Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"On the block wit a blackout"

I wouldnt ever say my car would be finished by any means, but it's definitely done for awhile. Next round of mods is gonna take some funding so gonna be awhile, turbo kit upgrade, headstuds to tolerate more boost, and some porting work on manifolds :) Gonna be costly but sometime in the future but for now she is still a blast to drive and now looks 10x better than she did a few months ago. Jyeah!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Evo is done!

As Endo's dumb ass said "so if its done it's a wrap?" Haha stupid ass. Vinyl is 99.9% done, Im likely gonna rewrap the back trunk spoiler cuz the corners look like shit and I have lots of extra so may get around to that at some point. Installed the new front lip today and it went perfect, gonna get rid of some more fender liners at some point but after the lip was on it was lookin cherry. Gonna do a flat black rattle can day for the mirrors and door handles and might hit the front lip too because its slightly gloss black kinda sorta but it will be awhile as Im pretty lazy and Im actually gonna go back to work sometime in the future LOL. Got my Oakland SX tickets already thanks to santa/alicia and stoked on that shit, nothing better than panic throttle sounds in Oakland in January :) Vegas... I dropped a few hundred bucks at the Orleans so if anyone wants to swing by and locate it Id be really grateful. Fuck gambling hahahahaha Pic of the murdered out evo up top woot woot

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Forget you rain!

Haha rain is coming so Im relocating! Heading to Vegas for a few days to soak up the desert sun, although its freezing there at night at least its sunny. Finished wrapping the evo finally, ordered a new front lip yesterday that arrives monday, installed my smoked rear marker lights today and that breezy is all done. Just have to install the lip to the bumper and then the bumper back on and that thing is all done. Until the next round of mods which is likely a FP Red turbo kit, looking to kick things up from 365- 450ish. Likely gonna do a few more things while its down but all in all gonna make it faster for sure :) Knee is feeling better almost daily but still not able to ride my road bike, once I get enough flexion to saddle that thing up Im sure Ill get it worked out in a hurry. I tried today but just a wee bit of pain at the high bend point so waiting a few more days, likely when I get back Ill be ready to get after it. Happy Holiday cupcakes and see everyone when I get back.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Lol Lets see what did this week have in store for me. hmmmmm Had my followup appt. with Dr. Farr and realized he is just as much of a douche as I remember. Dude told me he strung my new ACL pretty tight so that when it stretched and got situated it wouldnt be loose and sloppy, I thought that was a smart thing to do and then he asks me how the flexion is doing and stuff. I told him it was pretty stiff and wouldnt straighten out, he jumps down my ass about how I need to be working on it and this and that. All this after he told me not to do a damn thing for the first 2 weeks. Fuck off man I listened to you and now Im at fault? Fuck off. Got all my road bike parts I needed yesterday and putting in work on my own agenda cuz this fuckin guy is a kook. Wrapped 90% of the evo so only 1 more bumper to go and thats the easier of the 2, so thats going well. Jay retired from the car wrapping business but Ive been ramping it solo and its been working out decently. I dont know if I ever wanna do it again, but its been fun and my car looks MUCH better than before. Got the BF-it DVD and oh boy super good and learned a bit more about BF which is always good. S&M guys always send me mags with my orders and the newest Albion and Dig made for some good reads. Tons of trail footy and as always has me wondering why San Jose has no legit trails within our city limits or even 15-20miles, shits insane and we are pure lazy. Thats all for now, Vegas this week if anyone wants to roll hit me up for details, Im gonna drive it so could use another body to help with the trek there. Jyeah.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Recovering! Ha

      Been couch surfing for a week now just trying to stay off my feet and get the knee all squared away. Its doing pretty good Id say with all the swelling pretty much gone and stitches will come out on the 14th at my followup appt. which Im sure will  go well. Should get fitted for the old donjoy brace as well and start a therapy schedule and get the quads built up :) Yay. The evo has been slowly evolving and getting flatter and flatter black each day. I am pretty stoked on the vinyl and enjoy doing it cuz its a challenge of sorts and its made my car go from mehhhh to beastly. Ordering a new front lip this week, or test fitting my veilside lip and seeing if I feel that one as much as I used to. Anyway should be done wrapping the car in the next few days which is good. Perfect picture of a sleeping Bailey and a teaser of the evo getting flatter. Enjoy the few pics and cant wait to get this knee back to status!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Freshy Stitches

Got the dressing off to air this puppy out and let it breathe. Kinda crazy that went I first had knee surgery ever is pretty much the reason I started my blog, kinda keep track and have photos and memories of it all. Fast forward a few years and things come full circle right back where I started just older and wiser, errrrr older anyway. All the port sites lookin good although only 2/3 shown limited range of movement but for the most part all is well kicked the vicodin after 2 days and tried the valium to sleep better but kinda didnt like the feeling it gave me when I woke up. So back on the recovery tip and feeling good. Stay tuned for more pics and whatnot. And eventually when Shawn Hott gets on my hype we are gonna shoot the evo, she is lookin pretty these days.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Post Op!

Surgery ended up going really well today which was kinda nice. Too bad I started throwing up after I woke up so I had to stay an extra hour or so to get cleared, but other than that all is well. Sticking to the crutches for a few days and the immobilizer per doctors orders... :) ... But I feel like I coul just get up and walk if need be! Haha. Uverse got hooked up just in time today so I have a zillion of cable channels to surf while Im sittin at home for the next month or so. Life is good and thanks for everyone who gave me kind words before surgery, and for the few people who hoped I croaked over on the table, you lose now pay up bi***es!    Murdered out evo pics soon, Shawn Hott where you at!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So I got my confirmed surgery date in just over a week I go under the ol knife to rehaul the right knee. 60,000 mile tuneup will consist of an ACL reconstruction and some more goodies when they get inside. Stoked to get that monkey off my back and get back to normal life hopefully in just a few quick months. In the mean time with no riding I have managed to sink a shit ton of cash into making my car a little nicer on the eyes. She has always been a beast under the hood but now the exterior will keep pace as well. Full vinyl wrap a panel at a time courtesy of myself and Jay. We have had some ups and downs but its turning out really well and stoked on the good ol DIY angle we went with. Pics below and got my wheels mounted and balanced and picking up Muteki lugs today to complete the black out, speed element moved to SJ so gonna go visit the shop and see whats up. Hoping to get it all wrapped and wheels mounted on the car by surgery day but we shall see. Enjoy the pics and safe travels to all my boys heading to Tulsa, Jonas get some buddy... crash some dudes on the sauce for me!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Well in the expensive extravagant life of Nick Valencia this week. I managed to waste more than I make in an entire month in just a few days LOL. Security deposit on the new place, Vinyl for the Evo, Tires for the Evo, and a new shIt Phone5. I Phone 5 is a brick of shit and Im stoked that I got off my droid for such an epic failure of a phone. Garbage. I honestly dont know how all the iphone users enjoy  signing in for each and every stupid app and I feel like everything I do requires an effin password. P.O.S. and Sprint? Mannnnn better quit foolin around with me, my droid had cherry 3g all the time anywhere, this ifuck5 simply works when it wants to? WTF. Craigslist very soon if this thing doesnt start actin right. Moving to a new house this weekend, rain in the forecast which is mother nature being rude as shit to me LOL Things are good and pictures to follow that is when this shotty phone decides to process them. What a joke.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sorry Jonas

