Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Relationships. When I look at some relationships and compare to others that I'm involved with it's always a trip to see what situations are forced and what situations are a necessity or born from a necessity. What relationships took a fair amount to forge and what ones were so seamless it's like you didn't have to try at all things just aligned. Me and Benny after a few weeks finally got his new bike all built and put together and tonight he rode it for the first time and ripped a few laps on it. We have all been there that first "new" bike feeling. And I'm not naive enough to think this was his first cool bike his other bikes were good in their own right but very few comparable options out there when you factor in the superiority of the envy blk from supercross. See Benny is like me in the sense that we aren't going to go crazy when we are insanely happy inside, and if we are bummed on something you likely are going to get that same poker face. I have emotion just like anyone else but it doesn't spill out on display because it's more of a personal thing than it is a public display. But a few things a few moments definitely let me know he was happy. For starters he didn't take his old bike for even a crank today. Not once. It was the new one and that was that, I've never seen him wipe his bike down either and that def happened as I dialed in his chain length after the track. I caught him just staring at it all finally done a few times and snagged the candid photo and captured it well. Now time to tie this all into the whole relationship angle I was talking about. Me and Benny happened to have similar goals and that's how our friendship started, he wants to ride more and practice harder and I need a motivating kid to keep me at it. Perfect pair lol. When I was figuring what I was going to do for the new year and "sponsorship" I knew it would be much of the same for myself. I've known Bill for likely  10+ years and he has always helped me out in any way possible so that was a given, Benny was fresh off a local team and we joked about "team no team" and made light of how we were both rolling privateer and decided to have fun with it. Fast forward a few months and jokes turned into more and a good joke with some money behind it and walaaaaa we started the coolest 2man team at our local Track LOL. Benny was hyped to have a low pressure "team" and I was thrilled to have some fun along the way for state series and make a little worlds run. Relationship with Bill made that possible and relationship with Benny was the driving force and I can definitely say both of those guys unbeknownst to them have made it a really kick ass year for me so far and can't say I didn't expect it. Surround yourself with positive like minded people and watch your life better itself ten fold. Here is to you Benny and Bill you have def reaffirmed why I enjoy racing because of the relationships it has given me over the years both good and bad 😂 LOL  cheers to you guys and let's give em hell!

Monday, February 20, 2017

I've been waiting for you...

