Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Evo Wheels

Pretty juiced I pick up a set of Grids for my evo :) Going over tire options now and trying to get as wide as possible, juiced about that hehe. Got a hilarious email from someone who will remain secret but that shit was so funny I felt like sharing. I almost didnt because it was kinda rude, but then again so is not paying me back when you owe me several hundreds of dollars. So fuck Roybal and fuck Lilly too. Email below get a laugh at what I thought was funny.

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To: dawgincnorcal
Sent: Sun, Sep 23, 2012 9:39 am

Did you lend jamie lilly more money!? Cause she just spent at least 70k on Denny Grand slam meals! Bitch got huge! hahahahaha

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Santa Cruz Loop? Pfffft.

If your only going to blog once or twice a month you damn sure better bring the heat. This one already has too many words and it honestly speaks for itself. My nephew from the 559 dropping a serious heater in the 831, usually I would say this cant get any better and then Keith Terra was behind the lens. 
Instant Classic.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

NBL Grands 2012!

Errr I meant USABMX East Coast Divisionals? Lol West coaster out in the East I guess. Touched down in KY this weekend for one of my most fav tracks on the planet and glad I ditched Reno for sure.   Results were less than stellar but thats pretty typical these days, so was just really happy to even make the mains and to have some fun riding my race bike which generally sits neglected. A pair of 7th place finishes and didnt bother racing day 3 in the mud would be good enough to keep me happy and ikely keeping this trip on my limited schedule in the future years. With my bummed ankles I figured I would be fine as long as I never crashed but I realized this weekend I basically cant sprint :( I get pain that isnt sooo bad but they just dont work so gonna lay off the racing too, or go to flats and just keep jumping alot. Best thing about Louisville is you can jump nearly every straight and not get passed like the rodeo setups. And with a long track I had time to make moves and outride the muscle heads and sneak into some mains. Pic is a shot of how close I was to winning Saturdays race, shortly after this pic was taken everyone sprinted out and I took my time to get up to speed hahahahaha. Frank Hoskins owns KY hands down and stoked to see him snag a few wins. Logan Collins turned AA pro by sweeping up single A all weekend. Bubba was riding hard but his aggressive moves are live and die, sometimes they worked and sometimes they worked against him. Good showing though all in all. Thats it for now its nap time at the Louisvile Airport, Im early as shit and sleepy to boot.