Well after a few week hiatus it appears Jonas was getting too much work done and was in danger of being employee of the month so he kindly asked me to get with it and spill a few key notes on what the hell has been up with me lately. My apologies sir, and dont worry youll never get that promotion if I have anything to say about it! Where should I start I guess we can touch on the low and then end with the high, it appears the BMX community is just getting rocked with sad news over and over again. This last month or so we lost Kyle Bennett in an auto accident which was a hard swallow. I had just seen him and exchanged a few words at the Louisville race with him and was psyked to see him in some mains and riding well. Kyle was the first ever USA BMX Olympian with that kick ass season when he locked up the points race back in 2008 and I dont know if anyone will ever grasp that in the way that I do. It's one thing to be an olympian in general but to be hands down the first for our country in a sport, thats doin' it big. UCI retired his career number which I thought was the best UCI decision I could ever recall in all my years of BMX, classy move and again shockwaves went through the community because some guys are just all smiles all the time. I wont shy away from the fact that KB was reportedly not wearing a seatbelt and not to say that it would have changed the outcome of the situation or anything like that, but kids make it a habit to always buckle up. It definitely doesnt hurt to take a second  to protect yourself a little extra. Until we meet again KB! And in a salute to KB which I do when anyone in the BMX community passes away I shred the trails/track whatever is available and just try and put in a solid session that would make that person proud, I rallied up Jay and Matt and we went to Fresneck which is the best track in the country and rocked that place for a few hours on a quick little day trip. I hadn't done the pro section in what felt like years and when the session started winding down I knew I didnt wanna leave without giving it a go. First few runs were decent, nuthing too fancy but getting through and felt good about it. Then the inevitable bonk to ohhhhhhhh shit get loose sideways jump half the distance needed and stick out leg for no good reason booooooooooom. Blew out my right knee pretty bad and had to man up and not cry like a wussy in front of the boys. Matty was running circles and was making me dizzy or the pain was, but either way it was funny. Bought a bag of ice and iced that puppy and drove home. Just got MRI stuff a few days ago and see my ortho on Monday, but Im 99.9% sure everything is torn and getting a fresh knee installed before the years out :) Good times. Then more sad news just this week. BBJ/Mojo/Jordan Mc Mulled passed away this week at the young age of just 16. I recall speaking with his dad several times on bmxnews one of the bmx forums and I first noticed Jordan a few years back just before he got bumped to Redmans tribe. He was going way fast then and was on track to make a serious name for himself in the very near future. Unfortunately we will never get to see his talents again and his mark will now be more of a question mark and an unfinished story of sorts. Things are never that serious people, keep close with your friends and always have an outlet and someone you can speak with or just visit when your not feeling things are going your way. Sure Ive heard rumors and stories will swirl about what prompted the outcome but again nothing is worth losing your life about. Permanent solution to temporary problem. I believe if we as a community can get past the initial shock we can leave with a positive outcome, sure the family needs time to grieve and most will never experience or comprehend what they are going through, but I think we as a whole from the higher up guys at the head of the sanction, to the track moms and dads that are still new to it all... We can all learn that suicide and the pressures of life are always abundant and getting the word out is critical to making sure this stuff can't go swept under the rug because we are just too sad about the person and overlook the situation. The way I see it is you never think you need to speak to your kids about things usually until they are confronted with them, for instance if your at a movie and your 10-12 year old kid just see's their first sex scene i think you get inclined to give the birds and the bees talk when you get home right? Well this to me is the same scenario, dont feel so sad about it happening that you forget to speak with your little ones and get involved and LISTEN to them. It goes a very long way and the world is 10x harder now than it was when you were growing up. It aint about choosing between a mullet or a fanny pack anymore, the internet, social media, etc etc etc kids are under alot of stress these days and could use some love.  So Jordan when I get back onto the rig, I owe you a gnar gnar kickout and I know V Wang already sent you a few so those will hold you over, until we meet again lil buddy!

I said I would end with a high... Vinyl wrapping the evo either flat black or white in a few weeks and new wheels in a week or so and a new iphone 5 arrives today for me. Thoff highly recommended the iphone 5 so I had to get on the hype. He said something about it's like sipping kool aid and well when your dark you have a special spot for kool aid :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dew Tour SF Style

Sorry no pics but whatever you'll get over it. Headed to Dew today in the city, took BART with Jay and Matt to save a few bucks on parking. Drove to Fremont and noooo parking and didnt wanna risk getting Jays car towed so I said lets drive 2 miles up to Union City station. Big mistake, Jay decides to run a red light and gets a photo shot of him. He seems to think that he is .00001% of people who wont get a ticket. Best of luck my friend. So that soured the mood but it was short lived, Matt got a lesson on BART and how it naturally works it's way from high class Fremont through the hood and eventually under the bay. We joked for a good while about it and he was half way thinking we were bullshitting and the transbay tube was actually over the water not under. It was funny and I had a good time with it, I made a joke regarding some monstrous penis size and this older lady starts laughing so I apologize because it was a vulgar joke or whatever and she replies, "I might have to take you home" well played mam. Get to civic center and not 30 yards away from the bart station is a pristine dirt setup that was small for a contest but second to none on execution. Mind you I had a meeting with the city of SJ last night and basically have had to give up on that dream becoming anything progressive at all, seems like they want to waste another couple hundred grand on remaking Calabasas park and duplicating it on the east side of SJ. Now Im a fan of having learner areas, but Im also a fan of having stuff that challenges accomplished riders as well. Dew tour executed that to the T. The course basic with hips that went left, right straight or right, left straight whichever cup of tea was yours. The big hip to the right was the selection of about 80% of the riders and the course was just FAST and big. Such a sick setup and goes to show what can be done if you have the right people and a vision. I thought I was bummed about the SJ stuff before, now it's even more saddening. Missed opportunity all the way across the board. Runs went down, Ryan made the semi but gonna have to have some stellar runs if he wants to make finals because talent was DEEP. Andy Buckworth got shafted, the second heat was just getting much higher scores across the board and his first heat scores just couldnt get it done. Although IMO if he did the same runs and was in the second heat I think he qualifies top 5 with no problem. Ive judged several contests and I wont know any judges at all, and maybe I have it all wrong but from what I recall he killed it and will be watching tomorrow. Notables were so much that I wont even offend anyone by mentioning one and not the other. Saw prolly 25 dudes that I haven't seen in a good while and it was good to see my guys doing well for themselves in good shape. Likely going back tomorrow while I rest this knee up, and getting back to work Monday. STAY STRONG #bringbackdirt

