Friday, December 30, 2011


This is a fake retweet from a fictitious facebook account posted on my real blog. haha go figure.

Alex Fowler- im not sure why you invite all those fools...nick and phil are the only two actually shredding...every one else in that list is spectating...

Alex clowning a long list of guys invited to the trails today. I chuckled as it was a well played zinger and Alex is usually good for a funny here and there.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Family Feud Xmas Edition

Where do I start. Xmas has gotten smaller and smaller every year and I only really noticed this year because with no NBL Xmas Classic race I had no other options but to hang around and do the fam bam version of gifts and what not. We were missing quite a few people and I wont call em out, but uhhh who the fuck misses Xmas? Really? If you have a valid reason and your out of state or something hey who am I to call you out. But if you juss didnt show thats pretty weak. Anyway I was counting on people to round out my teams for Family Feud. Luckily I had some alternate who were down. Bri and Lei would fill some spots and Lei was excited, Bri was kinda bein weird but we have old issues so I kinda expect it from her for whatever reason. But she was down when it came down to it and Lei wanted to play the whole game so it worked out. Mary who was a for sure lock for the final somehow went out first round? Didnt see that one coming at all, and the plan to give her $500 was thrown off quickly LOL. BJ Crystal Nana My Mom n Dad killed it the whole way through, sweeping a few boards and stealing a board or 2 when they needed em. I surely thought I was going to be out $500 cuz they were on it. When it came to fast money time Bj and my Dad went for the cash. If it were my call I would have subbed in a girl, nana woulda been my pick she is the oldest and likely can give you the balance needed to get that last 200 points. My dad started it off and laid down a whoppin 21 points..... I felt pretty secure about my money at that point but BJ could still sweep with all #1 answers and make it to 200points so I wasnt outta the woods. He laid down a respectable 93 points I think? None the less they fell short and my cash came back home with me. I had a good time and everyone said it was alot of fun so good times were had and it only cost me a bunch of time to setup the boards and all that stuff. I think Ima do that everyear for my gift to the family. Im thinking for new years doing bonkos which we usually play anyway and just dropping extra cash on top cuz that games pretty fun and everyone makes money, or like a lets make a deal old school version and let people trade up prizes for mystery prizes. Who knows but something fun. Good times. Alicia foolishly left tamales at home so Im about to knock off 4 of them and sit around bored since the world shuts down xmas day apparently :( work tomorrow and back on the city tip. Jyeah.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dane Searls. Beast Mentality.

Next time you let doubt enter your mind wipe that $hit out of your mental state. Dane Searls jumps some massive sets which are an accomplishment all alone, then when you see the cherry 60ft backflip its even more respected. Then you add in his nuts which are clearly of epic stature and the whole thing is mind blowing. Respect.

Camp started today 8 kids which I knew 6 from previous camps so that made me feel good that repeat campers still like the nonsense Im putting out there to teach them. Skater kid took about 20 stitches before camp even started which was crazy and a lovely way to start bakc with my city employment. RIP Dane.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tried to tell ya!

As previously mentioned Im back in the graces of city employment after a few month hiatus. Got booted and brought back lol. Pretty jazzed and doing my best to help things roll along @ LCRSP. Good things on the horizon for sure. Winter camp is next week for my first order of business back and should be a fun week for all the kids. If your interested you can get registered early or just show up Monday morning and surprise me. Skate kids are like 10 deep already so the BMX camp will likely be smaller but just as much fun Im sure. Second order of business and you may hate or love it, all sessions at LCRSP will be open to everyone from here on out. The effective date is Monday the 19th. So whats that mean... You can ride BMX anytime the park is open, you'll have to be courteous and keep an eye out as you'll be sharing the park with more users and different user groups but you just gained more access to the park for sure. Im pretty psyked and will be good to see what sessions start to grow with no more attention being given to times and days, just show up and ride. Evo is still @ FFTEC and I picked up some RC 1200cc injectors and a walbro 255 fuel pump this week which is getting dropped off and installed prior to the full tune for 91 and map base for e85. e85 is now down to just $3.19 a gallon so Im psyked on that :) fill ups will be cheaper for the evo and that I can appreciate. Also saw an e85 station on Montague and 880 in SJ which makes 2 very close stations for me :) yay. Check the flier above for LCRSP camp info and see ya there!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

36 what?

Apparently when you hear funny stuff in the engine bay of the evo you oughta pay it some attention. Got a call from Mike @ FFTEC today and he explained to me that the tranny had some issues and as I expected was gonna be some loot to fix. Good thing I have been selling medical supplies out the trunk of the evo because $3600+ is quite a bit of loot for some stuff I wil never even see. Haha that noise from the tranny was annoying, but it wasnt $3k annoying LOL. So if you were hoping this was the year Nick was gonna buy you a Christmas gift, your best bet is to ask to drive my car. All donations are being gladly accepted and are great ways to get around the tax man! Sheeeeesh

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who does this type of stuff?

You aint gotta believe it but its all facts. I decide to drop my escape off at FFTEC and leave it overnight in the parking lot so that when I bring my Evo the next day I can drive the escape back home, slightly shady being that the escape is missin a window but whatever. Im circling this block for what seems like ever and find an addy thats close to FFTEC but I see no signage no kick ass cars anywhere juss blacked out windows.. so Im like wtf did I have a wrong addy? Mind you were 2 cars deep Alicia in hers and me in the escape planning to leave it. I am on my phone trying to GPS when another random car rolls up, its midnight btw and Im like wtf what other sketchy person is here LOL. Dude stares at us for a hot minute and Im like cool maybe he can tell me the addy. He opens his door finally and I say excuse me do you know where xxxx heyman st. is? He replies "for what?" and Im like wtf this guys a dick. Im like uhhh I need to drop a car off there? He replies what kind of car? At this point Im like wtf man this guys a cunt and either can help me or fuck himself. I say its an evo, and he says ok your here... Im like ummmmm what? Turns out its Sean the owner of FFTEC and all knowing guru. They got broken into last night and he was driving by to check on the building LOL. Its more than likely he was 2 seconds away from shooting me at midnight in front of his shop, but after a quick convo and tour of the shop he sent me to get my evo right then.... Yeah at 130am hahahahahaha. Who drops off a car at nearly 2am? I head home and bring back my doll of a car who is dwarfed by the 9sec FFTEC drag evo, and roughly a million bucks worth of sick ass evo's, porsches and BMW's they had inside. We talk the benefits of E85 and devise a plan before I sucker him into driving my car and hearing the grossness noises she has been making. He mentions its a loose motor mount, and I hope he is spot on, but tranny comes out tomorrow and your boy is snagging some 1200cc injectors and a monster fuel pump and this evo will be sippin the corn syrup from here on out if all goes well. Sean suggested tuning her to 91 first, but was open to going straight to e85 so thats where Im leaning. 9 sec evo pic up top in case you think im BSing. Nuts.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hell of a Thursday mayn...

