Monday, January 25, 2010


Haha got home last night from Guthrie Ok where the ABA pulled down 175motos which was more than I expected and I had 1/4's in class and Semis. Like hummingbirds drawn to honeysuckle flowers the international talent is still hitting the circuit regularly with Graves from Australie picking up a win along with a few more podiums... Can you say title contender? Stumps go fast button was in working order as his first straight was hot all weekend and he pulled down another win so he is off to a good start. The guy that impressed me both days making the main was Steven Cisar- Semis both days making good moves and working the rhythm section for all it was worth to pick off guys in the last turn. Good Job. I had a fun time in practice and felt really good but come moto's and qualifying I was like a drunk water buffalo down the second straight. Just slow and lost haha. Made the semi on day 1 and took a weak ass 5th so I watched the main and then got into the semi again on Sunday where a little bit of luck and a last turn bump and run put me in the main. I got lane 3 which was good I have had a lane 8 streak as of late haha. Olajuwon Davis was in 2 with a super slingshot so i knew I needed to make a miracle happen first few cranks. Surprise surprise he beat me out the gate and quickly cut over so I was ridin slow trying to get in efficient pedals when I could. Slow 2nd straight again ended up 7th i think for the day. haha. Rough in the streets but had some fun so whatever.

Read this book from Eliz called " I hope they serve beer in hell" Its kinda like a story collection of some guy and his drunken sexual stories that some seem like BS but some are very true or so Ive heard. Hella funny if you get a chance to read it I suggest you do its an easy read at like 300 pages and you can knock it out in a weekend and laugh ur tail off.

Had some supergood food at Chili's on the way to the OKC airport which was portobello mushroom and some kind of steak fajita thing it was good and I normally hate Chili's so I was kinda psyked about that. Lilly had some lean ass salad that was good but they used the shit ceaser lettuce and it had like corn in it? Pffft Iceberg lettuce and tns of ranch is all you need people. keep it simple. We talked shit and joked about our waitress and had this huge debate on tipping and my shitty tipping and this and that. We finally leave and Jazz and Cam leave a few bucks but under the 15% typicalness LOL and Lilly follows suit. We get halfway to the airport when Jamie realizes she left her card at the restaurant! haha nothinbg shittier than stickin it to the waitress with a $0.53 tip and then having to go back and ask for your credit card. Hahahaha so funny. All in all trip was good hung out with some people I love and rode BMX and met some new friends in Jazz and Cam- Thanks for the couch space and the rides to and from the track and airport you guys are genuinely good people. Until next time-

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Financially Poor...

But Im rich with some of the best friends on the planet. I keep a very tight circle of people around me that I know hands down I can depend on without asking because they know my day to day stuff and they know when Im struggling without me even saying it. I have a super busy schedule for the first 3 months of the year races every weekend or every other weekend and travel and stuff gets way expensive. I havent worked much in the past 3 months and it has been kicking my tail. Thanks to everyone who has lent me a few bucks from $100-$1000 Seriously. Thanks a bunch man. You guys make it possible to keep doing what I want and keep the shit active so thanks a bunch and lets ramp it! Pics from bike party below- come pedal next time!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr.

Respect. If you've never chilled with me at a hotel for a race weekend or at my house randomly early in the morning this will be news to your ears but its true shit. I listen to a few things usually daily and MLK Jr Speeches, Malcolm X, Jim Jones, Mos Def, and a few other people are usually my regulars. Its nothing too crazy but just a few well spoken people IMO that really motivate me for different reasons. Being that today is MLK day across the world it's kinda cool to hear the speeches I listen to regularly getting played here and there around town and just overall awareness of a great person. I challenge you to instead of just having a 1 day celebration try and learn a little something today about a truly great person who ultimately gave his life for the better of not only the African American race but the USA in general. Alot of people think that MLK was just a "black" revolutionary figure but you can learn alot with technology these days and read up and see if some of the different views he was putting out and some of the rallies he was involved in arent still hot topics today for all americans. Much respect and love to a great individual, may we all strive to be just a percentage of how great you really were.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

49 Seconds.

Chris from made this from a SC session awhile back. For some reason its off center on blogspot so here is the url if you want the fullsized clip and dont wanna feel like ur sittin sidewayz :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Like Usual Ha.

Just got home from Reno and a hot shower was sooo nice. Good/Shitty weekend I was going fast and won a few laps but none that counted for much haha. Ill give the play by play later but the 2010 year is off to a great start going for 0 for 2 at the season opener! See ya in Guthrie!

Me below gettin on it in a qualifying round...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Voice Of Reason? Pffffft!

Haha taking off to Reno for the first ABA national of the year. Should be exciting to even see how the hell Im going to swing it... I think the parking fee alone should send me deep into debt. No joke bank account is $85.12 as of tonight and I have not a single red cent coming in what so ever. Recession, shit economy, call it what you want and make whatever excuse you feel is necessary but Im just going to charge it to the game and hope it all works out. The best part is I plan on going to Guthrie for the second national of the year in 2 weeks and then Oldsmar Florida a few weeks after that? Hahaha fuck it man you only live once and living under concern for financial shit is no way to live IMO. Run it people.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


tal⋅ent  [tal-uhnt]
1. a special natural ability or aptitude

a⋅bil⋅i⋅ty  [uh-bil-i-tee]
–noun, plural -ties.
1. power or capacity to do or act physically, mentally, legally, morally, financially, etc.
2. competence in an activity or occupation because of one's skill, training, or other qualification: the ability to sing well.

Im not totally sure 110% about which category or term I would use for what Danielle can do with a paint brush and an empty canvas. I first saw some of her paintings at her house up in SC about 6 months ago and was really psyked on how good she is. I only see her once every 2-3months on top of that but Adi has a pic in her room that reminds me of how good she is. Well to give all the details as soon as I saw how good she was I really wanted a painting of something rad. Doesnt have to be anything even related to me but I surely must have a pic that she painted for my own. Adi had the smarts to make it happen and cherry on top used one of my favorite riding pics of all time and gave me the best Xmas gift this year and prolly a tie with my bulldog. You probably have already scrolled down by now and you should already be blown away like I was the first time I saw her work. She truly has a blessing and the smarts to utilize that blessing. The picture is identical spitting image of the actual digital photo that Shawn snapped of me for an Avant Garde shoot we did. Im going to have this thing with me for a few days to show off to people and after that its getting retired away so it never gets ruined. Thanks so much Adi and Danielle for the collective teamwork and even Shawn for the original shot. Words cant express how psyked I am and you guys are the best. Happy New Years to you guys and I hope 2010 brings you 1/2 the joys that this gift has already given me. Psyked.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years...

So I decided to drink for new years now I cant even fuckin spell. haha check the pics below. we saw a real pinecone drop and a raver room that im sure is a cultivation room by day. haha. happy 2010 fuckers I love all you guys who read this shit and much respect to everyone! Love life.