Monday, October 15, 2012

Karma-1 Nick-0

Haha got pretty broke off today shreddin the track and gonna be out the game for a hot few months. No worries and like I tell people all the time, each time you pick up your pads and helmet and go to session you know what your getting into and its a check and balance game and sometimes you get checked. Nothing too crazy I was on my race bike sessioning a pro set, bonked the set up jump and couldnt slow down heading up the second lip, tried to pull the parachute pack but couldnt get it quick enough and stuck out my right leg. That bad boy didnt want no part of the situation so she gave way in a hurry. If you have ever dislocated something you know the body has to tear/stretch ligaments for that to happen usually and Im sure my right knee has zero things left. Am I bummed? Sure, but I tend to think of the cup half full and Im glad I ramped the hell outta that thing a few times before it caught up to me hehe. Its BMX, shit aint tap dancing.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Kicks

So after trying a set of these bad boys on I have been looking for a set of high tops to ride in to help with my shitty ankles for awhile. Tried these on and figured Id give them a go. Found em on sale and figured I could live with the bold color for the discount price. I call them Lil Wayne shoes because they are big in size, but dont fret I wont be rocking them with girl pants. Levi's 501 loyalty reigns supreme. Tell me how fresh they look when you see me in em LOL

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quote of the month!

"A goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish" That shit's fire right there. If you dont get it you likely never will. Beast Up.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Evo Wheels

Pretty juiced I pick up a set of Grids for my evo :) Going over tire options now and trying to get as wide as possible, juiced about that hehe. Got a hilarious email from someone who will remain secret but that shit was so funny I felt like sharing. I almost didnt because it was kinda rude, but then again so is not paying me back when you owe me several hundreds of dollars. So fuck Roybal and fuck Lilly too. Email below get a laugh at what I thought was funny.

-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxxx
To: dawgincnorcal
Sent: Sun, Sep 23, 2012 9:39 am

Did you lend jamie lilly more money!? Cause she just spent at least 70k on Denny Grand slam meals! Bitch got huge! hahahahaha

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Santa Cruz Loop? Pfffft.

If your only going to blog once or twice a month you damn sure better bring the heat. This one already has too many words and it honestly speaks for itself. My nephew from the 559 dropping a serious heater in the 831, usually I would say this cant get any better and then Keith Terra was behind the lens. 
Instant Classic.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

NBL Grands 2012!

Errr I meant USABMX East Coast Divisionals? Lol West coaster out in the East I guess. Touched down in KY this weekend for one of my most fav tracks on the planet and glad I ditched Reno for sure.   Results were less than stellar but thats pretty typical these days, so was just really happy to even make the mains and to have some fun riding my race bike which generally sits neglected. A pair of 7th place finishes and didnt bother racing day 3 in the mud would be good enough to keep me happy and ikely keeping this trip on my limited schedule in the future years. With my bummed ankles I figured I would be fine as long as I never crashed but I realized this weekend I basically cant sprint :( I get pain that isnt sooo bad but they just dont work so gonna lay off the racing too, or go to flats and just keep jumping alot. Best thing about Louisville is you can jump nearly every straight and not get passed like the rodeo setups. And with a long track I had time to make moves and outride the muscle heads and sneak into some mains. Pic is a shot of how close I was to winning Saturdays race, shortly after this pic was taken everyone sprinted out and I took my time to get up to speed hahahahaha. Frank Hoskins owns KY hands down and stoked to see him snag a few wins. Logan Collins turned AA pro by sweeping up single A all weekend. Bubba was riding hard but his aggressive moves are live and die, sometimes they worked and sometimes they worked against him. Good showing though all in all. Thats it for now its nap time at the Louisvile Airport, Im early as shit and sleepy to boot.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Slackin soooo hard!

Been doing much of the same although summer is over so my work schedule has begun to wind down quite a bit, but all in all working like normal. Boutta get my shred on via some race action this weekend should be stoked and see how the ankles feel. Gonna take it day by day for sure. Really not so much to blog these days as my life is just a calculated mess of work shifts and sleep time. Memorial day weekend is here so unlike most I wont have bbq plans and stuff but time and a half will be good. Sorry no awesome pic to showcase but hopefully a good solid story after I win the not so Grands LOL.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Frontie @ The Unit

Well well well. Old Dawg, new tricks. Played with these into foam on day 1 and spoke a bit with Diogo and Darden about them and they worked the kinks out enough to get this done 3rd try on the resi. Was pretty stoked for sure and I could see doing these from time to time after I get em super dialed. Pretty fun trick and only scary because your blind 75% of the time. Good times and shout out Ry Ny for the hospitality at the unit and my Nor Cal Salt Crew for getting behind me on this one. One more full day of riding and a little bit of Tuesday to go if the ankles can sustain. They are losing really badly right now though so we shall see how it all plays out, but none the less having a GREAT TIME. Ill rant about this more later but kids always be thankful for what you have riding wise and conserve that shit, every session is precious and someone could be thanked for providing you the opportunity. By the way Maris repeats as the olympic champ and Mariana Pajon handles the ladies side. Nice set of talent those two are. Props.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 1 in the books...

Rode till 3am last night and had a good session although I have yet to get any speed racer lines worked out. But did a flair transfer I was stoked on and got a lil comfy here and there. Park flows like a champ and watchin Dan Foley and RyNy hit some things at speed was a treat. Vince finally ended his vacation in the big apple and joined us at 1am, he sparked the late night session though so it was good. Tried some flip whips but they were loose as a goose so prolly not gonna fool with em anymore but they were fun and you feel like an X games champ until the foam stops things. Looking forward to tonights session and see what comes with it.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lucky Dawg

So I woke up at the crack of dawn, salty that I was flying from SFO. Waiting to depart and I overhear that the flight is oversold by 1 position. I volunteer and board in my position because 1 person on the first flight of the day is surely to miss his/her flight and I wont get bumped. But luckily I did get bumped and arriving to RDU 3 hours later then my previously scheduled time. Met up with Carla in vegas for lunch, Won $50 on a slot machine at my gate, and got a credit for $565 toward another flight. Id say the day is going pretty well. Still headed toward the UNIT and at this rate I could take a week to get there and not be mad at all! haha. Wheels up from Las Vegas in a short few minutes, maybe I can gamble some more!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just to say I blogged.

