what started as a brief little weekend trip to celebrate a friends life? Who does that? LOL Ended up as me taking a page out of the book I wrote a few years back when I was in and out of Vegas every week it seemed. Hung out with Carla and she reminded me that NFR finals were coming up in a few weeks and she was hiring bodies to do sales and labor. I planned on doing it last year but blew my knee out. I could definitely use the money to get the evo back on the road so ummmm why not? I have a fat southwest credit that I need to use by March. I can make about $800 to burn into the evo fund and its a somewhat vacation? Im confused and may regret it but its extra money so gotta keep telling myself that haha and fuck it go for the experience. Cowboy up! hahaha gonna be a mess. Saw a Cirque show while in Vegas and Blue Man Group. Cirque show was the biz, BMG was so so but ended really cool so Ill give it the nod. Had a good time although Im over driving haha too many miles and cant hang like I used to in my prime LOL. Evo is coming along still waiting on the turbo kit to arrive and most all the other items have trickled in. Everything murdered out is the plan and excited still. Ummmmmm thats all I guess? Wish I had more to report but almost did Hawaii again in january and still havent fully scrapped the idea. New Years in Vegas? Something going down haha

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Uh huh.

Buy and evo they said...
It'll drop panties they said...

They said that and I say this "Bitches keep your damned panties on Nick just wants a daily driver again" Some bullllllllshit got me starving over here looking ethiopian just dark and skinny. FML :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Hellaween

Thats right Hellaween is the new term since its Nor Cal and all :) Went to the first of many great parties to come at the nut house and had a good time. I didnt drink because rarely do I get loose and I had work the next day anyway but a good time was had anyway. The highlight of the night for me was when some broad who wasnt involved in an inside joke got butthurt about it? Haha speak when spoken to dumbass. Cam show was in full effect and he was wasted the whole time, then took a swim at like midnight and hit his second wind and his Cam show stride. Always a good time with him, Nyquist had a full lycra body suit on that was just random because his junk was here there and everywhere? Weirdo.  Squirrel looked like a trailer park version of Captain America with some MC Hammer pants in a USA print. Great time catching up with BMX greats. Sorry for the lack of photos but find em on FB. Great night. Evo is still in the build and gather parts stage, ordered the turbo kit this week and it should arrive in a few days or a week or whatever. Next up is a new oil cooler that Vince is building with me even though he doesnt know it yet :) Thanks Vince. Thats all for now been selling car parts left and right to offset the evo cost blehhhhhh- Nick

Friday, November 1, 2013