Sunday, January 11, 2015


Family... What is family to me may not be family to you, who I consider family may not be family at all by dictionary definition 99% of the time. Some idiot who shall go un named because they made comments about me and not to me so they get no shine mentioned some sly shit about because I visit Vegas so much how does someone not know that I don't have a relationship out here or a whole other life/family. I first laughed it off and repeated the statement and lets be real its a joke so I told this joke to several people and they all had a chuckle as did I about it. Then of my closest friends said well Nick they are hating lets be real but you do have a family in Vegas but it aint much of a secret. Her name is Carla and she is this that and the third and you appreciate that. Bingo. That person was fucking spot the fuck on. I have no secret life out here, many people do a different style of Vegas but I just chill and lay back and relax. For example this weekend I didn't set foot nor even drive on the strip, truth be told only time I saw it was from a plane seat. I did hang out with close friends, made plans with people I consider my family much more than what the world would consider. All in all I had a great time. Didn't have time to get together with other friends but whatever its chill aint nobody trippin and no worries over here. I think that's what I love so much about Vegas and the crew I see out here they just genuinely happy to see me. They aint concerned about any drama or serious shit they just wanna talk catch up laugh smile eat and hang out. Its genuine and I love it. So shoutout my Vegas family love ya guys and you likely don't even know I blog so youll never see this anyway. Gio Kyle Maryanne Carla Larissa Carlas folks Fernando fuhhhh who else do I be postin up with? Who knows but fuck it salute you guys youre the best. Aint no secret shit goin on you guys the real deal and I appreciate ya. Until next week when I visit again. Out this beeeezy we fiddna get paid and make some moves. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome to 2015!

Well we are into the first weekend of the year and while most people are changing their lives and reinventing the wheel for themselves im just doing much of the same stuff I always do. Consistency is key IMO so don't hold your breath in thinking im going to do some wild stuff to validate how my year will be sooooo much better than my previous one. In all honesty last year for me went pretty damn well and beating it out won't be an easy task so I don't ponder and make Fb posts about how I will be changing stuff and improving lol. Takes more than a calendar date to change things people so get a clue. All that being said today's rant will be simply about the goodness of consistency. Yep. Even for things we dislike in life if they are consistent it's just better for everyone involved, for example at my hospital job the cafeteria food always sucks. Always. 7 days in a week you can grab 7 shitty meals over there. They don't throw you a curveball and come with a day 5 mid week great meal and then you think you've been missing out. Nope. Shitty everyday and i appreciate that personally because I adjust to not even factor them in when it comes to meal options. See consistency for them actually helps me and saves me time and money because I don't bank and depend on them for anything. Kudos to them and a respectful head nod for keepin it 100 all the time, might be crummy but like I said it is what it is and its my decision how I act after knowing that. I have some family and people I know in my personal life same situation, they shitty. Always have been and probably always will be but when they are consistent shit I can only say thanks! Once you know how people get down and you gather information it's much easier to play them to the left and keep em at a distance so as not to ruin my good shit I got going on. Again I can appreciate the consistency whole disliking the outcome. Then you get to people who are consistently inconsistent, these fuckers are the wild card but you can still play them to the left because since you never know what you're going to get with them you are always at risk of getting some bullshit. Same scenario for me consider them to be shorty all the time that way of and when they are ever kind or helpful or whatever the case may be its a pleasant moment but since you consider them to be sketch you likely didn't bank on it. You say thanks and keep it movin like you should. Lastly it's the other 90% of the world yeah you know em and I know of em too. They comical like real funny style. Smile in ya face and stab you in the back to make a dollar type suckas. If  you know me you know I keep a small but tight circle because when I acknowledge a person as one of my true friends I give em the world and don't hold back so with that always a chance of vulnerability in the air. Somebody asked me yesterday while at work why I don't talk to a certain boss figure and I tried to explain this stuff to them and it took awhile but eventually they figured it out and they said "well since its your boss just act like it's cool atbwork and then say fuck that guy when you leave" lol I told them I just keep it chill and don't try to pretend we are cool and the person will realize it eventually and that's that. They were confused and I figured they were just a say its cool to your face and stab you in the back type LOL. Moral of this whole story? I don't really have one just keep it real like Ron Wilkerson says and when it comes to friends quality will beat quantity over the test of time so stay in it for the long haul. I have several friends I've known for years upon years and those friendships are a direct attribution to them bein solid and true as fuck and me likewise. Welcome to 2015 children! Oh yeah before I forget... Vegas for some Bmx in a few days should be fun, been awhile since I pretended to race! And that's about all that's new for me!