Woke up feeling like a million bucks and figured Id knock out a few errands since my wednesday went so well. I finally got the Evo all smog legal so that is squared away for 2 years. She has a date with FFTEC for a tune session and a diet of E85 if the price is right... E85 is $3.33 a gallon compared to 91 octane at $3.75/85 depending on where Im at. So technically in 1.4 million miles I will have saved alot of pollution with alternative fuel and I will get to work even faster. Someone asked me the other day what the best thing about E85 was and I said its Red Bull for your gas tank basically haha. Anyway so I go to pick up the escape and she hasnt been started in 2 months so I banked on a dead battery, no big deal just jump start it and keep it going. She started like a champ first try and I figured Adi in a tough spot had drained the gas for rent fees of her garage, cuz that puppy was on E. Yeah the same kinda emptu she normally drives on during roadtrips hahaha. So I roll to the gas station filler up and turn the key to roll out. Boy was I in for a long day. Turns over, cranks and just doesnt start. Im like uhhhhhh. Try again and again and again. Shit wtf. I aint mechanical by any means but I figure the tank is soo empty that some air is in the lines maybe and the new gas is making its way to get me rolling. Leave the key turned and wait a few minutes and again nothing. Phone up pops and ask him via cell phone to tell me wtf is wrong with the escape, lord knows at just 240k miles she cant be done running yet. He shows up and diagnoses so quick that he had me convinced he was a mechanic at some point in his life. He says fuel pumps done. Im relieved because I just got done looking at top of the line fuel pumps for my evo and top notch shit is like $100 so Im stoked. I figure an oem pump for an 03 escape has gotta be $22.95 installed with a 239,999 mile warranty. I head up to auto zone struttin in like Im the man and demand the best fuel pump money can buy! The guy says calm down cowboy what size engine? Im thrown off to the point where surely only a punchline can cover my lack of knowledge. I say engine size ummmm its about 2feet wide and a fender distance deep so lets go with uhhh 2'x4' hows that sound? He doesnt think my stand up routine is too funny and lets me know immediately im in luck because the only opne they carry fits all engine sizes that year. Pfffft I showed his a$$ cuz I knew it was all the same fuel pump anyway! I slap my card down before even asking the price and he tries to rope me in with a mag light 2 for the price of 1 deal, and Im like ohhhhhh no buddy just the fuel pump! Here's a $20 bill keep the change! That'll be $232.54 sir cash or debit. WTF? I dont need 6 of the fuel pump you silly goose one will do just fine. It was at this point where I realized I was out of my realm, I was just a boy in a very manly auto parts store... I own zero tools what so ever, and this guy saw right through me! He knew that deep down inside I really did want a mag light and 2 for 1 pricing I would have bought 4! Now before you hear it anywhere else I took it like a man! I pretended my shoelaces were untied when I grabbed my ankles and took it like a champ. I left with a bit smaller of a wallet and a lot less manhood today, but all in all it was worth it. The escape rides again and if it ever decides to break down I hope it does so in the dead of night. I got these 4 mag lights Im just itchin to use! hahaha

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back to an old routine...

Figured I could post an old pic since my theme is old stuff haha. Jay Fil always asks me how to turn his tables into inverts and I told him I had this pic somewhere. Its all about your footing buddy :) Miss those long day sessions at Hayward. Good times. So getting back on the city payroll in a few short days and first thing to do is get a winter camp arranged. So word on the street is the kiddies have the 19-23rd of Dec. off school. Sign your kid up for a week of fun. Camp runs 9am-1pm and then we open at 1pm to general public. If your kid stays home he will likely watch a bunch of cable and miss out on a week long session with good ol... Me! hehe contact me for more details. Planning a big event for Feb or so... Might be a really god event if one detail goes my way :) Gotta stay quiet about it for now but good news if it works out. Starting Jan 1st my new program will be riding concrete almost daily. The skills will go way up or Ill be broke off pretty quick so we shall see which one happens first haha. Been trying to session Post Office in Aptos this week but Ive heard every excuse in the book from all the guys Ive hit up :( Nyquist is still broken so the reliable session is missing. Cant ride trails alone but tomorrow maybe I will just go for the hell of it.

Twist your feet and push that inside arm to your shoulder boys. :) ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Respect is everything.

Game recognize game, in the bay mayn. Dane Searls with a big 50ft. superman that will likely never be topped. Somebody asked me this morning at LCRSP what made it so crazy about the whole giants of dirt setup and whatnot because the megaramp is approximately the same size, 50 and 75 I believe? I laughed and said check the roll in setup at mega ramp and then glance at the slide friendly masonite everywhere. Manly men do manly shit. I finally figured out the peak air thing at post office and was really psyked on that shit, I did a few 3's and flips and rode some of the lines I dont care much for there but felt pretty good overall and felt like I got my Dane Searls tribute on well. Jay Fil was having a good time getting through the middle line which made him 2/3 of the way through everything at that spot. He has some work to do on the right hip line but in due time he should have it all dialed in. I wont make mention of the 9yr old who jumped that line but lets say Jay is definitely motivated now. Matty Matt got the drop down setup a few times and should be able to send the left hip next time we roll out there, so he is improving too. Still doesnt have the eye of the tiger yet and willing to get broke off, but if he keeps workin on it he should be fine too. Same for Jay just needs to realize the time is now. E85 on deck for the evo, even if Jay says its BS hahaha Matt you aint gettin the Iphone so give it up, flip phones are making a comeback in 2012 so be patient!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

NO THANKSgiving :(

For lack of a better word to sum up my feelings right now put the kiddies to bed. Fuck. Dane Searls passed away today after being in a coma for a few days after some celebrations went wrong. Words can probably express how I feel but I dont even feel like working toward thinking much, Im just fuckin bummed as shit. When I first heard about him being in critical I was like fuck man thats the worst news ever, and now to actually lose him is devastating. Fuckin bummed as shit. Sun needs to come out and dry something up so I can hit a section and pay some respect to a legit trailboss. Damnit.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Levi's Code! Shred Sessions LOL

First things first... Get that denim fix and whatever else you can spend some money on and then take a cool 30% off the price tag with this code @ Simply enter RS3V at the checkout and walaaaa. Shout out Carla for the inside line. Use it or lose it ***VALID NOV. 28th- DEC 4th***so dont put it off get your stuff in time for Xmas which is looming!

Rode the best jumps ever today LOL Calabasas was the spot and I just did all the normal stuff and even squeaked out a few twitchy fast and ugly 3 turndowns LOL. Sessioned the step up for a bit and was amazed at how much I suck on that jump LOL its like a lip at the bottom and then it fades away quick at the top... Just weird but Jay laid down a really good 3 on it, then he took his foot off like a goon, he manned up and sent another and looped out and had enough. He is on the new bike psych so I was stoked for him but he definitely has taken the step to learn the trick so now he just gotta dial em in. Matty Matt was shreddin with us and he is the youngest so he will likely be the best but he gotta put in the work too haha. Solid session and even Ryan was throwing x ups, Im shit with names so if I butchered his name Ill get it right next time. Off to get my dig on tomorrow either over the hill or some other spot, typical weekend and then loading up some boxes and bins as move day to the new apartment is monday. Found a few potential houses to cop in SJ so hopefully one of em works out. We shall see.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Nothing special about the date just felt like typing it out for some reason LOL. Felt like I havent blogged in a few weeks so figured Id get back at it n see whats on my mind. Heading to peep an apartment in a few minutes and 95% sure it will be my new residence while I scope out a house to buy still. Short lease so Im not locked into it for too long, but we shall see. Not too psyked about having to do an apartment because I think the pressure of bein at my aunts was making the house saving and searching so much faster and now that we have a 4-5month window Im sure things will slack up but whatever. Gettin the escape window fixed pretty soon as soon as one of these people call me back with a quote for it. I swear in a shit economy you would think people would be fighting for work. No dice though. Did I mention Ill be in Fremont at the new spot? Yeah off Stevenson pretty far down, would be CRAZY if the skatepark was still there since thats like a 2 minute pedal from the apartment Im going to. Luckily it's not- Id have $5k in tickets in a few weeks Im sure but my flairs would be even bigger LOL Dons bike is still missing I think, but Im sure that fool filed a claim with his insurance and could likely build a BEAST of a new bike. Id be pissed if someone stole my shit outta my car but at the same time a $500 deductible is a small price to pay for gettin a fresh whip. Speakin of which I need to get that bitch tinted up ASAP. Got my stock intercooler piping yesterday and need a coupler or two to get it all smog legal LOL go figure. Ill get around to it, likely after I get pulled over for my tags which expire next month LOL. Chris said he is oficially hitting the brakes on which we had spoke about a few weeks ago but I figured he was just bored with it for a bit. Said he has been workin alot which I totally understand. Im not sure who will run with the flag from now on and the rest of the local sites have nowhere near the range of sjbmx so should be interesting to watch. If I were Specialized Id buy it and try an put subliminal messages in all the posts and move units that way haha. Will Grahn is a manly man in case you didnt know. Thats all for now kids been diggin at the trails and the sessions are only at Post Office now as SS is pretty much a flood zone now, Its drained nicely but seasons over unless you buy some sunshine and sneak it through the trees. Yeeeeeeeeeee

