Sunday, May 29, 2016


"Success took a shot at you what are you gonna do? We can be successful and have enemies or we can be unsuccessful and have so called friends"

Monday, May 23, 2016

So much to catch up on.

Ok so first off Bailey had a surgery and that jazz ran me like $1500+ but she is doing great now and its money well spent. The the Evo decided to get hungry and gobble up 4th gear somehow? Yeah go figure. So thats gotta get fixed and unfortunately that will be the last chapter in the evo story because once I get it all sorted out it is being sold. Been a blast having it always wanted to own one definite dream car for sure, but cant handle the inconsistency of it. Id like to say I thought long and hard but it really wasnt a hard decision. Ill still have it for a long time Im sure because everyone is broke and that car wont be cheap, I dont need to sell at all so it can sit for all I care. Then the really good news I have been helping Alex rebuild the local track which basically consists of him building and me standing around. Pretty hyped on the progress and kids in the future will def get skills. Suck it up now kids and reap the rewards later in life. I also randomly tore my khakis Ive been racing in for awhile and decided fuck it and bought a gear kit. Itll be the first gear kit Ive had in YEARS but Im excited for it. And then I bought a complete used bike just for the back wheel? It made sense at the time LOL and new DXR cranks I ordered too just because they were cheap LOL. Ive been a financial mess as of late but hey whatever Ill make all that money back is all I can hope. Im super jealous of all the goon kids who are at UCI Worlds this week. Hope some local kids can take down the task of getting those elusive main events. Worlds is never a cake walk and weird shit happens so here is to hoping their skills outweigh the good or bad luck that inevitably occurs. Really hoping they kick some ass out there, and not just the USA riders but just everyone in general hope they have good solid laps. I think thats all for now sorry Im too lazy to upload a photo but Ill owe ya one!