Sunday, July 30, 2017


And just like that another worlds championship is in the books. For some it was a culmination of effort that hopefully paid off with a ranking to hold for a year and memories to hang onto for a lifetime. For myself I would have to say it was a little bit different. I didn't come in with much expectation and my level of preparedness would be about a zero in most people's eyes LOL. I could likely force time to make things priority to be more prepared but just not what I'm prepared to do at the moment. Results were pretty soft nothing to shake a stick at by any means with a pair of "got smoked" finishes lol but all in good shape healthy and will continue on. Today's blog is more for the aspect of why I come to enjoy BMX more and more away from the actual riding and get more from the significance of the company that I keep. I had the core of my crew with me on this trip with the Sereni family, Bobby Esquivel who I haven't traveled with in years, Christina Lopez and her son Pablo and lastly the Benthins. Breaking down the dynamics is always fun and just looking back on a fun week... Sereni's are always chill we mesh well they share the same likes and dislikes and definitely extended family for sure. Consistent and reliable never a race without them really. Bobby I have not had the time to go to many a races with due to just real life and families taking up priority which is fine and a blessing. It was a solid trip getting back to catching up with him and telling stories of the past and reflecting on great memories. He drew the short straw and had to tag along to bring me to the airport at 3:45am so kudos for that! Not sure when we will get to share the stories like I mentioned again so definitely will hold onto those moments for some time. Christina and Pablo were a treat As I haven't seen them in a couple years and it was nice to catch back up and check on them and see how TX has been treating them. Pablo rode very well and made a deep run into qualifying and look forward to seeing how much he puts into the craft in the future. Christina and me had quite a few interesting conversations about bmx and the characters that compromise it, we share some different opinions for sure but both have a mutual respect for each other so even though we don't see eye to eye the conversation was great. As always you can usually tell someone's character by their children and Pablo is a solid indicator as to how she is and who she is as an individual. Love her much and was great to banter and politic bmx a bit :) and lastly the duo of Alena and Brandon! Haha I always tell people to see who you really like or dislike just stay around them for a long period of time. That's couldn't be any more true in this case! Let me go on record as to state that Alena is a great kind person who has a funny accent but the biggest heart. On the contrary this asshole Brandon is something else!!! LoL totally kidding it was a blast hanging with them and look forward to seeing them in the future. BMX is a great way to really align yourself with people get to know them at an accelerated pace and this week was no different. Cheers to the first trip with some people and the early groundwork now done to build memories and solid friendships from. #PALLOCALS

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hi kids!

I know I've mentioned it before but in definitely sure that half my blogs are generated from terminals in airports all over the place. Today is much of the same with an early morning flight I'm generally in pretty early and had the privilege to meet a pair of retired teachers on the way to an annual reunion they have each year in different parts of the country. They just so happened to be headed to Atlanta today and asked me the typical questions what's in the bags and what not. I told her BMX bikes and she related because she grew up in the same city that Pink is from and her husband does BMX, I chuckled and told her it was actually motorcycles that he does but hey same difference I'm sure he rode bmx at some point LOL. She goes into the next series of common questions and asks if I've ever had any injuries. I usually downplay the injury side but for the sake of conversation I decided to let her know the full range and rattled off a few surgeries this bone that bone a handful of teeth and a spleen that cost me more than a house. One of the teachers was bewildered and said "well you don't sound very good" hahahaha I told her she was exactly right! We joked a bit and she said well you must have a good amount of passion and I told her she was right about that and I'm too silly to walk away. I wished them well as it was time to check my bikes in and low and behold as I get to security they are just two people in front of me. They were "old" but in good shape having zero issue whatsoever and a TSA agent asked one of them if they would like a wheelchair this lady sharp as a tack says "no thanks but keep an eye on this guy" and nudges my direction. I start cracking up laughing and the three of us are just hysterical. It was a good start to what shall be a long travel day. Wheels up in a bit to ChIraq and then off into Charlotte. Let's get this worlds started!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Better Late?

Never fails I commit to blogging on a more consistent basis and I cant even get two posts in the same month LOL. Lets catch all 3 of you viewers up haha. Tracks been killing it and a few people have noticed the points chase and it has become a "thing" it will be interesting to see what changes are made and how people go about stopping the master plan. I came up with a cool concept today for it to have people earn free state finals entries but Ill keep it under wraps for the time being. Excited though. SX dropped a new frame this week and it looks pretty good. I wont leave my carbon but I do like the look of the bike and wish I was balling and could afford a second bike haha. Worlds is just around the corner and if you are hoping to hear some epic rant about Ive been waiting my whole life to represent our country and blah blah blah you aint getting it. Im gonna ramp some shit and race my bike the same way I do at 15 other races throughout the year just so happens this one carries some prestige if you make the main. Catch me tryin to crash dudes in 30-34 Men. Leaving to Vegas tomorrow for a brutally small indoor arena race that will be fun regardless of outcome, stoked to hit the casino slots and waste some hard earned money #theamericandreamtheysaid... Thats about all folks wish I had some more but its business as usual quite frankly. Be kind to each other! Australia 2009 on my USA shit!