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Finally got around to installing my stock airbox and filter on my evo the other day since my smog month is finally here and it went pretty well. Rigged it up and was immediately sad the sound was way lamer than normal. Shot down to a smog spot in the hood by my job, she passed with ease and then the questions started about my intercooler piping... Why is is polished? Did it come polished? LOL Its polished cuz that shits baller son! So none the less the dude failed me for not having a stock air filter... Which is still on my car but whatever. I ordered up a black murdered out stock upper intercooler pipe today w/out the blow off valve flange and will install it later in the week and send my shit back for round #3 haha. Smog has been annoying to say the least but the good thing is I called a shop today that was kinda a far drive and he said bring it by when I get the new piping and he will knock it out. Jyeah tryin to get legal its rough in the streets bruh! Still homeless trying to find an apartment while I find a house to buy, stressin ass shit haha Thats about it doin work, not going to Grands cuz I aint got the ca$h which is shitty since I aint missed a Grands race in like 10 years prolly. LOL what can ya do?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Productive Weekend.

Said farewell to SS for the season, the rains came down just as expected Sunday during the day while myself and Alex got to work on the main line fixes and newness we have planned. We got quite a bit done and roughed in a lip and then started moving tons of dirt for the landing which should be off centered off camber and weird but fun. I did a straight tailwhip yesterday with P-Rizzle after we both talked about it for a bit. First one went good, then I got greedy and wanted a cleaner one... haha slid out 3-4 times and then finally got another perfect one. Felt pretty good and it was good to dust it off LOL. Good times and all that will be left for trails is Post Office now because SS holds water for awhile :(

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thinkin back...

I guess I should have done a scrub style kickout for this shot because it would have been a scrub while in scrubs... Funny? No? Ok moving on haha. SC PAL was frickin freezing tonight and after about 15 first straights I was very over it. Oie was going fast as was Alexis and Robert Szilagi (sp?) had my ticket punched all night so kuddos to him for beating me down the first straight each lap we took. His first few cranks were carrying him out well and my shit was stalled LOL. I showed up in my work digs and didnt even remotely think of changing out of them, added 2 layers of clothes on top of them and did as much as I could but it was still NASTY cold. Tomorrow is likely the last trail sesh of the season with PM showers so I am trying to get out to Aptos and eye up what we can start the dig season with and send a few farewell hits. Maybe even send the watts hit a few more times, who knows.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Normally Im not too excited for a rainy day but I think this is just about the last weekend of fair weather, which means a few good showers and its time for all the fools who talked about throwin dirt to put some effort behind all that talk. Im psyked cuz the trails held up all season and only got dusty the last few weeks of hot weather, so all in all it was a good long run. Alex has a few ideas and I just wanna link the whole line back together and make the walk back even worse then it is now hahahaha. Good times ahead for sure. Alex has put in our sponsorship proposal to PBR so we should hear back any day now LOL. Jyeah!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


"If I said it I've done it, or it's about to happen" -Ludacris

Been had this monkey on my back for about 3months now. Rain was coming soon and the hand wasnt healing fast enough. 3rd time was a charm and clearer footage is on the horizon. But for now the Watts gap off my evo phone with the only human to vouch for it being 13 yr old Justin Garcia haha. Enjoy. Haha and it wont load up on blogger so you have to hunt for it on FaceCrook. Best of luck.

Friday, October 21, 2011

We Out Here!

And tonight we'll be doin the most! Bike party suckas. Its gonna be a long ass night for me Im takin my park bike for the first time and that means no sitting down for the most part :( Fixie kids better steer clear, I got pegs that will end your night quickly. My aunt and uncle are rolling, alicia, alex fowler says he is gettin in it as well as Al the pride of Gilroy. Im sure Ill see some more people out there. Get at ya boy!
for info and Im starting at the downtown regroup jyeahhhhhh

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Camp Over :(

Camps over and I expect an edit of the action soon. For now you gotta settle with Alex's iphone version of an Orange Cove flair. Yee

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Camp Status

Bangin Yo! Camp is off the hook, we session mosqueda today and then the dirt parks at woodward and everyone had a blast and burned 6.2million calories per person. Just checked into our second campsite and the owner informed that "adult" means 12 and over. haha what douche so he raped me an extra $5 bucks on each head in the camp, whatever asshole karma will get you and from the looks of him it had already beat his face with an ugly stick. Orange Cove tomorrow and possibly heading back into Fresno for some more concrete enjoyment. Someone set a date for camp #2, cuz Im hooked.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Lets Goooooo!

Packed up the fit this morning, gabe lumberjacked some wood to keep us eatin marshmallows and heading out to get the campsite setup in just a few minutes. Alex is coming from the indians house with the other rig and some more gear and then we should be dialed. Headed out to Casa De Fruta tonight for the first night pizza, swimming, and hangin out before the cold sets in then its off to Fresno tomorrow morning where our resident local superhero Ryan Garcia is gonna take us to all the shreddable spots. After a long day in Fresno we will set up camp at Kellys Beach in Reedley and then session Orange Cove park and track sunday morning before heading back to the bay. Kids should have a good time and I havent slept in a tent in ages, wish me luck!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bummed :(

It's been a rough year or few months or whatever. And it really sucks to relay this information because losing someone you know is never a good thing. Im not sure exactly when I first met Fumiko, but she was an old school BMX'er and had a genuinely happy outlook on life. I recall meeting her somewhere at a Ca national and then I remember sessioning her local track in Oklahoma with Alan Hudson and a few of the locals out there. We hit a dinner session with her and David and talked nor*cal bmx. She was and will always be Psykopath family :) When I heard she passed away today I was bummed for sure. Normally Id head to the trails and roost a double in her honor but the rainy days will have to let up for that. But Fumi I owe ya one for sure. Here's to a future meeting and never goodbye but I'll be seein ya again. RIP Kidd.