Welcome. I wish I could say you were here for a better occasion but frankly that's just not how this place works for some reason. You have now come to the wasteland that is known as only "the blog". Many have come to know and love the blog and many hate the blog but they pretty much hated it before they even knew it existed. The blog is a sounding board of sorts purposely surviving over the years just to log memories both good and bad. As much as the joyful memories are better to look back on its usually the ugly ones that people recall the most. Enjoy your time here, don't stray too far from this post because each and every click just lines the pockets of the creator and that is the last thing you want to do. You have already donated to the cause just by clicking to get here, and each time you share the address to show how much of a jerk I am and explain yourself to the next person they too will click and click and click thus furthering the reach. Ignore that reply option at the end of the post its not for you, take a second when you are done reading to think that perhaps the world the country the state the district not even the local track revolves around you or your child. Your selfishness is what got you into this spot and I was extremely diplomatic in my great response to you. You disregarded it because again you are selfish and didn't get your way. I will liken your situation to a typical problem we see daily in the country. You are nothing more than a spoiled kid who grew up and was never told simply "NO". You are the kid who mom (registration) told you no, so you went to dad (Anthony) and asked him. Dad didnt communicate with mom enough so he could have spanked you right then and there for going behind the back of your mothers wishes. He was wise enough to tell you no also though. But you still didnt learn, like a typical brat kid you waited for grandpa (USABMX) and you asked him. Yet again grandpa told you no as well. See you are now 0 for 3 and still you haven't begin to think perhaps they are telling you no for a reason. You are stubborn and your stubborn ways will ultimately be your undoing. Back to the tale I was creating so with grandpa shutting you down as well you now call upon your last hail mary. But see you are an evolving creature you have seen how the firm stance across the spectrum has taken you nowhere, so you adjust. You fabricate a few lies, you rally the troops and circle the wagons and put on a new face albeit a fake face its a new look none the less. You even compliment and acknowledge the hard work although a seasoned veteran can see from a mile away the tone is simply not sincere. You are as fake as the carbon front wheel on my bike. Sure from a glance it looks good and all appears well, but when you get close up and get a feel for it and start to look closer its def just a coverup. Nothing more than a front for something underneath that isn't near as superior. Underneath you are an alienation deviant rim for $18.99 off of amazon, but you long so hard to be a $450 carbon RCR from speedline. You are close but no real deal. So before you ask grandma (Nick) you have all the fabrications in place and things are looking like a slam dunk and grandma doesnt give you a "yes" but she says all the right things and leads you to believe you are making progress. But then Grandma because she is a veteran and has seen many a bratty kids come across her in her years she does some backend work and grandma does all she needs to do and finally has to spank you in front of your friends. The spanking that your dad should have given you earlier in the story for not respecting the answer of your mother. For all of you followers wondering what the hell is going on? I envy you for sticking around this long and I will give you the long and the short of it now. This lady been talking wreckless about the track for some time, typical troll you know how it goes if it was theirs they could do it soooooooo much better. LOL. I respect her opinion but it carries zero weight you know how it goes, help out or sit back and talk noise. She is harping about a total points race with 3 riders, a team mate of hers who will go without naming, herself, and another local girl. Well her own team mate decided to leave and not compete. Now that seems like something you oughta take up internally with your own team but hey not my business. Anyway that leaves 2 riders in the rack and they race. She gets the win and life goes on. Then she starts chirping about how we in registration are entering "ghost riders" and that she will call USABMX if we continue. NEVER have we cared or needed to enter a ghost rider. She didn't even know what a true ghost rider was until I explained it to her after the fact. She calls USABMX and tells them we are adding ghost riders.... LOL. News flash little lady Im 20 years into this and my first local track was track #0001 aka Chandler BMX which means you aint calling anyone who is going to undo the hard work in the field of one of its own. This "race only" was approved MONTHS ago and just because you didn't happen to catch wind of it doesn't mean it was some back room conspiracy. We are NOT offering practice only. You can call Clayton John himself, google him.... And that wont change. You can Call BA at USA and it will get you nowhere, John David is not going to step in for the complaint of one rider at one race when we facilitate 300 riders a week at 3 races a week with .0000001% complaint rate. But what you unknowingly did was start a conversation between myself and my USABMX track director who just so happens to be a life long good friend of mine who asked for the backstory. When he asked how many people are leaving without racing I said maybe 5 at best its just a few older dudes but its really not an issue at all. And guess what he suggested? He suggested that the riders leaving we have a conversation with an log how many times they leave without racing and after 2-3 simply do not let them on the track. Period. In the spirit of competition and the fact that we run a race program and not a practice facility he watches the situation and says well thats easy pull out the people who aren't racing and your problem is fixed. Now I personally don't agree 100% with that but he does have a very valid point and I have a high likelihood feeling that if you want to keep playing this game and asking them to fix a problem they are going to and already have quite frankly let us know this is what needs to happen. Those handful of riders are going to be a little annoyed when they have been quite gracious and supportive since the new format. I have had zero issue with them and they have been great by swinging by and getting registered in a timely manner and them leaving before racing is totally up to them. Now imagine when I tell them this new scenario and how it came about... And that it was their own team mate who sparked it into action because she complained about another team mate leaving early. Do I want everyone to stay and race? Yes. Is that going to happen 100% it hasn't been Ill admit that but we are hovering at about 90-95% retention and that I can hang my hat on. So now run along little troll dissect the bits and pieces from this lesson and start more back alley conversations and spread more misinformation to the community. Parents who want to know the real end game that we are shooting for I will be very clear for you. I want the track to be better. From the smallest things to the biggest things I want the track better. I want it running more I want more efficiency I just want alot. The only way to get to all that is numbers. The numbers are steadily up right now and we are doing great. This enables me to do more when I need to ask for things. You can stay short sighted and not look down the road if you want but with or without you things will get better. I've wasted 15mins addressing a troll today and that could have been 15mins planning a fundraiser, plotting a jacket series, etc etc etc.  Do better lady. Anyone who ever has a legit question or opinion I am more than willing to work with you and get you a fair resolution when possible. But some of these clowns just selfish and if its doesn't serve them or benefit them directly than they want everyone else to suffer accordingly. We aint going to hold the train at the station because someone is slow to get on board. You can get with it or you can go support the other tracks in the area Manteca and Manzanita but last I checked they have ran ZERO in 2017. Im not angry Stacey I just gotta educate these people somehow. #UOENO #RUNTELLTHAT #GETUNDERTHATBRIDGE #TROLL #BANGBANG #JUSTBEINHONEST #SHARETHELINK #500VIEWS