Saturday, June 28, 2008

The First Customer!

Congrats goes out to Al Cimino. He was the first and probably smartest person to get ahold of the new Exodus Bars. He told me he was in the market about 2 months ago at a session and I told him Id have an extra sample set if he was interested. We struck the deal in blood and he picked em up last night out at the track. Im gonna frame the first buck in typical business fashion and get a pic up of it right after I remodel my little cave here into a legit office :) Thanks goes out to Al he's the first to pick up a set of bars and full order should be here in a little over a month fingers crossed. Weight for those who wondered was 26ounces which is pretty good for a full sized bar. Might make a small change to the crossbar which would shave an ounce but not anything drastic. Colors should be white/black/chrome and if people want customs the only thing I can suggest is gettin em powdered for $20.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daily Grind

Just tracked my shipment of sample stuff and the stuff has hit the SJ post office so I should see it today or tomorrow maybe! Psyked. Been riding alot lately trying to get fast again I guess all the time off has made my legs go from strong to girlie. Kinda sucks when your gettin beat down the first straight by fools who you never even imagined being close to... Whatever I got a few races lined up in the next month and they should be fun- Sac in 2 weeks, Then Nashville the weekend after, Then Utah the weekend after, and then 2 weeks later Tucson Az. Cunningham today to session with the guys and pick up a few parts from Joe. He has a few white things and of course Im going for the full white out on the new whip so Im picking up some stuff today and lending him the Etnies DVD "Grounded" I couldnt believe he hadn't seen it. Crazy guy has been missing out on life! Speaking of Joe and a few other friends of mine lately- the economy sucks and alot of people are gettin their hours hacked away or gettin phased out. It fuckin sucks and Im bummed to see people lose jobs especially with families to take care of so hopefully they get relocated and things dont get too bad. Working with Carl/Arturo I see alot of people losing their houses and shit and it all really sucks. Like whats the point IMO of foreclosing a house when no one is going to come buy it anyway? Why not restructure loans and make shit happen to keep people in houses and payments they can make? Something has to happen soon and gas is just a small fraction of the bigger problem. OK Rambling done.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

another pic

Heres an early pic of one of the first frames its already gone through some changes and Ive had this pic for a bit just didnt know where the hell it was in my email lol- Anyway just something to post so I can keep the current news streak alive- Riding cunningham tomorrow LIGHTLY I promise and then chillin not gonna race this weekend, dont wanna chance anything :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What can ya do?

Heres a pic from my good friend Daniel Porter. Hes working on gettin on the come up and gettin established here and there for some photo stuff. I pulled a string here and there and we should be seeing his first kinda BMX spread fairly soon. Anyway the pic pretty much sums up my 2008 so far. Down but not out at all :) Pedaled and jumped some small rhythm at cali today and just chilled out. Tummy felt fine knee is another story I guess 10 days of chillin wasnt a great thing but what can I do? Enjoy the pic and still waiting on some shipping issues with the sample stuff bummer!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Geez its been a rough year and this is titled life and death. So I havent updated because Ive been in the hospital since the 2nd of June with a badly cracked/severed/bleeding spleen. See tghe pic in the previous post I was about that high I guess and lost tranny and splatted to my doom 20+ feet below. Shit has been a rough week and a Dooooozy. Anyway was in ICu for a few days then normal hospital and now home after a week or so. Shit sucks but things will move on and Ill go into detail later. Thanks everyone for the visits and support it really helps. On the Exodus side of things samples are on their way to me see below pics of the bars and frame :) So thats the life after the death thing I guess. Anyway gonna pain pill it up and try to sleep. Thanks again everyone for kind words and prayers!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Skids N Carves

This pic is courtesy of Mike who is a newer rider to me, but hes a ripper that has been at cunningham a bit lately. Anyway he has a unique style and I dig watching him ride. He was present when I found the line to do these skids in the full pipe opening and we talked about shottin a pic of them. There ya go. The pic doesnt exactly do it justice but hey if you wanna see the real thing come out and check it out ya know? Thanks Mike. Halsey gets here tomorrow shes gonna be my transplant live in BMX'er for the next 3-4 weeks. She's chill and hope she enjoys the scene here, shes more of a racer but she's stuck with me so yeah. Should be fun. Rode a pro-am today and it was a total bust. Got 5th in the main afetr getting slammed in the last turn, only $30bucks difference between 4th and 5th so I wasnt too concerned but the track was a bust and the whole day was shady. No worries though :) Enjoy the lil pic and see ya at the next session?