Monday, October 10, 2011

School Shows/BMX Camp

A few teachers about to get 360'd over for the grand finale of sorts haha

Did a few school shows in Los Banos with Al last week and had a bit of fun shredding the baby box jump. Its funny cuz you ride that thing enough and you just start to get comfortable with it. Its tiny at about 3ft. tall and the gap never gets too far maybe 10 feet? We had to do the show indoors which was fun and it worked out and we stayed out of the rain which threatened but never really started. Al took off to the Reedley NBL State finals and I headed back to work and the drive was a burner but luckily I took the fit which gets probably 2x the gas mileage my evo gets. Its hard to drive that thing after my car but to save gas money I wasnt trippin. Speakin of the Evo that breezy is gettin a set of 18x9.5 rota grids and some new tires pretty soon as well as some wheels spacers and some adjusting to get that perfect stance I want :) Then its an Hta 71 turbo from the guys at fp that will be ordered and a tune session, hoping to get 400hp on 91 octane and then she will be done :) Finally gonna get the tint laid down too :) Im homeless as of late so staying with my aunt Mary which isnt the best scenario but when your saving $2000 a month on rent that can add up quickly, likely gonna just buy a house in the next few weeks/months/years however long that nonsense takes, renting is for the birds so im gonna make some move asap.

BMX Camp starts Friday and should be good, plenty of room for more little gremlins so if you got a snot nosed kid send em my way! Pretty juiced about it, Friday starts at Casa De Fruta for a night of fun and then early Saturday headed to Fresno to shred the greatest place on earth.... Wayyyyy excited for this weekend.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I guess I am one of those guys now. The kind who copy pastes shit from everywhere in hopes that if even 1 person sees it here they would have not seen it elsewhere. But some things just need more attention than others. Jim Bauer does his best at keeping print media alive- shot for the lens of Jeff Z .

Best quote from BMXBoard "Jim B needs a 41thermal wheelbarrow to carry his nuts in"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ape $hit...

Im not one to copy paste stuff from other sites generally but this one is a heater and Hucker is one of my top 5 riders Im sure. Hang 5 at speed straight into a fronty, nuts to say the least and a landing I could be proud of. Monster Truck it!

Mike "Hucker" Clark's Hang 5 to Front Flip during the 2011 Vital BMX Game of BIKE - More BMX Videos

Thursday, September 29, 2011

LCRSP Stays Open...

You heard it hear first and dont ask how :) LCRSP got the bridge funding it needed to stay business as usual, but with a more business approach Im sure. Good job to Cindy Rehban our parks manager in SJ and Rose Herrera our District 8 Council Member for their hard work, and above al the whole SOS crew for all their hardwork. Paul Murphy, Carol Kruger, and everyone else who attended meetings and did work on the back end. Its been a pleasure working with you guys and watching it unfold. Next chapter!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who Eats Roses?

Count me in. Hung out with my uncle the other day and we were sessioning the bbq and what not, he starts talkin bout how he has been on the culinary arts tip and all this jazz. Haha not sure how it became but we were eatin roses after it was all said and done? Haha very true story and I made sure to snag a pic. Go Figure...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Game Recognize Game.

Im sure Ive used that title before. But for some reason "Tom Dugan goes really high on a BMX bike" just didnt have my steez sprinkled on it. Not sure how I missed this picture on the interwebs prior to a bmxboard thread. But hot damn that shit is the business. Props. Enjoy.

***WARNING*** If you choose to click the above pic and view it in full size you will be immediately humbled and have a new found respect for going high and roosting out the back end a lil bit. Sheeeeesh!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hosed by DMV

Just got back from DMV and even though I got over on them for surely a couple grand the last round they just settled the score... I bought my Evo fro a private seller and everyone knows you have to pay taxes, so I did the honest thing for once and put down the price I paid... Yeah thats what I did.... Anyway I paid sales tax of like $550 bucks for my Evo that cost me $6,000.00! She asked if I wanted to pay my registration while I was there and I was like sure why not, she said total comes out to $639.00... I was like WTF... Score is tied DMV Vs. Nick 1-1... Still gotta get a SMOG check though and those usually never go well haha.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

RIP :(

Shit man, never good to post saddening news but I guess after Interbike Rickey Bates of the Sputnic team along with Gary Dimartine from Florida were headin into PHX AZ and were involved in a car crash resulting in BMX as a community losing 2 of our own. Condolences go out to their families and the scenes they come from I know of Bates a bunch because he drops quite a few edits but my knowledge of Dimartine is minimal. None the less man that shit sucks and Ive said it before a million times and Ill say it again. Treasure today as its your last people... I dont know how many times Ive driven to Interbike let alone a zillion miles across the country and been fortunate enough to arrive safely to a destination. When my thumb gets better Ill roost a double for these 2 guys and I encourage everyone to do the same! RIP BroSki's

Monday, September 19, 2011

Time Lapse?

Its been a LONG time since Ive blogged and Ive just been busy or whatever... The Evo has a Dr. appointment to get some goodies swapped in and some issues fixed. She should be cherry when she is all done and settin me back $1500.00 LOL YAY. Nate Mellone got me good and has setup a clone account in my honor on the good ol FaceCrook website. Its been funny to see the postings from him, I told him Id let it ride out and wouldn't cancel the account as long as it didnt get me into any shit, so expect it to be axed in about 72 hrs. LOL. Warriors of Wood went down and I had a good time judging. Smaller relaxed chill vibe this year, jumps were much smaller and guys were getting through but not too many people throwing down really hard, I had a great time and wish I could have ridden, which leads me into my crybaby rant about my MCM joint in my hand. Yeah went down on a 360 and broke it or something :( Trying to relax it for a few weeks and avoid a surgery but Im not too confident Im gonna luck this one out. Kinda bummy but whatever. Trails are on hit lately and I really miss roostin some dubs, but whatever time flies and Ill be back asap. School show for Al and Jump2Jump went down well, quick few hundy to add to the evo fund. Selling the Escape- so someone who wants a shady whip make me an offer and its all yours. What else.... BMX Camp next month with Al assuming he doesnt flake out, should be fun sign your kids up ASAP as we will be capping it off at some point. Thats all I think... Adios

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Sheesh really need to get rid of that license plate.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3rd and 4th @ NBL Grands, Evo... check.

First off I somehow took my slow pedaling a$$ into a few mains over the weekend at the NBL Grands and when I found myself in those mains I was actually not doing too bad. The track was pretty ABA so you could check the skill at the door and exchange it for pure speed. That didnt help my cause at all but like I said I did just enough in the monster moto that I landed in to just make it out on the bubble spot and I would ride that bubble spot all day and even take down a 4th in the main. Cruiser was much of the same I faired a bit better in the motos but a lame start had me watchin the semi main run away from me, made a few moves avoided a crash and tried to even help Nate make the main but it didnt work out. I eventually took down a 3rd in the cruiser main, the rain had started falling pretty good and I didnt really wanna go hard into the turns so I just rode the straights hard, and then coasted and stood tall in the turns and didnt really force the issue. Now my boys were fearless, RC Ricky Castro was killin it. He has been riding the park a bit lately and it must be payin off cuz he was lookin good and stylish leading races all day long. He is always a good lil guy to session with and since camp a few weeks ago, I really feel that we have a good little bond together. You could even think of it like brotherly love of sorts... Yeah thats what Id call it brotherly love. Bwa Ha Ha. Got home and after ages of searching I finally found the Evo of my dreams! Well ok maybe it wasnt or isnt the evo of my dreams, but its definitely the evo I could afford and purchased and you can see me ramping around town until the cops take it away from me lol. Took it for a drive yesterday and torquezilla is all I can say. Thing definitely has too much power to ever really need, and to think I was looking at getting some that had built engines and like 700hp, the one I bought has some stuff done but its only at about 400hp and is already plenty of pull for my lead foot. Good times, she needs some tranny TLC a suspected throwout bearing is making a nasty noise but we shall see, gonna put my audio stuff in the trunk in the next few weeks when I quit being lazy so I can have some bass in the thing and thats about it. Tint? someday. Wheels later? maybe. I really should put up a picture but again Im way lazy and heading to help my uncle with his 25th wedding anniversary stuff again this morning. Interviews soon from my boys at Grands and thats about all. Work Work Work back on the grind!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just lean back bruhhh.