Seriously just blogging so I can feel like I havent been neglecting it. Whatever. Been doing camp all week with these 4 Nigerian kids who are super cool kids and really make me miss South Africa. Ankle is almost normal size again which is nice but super unstable so kinda sketchy, I just take it easy and wrap it when I ride hard. Greenville trip is in 2 days very excited for that thing to get going. Gonna try and relax and get the hell out of my normal routine for a few days. Gonna be a nice break from the standard day to day stuff and again super excited. Ill likely get broke off while riding so much over the weekend but itll be for a good reason. Thats really all thats up just alot of work and shift after shift, time flies when you dont notice nor pay attention to anything much, but sacrifice and put in work now to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor later. Southwest Airlines here we go again!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Beast It Out.

Sometimes you should not go sooo sideways that you slide out upon re-entry. We will take a few days off and let things sort themselves out.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get $ome!

$2,000.00 Pro Purse with the winner taking a cool $1,000.00 home. Your boy on the mic all day from Am classes to the big boys. See ya there anyone need a ride lemme know. Yeeeee

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vegas Recap.

So another Vegas trip is in the books and as always a good time was had and I enjoyed myself for sure. Races went decent, I figured I was going to be moto'd out but made it to semis both days so that was kinda nice but didnt really have the first few pedals to get into any mains. Saturday I had lane 2 in the semi with Brandon P in lane 1 so I knew Id be swiftly cutoff but just hit the turn hard and see where the chips fall. Gate dropped I got out decently Brandon went by with no issue and I dropped into the turn with my boy Shannon in tow in lane 3, although that smart guy moved onto the inside lane 1 track like the clever guy he is. I stuffed up the turn and started to come back out and clipped Shannons back wheel, unclipped and that was pretty much it for that lap. Jake was pissed thought the hard line into the turn wasnt very kind of me, but I let it go because all in all its Expert racing at the national level and if you go in low and dont finish a turn high you my friend are an idiot. He would do the same and I will do it every time given that same situation. He cooled down after some choice words and me and Shannon laughed it off like we do everything else in BMX. Sundat I drew lane 7 in the semi got a solid start and just never had a shot to cut down into the turn and get into the top 4. Jeremy G made it in though and I was stoked for him, then he podiumed with a 2nd on the day. Nice. The new class was fun and I know almost everyone in the mix which is always good. Now onto the BMX is so gay at times moment LOL. Vance Wang Dang wanted to reclass from single A and was not allowed to because of a lack of signatures and some grumblings about him being pro blah blah blah. Get over it people half the class was pro at some point, why cry now? Vance is a stand up dude and has been in the game a LONG time, hating on him does no good for BMX and is seriously a black eye and an insult to an OG in the game. Cant wait to see him shredding somewhere with or without  a numberplate! Over and out for now and for my sanity someone wanna roost some trails weekdays? Please? hahahaha

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Run that thang.

The Clipse said it best "Grindin" haha Headed to Vegas tomorrow evening to race some BMX for the first time in a few months and only the 2nd race this year for me HA. Should be fun and rooming with my nephew Alex @ Tahiti Village so gonna be a nice lil weekend. Sun, BMX, Gambling, and catching up with my 702 crew. Steph hooked up the room so gracias to her as always and Alex was quick to jump on board so things should be dialed. Thanks to Misty and Rick for taking my rig up for me. Even better news is Ill be booking my flight to Greenville NC this week for next months trip to go sesh the UNIT with my SJ Salt Crew. That should be a blast for sure and quite excited to go ride that place. Im trying to do a long trip out there but every1 wanna be back home in a few days, but Im waitin to book my tix for sure cuz Im trying to get as much session time as possible :) Trips trips trips.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Get your patriotic asses up and set off fireworks and bbq today for the pure satisfaction of being american LOL. Same ol story for me lately been doing camps each week and it looks like I will have a personal weekend camp The weekend of July 21st. The Annual Mosqueda jam at fresno is on the 21st and Ill be doing the play by play on the mic for my boy Ryan Garcia. I figured the last Fresno trip/camp I did was alot of fun and I think Im going to do it again. Spots will be quite limited 4-5 kids only, dropoff will be Friday and pickup the gromlins on Sunday. Were going to do SJ to Fresno with park and trail riding and the highlight being the contest at Mosqueda. Hit me up if you would like more info or to lock in your spot. What else is bubbling? Did a pump track build with Alex all weekend and got darker than ever, track looked good and big jumps in the near future are slowly in the works. Kali is doin it big :) Hmmm what else, senor RyNy took Xgames silver which is pretty heavy and stoked for him, guy can ride a bike pretty well. No footed can barspin pretty much owned all the circus stuff. X games had tons of kooky stuff going on and seeing the 11-15yr old kids with 20 layers of bubble wrap and pads going down the mega ramp was comical, but extreme I guess. To each their own, Im on the bring back dirt jumping movement myself. Bestwick demolished all the people who said his comp was catching up, haha that fool will step down when he wants and not a day sooner. Thats all for now 10.5 hour OT shift at LCRSP today come out if you wanna visit a playa!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Spider Man Camp

Thats right week #3 at LCRSP is gonna be a Spider Man themed session with movie tix to participants to see the pre scrrening of the new movie on July 2nd. Woot Woot. Been working crazy amounts of hours and doin it so hard. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Slackin So Hard!

Been workin a bunch this week as camps just kicked off for the city and hospital hours are still up as well as parking on weekends. Been doin it for sure. Gonna hold off longer on gettin new wheels for the evo :( Gonna do a conventional loan for a house so gonna need even more ca$h so still in saving mode. Bummin a little bit cuz I wanted to get some fresh wheels for my bday but oh well Ill hold off longer not a huge biggie. Turnin 28 jyeah stoked on it and gonna rip a trails session Im pretty sure but thats up in the air so Ill see if it works out or not. Gonna toss a flair out tomorrow been a few weeks since Ive done one and I always try and do them more often but I slack what can I say. Last 3 were first try and golden so hopefully the streak keeps up hahaha. Over and out and see ya when Im a year older hahahaha

Friday, May 25, 2012

You heard it here first! Few of the friends got together and started a new site for all your BMX photo needs. Its already full of ALOT of action shots and some of the best photos and vids Ive ever seen. I shot with them yesterday and I knew it was gettin real when the SLRIphone4's came out so i had to dig really deep in the trick bag, ironically deep was about as shallow as Kim kardashian. Anyway we put in work after RyNy decided to hit the eject button in a turn and see if he could go from berm to push ups in swoop. Jay was workin on no footed fronties but things just didnt go as planned. Anyway enjoy the photos below and for more action shots follow the link and browse around. BMXALBUM

Monday, May 21, 2012

Atta Boy.

