Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So if you aint into your own roots and where the f*** NOR CAL really came from and some of the OG dudes that have laid the groundwork for all that is NOR*CAL pride. Here's a picture of a cool numberplate thats gettin charity auctioned off somewhere. Bob Haro rounded up 30 artists and had them do some retro numberplates and Norman Chuck out of Nor Cal dropped this one. If you have no idea of who Vanderspek was or the entire Curb Dogs history get yourself a cup of juice and google the words curb dogs and read up. Im not too sure that many of the OG guys see my blog but if they do enjoy this pic if you havent already seen it and know that what you've contributed is very much appreciated.

"To know where your going, you should probably have some kind of idea where you came from."

Monday, April 28, 2008

18 and over...

FUCK. I am fuckin frustrated as a mutherfucker right now and I am so fucking annoyed it not even remotely funny. I am trying to find the info online to finish fixing my Blazer and I cant find a fucking thing. Super stressed out right now and I need a vacation BADLY. Supposed to go to Tulare for a race this weekend as long as I get this whore of a fucking vehicle fixed, but even if I dont Im still going anyway Ill just catch a ride with someone.

Anyway im seriously juiced about yesterday chilled with Nor Cal's finest both past, present, and on the come up. Oscar, Hugo, Crowbar * Ill get into him in a sec, Nyquist, Old School Joe, Beerman, Cam Birdwell, Fuckin who's who of Nor Cal and a chill day. Did I forget Squirrel? My bad he was in the house and BBQ'd for us thaks mayn.

Anyway- Oscar had me sign a beam in his garage whic was kinda cool, like a right of passage as their was some serious names up there. " Oscar, Thanks for all the love Nor Cal 4 Life Nick Dawg. " will hang on that beam for years to come and I look forward to seeing it a bit more because I never get out to his place enough... Nyquist signed to the left of me and I told him after he left I was going to change my scribbles to "Nyquist aint shit" Haha. Anyway Cam Birdwell is on some other shit still and thats all good in my book. I look forward to him shaking up the message boards and the current state of BMX in general i the coming months. Stay out of trouble Cam your the man and we need you around healthy!

Crowbar- My guy! So if you dont know his story Ill lik something in a second but basically he was involved i a shitty motorcycle accident, got ran off the road by some cunt and left for dead. Not Crowbar though God had a plan for him and he's doing some different shit in his life but doing damn good for himself. I give him shit for driving Mercedes but thats how they do it when your a Hollywood star LOL. Love you Kurt keep riding and showing people that just because at one point in life your down, doesnt mean that your out.

As soon as I get the group pic from yesterday Ill get that beezy posted too. Sharks are down 0-2 which blows as well. Im trying to see a big SJ Party for the Stanley Cup

Friday, April 25, 2008


The people asked and I am delivering.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So I got a bill today haha. $22,540.54 Yeah Ill be paying that one tomorrow I guess. Lol it was for my ACL surgery and most of it made sense until the $300 dollar crutches and some other funny things that were crazy over priced. Haha can't say enough about Valley Medical and their "ability to pay" program which will take up a huge amount of that bill :) Thanks. Umm I got my magazaines in the mail so thanks to Alicia who snagged em and shipped me them from AZ, they were all sold out in the bay area so luckily when I was there I saw some at a bookstore and she got em for me :) Thanks Li. Umm nuthin much else gonna ride my road bike today as I made a decision its time to start working out alot more and get this knee going good again :) Until next time...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sea Otter 2008

