Sunday, September 28, 2008

Interbike wrap-up, Thanks, Kia Death :(

Ok so Ill start with the sad part the Kia of mine is DONE. White smoke, no power, sluggish, the whole 9 yards. Im sad to see it go as it has taken me to alot of places and we've pulled down some serious miles together but sometimes things just cant hack it. Bummed as all hell and no wheels right now but Ill figure it out I guess...

I am home now which is good but gotta say leavin Vegas to come home to a 5hr. shift at work isnt the most exciting thing ever and I was enjoying myself in vegas but all good things must come to an end. Gotta shout out and say thanks to the crew that hosted me while I was there and made my whole trip something of a memory for sure. Candace, Steph, and Eric- these 3 opened up their home to me and my couch surfing friends for a week and Im super thankful to them for that. Without having a place to stay for free the tirp would have been impossible financially and I cant say enough to show my thankfulness to them. Ill be back there in a few weeks for a national race and Im glad to say Steph hooked up a *gucci* room so Im sure we will all hang out and have a good time again. Thanks guys your the best and I got mad Love and Respect for you.

Interbike is over and looking back on it the week was good, had alot of fun made some contacts and hopefully it all turns into hustle stuff. Im psyked and glad I had the opportunity to attend.

Got up early this morning and had to go get the race going that I hosted another freestyle thing at the track. Lower turnout we had about 15 riders in 2 classes but I was happy about it all since I was out of town and didnt promote it much. My sister beat my mom which surprised me and my friend Scotty got the win in the freestyle class. I announced the whole day and enjoyed it all. Good times for sure. Enjoy the rest of the pics and check out Calico. Its a ghost town on the drive from vegas to nor*cal.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nora Cup Afterthoughts...

Beautiful. Thats all I can say about Nora Cup last night. A well executed party that was so great I left my camera behind! haha silly me. Steven Murray was in the house and thats a wonderful thing. Music partying and the entire BMX family. It doesnt get any better.

Interbike day 3-4? haha good good good. If you dont know about the movie Rad, Gary Ellis the legend, or Eddie Fiola the old school blessing then you may not know who those dudes are in the pics. But get it through your head thats me and Cru Jones himself aka Bill Allen. Alot of people watch rad but Nick Valencia has a muthafuckin pic with him the real deal bitches! ENJOY THE PICS BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY MUCH SOME OF MY MOST SACRED PICS EVER. LIFE IS GOOD.
fiola,ellis,cru jones, de wilde olympic rig, my new badge!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Interbike Convention!

Where do I start? Endo told me he talked to Mirra and was shell schocked I laughed and told him that dave mirra cant do turndowns so he should relax. Ha. Ron Wilkerson let me post up in the 2hip booth with those cats and it was fun as always with that crowd. Standout things from day1 would have to be the odd similarities between EVERY companies core line of stuff. Meaning if you spray painted every companies frames and forks flat black you would never tell them apart. I made a comment to Endo about a fork that we were checking out and I said its a supercross fork with a different dropout, the owner of the com. immediately corrected me and said thats our own custom dropout!I laughed again and said ooo someone got hurt LOL. So checked out tons of stuff and wasnt surprised and was surprised at different things...

Macneil has a race frame coming out?

White is very popular and that has me bummed because I was trying to be original.

The version 3 tierra looks good but the one piece dropout thing looks odd to me...

Nora Cup is tonight and Joey Garcia my idol is presenting an award!

S&M has a crazy small fork that resembles 90% of the "new" tapered Supercross fork that every company apparently designs the dropout for LOL.

Spin Wheels are very much not dead and Ill be riding a pair soon. No Joke. in White.

Ruben has a new frame out from Terrible One and the graphics/color scheme is the best shit.

Carbon Pegs WTF?

Sun is releasing a 14mm version of the hub I have on my bike. Fuckin biters I was rockin it first!
Fly has an integrated stem thing too... Mike Days Olympic Rig...
Pics below enjoy and more to be posted as I take em and celebrate Nora Cup!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nellis NBL Day3?

Haha the days are starting to run together in my head but whatever its all fun fun fun. Good story today and you can believe it or think Im bullshitting but its facts. Im sitting behind a bus texting Zman and I hear a loud boom. I glance over to see wtf it was and sure enough 2 undercover cops are popping off rounds into a car thats crashed into the bus in front of me! I thought the bus was stopped for passenger pickup or drop off but sure enough this intrepide was crashed into the front and apparently some shit was goin down. Keep in mind this is fuckin Vegas hella people around and hella mid day. It was nuts and those cops dumped like 6 rounds into the car and like hopped back in their car and sped off it was fuckin weird.... Anyway session NBL Nellis where the race is next month and that track has gone to shit :( Used to flow and be good but they made changes to fit in a pro section and that was a bad idea. Shitty rhythm shitty first straight just alot of bad things there. You know a track aint good when your back tire just chills on the ground the whole time. Pro section is small and mellow lipped as all hell and leads you into the turn all mis-directed. Hope they figure something out before the national... Enjoy the pics again :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Desert Breeze Session!

