Monday, November 24, 2008

Trippin it...

24 hours and 1700 miles... so basically 48hours and 3400 miles! So Psyked for this trip to Grands. Al,Rob,Bittner,Myself,and Bittners Breezy. Set to take off in under 24hours... has the webcast if ur bored and wanna see some racing and as always I will try to update~!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Toys for Tots!

This Sunday Prunedale is having their annual toys for tots drive :) I aint saying you gotta come out but if you see me before Sunday and you dont have a gift to send with me Im gonna hassle you! Show some love for the kids man drop a few bucks all you gotta do is skip the triple mocha latte frap caramel surprise and do a little good for a kid somewhere. Im off to pick up something right now and you oughta do the same.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

UCI Livermore!

Haha UCI Livermore session was yesterday and Halsey snapped a shot of me ridin' Nothing too special and I think race photos never look cool but it is what it is :) Toys for Tots at Prunedale this weekend, Fresno on Saturday and PAL Friday night. Kinda busy then taking off Tuesday to the ABA Grands in Tulsa. 22hour drive with 6 people should be interesting to say the least. Pretty psyked gotta get to work on a decibel thing for the Hayward Track finishing touches... Couldnt get the pic to load haha later I promise...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

LA's Burning!

For being the "City of Angels" you sure could make a case that that place resembles Hell a little more. Fires were everywhere and youll see the smoke and haze in the pics below. Gotta start out always with the Thank You's- So Bri and KB, you guys rock thanks for giving up some couch space to a random lil BMX'er kid and making me feel welcome. Shout out the road crew as well who really made the trip possible this time- Al and Robbo along with Delmy who came home with us :) Thanks for the weekend guys enjoyed it very much so. Arrived in LA at like 3am Friday and slept hard woke up to meet Bri and KB our hostess' for the next day or so and they were rad, also met Emmy but she decided to bounce to Berkeley instead of hangin out :) Hope you enjoyed that trip Emmy! Went to VSI/Intense where Robbo got the full factory hookup and Intense gained some respect points in my book for sure. Robbo is rad and shout out Pete D for gettin him setup to look fresh in 2009. Pete had white micro knobbies that fucker! Haha I was jealous yes I was :) Anyway had lunch/sushi and shot the shit for a good 2 hours it was rad. Learned a little about the fire and hoped everyone got there on time. Went out and painted the town with the girls and chopped it up and got to know them. They are chill as can be and solid set of girls making shit happen in LA. Keep it up ladies and dont let that old hag below you ruin the fun! Woke up on 2 hours of sleep and headed to the track where I realized I had a migraine puked about 77 times through the morning and managed to lose 15 pouns of water weight LOL. Sucked. Kept unclipping on the first straight but Beasted the main and won the thang all while rocking my white button up from the night before. Gotta look fresh right? Left the track and met Dale- thanks Dale for the couch space again and Diana keep that dude inline your running a tight ship there! Dale had a ton of memories to share and solidified why I love BMX. Great guy and wish him the best. Woke up after a cat invasion and headed to Magic Mountain. Good lil awards ceremony I got a volunteer button since I took a few pics LOL and had a great time with old friends. Saw Shay Shay and Kristina and didnt get to hang out much but tried. Check the pics below and ask me for all the real stories in person. Someone call 911 LA is on Fire!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Taking off tomorrow night to LA for the weekend. Trip consists of the normal crew Rob Myself and Al, are taking off from Gilroy tomorrow evening and then headed down south to meet up with Robs cousin whos name I cant remember for the life of me right now, but anyway she's rad and were gonna go to some show taping? Haha I guess shes in the whole hollywood trying to come up thing and Rob wants to check it out so I think thats our game plan. Also Rob is good friends with Pete who works @ Intense so I guess he wants to go check out VSI and he knows I hate those fuckers at VSI/Intense more than any other company but it should make for some good jokes while were there. State race on Saturday in Whittier and then Magic Mountain on Sunday, after that were headed back with Delmy who is Al's lady but we got this little secret thing going on that Al doesnt know about- Email me for pics! Haha Should be a solid weekend, shoulders gettin better and I road biked 7 miles today in which Im gonna start going to work and back which will be 26miles a day... UCI Worlds is mine!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Added Another!

Just fresh news about another company thats gonna help me out with some product for 2009. I had to chase this one down out of necessity. EVS makes the best gear out there so I had to get with em and get some stuff worked out for 2009. Thanks Jamey!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Good News :)

Not sure why I didnt post this as soon as I caught word but rather late than never. I re-inked a deal with Sun Ringle for 2009! For those of you that know my bike well you know I love me a 4stroke hubset! Well Jon Wells took over the reigns at Sun after Birk departed to that other co. and after an email or two and a glimps of what Im hoping to do in 2009 Jon was all ears and very supportive. Ill be rocking Sun complete wheels on all 3 of my bikes- 20" and 24" race rigs, and my park bike will have the 4stroke shred wheels as well. Thanks to Jon of course at Sun for believing in the vision.

UCI Worlds 2009- watch it unfold piece by piece...