Been riding trails alot lately and gettin comfy rockin the dirt jumps for sure. Threw down a few 360's on a set in the main line at Post Office in Aptos and been itching to flip it. Didnt think it would be very hard and it went fairly smooth the first go round and then did it again and finished the line with a table and turndown for good measure. Now just have to work on sprinkling in some more steeze on the setup jumps before it and walaaaa. Headed to NBL Grands this weekend in Louisville and dont think the dirt skills will help there, but Ill be trying to get my go fast on haha. Need to bang out a letter to good ol Chuck Reed and help the save LCRSP cause, even though Im not working there I still gotta keep that place open for good measure. Greg Watts jump coming soon so if anyone has a spiffy photo guy send em my way.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mr. Nyquist Requests Your Presence...

Yep its that time of year when the ramps get dusted off and rolled out to the track @ PAL Stadium. The 3rd installment of WOW is upon us and the buzz is building. Bring a friend out and watch the shred session. Contest never lets me down and I get just as stoked watching Josh Stead go way high as watching kids huck themselves and do every trick in the bag. Good times and Im skipping a trail session to be there so you should too. Pass the flier along and lets do this!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fired? Ha.

Pic has nothin to do with blog post but visit the grand canyon if you are ever close. well worth it.

So I wasnt even gonna mention this because it was too long of a story but a few people were like how didnt you blog that? So here it is and this is a condensed version because I am taking the high road and not fussing back and forth about it. I trust I always win and even when it appears Im losing Im still winnin. Ya know? So I had BMX camp and killed it with 19 kids. 19 kids and 2 instructors when only 1 of the 2 is actually a BMX rider is a staffing issue. When a boss calls in 3 out of 5 days and then criticizes my staffing decisions and attempts to make my camp work at a 19:1 camper to instructor ratio. He is going to hear it from me. Which he did several times. I spoke with a few different people and wasnt getting enough support so I let it be known I was very unhappy about the situation and how it was handled. I still made camp a great week and pissed off a boss in the process, but a boss is getting a paycheck and a customer is paying for a service, so hate it or love it I am going to side with the customer 9 times outta 10. He didnt like what I had to say and it wasn't meant for him to like. Then I get a call a few days later from a co-worker who needs help mind you this is my day off, and I help her with her problem over the phone. Boss chimes into the phone conversation because he has now shown up, mid day of course... And asks who the co-worker is talking to on the phone, I say "tell that fag to do some work for once" I laugh it off and get back to my real job. Then I get a voicemail about how me using the term fag is a hate crime of sorts and said boss is going up the city ladder shopping for my ousting lol. Cant handle the heat huh? I apologize for my terminology used because that was out of line, but I chuckle at the fact that a week earlier when I was sending out emails and phone calls for assistance with 19 paying campers and how to serve them better I got no response, but this matter can be dealt with so swiftly. Ha. Im "unassigned" now which is a nice quiet way of being fired but lets be real if you live this shit you aint never off the clock. Trails tomorrow where Ill roost some doubles and should be able to go a lil bit higher since I wont have all that city money lining my pockets haha.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Trails and More Trails!!!

Gotta love being so sore after an all day session you can hardly walk. Went out to SS and Post Office with Kevin and Kumar yesterday and shredded with those guys. Kevin was just gettin his feet wet ridin dirt but he got through a few jumps and his style will improve and get better if he sticks wit it. Endo had to redeem himself after being a huge vagina the first time we rode a few weeks ago. He got through the main line at the office and was sketchin all over the place but I definitely think he got it 3 times in a row once or twice so Ill call it dialed... Not dialed but dialed enough LOL. I was psyked to get through pretty comfortably after a zillion runs and eyed up a 360 on the 4th set, Id seen Nyquist fire it out at will so I knew it was definitely possible. After staring it down I fired it out and finished the line easily. Stoked cuz that puppy is a good sized mid rhythm jump. Got taken out on a 360-hip turndown later in the evening but fun was had by all. Took Endo and Kevin to the Greg Watts gap, and they didnt think it was too possible either. But that being considered, im doing it soon. Each time I go there I see it more and more as a doable gap. Pics dont do it justice at all and you have to see it to appreciate it, but I could only get 1 to load and here it is, if the other one ever loads Ill post it too. Boom!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BMX Camp #3!!!

Burner days out at LCRSP this week. Early mornings and late nights and a steady diet of gatorade and donuts with cheez its sprinkled in to balance everything. 19 kids took the plunge and enrolled in the biggest BMX camp to date and Im admittedly happily overwhelmed. I Usually work with 5-10 kids and have a curriculum that is fool proof but these guys have beaten me at my game and we arent learning as much as usual, but the kids are having a blast and enjoying the last few weeks before school starts again. RC Ricky Castro even graced us with his presence and taught the step up gap who is boss, then he did it backwards for good measure. Props buddy. Next year Im doing camps very similar and Im very excited to see the turnout and see whats possible with a lil bit of marketing. Good times. Lake session on Friday and pizza with the kids and enjoy just a brief cam phone pic of our water balloon toss game which netted a few of the lucky winners some DVD's courtesy of Props Visual Ltd. Sunburnt and happy about it. Even did a whip up the step up today haha go figure.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blog Overload

I hope people are checkin back often cuz we are blogging at a pace that is not to be fooled with. Jonas has a good set of pics he just dropped on the interwebs that I totally endorse and you should jump over via this addy..

A few leaked pics of myself he was so kind to relay, because he knows I gotta get that photo contingency LOL I swiped a few of my personal favorites but definitely head over and check the whole set out, you will not be bummed and Jonas thanks for posting em!

Nathan Mellone...

Some comments dont deserve to never be seen and this one definitely fits into that category. Nathan Mellone must be the wise guy behind it but I give him all due credit. I rarely laugh hysterically out loud while reading something but this one has me all smiles. Nate if you ever translate comedy into speed you will be a force to reckon with. Until then, thanks for clearing out turns for me. Ladies and gents enjoy Nates open letter to me concerning my perforrmance at the worlds. Classic.

Dear Nick,

Against my better judgement I am going to give you the secret to success. Everyone knows that you're a no good trophy chasing sleeper. Weekend after weekend you slum it in the back of the pack barely skating by so you can blow your wad on the last lap in an effort to get a "big trophy". Newsflash!!! You're no longer 5 and those fuckers just collect dust. Come to think of it you probably keep them nice and shiny because you're so proud of them. You are the only person I know with 500 wins and you're still sitting national #50. That is pretty talented if you think about it. You might want to pick up hooked on phonics math and figue out where all those missing numbers are that will put you in the top 10.

Getting to my point... The key is train like you race. When you go to a world championship race chances are you are going to have to actually try every moto. I know its a hard concept to swallow but trust me its a fact. When you only "go hard" one moto after everyone else has been busting their ass all day and get your win you are shooting yourself in the foot. Moto 2 at the worlds and when you cross the line youve just busted your nut. Sitting there in the pits with shaking hands trying to sauce up with crystal light hoping that you have enough in you still to make it out of rounds and maybe further is no way to live.

Now im not saying that you need to go 150 percent moto one but its called pacing yourself. As the rounds go further and get faster you pick up the pace too.

What did we learn today? You're a lazy trophy chasing bum who tries to sneak his way to the next round but the "who actually put in effort police" always catch you.

Do work...

Enjoy Nates Last Stand..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


R.I.P. Aaron Day's Trails from Marcus O'Brien | POWSBMX.COM on Vimeo.

Really bummer news here. I met Aaronprolly about 5 years ago? Longer than that even, rad dude who has always been putting in shovel time in his area. Really bummed to see his spot get plowed and its nature of the beast and you always have it in the back of your head but it sucks to actually see it happen. Hats off to you guys on your digging skills and best of luck finding the next spot and starting the new gem. Nick

Monday, August 1, 2011

"Whole Click Wasted"

Thats a very good song in my opinion, but some would not agree. It is definitely a fair way to group our festivities last night as well. We hit the cafe after it closed and planned on going downtown, Elum (sp?) was down for a shot prior to heading downtown which turned into me figuring out that 200dkk for the whole bottle was our best route to go. So myself, Brian, her and Nate second straight Mellone put that bottle to waste in about 20 minutes. I had 4 shots and knew it was going to be a long night haha. We tried to get our heads wrapped around a plan and we ended up suckering in Mandy to help us, we never ended up leaving and just got a slew of bottles and lit some candles blasted some music and Club Awada was poppin LOL. Good fuckin times with all my friends and overall a great way to wrap up the trip. Shout out Mandy, she is getting her own dedicated blog for how rad she is just as soon as I get some pics of her. Super chill and really hooked us up all week and kept our tummy's full and showed us the southern hospitality for sure. She is actually headed back to the ATL this week and Im 95% sure I will cross paths with her again. Great person and the whole Awada staff really for putting up with us and being genuinely good peeps. They deserve a few quiet days at the cafe for sure after a hectic week. I stopped counting at like my 10th shot and had 4-5 red bull thangs, and some NASTY dark shots that Mandy was surely sourcing from the depths of hell, aka that murky water next to the cafe LOL. Anyway Scott Moreland puked before I did so Im not a wuss and he didnt claim his LOL. When we got all cleaned up and started walkin back up the street to the hotel I was like oh yeah here we go! Puked out front and started slamming waters and it worked out perfectly. Woke up at 5am to finish packing and puked again for good measure and was still very buzzed. I cant function properly when I dont feel 100% so thats why I rarely drink but I got it together enough to get down to the bus for the shuttle to cph airport. Hit this flight into Amsterdam and now waitin on the 8hr burner into Minneapolis before I head to the West Coast. fun fun fun. Everyone traveling back from CPH I had a great time with you all and as soon as Jonas leaks some pics I will cross leak them as well. Mandy email your boy and keep in touch playa-

More to come soon I Promise!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Can I get a 6th to go with that 5th please?

Son of a bitch! just squeaked out of motos, where I drew the eventual top 3 guys in the main to qualify through and just snuck in the semi with a 4,5,4 scores. Sketchy 3rd round and that was super nerving. Loaded up for the semi and got a great gate, snuck in an extra crank to make sure I hit the first turn in 3rd and silly me, epic brainfart I guess? I ended up hitting the first jump switch footed. Yeah I dont think thats ever happened before but it tossed me pretty sketchy and to the back of the pack for sure. Diced a little and caught back up but mistakes are mains at this level. Annoyed a little but whatever. Looking forward to trails on Tuesday when I get home.

Edit... The hotel manager just called to see why our closet doors were broken... Uh oh someones in trouble. Crown shots and a 23rd birthday are to blame, and I think Brian Carillo just purchased a nice ikea closet setup...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

5th in a semi...

Call me many things but dont call me broke or inconsistent. 5th in a semi again. Son of a bitttttttt... Rode great all day and ill blog it out later but juss wanted to deliver the shitty news. 5th in a friggin semi AGAIN.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Tried to blog Lil D's 1/8main clip but no such luck. Anyway very ready to get some laps done tomorrow and try and sneak into a main event. The draw was pretty decent I lead off 25-29 men usa efforts with the first rack of 8 gates of us with Nate just behind me and Frank to follow. Lets do this!

Nor*Cal Cecil Approved!

Big ups to the 1-2 punch and the pride of Manzanita BMX knows as Bubbs Gonzalez and Ryan PettiGREW. Both did outstanding jobs and brought home World Titles today. Bubba was very close to getting nipped at the line, but ry ry took it by a good margin. Bubba some advice from your uncle Nick, shrink that new bike down! Envy Lites in the 1.5 size and wash it and dry it a few times. It looks big on you and had me nervous about your skills. But you stepped up and showed that at the worlds you need not win all the laps just the main event. Congrats again boys. Mr. Ontiveros unfortunately departed in the 1/8 mains when a Brazilian kid made the best of a few small mistakes and laid down a high low with a questionable last straight that shuffled Damian back to 5th. he rode very well in the motos going 2-2-2 and the draw of the racks had him sitting pretty or so we thought into the main :( I'll upload his rounds and stuff from dinner in just a few but as always tough breaks and lesson learned for sure. Love ya kidd lets use this motivation to step up our $hit when we get back home. Fresno is always calling us to session...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Practice #2!

Just finished up session #2 of practice and it was a doozy. I rolled in for the first sight lap and pumped around just getting the legs warmed up and started the morning off perfectly by blowing out a shimano pedal. F you shimano. Those stupid pedals always just randomly blow up and slide off the spindle without warning. So of course lucky me I get the shit luck at the big race. I swapped out a set and borrowed Lil D's pedals for a few laps but they just werent cutting it :( After stressing out for a bit I went back to the team tent and had the mechanic kinda rig em up for a few laps. So hopefully it works out and stays tight for the rest of the weekend. Felt good and got some laps taken down, the track is good at speed and the only big issue for everyone is that first triple that is just making things ugly for everyone. As always I felt way slow out of the gate and down the hill but that happens with the SX hill. Gonna be a battle of gate starts for the most part. Took a team USA shot and now back at the hotel contemplating walking up the street to get a burger- Yeah Boi...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Jamie Lilly I Apologize.

Thats right. Ladies and gents of my blog I was finally after such a long time of carrying animosity, ill will, or even hatred as some would call it in my heart toward Jamie Lilly I was finally eased of all those negative feelings. I would like to be the bigger person and say Jamie Im truly sorry for all the bad things Ive said about you and rambled off at the hint of even hearing a whisper of your name. The word cunt should never have been used to describe you, and a thief who deserves the wrath of god should never have been wished upon you daily as I requested so religiously. But yesterday I received a comment on my blog and it read " get it son win that race and Ill deposit the $500 I owe you " I thought who could this possibly be, surely you still owe me $900 dollars of the $1,000 you borrowed and then vanished like a vegas magic show, but perhaps I thought maybe my math had been a bit off. Must be. So Jamie again I apologize and thanks for remembering me and making things right between us. Without that stress maybe I can jump now without the weight on my shoulders, yes. Today is a new day and I should have never wished you dead thinking you had F'd me over and head for the hills with my cash and my good indian friends last few dollars to his name. It's moments like this when Im pleasantly shown that not all people are bad, I just make snap decisions and judgments too early. Al Roybal Im sure your next in line to get ssquared up with so drink an extra Pepsi today buddy.

Flip vids of practice today maybe?
Breakfast is delicious.
Austin Hiatt dropped the N bomb in conversation with me yesterday? wtf?
Lifes good players.


#125 is what the BMX gods have blessed me with as the number to go by tomorrow while Im doing work practicing and then racing on Thursday. Pretty jazzed because Rick Moliterno created the 125r race bike which I love and I respect him as an iconic mo frow in BMX. So 125 I can deal with and accept before shedding 124 digits off that puppy. Enjoy the google hits from #125-

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ummm Still No Sunshine?

Enjoyed a $42 buffet last night that appeared just like a $9.95 buffet back home. LOL. Breakfast was free with our $800 room purchase though and killed that weak a$$ dinner buffet. Check the pic for the weather today. Pretty cold so hoodies are in effect and Ill be reppin the Jump2Jump official threads. Practice is at 1 today and the wind is going to make it a 50/50 shot if you wanna charge it and risk things. Im the send it type so Ill likely try to figure things out in a hurry and not stress it. We shall see.

Rain Rain Go Away...

Got into Copenhagen safe and sound today and all bags are accounted for. If you have been to the worlds thats usually the sketchiest feeling when your waiting for your bags to show up. Rain is still falling and the track has been covered for a few days, I suspect practices will be shuffled around and they will get creative with the schedules. Heading down to pick up the team USA packs in a few minutes and Kenth Fallen said he enjoyed a $32.00 burger last night haha. Sign me up!

If your curious for $250.00 USD you get $1,232.00 in DKK. Suckers!

Email aint working here so far so if you emailed me, relax Ill get to it when I have a chance.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


@Nickdawg says... Held up in Minneapolis with a 3hr layover before we hop onto the burner into Amsterdam. Jyeah. Pretty psyked its still raining through Thursday off and on in Copenhagen so I expect practices to be shuffled/shortened who knows but a change in schedule could be looming. Just rechecked weather reports and numbers are down to 30% mid week. Gonna be interesting. Gavin Lubbe? Where yat son?

Lets dooooooo it!

Checked the bags and somehow avoided the nasty looming $600 cloud that was messin with my mind all night. I figured Id check it al curbside flop out a $20 and hope for the best, I knew it was bad when Delta is the ONLY airline that doesnt have curbside checkin! sheeeesh! So I walk in and look for the lube in my carryon to make the raping not so harsh. Luckily someone of a darker shade assisted me checking in and a hawaiian dude printed my tickets, the gift of gab worked out and I got away with just paying $75 for a second bag. I could have easily went with my original plan and loaded it all in one bag and rolled the dice but I was spooked and the risk vs. reward was better paying $75 against paying $600 if things got ugly. Nate Mellone Im going to tell you here and now, follow me to the podium or stay outta my way! Im gonna try and blog as much as I can as often as I can so be checkin back often and hopefully I can finally post the "triumphant Nick @ worlds" blog that has been saved on my mac for 4 years just waiting to be published LOL. Good times, Johnny O and Lil D juss slid through the line with an oversized bag weighin in at 47 pounds hehe clever guys. Aight over n out hit ya from Minneapolis/Amsterdam/Copenhagen. Jyea!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fidel Castro!

Well not exactly but work with me here. Fidel Castro basically dominated Cuba and ran that shit the way he felt was right for just about ever. His not so distant nephew has done much of the same with 21-25 cruiser this year. Enter Phil Castro. Ill give you a little bit of background on myself and Phil and even my other favorite Fresno shredder lil Stevie. If you rewind the clock about 2-3 years I was a young chicken and not as slow as I am now, and Phil wasnt training like he is now. Stevie has always been quick and in the mix so the 3 of us used to shred it up at every state race and I really liked being on the track with those guys. My how times have changed, this jackass got the gym bug put into him and about a year ago started killin me and things just werent the same. Props to him and by all means improve yourself on the track but sheesh its not fun chasin you around all the time. Luckily he is always in the cruiser main before me at nationals so I get to see his mains often. He has put in a serious bid to get 6 wins and go at the nag title this year and Im psyked to see him get out there and go for it. He made the most of an inside gate in LV and walked with the Saturday win before partying and skipping sundays races where a huge crash would have likely given him another win. Ive promised to blog about his results and Im making good on that now. However..... The dude is definitely gay and I have proof, so when he does win the title in 21-25 Ill be selling the proof to the highest bidder. Good job Phil!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Doin it....

BMX Camp #2 kicked off this weekend to the tune of 9 kids from 7-14yrs old and went very well today for only having 1 instructor, yours truly. Apparently my idea for a banner at Calabasas dirt park was somewhat a good idea as 4 of our riders mentioned thats how they got the camp idea. Who knew marketing could be a worthwhile investment? Hmmmm maybe if we had banners and signage for our whole facility at different places around our city maybe we could even generate more customers... Ya think? Stopped by Oscars yesterday to check on the bbq session they ahd going on. Nyquist was going high, there was a good session going on but I never enjoy riding with 12 people on a small deck so I donated some cold pizza and $10 for the entertainment I saw. Notables were Will Grahn, he is co signed as the next big thing to come outta Nor Cal. Ive been watching him for awhile and he now has all the skills to get things done. If he stays away from weed and dumbasses he can do well for himself. But time will tell... Endo was trying flairs but they didnt work out, just more practice will fix him. Nyquists' were riding well and the trails were hittin and I shaded out up to aptos for a 1hour quick hit session at SS. Good times with Jay Fil who sold his MTB and rode a 20". 12 days til worlds! lets doooo this.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Im not the most political but uhhhh

Another person killed by BART police officers? Come on people that shit is seriously a major problem. I have read a few different news outlets about it all and the way it shakes out is a call came in about a man on a BART platform, to which pair of officers responded, the guy had a knife and was drunk and then no outlet says that he stabbed the officer(s) in question but reports say one of the officers "suffered" light cuts and bruises. Ummm attention you effin idiots. If your a cop and you respond to a drunken guy, why the hell would you even be close enough to get cut/stabbed/attacked etc? Your equipped with tasers! stand your dumb ass 5-10 feet away ask the guy to comply and if he doesnt comply, then start the shock treatment. Its not rocket science people. Being drunk and a douchebag I dont support and I definitely dont back anyone being drunk, in public, and waving a knife around. But I also cant support cops who use deadly force which is a permanent fix, to a temporary problem. Come on guys you got tasers to use in instances just like this. Light the dude up with a few volts, chuckle about it later while he sobers up in the drunk tank and life goes on for everyone. Stop The Violence.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

RIP Brandon Barnes, Ricky Castro Diggers, and Trails.

Definitely not psyked to relay this information and was very bummed when I first heard but who knows maybe we can all learn from things. Brandon Barnes a Fresno local passed away last week just days after winning the intermediate class at the contest I announced. I vividly recall him riding well, and me joking about how it must have been difficult to match your shirts and shoelaces so well when riding so smooth. A few days after he was riding a motorized scooter across town to a friends house and was hit by a car accidentaly, and after some information was revealed the driver was unfortunately texting. Now if you know me you know Im likely more guilty of texting while driving than anyone on the planet. The only time I dont do it is when I have someones kids in the car with me, because I feel it's a respect thing. Well I dont think Ive ever considered it, but it's not just the people in your car that you should worry about protecting but in this case anyone can be effected by your decisions. Chalk me up as someone who took this situation to heart and remind me if you see me textin and drivin how stupid Im being. Ill try my best but can always use friendly reminders. Brandon Barnes on that Saturday you started to me as a simple name on a list of riders, but you transcended from a simple name to a kid I vividly recall. I've read alot of people thoughts about you and I can tell you'll be missed by family friends and the entire BMX scene there in Fresno. From myself and Im sure others share my feelings, respect from one rider to another and may you rest in peace buddy. Life is precious people and tomorrow is never promised. Brandons funeral was today and tomorrow I'll lay a skid down for him, I suggest everyone do the same.

