Sunday, December 22, 2013


Anyone remember the OG Tony Hawk Pro Skater game where you would try just toooo many tricks in one combo and when you ate shit your score of points just turned to the word "greed" and faded away since you tried to take too much more than you deserved LOL. Well my friends we oughta send that game to many of the our lovely city employees who I shall throw some crazed figures out about today. And trust me this get HORRID if I kept going deeper I stopped at the top 15 money makers in the city this year and its insanity to think we keep this kind of payroll.

So out of the top 15 highest paid city employees it should serve as no shocker that 12 of the 15 are in police/fire divisions. They say to hide a good scam you play on people fears. Well apparently we have done a stand up job of that. Those 12 characters took home roughly $2,936,525.00 in payouts last year. $2.9Million dollars. The same divisions that are crying about short staffing, the same unions that 3 years ago didnt agree to take any cuts when the rest of us city workers did, those same fuckers have 12 of the top 15 highest grossing earners and we think we have a fiscal crisis? No. We have a greedy bunch of jackasses who are highly overpaid and thats that. And yeah Im sure we all know a cop who risks their lives daily and blah blah blah. I get it they have risky jobs, but come the fuck on people... All these guys taking home far north of $200k a year is ridiculous. Rant over.

Friday, December 20, 2013

That nasty OT grind still.

Been beasting the OT shifts again which is gettin taxing but the timing is a blessing so I aint complaining. The evo has become my new money pit but I dont feel bad at all because its my earned money right? LOL Xmas around the corner and just trying to grinch my way through it someone pray for me please hahaha Seriously wrote the date today for Monday the 23rd and was like holy shit xmas is like under a week away? fuckkkkkkk me. Mormon jehovah witness whoever else doesnt celebrate holidays I see you and respect your hustle. LOL Thats it for now 5:30 wake up time for a 16 hour day tomorrow comes fast as all hell. Til next time-

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Some people are just iconic while they walk the earth still and some achieve that recognition when they pass. I feel personally that Nelson Mandela went icon status way long before he departed today. Prisoner-Nobel Peace Prize-President. Thats a transition if I've ever seen one. Nuthin but respect and kids you oughta do some studying up on him and the legacy that is him. Props my man. SA stand up!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Got 99 Problems....

Wait. Scratch that fuck a problem. Haha took a shipment of fresh fit tees today so shoutout Adam from the building distribution for coming through with all the goods. I cant even tell you the last time I purchased a new tee shirt. Love it. Also shout at my new fav shirt Adi came through with the slogan "hard in the mothafuckin paint" laced up on a white tee for me. Bwa ha ha sooooo good.  so so good. Been sellin more evo parts to free up cash for others and thats going well, turbo kit arrives this week and maybe a few more parts and hopefully dropping this breezy off in a week or two. Stoked.  Everyon pretty bummed about Paul Walker passing away, as am I but I also know if you fuck with the bull eventually you gonna get the horns. In no way am I saying he deserved it, nobody ever deserves to die. But 95% of people wont ever understand it and thats what makes the other 5% so special, they/we fully understand that the shit we do has grave consequences and we may or may not pay the ultimate price at a moments notice.  Dude died doing what he enjoyed and had passion for, and thats more than alot of people can say or can be said about alot of people. Respect.