Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stackin so hard!

Been going hard at RMC and the City Job and its been lucrative. Smashed about $13.5k in a months time after paying uncle sam his due I still took home about half that LOL. All that money still aint got the evo going though which is some bulllllshit. Got invited on a snowboarding trip this weekend opted out just cuz the timing isnt right but fuck I need to get that shit done at some point and if snow keeps staying scarce I better not wait too long. Might have to hit a Montana trip or some arctic ass place that snows all year long. Seriously gotta get my dead fish flop on a bunny hill somewhere. So fun haha just laughin thinking bout bein the suck ass person on the trip. Cant enough money bring back the evo though, shits on hold again for another fuckin week and im sooooo over it. The cruise at the end of this month should be good just so I can quit being annoyed at this fuckin car situation lord its driving me crazy, wait its not driving at all. Thats all for me on this end, gettin the camps developed for calabasas has been chill and should be fun later in the year cant forget about that. Holla at a player when you me in the street trick! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah