Friday, January 30, 2009

More Support :)

So I get a call from my guy Jason Silva yesterday and we always shoot the shti and ride livermore and were travel buddies for the NBL state races. Good guy and hes chill and we click and talk alot of shit so its a dialed little operation we got going. Anyway so he calls me and he told me awhile back that he was trying to talk his boss into starting a little grom style team for state series stuff and I guess he finally pulled the trigger, because he said we were goin through with it. Its gonna help me out for NBL State and probably the Pro-Am series so it makes things alot easier and less to worry about. Psyked and youll see more of that developing as it comes into play :) What else ummm racing an NBL local with Bill Madden this Sunday so Ill get pulled by a 40year old but no worries haha hes rad, Pics will be coming of that for sure. Perris in a week- worlds in 5 months or so :) Did the math and its gonna cost me about 2k total but well worth it if I make a main so Ill be gunnin for sure. Steadily makin small moves and movements to keep things rollign along- yeeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Played Out!

Haha the proof is in the pudding... MY very own idol of sorts getting beasted by none other than Connor Fields. Haha you know I love ya Mike but I had to give you a heckle because I sure as hell cant pull you so when someone does I gotta keep you honest. Love ya man we gotta get some ride time in son... That kid even have a drivers license? Pullin you along like a mac truck and hes in the 7th grade still?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Florida...Why Not?

Yep you read it right :) Im takin off to Florida for like 2 weeks or so then flying back into LAX/Ontario somewhere down south for the Perris race... Home has been a drag and Im not too psyked on the vibe, its rainy and even before it started rainin I coldnt find anyone up for some ridin sessions. Between my knee situation I have to ride whenever I get the chance so wasted days are no good. Work has me for 1 day out of 7 this week so staying to make money is pointless as well. Anyway I had planned on goin out there for about 6 months and this 2 week opening just worked out well. Gonna go visit Esther she left the bay like 4 years ago and Ive seen her in Florida once and had a good time so I have kept in touch and were gonna hang out a bit. Bill Madden has Emerald Coast Dirt and Vert which is his park/track/trails facility and its pretty close to her house so Ill get my train on there while Im there. Bills like 40+ but he loves to ride and thats all I care about so it should be good and 2 weeks of riding is always a plus. Shout out Brad- he got his site up and running so check it out and see if your face is gracing a shot or two. Tell em Nick sent you and you want the special order 3 get 1 free deal... It might work if you say please? Yeeeeeeee

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It gives you wings...

2009 is still going good and myself and Kevin Zondervan sealed the deal and got our foot in the door with the local Red Bull guys in the area. Loads of free product will make things a bit easier for Kevin to get to a few more races and for me just a small foot in the door. Talking to Donovan and he put it best when he said you gotta have some chicken before Red Bull offers you steak haha Look for me to reppin things with Red Bull for 09' and looking to do big things and turn that foot in the door into a strangle hold. Stay tuned kids, if I can get healthy we may have some serious business going on!

Flow deals always start small but its how you play em that determines the outcome.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Haha the blog has finally reached 100 posts and unfortunately it isnt the greatest of news but news none the less :) Thanks to everyone who frequents my thoughts stories and nonsense and stay tuned always some new info coming to the blizzog.

Raced today and was pretty psyked we had a few 4man racks and a 5man rack and I was in a rack of 4 so I didnt even have to try in motos, just get out of the semi and walaaaaaa. First lap holeshotted then shut down and ended up with a 3rd out of 4 no worries just have to stay top 4 out of 4 LOL. 2nd round holeshotted again and Maurice Horton was under me in the first turn so I let him by no problem and kept going like 80%, headin into the last turn he starts bobbling and slowing up so Im on his inside into the last turn, this idiot cuts off my front wheel like our positions even matter! Not a problem really but I get clipped and start to tip over so I unclip and catch myself with my left leg :( If you know me you know my left leg is 99% danger and today was no exception. Stuck it out caught myself and paid the price. Knee is huge yet again and congrats to that idiot you won a moto you dumbass. My weekend is all but ended and Im so frustrated with shit right now like when am I gonna catch a break? Nothing I do is the right move somehow and its ridiculous. Anyway I still made the semi even though I didnt roll the 3rd round once again we had a free pass just in case racer boy with the cutoff skills ever reads this, its a free pass dont kill yourself or me in the process dude its just motos. I waqs hoping someone would crash and Id get in the main but no luck. Dinner was good stuck with Applebees :) and now ice compression elevation you know the drill. Git it boi.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hi Hater!

