Monday, August 25, 2008

Get High!

Take 3 cranks and rip it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


So my new word of the week is RAD. Get used to it. I learned today that a few people read my blog that I didnt know actually do which was awesome. Anyway Hi and thanks for checkin it out all the people who see it that I didnt know of before. You guys rock and hope ya like it :) OK so today was the track benefit race that I put on and it was a huge success. The track girls who are awesome and help out in signups let me know that they appreciated it and the whole event not saying just my side of it raised like $3000.00 which is plenty enough to keep the trohpies stocked up and the little guys happy about riding. Hopefully the track crew/powers that be fix the situation so that we dont have to do fundraisers like this but who knows. And like I said I talk plenty of shit about the way the track is sometimes and if you dont help out you should keep your mouth shut so I gotta lend a hand to be able to voice my opinion lol. Anyway about 20 of my freestyle friends showed up and had a blast and I even ended up doing a flat pedal race for the pro-am group and gave out $200-$300 to the top 8 riders. Everyone had a blast and as soon as I get pics I will post them or a link to them. Great race saw alot of guys get their race on and Im sure they enjoyed it. Track gave me the go ahead to run it again sometime and Im definitely gonna work with them on stuff in the future. Anyway shout out to the sponsors and support them as they support the local scene- s&

Leaving to Louisville in 48hours should be savage...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Challenge You To A RACE!!!

So I decided to make this shit happen should be oodles of fun... Because blogspot never lets images get big enough...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My City...

I could have this play in my ear all day long and never get annoyed :)

Good news- their's water at Tea Cups? Maybe Ill start building the dream trails there? Im gonna check it out tomorrow when I get off work and see whats up...

Bad news- fuck bad news.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Just got home from the Tucson road trip. Good shit. Kinda hot out there like usual and I always say it I dont know how I lived there lol. Highlight of the trip was seeing my friend Travis that I havent seen in prolly 10 years! Randomly at a gas station in my old hood. I was psyked we exchanged numbers and he's one of the first guys I rode BMX with so we have a cool past for sure. Anyway trip went well I knocked out quite a few hours behind the wheel and enjoyed the scenery. Shoulders slowly getting better and better should be good in like 2 weeks and work has been good gettin about 20sumthin hours a week so I aint too bummed on that :) Check the pic to see a roadside fire taken on Lisas cell :)

And obviously Im going to mention the 2 biggest stories as well. Go USA already killin it over there in China! And unfortunately the sad passing of comedic genius Bernie Mac. If you know me you know that I hold Kings Of Comedy as the funniest stand up of all time and one of my favorite movies of all time is "life" starring Mac-Eddie Murphy-Martin Lawrence. So I wont rant and rave about how bummed I am but it did shock me and prayers to his family and hopefully something good can come out of such a sad passing. Youtube Bernie Mac and have a laugh at a true genius.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well today i got ahold of a pic that I had to share and even if nobody sees it at least it'll be saved on here :) Anyway so heres the deal lately Ive been really bummed about not having local trails and stuff of that sort to ride
:( There are a few decent places but Ill be straight forward with you I want something really special. The last good spot in my opinion was Red Devil- It was truly a legendary place located in Union City in the East Bay, and was/is the oldest spot still running storng until getting plowed just 6months ago. I was really bummed to here that bit of news and Ive passed by a few times but never took the time to walk through and see it all gone. Call it I dont wanna see reality or whatever but its sad... Anyway long story short Im looking for somewhere to build and when I find it things will be good :) Enjoy this retro picture from Red Devil circa 1979-1980 before I was even born.

Jerry Aroyo jumping over Factory Skyway Pilot Rick Palmer at Red Devil.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

G Status

Haha so I guess im falling off the back with updates huh? Anyway heres a really funny pic- when I saw this dude Bernie Ive known him all my life I was like haha this fool looks like Jimmy Hoffa! I had to snap a pic and get it for the blog :) Anyway celebrated a 75th birthday for a friend of the family Elsie. She's been around since I was a lil dude and she's really close to my grandma so had to show some respect and love and get to her lil bday bash. It was good catered food was on point and the place was really nice. Lots of new stuff goin on I built a new bike up pics to come soon- alot of people are losing jobs right now its crazy... Like you work somewhere 20+ years and you see yourself retiring there and one day its all gone. With that goes your income and then houses and such. Really bummed for everyone gettin shafted and hopefully something starts turning things around. Anyway enjoy the pic- Tucson next weekend and more BMX of course. Shoulders still weak so no riding for another week at least...