Call me homo cuz I could not care any less LOL. Uncle Nyquist got his feet wet after a long layoff from the big contests and came out swingin at Redbulls Empire Of Dirt. Park/Dirt/Trails style event that suited him well. Arguably one of the best all around riders in the game things went well for him across the pond and I was pretty stoked for him. Few pics below and videos are floating around online if you wanna find them seek em out. Good job RyNy! 2nd Place means you were "gettin it"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Might as well live nice, cuz I've never met anyone who lived twice" Birdman addressing someone on why he chose to buy a 1.5m car. Haha beastin out for sure. Put in my 30day notice at my current Fremont apartment las weekend when my market value rent jumped up from $1750 to $2309 a month LOL. Likely gonna rent a month to month spot off Tully as I keep the house hunt going. Work has been cool and Im applying for a per diem on call spot in sterile processing which is what Ive been training on for the past month or so. I think the OR director will give me the position if it's possible via the whole union BS. Basically you may or may not be able to hold 2 positions, depending on how they view it I should have a good shot as Ive already been doing the work and learning quickly. I already have quite a few likely 50% of the sets dialed and can keep learnin especially if they give me more hours as Ive basically been working for free in a sense. So hopefully that works out today and Cynthia the OR director see's my plan for the near future. Tennis session today like always, beastin out burnin calories and getting swolled for summer hehe

Monday, April 30, 2012

Duck... Duck... GOOSE!

Well I'm still our here and I'm definitely doin the most! In the midst of 43/53 some random number of days of work in a row and its going by pretty quickly. Started doing training for the parking lead position for the city this weekend so did 2 11hr shifts to get all comfy with that stuff. Just alot of money counting and verifying amounts and stuff. Should be fun and the new work crew on that side is pretty dialed so Im good with it. My pet goose at the skatepark after 2 months of squatting on her eggs has finally hatched 5 of 8 of her eggs and now has a squad of mini geese. I was pretty stoked to watch them fools chip themselves out the shell, if you ever get the chance its pretty rad for sure. Sunday lil Justin Garcia was doing fly out flips on his scooter of al things?! Haha pretty rad and cant wait for him to step up to his BMX and get it done. I think were gonna try and have an advanced BMX camp this year and teach some kids flips and what not. Works been crazy at the hospital doing my normal stuff and learning instruments in SPD has been fun. Workin so much I think when I get all these paychecks I might buy me some wheels for my evo earlier than I thought LOL, still lookin for a house and over paying 2k for my apartment for sure. Thats all for now goose action below!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


This fool is in commercials now? Congrats Sir. Screen grab because I dont know how to get the vid loaded.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

As Promised-

I said if MC posted a pic of the USAC main Id show you exhibit A of my rant against the evil axis of usa cycling/uci LOL. True to form MC posted a pic, it aint the best pic and not clear enough but you can definitely see my efforts to rock a set of race pants and my inside out Australia jersey. After that enjoy a photo overload sourced from my Iphoto folders. Ive ridden Levi's jeans in worlds qualifiers, worlds motos and world main events. The winner of 30 & over men in South Africa beasted the field in a set of jeans. Long Live Levi's baby!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

So what happened was-

To give you a general understanding of this whole story/rant/crybabyness I'll have to give you the full details before the good stuff so grab a snack this one's gonna end in a storm of harsh words. LOL So the USAC championship race was this past weekend in Chula Vista down south about an 8 hour drive from Nor*Cal. I had the opportunity to start working more hours at the hospital which I gladly jumped on with the extra money going toward my worlds expenses, house downpayment, and just whatever. So I worked Friday night til 8pm and embarked on the journey drive south after a days work and knew Id have to drive overnight to arrive in CV at maybe 4-5am but in enough time to practice a lap or two and race the USAC race. A lesser and wiser man would have skipped it and just petitioned into the worlds team, but me trying to do whats right and support the good ol BMX scene I was gonna do it right. Drive went well, arrived at 4am slept in a cozy bed thanks to Lisa Masterson for the spare bed in her room xoxoxo and woke up with a brief 3hr nap ready to do the thing. I get to the track and meet up with all my boys and shoot the shit getting ready for practice. Only had 15 minutes and ahdnt been to chula in a bit so was kinda stoked. Practice starts and I get yanked to the side by a UCI guy telling me that Im ok to practice in jeans, but will not be able to race in them. Im annoyed in my head because I know the rulebook only states pants must be a tear resistant material. Levi's were effin created on the basis of a better set of pants 500 years ago in the gold rush time fools, dont get much better than levi's. Now lets all be real here. Its an olympic year and we as snobby BMX'ers are now looking down on jeans because we want this new clean cut image. Keep it real is what Ron Wilkerson says and Im just following his lead. I know the rulebook because Ive had this issue with team USA coaches at the worlds in years prior, Ive heard every excuse as to why I shouldnt ride jeans but the down right facts are they are legal to ride in and your dislike of them is fine but you throwing your UCI weight at me tellin me I cant race is fuckin BS. Here is where I feel I made a mistake and I regret it. Instead of arguing with the guy, I simply said I dont have any race pants because I always race in jeans, Ive raced this race in years past with no issue and I even raced the worlds in jeans. He replied no sir you havent. Pffffft ok buddy. So I didnt argue and I went to J&R and hit a bargain bin. $27.00 later I was rocking some bright yellow Answer Edge pants from 1994. The sizes in the bargain bin were all off sizes and my chunky ass couldnt fit a 28, so 36 was my next option. They looked funny as shit and all kinds of long/baggy but the yellow really went well with my Australian jersey I was rockin. See Im in the process of moving every 2 months it seems and buying a house so I dont even unpack my clothes anymore. I have about 5 shirts in my closet 4 sets of jeans 1 hat and socks and boxers and thats it. All my other stuff is boxed up. Yes I have 25 jerseys, and a full race kit but its all packed up. My australian jersey is the only one I have out and thats what I run. So motos start up and the ABA crew makes the announcement that this year you'll be able to race in jeans but not next year at all. Im quickly annoyed because thanks dicks you just cost me $27.00 to buy pants that I knew I didnt need, but to play nice I bought to conform to your imaginary rule about jeans. Whatever I was gonna be racing and I already dropped the cash. Racing goes decent I felt slow as could be but I was beating Nate and thats all that matters :) After third round the same asshole from UCI approaches me and asks me if I have dual citizenship... Im like what? He says are you a dual citizen? Im like ummmm not really man. Bizarre ass question, he follows it with a statement about how he doesnt think its ok for me to ride the Australian jersey at the USAC race. Im like excuse me? Its a jersey. I immediately regretted bending my backbone for this dude with the jeans issue and was now heated. I didnt drive 8hours overnight to support your fuckin race and then to get shit from you over a fuckin jersey now. I stayed calm and all the funny things in my head were enough to keep me entertained as he explained more and more about how that jersey cant be worn. I told him flat out, Sir I already wasted $27.00 on pants that I obviously didnt need and I refuse to buy another jersey when I have raced 3 out of 4 laps in this one and it hasnt been an issue. He said I need to find another one for the "finals" or I would be DQ'd. Shit at this point thats fine and fuckin dandy to me. You can give me 8th place in the main and Ill be fine. Everyone I race knows what place I got, everyone that is there will know and who gives 2 shits about you DQ'ing me. It aint that serious buddy. He tells me that I will need to turn this jersey inside out or I will be DQ'd. I finally start to ride away and say thats fine, do what you have to do. Never disrespectful at all, I saved all my shit talk for Nate and Brian in the stands haha. So main events come up and Im on the hill behind the gate. Laurie the stager, bless her heart, tells me I have to flip my jersey inside out. I tell her dont worry Laurie its cool if they DQ me Im not worried about it, just a finish. She says well they informed that if you dont flip it inside out they just wont drop the gate... WOW. Now Im like fuck it. Soooo over the UCI/USAC bullshit. I give Laurie a piece of my mind and she laughs because she has known me for 15 years so she doesnt take it personal, she knows I love her. I explain to the rest of the gate why Im taking my jersey off and flipping it, to which they all seem stumped LOL Race the main, have a decent lap 2nd place to the last corner but the drag created by the stitching being on the outside slowed me down so much that 2 guys snuck by me on the last straight. Its all someone elses fault, I had plenty of gas in the tank! Hahahahaha Took a 4th and got ready for my 8hr drive back home before going to work Sunday morning at 8:30am. So in closing all Id like to say is I will definitely not be attending Worlds this year. Sucks because I look forward to that race every year, but at some point in time you gotta stand your ground and not continue to get fucked over because someone is in a higher position than you. The folks at USAC/UCI wanna ban jeans, thats fine n dandy. Do it the right way. Ban them, let it be known before I show up to a race. You wanna ban another countries jersey from being worn at a certain event. Fine. Do it the right way. Because when it appears you are nitpicking at someone things get realy annoying really fast and you start to come off like an asshole. You wont get my hard earned cash this year as part of good ol team USA, and I hope everyone else thinks about the bullshit that we are being thrown. Shout out Carla for always having the Levi's hookup, J&R for the bargain bin special, and best of luck to all my boys going to London. Im sure I'll regret not going but "Sometimes you have to stand up for whats right, even if your standing alone" Sorry no pics of the aussie kit in action MC hasnt posted much :(

