Sunday, January 22, 2017

Recap January

Ok so lets get up to speed here... Sometime in November or December my lame ass landlord in a million excuses basically kicked me out with the best of intentions. I was pretty livid because to say Im a great tenant would be an understatement, hell I even tried to negotiate a lower rent if I paid it all a year in advance haha. Anyway dude asks when I can be out I stall for Feb 1st and he doesnt have a choice but to agree. I figure hey maybe its time to buy a house me and Alicia got some cash in the bank and we've been saving for a bit might have enough. This conversation leads to that one get in touch with an aunt run some numbers and bingo bango in less than 30days we scooped up on a nice spot back in my old stomping grounds of Newark. Grew up here so kinda just going back to the old roots, and Ill be just a few blocks from Grams and she can always use a hand with things around the house so it will be nice to be available. Now down to the good news, apparently the tax breaks are plentiful and that should be music to my ears next year. Me and Alicia play a dangerous shell game of hiding income so hoping this eases the process. No commute for me anymore is a scoop of sugar on top, Alicia getting a new whip soon to celebrate, things are looking good. Just avoid curveballs cuz when shit is going good you know something screwy is around the corner haha. 2017 is on and pushin cant wait for the weather to stabilize and get some ride time in. Lets go!