Friday, March 27, 2009


Haha go211 posted the video of the main from USAC and it didnt have the first straight so kinda bummed I didnt get to see how the ball up happened. but its below I just made a few bad decisions in the middle of the lap. Checked Australia TIX again today and $850 round trip is about the best Ive seen slightly lower than a few weeks ago so I may be selling that yeeeeeeee to get this ticket paid for ASAP. Enjoy the clip below and Im going to watch it 37 times in a row.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yay im becoming a real blogger nerd i learned how to set videos on here. Anyway below is me getting worked at the first day of Texas. I got 4th was running 3rd but got eaten up by local boy in the rhythm. If you watch close youll see im struggling with my newest bike, manuals are a little longer than Id like. Short bikes you can kinda man handle a lil more and a full 21" tt you are kinda along for the ride somewhat. Watch me get over that jump into the first turn clean though. haha. Anyway. USAC video to come soon. Moved Chris back home today and gave hime so much shit all day it was fun. Knee is blasted still but Im running the pal pro am tomorrow night should be fun. Stopped by Red Bull today and hung out for a second gotta keep things movin yaddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

PS- Shout out everyone who races in jeans still :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Rode PAL tonight with the boys. Felt about 65% but still hung tight and kept the 13year olds in check. LOL Plans for Oregon are looking good me and Kev along with the beast that is Allen Porter. We still got 1 open spot so if your lookin to ride up to Oregon and get a national race in and hang with the crew let me know it should be fairly cheap were splitting gas and should be a dialed operation.

Livermore UCI Wednesdays kicks off tomorrow. Complete with GATES! Its been a long time coming and Im glad we have made this stuff work out for the better of the scene. Practice is a bit steep at $6 a head, but hopefully with some persuasion we can get that knocked down a few bucks. Times are tough and we want more participation than anything and I hate to see financial situations keep people from ridin their bikes. But all in all should be very good to get gates with the locals out there and have some hot laps the plae is good and Ill be there with ChapDog and Roybal to clean things up a bit.

Read in the paper that the trigger has been pulled fr the city of Dublins BMX program to start getting worked into place at a park they have all scripted out. Looks like that can possibly turn into something vital for the scene. With Livermore/SR/Dublin all online I could get my 6 state scores in without leaving my local area and that would be nice. Prunedale for sure wont be hurting with more and more BMX programs to help compliment their dialed operation.

Knee is still nasty as all hell but I feel like Ill be ok in due time.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Haha knee blowout to the max. Just got back to Carols house who hosted me for the USAC weekend. I did well and Im still ahead of this schedule I have in my head so Im happy. raced 25-29 for the first time and got a look at what the class is about. I holeshotted a few races won a lap or so and felt good, come main time I had lane 3 which was chill my boys were in 1 and 2 so I knew I was chill to get some cranks in. Snapped! haha the light/gate was off or slow but helped me out so I got out and got going with a good lead, picked up for this nasty jump and bonked my front wheel almost got tossed but rode the bull while my boy cody came under me. I was runnin second figured Id roll by him on the second straight some big jumps :) I cased the double though and had to dork manual the second set as cody did the same. had a good rhythm section pulled along side cody in the last turn and started to rail it. Things were going good but he came high, not so much to block me out but it held me at bay and I had to ease up, all the while Leo Valencia my brother from another high lowed both of us and had a shot at the win I was boxed out with nowhere to go, and cody and leo dragged it to the line. cody held him off couldnt happen to a nicer guy and I was psyked for the whole weekend. USAC #3 on both bikes but better yet qualified for worlds so thats a good thing and Im ahead of schedule like I said. Oh yeah made the class main friday and got 4th. When the knee is fresh im good.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sheeeesh. Finally after beg borrow steal all day long I can breath again. Ive been looking to book my flight to Texas for the USAC National Champs this weekend and I was waiting for a few things to pan out which they didnt. So all day Im trying to save a few bucks, catch a ride, borrow from this guy to pay back that guy, sold my first born, took a jump2jump loan, and promised to win. I was super stressed all the southwest flights were sold out from the bay (sj/oak/frisco) and I was looking at every option and things just werent workin out. I finally called SW and gave them my situation they rerouted me an uncommon way but Ill get into Texas tomorrow slightly cheaper than I planned and things will be good. Carol Mac Laskey is my mom for the weekend and shes always so good to me so thanks Carol for all the help and the rides all weekend. The races will be on so if your bored and want to see me make moves qualify for worlds and see who I need to beat in a few months to take my world title home i suggest you watch :P... Its 9pm I still have 40% of my cruiser so I need to get things done before this 8am flight... hahahaha gotta love it. Shout out everyone goin to texas from the bay. yadddddddda

FYI- The audio has gone pg13 I found an interview that I love and I wish it was edited because if you know me you know I hate the "N" word but the interview is one mans expression and it is what it is. Turn down the volume if the kiddies are around- Thanks

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rough Weekend!