Windstorm! Geez Louise Ive never been to a more miserable BMX race in my life LOL. It was super cold and windy all day saturday and alot of people got hurt :( Anyway sunday was good I was chillin with Al Roybal who was announcing and he always seems to put me on the spot and do interviews LOL. I hate it at the time but then afterwards Im like ok that was good and hopeflly the lil kids take what I said and learn from it. Fun stuff. Umm yeah kinda bummed I won Otter last year and Im kinda bummed that this year I cant repeat any of my titles, thats whats been irking me a little bit I guess. But all in all I had a good time and hung out with the BMX family which is always good. I stayed with the Esquivels and both them got hurt which was typical at that race, but we all chilled on saturday night and Brad Lovell came over too so we chilled n talked shit for a bit. Umm alot of people are stoked to see me walking good and stuff because they thought Id be in bad shape but Im good. Dr. said 6-8 weeks and I should be doing impact stuff on my leg like jogging/running. Im going to start a solid training schedule this week light squats and more road bike action to get things working toward a full recovery. Excited :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Psyked! So Darren @ Emailed me this morning and informed me that a photo we shot bakc at murrays jam just went glossy in the newest session mag! Go grab it! Haha I was really psyked on the pic and was happy to even have it shot let alone have it get printed which is always cool. Thanks again to darren! Thats about all the news today Im gonna finish working on my blazer so that beats can get rolling again. Just wanted to inform everyone and below is a scan of what ran in the new mag.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Haha, yeah I been slcking a bit on updating this bad boy and keepin it up on point. But here goes some more random info :) Ive been riding the local track practice the last few sessions in my normal street shoes and on my clipless pedals. I feel REALLY good. The only time I notice my knee is when I sit down all the way because my seats really low on my race bike so it sint comfortable. But anyway- my knee feels really good. I am riding the first straight really fast and jumping stuff so like I dont know how long I should wait anymore? The surgeon said anywhere from 6-18 months and she said since I was in therapy and my quads are strong that I should be healed fairly quickly but its only been like 2 months since my surgery... I see her the 17th and Im sure shes gonna send me to therapy and Ill prolly get the same crew as last time which is good. They will tell me more and let me know how everything is looking as far as their knowledge. Its really kinda weird though and I thought I wouldnt even have to consider riding for another 2-3 months but it seriously feels fine... What do I do? Umm not much else going on Steve who owns Bandit Racing got his whole trailer robbed which really sucks. He is the guy that brings a trailer full of bmx goodies to the local track. He's always helped me big time in the parts dept. and supports alot of the local kids, so seeing him get robbed isnt cool at all. Hopefully Karma kicks the ass of whomever was involved. Sea Otter Classic is next weekend and Im kinda itching to ride but I prolly wont, the thing that sucks is Ill be healthy by December and if I want to go to Xmas Classic in Ohio I need to have 6 state races in, and sea otter would be 2 so its kinda a weird situation. Well see either way Im going and gobnna camp it n chill. Aighty thats it for now Bailey has gotten huge and pics to follow I promise :) Late

Monday, April 7, 2008

Life is short...

Been a few days since an update so this might get a little long. Hang tight no guarantees if it isnt interesting. My aunt Judy passed away after about a 12 year fight with cancer while I was in Texas and her funeral was Thursday. I saw quite a few people I haven't seen in a long time and I even got to see the first person to ever give me a bike. Yep his name is Moso not sure if thats how you spell it but yeah I recall pretty vividly it was a pink frame with white tires haha. It was probably swiped from someone but I was stoked to get it when I was a kid anyway and I gotta give him some credit for being a factor in me riding BMX to some extent. It was good to see him and he asked how my racing was going and if I was riding well, I explained to him nationals and stuff like that and he was like thats cool you should try like a world class race and then I told him about how I went to UCI Worlds last year and snagged a spot in the main and he was really happy for him so I was glad to be able to tell him that bit of info. Anyway the funeral was nice alot of laughter and funny stories my aunt was pretty crazy and lots of people got up and told some lil stories and what not , so it was a good time and not too sad but at the end of the day someone you love isnt around anymore and that cant be changed. So to my auntie Judy love you and when its my time Ill see you again.

