Monday, September 30, 2013

Testin me!

Maybe the head isnt so bad on the evo? Didnt get any issues with it today I didnt see any smoke or anything even on cold start... Weirdness ensues.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Damn where has the time gone?

Well for the 2.5 people who miss me blogging on a regular basis this is my half assed attempt at getting back on the horse. LOL. Ive been working 7 days a week for a few months now and that is finally gonna dry up over the next week so I should be back to my normal somewhat cooler self. Gonna celebrate by going on a mini vacation to Fresno to unwind with my 559 guys for a weekend of racing. Havent touched the race bike since the Vegas race a few months back so figure that track is worthy of getting broke off on. Last time I was there it cost me an ACL so hoping things go  better this time around. Gonna be a fun weekend and I could use some time to myself to just get back to Nick BMX version and give 2 fucks about anything else even if just for a weekend. I even considered driving into Vegas from Fresno to visit the homie Carla, but thats likely not happening but still possible... The evo... Damn that evo she is a tempting little slut at times... So I finally get some mods finished with the homie Matt, and as we get things going and I finalize a tune schedule... I start seeing puffs of smoke and I have a bad feeling I have a leaking valve seal which is a killjoy in my quest to 500hp. Debating on repairing that or just doing a fully built head right now. Sounds dumb to build the head but whatever, not sure what my plan is yet but will figure it out as the evo smokes itself to death :( so sad about that shit haha. So close yet so far. What else hmmmmm City work has been put on hold, taking a bit of a mini vacation and gonna cut back for a bit. Things have been odd there and just not feeling it much, so gonna wait it out wait for people to get settled and comfortable and then revisit and see if the mesh works better later down the road. So for now gonna have more free time which will mean more BMX, and more evo time. Thats about all nothing awesome going on but things should heat up now that Ill have more down time :) Hopefully it wont be another 4 months before I post again, fingers crossed!