Haha couldnt catch a break! LOL Got to Vegas which is always a good spot to be obviously. Rode up with the normal crew rob-o, roynuts, and newbie Ronnie Evans was learnin the ropes. Trip got off to a late start, Thanks to Al for coming to pick me up and drop me off this no car stuff is so annoying I hate bumming rides everywhere. Thanks mayn. Got to vegas stayed at Primm for the night and then drove in the next morning, track was dialed had some trail flow going and was a good lil deal across the board. Got a shitty phone call lettin me know my NBL races were going to be out of my own pocket for the near future :( Anyone want a mid pack rider for your team sheet? 80 motos showed that the NBL is still needing to do something to revive the west coast scene. Class was stacked though its never easy. Saturday went good got into the semi after a nasty migraine and was running cool into the first turn sittin 2nd or something, slid out like a true goon and got ran over hahahaha. Watched the main a good battle between Lee the Flea and Chris Hale. Got back in tune Sunday, won a few laps and got through the semi in 2nd. Got a good start in the main but Lee shut me down over the step on the first straight, kid has nasty power and I like his style I cant complain. Runnin 5th around the track I had a free 2 spots in the last turn as a few guys in 3and4 were dicing so it was a text book high low move that was workin good, until Markus Ashe fell in the process taking me with him brad and 2 other guys. I was on the bottom of the pile so I had to get loose before rushing to the line. I beat everyone there though so it was cool. Thanks to Jerry @ for the pics. Kinda funny Ive been to like 1,000 races and never had a pic on mania but I fall 2 times in a weekend and Jerry is right on top of it LOL. Hit the slots/cards and came up a few bucks it was cool. Hung out with friends got some denim for a friend, saw the vegas girls and they came to see me race/crash LOL. All in all a good weekend. Now its flights to book for Texas and spend a whole lot of cash I dont really have :( haha.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hustle Means Hard Work

Long day yesterday-

Woke up and had to go chase down some money out in the stack. Got papered up and headed back to my job to pick up a backpack I left and my paycheck, and talk to my boss. I finally had the OK to get some riding there done at night for this photo shoot for Avant Garde Intl. That I have been waiting on for about 2 weeks. Got into shawn's voice mail and lit a fire under his ass to come out so we can get it done. Ended up meeting in EPA and started shooting lifestyle stuff there and then headed to a few places to knock the rest of it out. I was really psyked on how things came out and Im sure youll see them ASAP. I gotta sit on em for now though because they have a purpose and it isnt my stuff to distribute at least not now anyway. But really good pics Shawn is good with a camera and I think with some initiative and drive he can probably turn his work into money and a job if he had the drive. Anyway off to Vegas today in just a bit with my crew. Going to talk politics the whole way and enjoy a weekend in sin city. Texas Worlds Qualifier is 8 days away. git some. Chris you know you got the best site around, you dont need plugs from me! Ha

Monday, March 9, 2009


Haha Just got home from the drive to AZ for the Winter Nationals out in PHX. Had a good trip and even got a tad bit sunburnt LOL Got ousted in the quarters on Saturday and then got busy on Sunday and repped pretty well with a sweet move to get a 5th in the main. Sweet move= 3 guys eating it LOL Gotta take a second to shout the sponsors that have been making things possible...

Red Bull- Donovan is my guy at RB and has given me a small opportunity that Im trying to turn into something solid. Thanks for the support so far and look forward to making more mains and reppin in the BMX realm.

Psykopath- Me and Carl go way back and he has always been there for me on both race stuff and park happenings. Got me sitting right in staging on the freshest frame in BMX 21" Pull XL in fresh white paint. Ill be taking this frame and the team colors to the worlds and hopefully makin some noise. As always

Knight Bike Co.- George @ Knight. Always has the best components on my rides and has been a huge help in the past and the future!

Sun Ringle- The best wheels in BMX. Period. Every one of my bikes you can check the hubs and rims and know that im rollin smooth thanks to Jon @ Ringle.

You- Yes you. Ive probably ridden with you to a race, slept on your couch, drank your gatorade, caught a ride from the airport. Whatever it is thank you, because 90% of the things that are a great help come from the most random people, and I want you to know Im thankful :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Have a good luck at Ol' School Joes lil bundle of joy. Kim and Joe were graced with their lil guy at 6:18PM on March 2nd to the name of Victorio Joseph Dela Sierra! Joe is all smiles as you can tell and Im sure youll be seeing plenty more pics of this lil guy on the blog in te years to come. Congrats Kim and Joe and enjoy it because time flies- one minute your changing diapers then changing tubes! Remember everyone life is precious and be grateful for the many blessings that you may just be overlooking, in this case a healthy lil tyke to run around the house and terrorize :) Sit back take a few seconds and think about the many wonderful things that are around you, be thankful kidds!