Yeah this ones rated adult only. So kids check back for post #100 as Im sure itll be alot nicer than this one.

Deep Breath... Fuck you. Is it because Im shinin doing my own thing? Is it because your lame ass is stuck working a 9-5 and aint got shit better to do but try and knock me and what the fuck Im doing and how Im living my life? Yeah that must be it huh? That cubicle doing the same shit time and time again for the same amount of money and realizing your wasting away on that dumb shit must have gotten to you this morning huh? So you look around to see someone whos a little different, someone who is just a lil too happy and maybe they shouldnt be? Nick- that fucker has a lame ass job working 10 hours a week for shitty pay and he somehow enjoys it... He sure does go to alot of places on that shitty pay and damnit why is he so happy go lucky when things arent peachy around him. What the hell does he got that I dont. Well you hating piece of shit, get off that conference call and listen up. Im me bitch. Rain or shine, good times or bad, ballin or broke. Muthafucka Im ME! Get that bitch? Im shining regardless- so fuck yourself or as I like to say "get fucked" because you may win the small lil battles and you may talk alot of shit while Im out doin my thing and livin it like I do. But guess what your stuck in that dead end 9-5 while Im enjoying old friends in another state and ridin like I should be. Take it. So I take it as a compliment and I know that im relevant when all you can do is wake up put on that played ass outfit for that same 9-5 shift and the first person you see and your first conversation of the day is Nick and how you are hating on him. So hater this ones for you- thanks you weak motherfucker and instead of being pissed off like you are, Im pedaling my bike to laugh at your bitch ass and having some mc donalds.

Shout out the real people in my circle- You know who you are. One Love

"Smile in my face and your forced to mumble under your breath, I just took your voice away how you feelin that?"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Roots baby. Showed up @ Chandler BMX last night after a good 5-7 year hiatus lol. Still a strong scene there the track was so so had some weird jumps and stuff but all in all a really dialed facility. Alan showed up to keep me honest down the first straight and made me feel even slower than normal. Hes bumming a lil bit right now after getting his support pulled from him just a few days before Reno. Im working some angles right now and trying to bring him back in my loop of wheels and deals. If your interested in helping out a fresh young energetic AA get at me. Im hoping to secure a lil 3 man team under the psykopath umbrella and start from there. Still gotta run it by Carl and see what he thinks but the guys are all down for it and I trust them and know that they ride and they ride hard. Thats believe it or not uncommon in the BMX world for some reason. Anyway Joey Backus was out there as well and was pullin me down the first straight along with Alan. Hung out with Colin Stiles aka Stileman and talked BMX as always :) yeeeeee Hung out with some old friends and made a new one or two. Goodyear session tonight to see the track for the weekend maybe Ill drop some camera phone pics for everyone LOL shady.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

5th Mc. 5th 5th LOL

Well who woulda thought it huh? Haha knee was shady as all hell and I was feeling quite slow, my bike didnt have the pop it should have had, I think my Staats had a slightly shorter rear end and my new build was a 1/2 link longer so tap manuals werent working correctly. Anyway saturday super sketchy motos won a lap though and got outta the 1/4 and made the semi. Legs were blown out and I had zero ponies left but still was runnin 4th somehow on the bubble spot. I bobbled like 8 time down the last straight and still got to the line first. One rider turned around to get me dq'd I heard and I had to plead my case and was agreed upon that I didnt cut anyone off just bobbled it up. Made the main got gate 1 and worked it for all it was worth securing a 5th place finish in 19-27x so I was pretty pumped. Sunday was a bunch of the same, got pimped in the second turn so i went with it pedaled around and highlowd from 6th to 4th and then the 2 guys banged bars and balled each other up while I made a speedy retreat from the chaos. Legs and knee were still flat as all hell and I had no ponies in the tank so the main i was inbetween 2 sling shotters got cut off pretty quick and worked the inside line to come out 5th again. Lifes good just rested and iced the knee waitin for practice at Chandler tonight roots baby I grew up there haha.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Taking off tis weekend to ABA Reno things were lookin god but seems some leftover 2008 vibe has left my knee in bad shape but should hopefully be ready to ride by saturday morning. Staying the weekend in Reno and leaving from there monday morning to Phx Az where Ill chill with Alicia and see Jeremy and his crew and ride a bunch with Alan and get ready for the NBL AZ race the next weekend. meeting the road trip crew where well drive home sunday after the Phx race and get back for the PAL Pro-Am the next weekend :) Busy 3 weeks and Im psyked.