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We still out here, and Saturday Il be down there!

Just signed a new 1 race deal pretty stoked on it. Everyone is all about the olympic hype, so I too went out and hustled up a corporate sponsorship to keep up with all these goons. Stoked on it for sure. Driving overnight to Chula Vista after work Friday night arriving to CV at maybe 5am? Racing Saturday then driving straight back home to get back to work on Sunday morning. Beastmode fools act like you know. Click the picture to blow it up and see the new hype, and if you think I didnt submit it hahahahaha yes I did.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ramp Rats?

Yep. Amazingly after riding the old RR park for years, they moved to a new location which was farther from the old location and I moved farther from my old house. So the new location is already years old and was only new to me because I never drive that far to ride for the most part. It was well worth it though. The session was pretty hectic and the park is fairly small but I got some fun time in and hadnt ridden a good mini ramp in some time. It wasnt the best mini Id ever ridden but it was dry and the session was solid. Headed up with Nyquist in his green machine prius so I think the bridge toll cost more than the gas we consumed which was kinda nice. Met up with a few SJ heads there and things were fun. Andrew Lang was going nuts on the box along with another UFO who was laying waste to that box jump as well. Highlights were Nyquist flirting with the upper lights along the rafter, it was good to see but scary all at the same time. I did absolutely nothing but a few turndowns and some high airs, and wrapped up the day with a few flyout barspins on a borrowed bike. I said Id lift my seat up cuz trucks over dirt are pretty sick, but well see. Droppin off my racket to get restrung today so that will be kinda nice to get that all done and the tennis center near my house has like leagues and stuff so I might check that out and see if it fits my schedule, been wanting to play more and the new racket mojo should keep me interested. Contest at LCRSP has been moved to the 24th aka SATURDAY. Take note and Ill see you there. Thats all for now.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ode to another set of grips...

Im gonna keep this up until I get forgetful about it. So in my salute to this set of grips that arguably should have been replaced about 3 months ago I can only think of the good times. Uncle Nyquist offered em to me about 4 different times and I always feel weird accepting things from him, but they were unique Carhartt grips which is a denim work clothing type company so I was kinda stoked that Id have a one off set of grips. After needing em for awhile I caved and accepted em. Soft and fairly thin, greyish color so not a bad look on my bike. They were the best pair of grips ive had in some good long time even when they became a grip set going from 2 grips to 3 grips I still loved em the same. They throttled from time to time, but always were ready for another run through the trails or a day at the park. When I finally went down and fired out the watts gap, it was these grips that accompanied me. I broke a pedal that day, but the grips? They were there for me. First 360's and flips in the post office hip line. Again the good ol carhartts held true. I am going back to an old favorite grip the cleveland signatures, and Im sure it will be a good trip with them, but the carhartts have been a blast and sure any grip could have been the grip to get it all done but facts are facts. Carhartts got a special mojo on em for sure. Til we shred again fellas!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Aptos it is.

Hahaha packin my shit and gettin a hardtail apparently. The meeting went ehhhhh today. I blame myself, I brought along this noob rider hoping to show that some jumps at LCRSP could help less skilled riders than myself to become better not just on bikes but better people as well. The kid just didnt relay the point well enough I guess. Maybe next time Ill be more selective, maybe an accomplished rider with a long track record to prove I mean business. Yep thats what ill do. Anyway so I agreed to be a part of a workgroup, and basically see how the group sees things playing out. I know what I want and hopefully they see that Im right. LOL In all seriousness jokes aside. The meeting went pretty ok. I like Steve the director and he seemed sincere in wanting to help me out with my aspirations of some dirt jumps. How to go about it may get tricky but thats juts city politics. For now, hang tight and keep drivin over 17 to Aptos.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Crucial. Imperative. Pivotal. Essential. 5 best words to explain my meeting today. Hope it goes well or Im moving to Aptos.

Friday, March 2, 2012

On the edge.