My aunt Marilyns 50th bday was Friday and we had a dinner at chevy's in Newark for her. About 40 people came from our family so we got sat outside in the party room. That worked well because I snuck in Bailey and tied her up under the table :) Shit worked out and I didnt get caught up haha. My aunt marilyn and I have a shaky past and ill briefly touch on it... She was probably my favorite aunt back in the day because she traveled alot did alot of camping and things like that. I love that shit so I liked her alot. Well fast forward to when I was in like 8th grade or so, I was hanging around alot at her house because she lives next door to my friend Mike who rides. Somehow a purse of hers comes up missing and I catch the blame for stealing it. Haha why the fuck would I steal a purse from one of my favorite aunts? Thats fuckin retarded if you ask me and Id never steal from family under any circumstances. The shitty part is I got blamed because my mom gave me a phone card number when I was in Reno to use to call home. That number was originally my aunts, and thats how the super detectives figured I stole it. What a fuckin joke right? Anyway her purse gets found a few weeks later along with her cell phone at the Jr. High in Newark that I never attended a day in my life and Mike was a freshman in HS so I didnt even know anyone in Jr. High. I catch the blame for everything and Im like a black sheep for hella long because supposedly I stole her purse. Keep in mind Im in AZ at this time and her BF is talkin hella shit about he's gonna whip my ass n shit lol dont get your ass beat dude, and especially dont get your ass beat over something that I had zero part in.... Anyway things between me and her have never been the same since that episode and a few people still think I did it but like fuck em you know? If you dont believe it you can kick rocks in my opinion- Anyway her Bday dinner was good I love chevys and ate a bunch of food. Lots of people came and of course we played cards after. That was my downfall I slowly lost $40 bucks and was bummed because all night I only won 1 hand LOL At least it was a royal flush though, but I got smoked and I havent lost for like 4months so I was kinda bummed. My sister came up a good $100 though so haha she was happy. Got home really late was crazy tired.

Saturday went to Napa with my sister n her kids to watch em race they got smoked at Napa but they had fun so it was whatever, then my sister gets an idea to go to Roseville which is past Sacramento to race the Saturday night race haha, I didnt care and I had Bailey with me so I didnt have to worry about her. We decided to go but had a few hours to kill I said we should hit the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield on the way so we did and did the tour. It was pretty cool to see how that shit is made and they give you sample bags at the end and they have alot of shit for sale. It was good and the kids liked it too. BJ ate a vomit, and skunk flavored one and I did moldy cheese, shit was nassssssty. Roseville went good Thomas won and had to pass a kid so that was good to see hes gettin better so hopefully he rides strong and goes to a national.

Sunday I rode! I rocked my sneakers and rode my race bike for about 5 laps just manualing around and jumping small things. Knee felt really good and I didnt have a brace on which was not smart I know but I was playing it safe so dont worry :) Anyway Im guessing about 3-4months of rehab and Ill be back to riding hard again. Im gonna ride careful like that once a week and I start therapy this month so that will help as well. Thats about all and Im sure you've lost interest by now. Thanks for stayin tuned and maybe pics or something coming? Iono. LOL have a good day and drive careful!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yay Area!

So Im back home now after the Texas USAC race and hangin in AZ. Texas was good hung out with Carol Mac Laskey and she was an awesome host. Thanks again for everything Carol and cant wait to show you a good time in my neck of the woods sometime! While at the USAC race I finally got to meet Dave Wray- Lemme clue you in, This cat Dave is riding his 20" bike across the country and from what I know he's the first person to get it done. He is making damn good processs and is in The Texas area right now which is a long haul from where he started- Monterey California. Yeah its fuckin CRAZY but one of the coolest things Ive ever seen go down. I fully plan on doing like a 7day stretch with him and clockin some time pedaling the 20" and camping it out for a bit. Maybe fly into an airport a week before a national and meet up with him and ride to the race- does that make sense? Lol like fly a few hundred miles away from the race and pedal the way there? Yeah like that. Anyway so I met him and was psyked on him even more dudes pretty rad and some people have hated on him and the trip and decisions but from what I've seen hes legit and Im gonna get some ridin done with him. He did pretty good in Vet too, didnt make mains but showed some skills. Anyway heres a pic and Ill update with my airport story later this week :)