Found Desert Breeze park that was luckily like a 5 min drive away from the house. Psyked. Rode for a good 2 hours and it was pretty hot but had alot of fun and hooked up with some dudes from Napa who knew me from some Ramp Rats contests. It was cool and I had some fun. The highlight was this rad lil 4 yr. old kid who was ridin a lil 12 incher around and his dad told him it was time to go. The kid started crying and the dad fuckin flipped out like went totally ape shit. i quickly grabbed the cam and luckily I got a shot of him crying after his dad tossed his bike over a fence. Then at the light when I was leaving a big truck rear ended a care next to me and it was pretty rad so I got a pic of that shit too. Tons of pics and Im such a camera whore now :) Loving it. Thats day 2 in a nutshell enjoy the pics !

Day 2 Early Sesh...

Got things going early today because I wanted to beat the midday heat but I still got pretty warm with zero shade. Anyway drove up a few blocks and hit a good cement park that was tons of fun. The tranny was kinda shady here and there and different so it was weird but I jibbed around and had a good time. Took some shots and a little emo self shot to show the scene. 75 and over softball tourney was going on so I chopped it up with this lady Barbara who was in town from Sandy, Utah. And she was telling me how I should be safe and get into computers because they are the future. LOL it was hilarious to say the least but she was awesome and just enjoying life with her husband of like 50years. We talked for a good 30minutes and watched some softball and talked about traveling and stuff. It was funny because she'd name a state or region that she went to and she would talk about a big park or museum and Id come back with a good trail spot or skatepark there. I told her theirs a big park in Sandy where she lives and she said its pretty quiet there so she doesnt think it would be in her town lol. Anyway enjoy the pics, lunch time and then find something else to do :) Lastly- buy stock in lithium if you get a chance, I just dropped $22 on what looked like 4AA batteries and because they were Lithium is the reason for the price bump....

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well heres day 1 of my drive and brief story :) Took off from my house at about 11am and landed in Fresno at 1pm. Smooth drive no worries juss listening to bay stuff the whole way. Showed up near the track and who but Dave Bittner is at the stoplight honked, flipped him off and then let him know it was lil ol' me :) He would cut me off later to even the score. Rode Fresno for a bit and check the pics because the track is really good. Small turnout though- 8 riders 3 motos.... Stumpy is a beast there though and on flat pedals no less. Dude is straight horsing there and its good to watch if you have the chance to see it. Took off at 4pm and caught a chance to hit Tulare as well. Quick stop though and then dipped through the desert. Vegas came up at about 10pm and I called Analina and hooked up for dinner before making it to my new week long home :) Dinner was good and me and Ana caught up alot which was fun. Keep in the loop for more pics as the week goes on!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Viva La Interbike

Pics and stories of a road trip and a good week to start popping up any second...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Reedley Ca

Reedley Ca State Race! haha reedley always is a blast and this year was no exception. I ended up taking some more names in the pro-am and looks like Im back to form as far as speed goes.. Style isnt exactly on point or looking good but hopefully it works itself out in the near future. Went 2nd and 3rd for the weekend with chances for the win both days but different things kept alluding me. Soon though. Made $200 for my efforts and served notice that im back which is always good. Hung with my normal crew all weekend and enjoyed their company and met a new chick named Della through Al who was nice enough to snap the photos you see below. I got to hold the flag for the flag lap and was pretty psyked to do so and the others are race shots of me, eventual winner dave bittner, and stevey grote my favorite am all gettin busy. Good overall weekend and I feel fairly good for the next 2 months of travel i got going.

Came home to work drama- some fuckin idiots just dont get it I guess? So off work for quite a bit i got shafted out of some work days because my manager is trying to prove something which will never change. Im a rider before any job or amount of money... Get a clue.

Hella is a legit word just in case u didnt know- My Life shits fire...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So here are a few pics from NBL Grands. Notice the odd style, thats what happens when you cant pull with both shoulders haha. Isnt that great excuse? Check the shot of the first straight and look how dead even everyone was at the 2nd jump... Inside lane was good on that lap for sure. Thanks to Brad Lovell for the pics and most of my race pics will be from him Im sure in the future because hes 1 of about 10 photogs I know but only 2 of em go to races :) Thanks B-Rad

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

NBL Grands Trip!

Where do I even start on this past week? One of if not the best trips ever thats easily said, but recalling every laugh, smile, or pure moment of fun that I had is impossible. From 630 feet in the air of the St. Louis Arch, to sketching out at just 3 feet on a 25 foot jump, and then being in the low desert driving for what seemed forever. We covered EVERYTHING! When you can talk shit with an Olympian at a club and then 20 minutes later your thrown out of said club for knocking out some random guy in a fight, you know things are far from boring. It was the usual suspects plus 1. Al, Myself, Brent the Noob, and Ryan. Trip was seriously the best time Ive had in ages. Racing wise I got out of rounds somehow and then got through the 1/8th and even out of the 1/4 which surprise me but then my luck and skill would run out with a lovely 5th in the 8man semi. 4th gets you in the main and 5th gets you sent home :( I wasnt too bummed because I didnt feel that quick anyway but it was a great outing for me none the less. Hung out with all the NBL Cali crew and thats always a good time. Made some new friends that will be solid in the future and im psyked on that :) Rode my bike and had a great time. Went inside the top of the STL arch. Rad experience to say the least. Knocked out a guy in a bar fight. Not so rad :( Saw strippers always funny. Dope museum trip that I enjoyed. Ran outta gas at 3am always fun :)

5,000 plus miles, 7 states, 15 bikes, 4 guys, 1 solid fun trip. Thanks for the invite boys and cant wait for the next one!