You ever be on the edge in a good way? I feel like Im at a point right now where things are going to start moving at a fast pace and it may come off as a blur but will be great when its all settled in. City work has been minimal IMO but at the same time Ive been putting in heavy work, if that makes sense. Camp wrapped up and things just havent slowed down really, BMX birthday party tomorrow for a camp kid should be fun, work weeks have been long and will start a double up routine very soon as I start working into some other operations at Cunningham. Longer hours and more work put in will stack paper at a faster pace :) Boutta book this London ticket when I get around to it, Heading to Chula to qualify in for the worlds in a few weeks. Did I mention the city meetings for the next project Im pushing through the pipe? Busyness. Wouldnt have it any other way though Im pretty sure. Even been playin tennis with Matty, J, and Alicia. As soon as we get Matt a lil more skills we should be the next big thing LOL Thats all for now check back as all this stuff slowly develops. jyeah

Monday, February 27, 2012

Toot Tooot!

Sometimes you gotta toot your own horn LOL A grandparent of a kid from camp had some kind words to say about me and did so in the form of an email to my parks manager with the city of SJ. Kid's name was Wyatt and although he skateboards he was so new that I took him for some intro stuff on day 1 and then gave him some more work as the week went on. Met his Grandma, Grandpa, and just about the whole family before the week was up and she really enjoyed it I guess. As corny as it sounds when I was let go from the city last year I wasnt sure if going back was even worthwhile, we had taken a nasty paycut, and the vibe with my old boss was negative. But I knew it was home for one reason or another and I seriously went back for the kids who really appreciate camps like Wyatt. No pro skater aspirations, doesn't know who the newest red bull skater is or even know what an energy drink is for that matter. Just has a good time cruising around and learning stuff in the ocean of concrete at the park. From a kid like Wyatt who just enjoys being there, to the next up and coming ripper like a Ricky Castro or Brian Jarett. The kids literally enjoy camps and riding so I enjoy being a part of that experience for them. Anyway here is the letter, it may be mehhhh whatever to you but it made my day for sure.
Dear Cindy,

My 8 year old grandson Wyatt attended skate camp this past week and I felt the need to write you this note regarding his experience. We were blown away! He is a beginner and I mean beginner! When we arrived on the first day and saw how experienced all the other kids were on skateboards and bikes I thought it might not work out for him. He is painfully shy and the youngest child in our family. I felt certain he was going to end up on the sidelines just watching. Not the case.

Under the careful direction of your staff he loved it and learned so much. Nick was a blessing! His calm, friendly, patient nurturing is truly a talent. He took this shy kid who was more than a bit nervous and gave him the confidence to do things on that board that he never thought he could!. Josh and Andrew are amazing as well, each having taken the time to work with Wyatt.

The style of "camp" was great. It gave the campers warm up, stretching, skills practice and free style time. When Wyatt wasn't at the same level and couldn't do the tricks being taught, he would go off to another section of the park and practice what he did feel comfortable doing. Each of your instructors were always mindful of where Wyatt was. Giving him space, but knowing where he was. Often another instructor would take this time to work with Wyatt. Nick seemed to sense when Wyatt was on the verge of wanting to step up and try something and was always available to make it happen. Andrew and Josh did their fair share of hand holding too.

This was an amazing experience and we are truly grateful for this talented staff!

We will look forward to spending afternoons watching our grandson there.


Michelle Jakubs

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trail$ In Winter

Not often can you say your puttin is full trail days when it should be building time from the rains, but welcome to 2012 well rain is fiction. LOL. Camp wrapped up really well myself and Josh really made a killer week out of smaller numbers but got things done properly with our new day camp structure and retail sales. Nice. Saturday met up with the SJ crew at Post Office and although some normal rippers couldnt get the dirt figured out it was good times for those who have invested time figuring out the trail steez. Nyquist still brakeless and going through the list of bangers to keep himself sharp. You name it, it was done clean and proper. He doesnt really amaze me that much cuz I see him ride alot but I definitely respect his level of riding and he keeps me juiced for sure. What was even crazier was a kid getting through the big line on an 18" bike. Wow. Bubba Gonzales Mr. World #1 made an appearance so I shredded with him too, good times across the board. Cam was going big, didnt get the smoothest style award but he definitely was goin for it. Nick Noble got me to get an old 360 back that ive been avoiding and it worked. And I went through my whole deeeeeep bag of tricks which consists of 360's and flips LOL. Solid day for sure and a good indicator of things to come. Ry Ny drives a prius to be all earth friendly and save trees and what not, then he pees on them. Ironic?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It is NOT a hiatus.

Im just out there, doin the most. Double days with a BMX camp and hospital shifts make for long days and needed sleep. Kids keepin me on my toes at camp, the future is bright. 6-0, 6-0... Sorry Jay but try try again? Beast Mode.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

So its Karma you say?

Was gonna sit on this bit of info til I had some more clarity but whats the fun in that? I think I have somehow managed to retear my ACL or any of the other ligaments in my knee :( Haha. Woke up like 3-4days ago and my knee was buggin and really tender to the touch, didnt think much of it but it stayed that way all day and really shotty range of motion. Again I didnt pay much attention because I have a pretty high pain tolerance or so I think, and it was still for the most part functioning well. Well after a few days of this feeling Ive come to think hmmmmm maybe somehow without a big crash I just pissed it off somehow. Then I had some familiar feelings and it all started to make sense. Doctors appt Monday at 10:15am was originally to get the mcm joint in my hand looked at and now Ill be going for double duty. Likely just get an ortho appt scheduled and get a referral over there after my general doctor says im stupid and dont know what Im talking about LOL Should be interesting to see how it all times out, surgery or no surgery and how much downtime id be lookin at. Its oddly exciting in a sense because of the unknowns but we shall see. I have been joking that it cant be karma because if it were karma a piano would fall from the sky, followed by a fragment from an asteroid and land on me cuz I got plenty of shotty karma headed my way LOL

Stay tuned for more details :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Well Well Well...

Haha a few new developments and some not so shocking ones to start the week off. First off the Giants were the underdogs and came through with a win at superbowl xxxvlivxxx. I can care less about football myself but a good gamble is right up my alley. Chalk me up for the final score win on the football pool and a bet left in vegas that paid off as well. Good times. The other not so shocker news was spaniard pedal beast Alberto Contador was finally officially labeled as a saucer when his 55th appeal or something was denied. That sport has been made a friggin joke in the last 5-10 years and they should probably just go ahead and start holding the podiums to their marquee events 90days after the race to minimize the stripping of titles and whatnot. I think it would be the worst shit ever to get 2nd to some dude who was roided out, miss out on $xxx,xxx.xx in contingency money to be crowned the winner 2years later and have missed out on all the press you rightfully deserved. Sports in shambles and kinda amazing to see how it stays afloat still and dudes are still eating well. If im dropping dollars there, I wrap up shop and leave immediately. Alan Hudson is in town for a few days or something, might have to shred some dirt with him if it works out, I murked post office for a bit on Saturday before getting a flat on an air that was nice and high but not far enough haha. Thats all for now, booking my ticket for London in the next few days and dashing Nates dreams if possible. Ta Ta for now suckas.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wait for it...

