Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just cuz it aint your shit, doesn't mean it can't be good shit!

As you should already know I'm a diehard Oakland A's fan through and through. Lets get that straight right now. Something about the stadium being surrounded by the hood, and the cheap ticket prices and all around scrappy baseball that reflects the A's is something I prefer to the high class baller status Giants just across the water. But. I respect talent regardless of who has it and I tip my Oakland hat and root for the Giants as they have put together just enough in the last month of baseball to fight their way into the World Series. Shout out them for doing the bay proud and giving the city of SF something to be hyped about, and more importantly showing that even a broken clock is right sometimes :) haha. Seriosuly though Im on the wagon but Im a Oakland dude til the end of time. Not too much going on lately the rain is upon us and thats both good and bad so we shall see what transpires... Show this week with Al at a local school should be fun and inventory at the warehouse. Good times.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

San Jose Minetta- Las Vegas @ 9:25AM

09:25 AM T RR
Group B
Position 23

Thats right Sin City! Haha so I originally was going to head to Boulder City outside of LV for the West Coast Redline Cup Finals, but after realizing that my 20" membership was expired and I missed the qualifier race to have a shot at the title the racing aspect was going to cost a little over $200 and I couldn't win the #1 plate regardless of my finishes. So.... With that being said I can be found at the hard rock cheering on Nyquist as he does work on behalf of Nor*Cal at the Alli Sports Dew Tour Finals which is going to be pretty rad I would assume. Racing sometimes is just too damn expensive and you have to jump through hoops it seems, so the race bike is taking a weekend off and Im gonna go watch some ramp action for sure.

Hmmm what else is new...
Riding- Been ridin park at a little more higher level as of late, going fast ramping high and dialing in new and old tricks is always fun and Ive been blessed to be healthy and not hurt for a bit so thats good.

Livermore- Where do I even start? Haha the track has been crazy trying to deal with the people involved but its slowly working its way into a dialed program and Im just trying to endure the BS while I make moves and shuffle things around. The NBL sent me a $50 refund check this week so I definitely feel they are the best sanction on earth lol! Been soakin up info and have alot of great ideas and just trying to birth them but gettin no help from the city or the old guard so its frustrating but 2011 will be promising :)

Work- Been doin it! both jobs pretty often and saving alot of cash up and trying to get a car dialed in. My down payment is slowly getting to where it needs to be and Im trying to get it ASAP. Rough working so much but its all gravy.

Nor Cal Classic!- Is now in the works look for a November event with a canned food drive twist to raise some food for the local food banks if you know of a food bank that is good people feel free to get me in touch with them :)

Thats all for now folks!

Monday, October 11, 2010

NBL State

Actual text I woke up to at 6:50am...

Wake up, step outside and take a big deep breath. Thats the smell of the day you lose... Courtesy of Nate my boy whom I race and battle with on several different continents.

I reply with... Wow I really should get an Iphone because they have that cool dictionary app that could explain that word you used that Im just not too familiar with- "lose". What is that?

He scores the text war win with... Nick allow me to help you I have that app.
   /luz/ Show Spelled
[looz] Show IPA
verb, lost, los·ing.
–verb (used with object)

for example and used in a sentence- Nick Valencia will definitely be losing today. He has no chance because Nathan has more ponies than a wells fargo express atm machine.

Keeping in mind this jackass wakes me up at 6:50am with this nonsense. The day went well for me I went 2,1,1 in motos and then checked out in the main taking the win. It was shortlived though as NBL values motos a little too much and I didnt have the overall points for the state doowop title but it was a good weekend none the less. Dipped out to Orange Y BMX in southern cal with Roybal for some more BMX action and after paying $7.00 for practice which was a 45 minute practice I was a little farther from an evo but good session anyway. Gavin Lubbe cherrypicked the pro am win and took down $175 for a few hot laps. Good job buddy. Steve Grote was untouchable in 17-24 when the main rolled around, Niko had some legs for him on Saturday but taking too many laps definitely took a toll on him a stand up second though which aint bad at all. Pretty small turnout and some guys were MIA but all in all it was a good weekend and now time to hope nobody goes to OHIO and the presidents cups take is large :) Pics soon? Who knows. Dale Paris thanks for lettin me crash the 5th wheel over the weekend.

Friday, October 8, 2010


So I woke up this morning and had the feeling that i wanted to go and climb Mt. Everest. Yeah I know a little far fetched because I dont really climb much more than climbing out of bed for the most part. But Im all about doing new stuff that shouldn't be considered. Well that was until I ran across an info page... Apparently the permit to even attempt the climb is like $25k and to go with a group climb and a guide its about $65k total.

HAHA you guys enjoy your time climbing and Ill be in envy of you from sea level.