My good buddy Rodney @ came through with the fresh numberplate for my 2012 season push. Expect to see it at ummmmmm who knows what race but it will be out n about SOON. Im stoked on it to say the least LOL. James Stewart laid waste to the SX field in Oakland last weekend with 22 Reed doing well for himself and making it a good race. Stoked and Ill be at Vegas for the finals, watch n see. Ummmm what else? Got my flush trunk lip mounted finally, and lazily working on getting my new veilside front lip blacked out so I can install that thing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Oh you didnt know?

Im quite the avid SX fan for a few Saturday nights out of the year, and tomorrow I get the chance to enjoy JS7 shredd the gnar with Chad Reed in tow. Bwa ha ha shout out Jason Silva for getting the tix because Im too lazy and 95% of the BMX community will be there too so get at ya boy and Ill see ya in the parking lot. Jyeahhhh

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Steps...

First I was just happy to get transferred over to the hospital gig and now Im set on taking over that thang with no education whatsoever haha. See today I got my new lilttle desk in my storeroom. Pretty uneventful to the untrained eye, but if your a hustler and you got the ambition you just saw me start to come up. See getting a desk warrants you needing a desk, and needing a desk means you aint no random dude just there for the paycheck, you makin moves. And that I am. So here it is, nothing too crazy just ordered out of Staples or some office supply but to me its status. Veronicas cubicle is slightly overshadowing me at the moment but in due time I will negotiate some more real estate. I still swipe Marias chair for the time being, now I just need to convince my boss that I need a computer for some random reason and Ill be golden. Its all about forward progress, you see a desk and I see a future. Next up, simply enough a chair LOL Enjoy the best $39.99 Ikea special that money can buy and hard work can warrant. Off to Vegas puttin $100 against the 49ers, Hate me. LOL

Monday, January 16, 2012


First things first lets get this out the way. The score for the 2012 Jonas Harmon aint got nuthin on me battle is so far 1-0 in favor of me :) Jonas picked me off after he snuck some wd-40 into staging and sprayed my pedals, I tried to hold him off for a transfer spot on Saturday and he blew by me I even tried to kick him from the looks of it but it was his master plan working in all actuality... But come main time I was all business! Had lane 7 so I knew I had to get out front and start cuttin down the long inside line which was filled with Brandon Panuccio who didnt need lane 2 but took it to the bank anyway. My other good friend Korban Corbett was in 4 I think and although I beat him to the turn it wasnt enough to shut him down so I came out in 3rd and put a solid lap together and podiumed the thing :) Saturday wasnt so much of the same. I rode first round and missed a transfer spot and I headed back to pick up Jason. The previous day the ABA was clockin about 95motos an hour so I used the simple math and gave myself an hour window even to get back to the track on time. Well apparently Sunday is the faster day because I missed my moto by a few laps and the average had gone from about 95 to 150 motos an hour. Crazy. I was a little bummed but nothing I could do really so just ate a good lunch and gambled some more. Haha made the best out of it. Jonas took my absence and got himself onto the podium and is now beating me in NAG points. Grrrrrr. Did I mention he had the freshest D3? Thing was cleeeean. Anyway my sponsored child Tyler had bad luck on Saturday and didnt make a main but came through and got on the box Sunday with a solid 3rd at his first national ever so i was really happy for him. He has been riding well for a while now and next up Im sure is good ol intermediate class. Glad he got to go and he looked like he had a good time. Hmmmm what else. Dont ever change your numbers if you decide to give KENO a shot. I changed my digits after a few rounds and karma shot me in the foot and I missed out on $2800 LOL Found out my evo was a hot rod inspired rat rod evo of sorts in a past life. You dont have to believe it but Ill bet anyone $500 cash that this was my evo in a past so*cal life. Pretty funny. Tramp stamps in full effect.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Haha pulled this beast out the rafters today where its been hanging just awaiting its time to shine LOL. Hopefully the tires went flat from just sitting overtime because honestly if one of em is flat I dont know if I care enough to replace a tube in it LOL. Looking to have some fun on the big bike, likely buzz my butt and flip the bars at some point. Pickin up SuperSilva sometime after 9ish in the morning and headed over to Reno. Early morning as Alicia flies out to AZ for some bachlorette stuff, haha sketchy for sure but what can ya do. :) So gotta wake up early for that and then its straight to Concord to pick up Jason. Hopefully his lady Kristi is there and I can see her its been awhile, shit I think since their wedding is the last time I saw her. Too long. Thats it for now, not even dusting this rig off juss tossed it in the car and stole some pedals off my real bike. Classic.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lets Race! haha

Who knew? First off I have to say congrats to my good buddy Jonas Harmon who landed a spot and a promotion from GT Flow to Full Factory this year. Since he is "big time" now I expect him to randomly get lane 1 for the entire years semis and mains which still wont be enough for him to take down the W's. The real positive thing about his deal is I expect he will have a fresh new rig built up and dialed for each race, which is great because right here and now Steve Spencer/Rupe you've just been notified. Send this guy some new wheels because every chance I get... Dive bomb with zero regard each and every turn, word on the street is Jonas has been on a Lance Armstrongesque sprint routine with a certain Olympic medalist? Kickin things up a notch I see... If your pull does keep you out of harms way in turn 1 please believe I have the skils to transfer berm to berm and Ill gladly be waiting in turn 3 for you. Now if you excuse me Mr Harmon Im going to the garage to first build my cruiser up since I have no idea where all the parts are and then after that. Im painting it to look like an IED. Hell I might even just write IED clear and plain as day. Over and out ladies and gents! Pre signed for Reno last night, roll the dice and see if my cruiser membership is even valid still LOL Ill be at GSR with the rest of the knuckleheads so "holla at a pimp when you see me in the street"

Nate Mellone.... Why art thou duckin?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Doing my little part...

So today marked the first day I filled up the Evo with e85 aka ethanol fuel. Id like to think I did it to keep the farmers in Kentucky? In business and keep less money out of the hands of the greedy oil companies and the cleaner burn is better for the planet... But well when it comes down to it, the simple fact that e85 in a turbo car makes crazy power gains is the real reason for the switch. Cheaper at the pump and Im psyked on the free power. Jay Fil rode Cali today along with about 437 kids which was cool to see so many groms out there. Scene is strong if they all stay with it. I told Jay I wanted to murder out my chrome emblem and he went into the lab and whipped out a blacked out diamond in 8minutes flat. I was stoked and its my first bit of car tlc outside the engine bay so that was nice. Trails tomorrow at Post Office if anyone wants to get broke off I will see you there! Over and out I got the opening shift at LCRSP blehhh 9am....