Ricky Castro. When your mom texted me and said you crashed, I think I chuckled at first and hoped you got a pedal bite on your shin so i could heckle you about it later. I had no idea you actually took a serious digger. Now some would say that you crashing is karma from the BMX gods for you costing me some large sum of money back in New Mexico a few months ago, but I would NEVER say that or suggest it in a round about way. *Cough* But anyway back to me pretending to feel bad for your misfortune... LOL Smooches they call you huh? Well you may wanna leave the concrete Smooch free next time you come shred LCRSP, and doesnt your mom frequent the blog? Didnt she read my literature about how stupid we are for riding the helmets that do absolutely nothing for our pretty faces? I blogged that like 72 hours ago! Next time you come to shred I better see full face in tow or your gettin a talking to buddy. Get well soon and thank your mom for the TMZ Photo Leak...
Rode Post Office today and learned that Endo will never win a dirt comp. Ever. Lil Justin showed him the hot line but he was too spooked to hit any jumps. Maybe Calabasas will host the Dew Cup, but until then... pffffft
I bailed once on a nasty nose dive gone way wrong but lived to tell about it. Pics dont do justice but this is current post office, steep and deep.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sore Ankle!

LOL So today were fooling around at SS trails, and Im trying to do this back to back 360 line I wanted to pull off and after a few bails over the hip I ejected from one and landed on the side of the hip. Rolled my ankle like immediately and Al was like your gonna be sore tomorrow. He was dead wrong because I still rode fine for a bit more but the drive back apparently let my body relax enough to realize it hurt. Haha. Right ankle is sore now but had a fun day none the less. Weak staff meetings all day tomorrow and the long shift at RMC. KHE tires arrive in the mail tomorrow kinda psyked on gettin those mounted. Figure if my bikes lighter, I too can go high like Nyquist. Roybal post the rolled ankle footage!

Friday, June 24, 2011

At What Point...

Above youll see arguably the most popular helmet in all of action sports... Its the Bucky Lasek signature helmet which is not so popular because Bucky rips a vert ramp at all. But basically its the lightest, just get by the rules helmet you can get for your dome. Since I was about 15 Ive been using this helmet and even when the state of California ruled them unsafe and forced retailers to pull them off the shelves anyone with an internet connection could still mailorder one from out of state. Why did they get yanked from shelves? In a nutshell because the helmet is only going to protect you from getting a cut on your head and thats about all. The plastic shell is only assisted by a thin layer of padding which I would barely call foam and then your precious head slides in and you hope all is well. In the past few months Ive seen a few solid riders take diggers to their faces and heads and its been a grim reminder like I always tell people as we pad up "this shit aint ballet man, ride safe". Recently Chad from Santa Cruz who I just rode trails with took a face shot at the fun spot which led to a good amount of facial fractures and bones getting broken as well as a collapsed trachea and an ICU visit. Chad is @ Stanford so you know it was not a small incident. Get well soon buddy and prayers your way for sure. Ron W shows up to LCRSP the other day and just lays into Endo about wearing a bucket lid after his KO session about a month ago. Nasty concussions are no joke and get more common the more you experience them, couple that with the nasty seizures endo was having and basically being unresponsive for a solid 15 minutes you would think that a change in protective gear was in order. When we were in the hospital I thought we discussed going to a full face but maybe I was hearing things. Ron W made it clear in some polite words " are you that Fu**ing stupid to not wear a real helmet" was muttered a few times, and as annoyed as endo was... Brutal honesty you cant argue with. Ive been ridin trails and some steep and deep sections that command respect, and in a way its one of those things that you bury far back in your head the whole what if factor... but it's not a what if as much as it is a when. Because if you ride long enough/hard enough/often enough your gonna pay the cost at some point. Its just life. When I knocked out 5 teeth I was wearing a pro-tec classic same as what most guys are rockin. I know better. TJ Lavin danced with the devil a few months back and has sworn off competitive riding but has also gone on the full face crusade, banning bucket helmets at his legendary backyard trails. Bold move for sure, although I think that only effects 25-50guys that frequent the place. But it does show that someone of that status has seen the light. With the sudden wave of dudes going down hard, it may not be a bad idea to think things through. I wont judge you either way, but dont think for a second that I dont respect everyones choice of protection. Full face or brain bucket the choice is yours, just dont think id ever give you shit for rockin the full face. Respect. For those if any that have been thinking about gettin a fresh lid check out my peeps over at they got the fresh shit and its only 15 miles away. Lemme know what your lookin for and Ill get you the player player discount, because money should never be a factor in deciding what level of protection you want or deserve.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ghetto twitter post...

Trails tomorrow lets effin ride, who's down?!?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So I had the great idea today to head down to DMV to get the actual total of what it's gonna cost to legally operate a vehicle in the state of california, and was I pleasantly surprised when the lady said my renewal was only going to be $31.00. I waited for her to yell Gotcha! and then laugh her ass off at the 6 tickets that I owe from every state that interstate 40 runs along. I kept waiting and waiting for her to drop the figure on me and it never came. Im still bewildered and I did some research and basically its the DMV's discretion to collect out of state tickets, being in the economic slump we are I didnt think for a single second that I would get to slide without paying heavily. All worked out and to celebrate I ordered a set of KHE tires to lighten up my park rig just a little bit, trails tomorrow with Jay Fil unless he flakes, hip line at post office and that curved berm jump thing that look tricky. Fun.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Still on the Trails Kick!

Still gettin after the dirt ramping for the most part, but before that session went down I had the pleasure of announcing the Fresno Summer Pro/Am BMX Comp at Mosqueda the BMX only park in Fresno. Great facility and one hell of a contest. $5000 bucks was distributed through the top 5 guys in the pro class and all were thankful for the exception of one southern cal jackass who goes by the name of Daniel Sandoval. Kids a real douchebag and was seriously ranting about a 4th place finish to the tune of $800. Haha not bad in my opinion for a few runs and 2minutes 15seconds of tricks. Seriously your gonna try and shit talk the judging because you didnt win? Fuck outta here kid. Ryan did an excellent job and Mosqueda has a serious scene thats thriving out there. My 2 favorite riders did well with Chad Osburn getting 2nd overall after a tie breaker for the win, and Stevie Grote killed it and just missed out on making the top 5 and some cash. Cant wait for the next round in 6 months!

Trails! I been linking tricks and lines at secret spot in Aptos, and after some debate about how gnarly the Post Office trails were I said fuck it we are already here lets go ride em. Jay Fil wasnt too sure but I knew if I started trying them he would follow suit. Which he did. he has a little work to do but he took a solid first step and is starting to ride the big boy sets out there. It was my first actual trip there and I was psyked after about 15 attempts to make it through the whole hip line which is basically STEEP and DEEP to say the least. You hang 50/50 on one of those landings and your day will go bad in a hurry. Luckily I left the race style in the car and was boostin and leanin in and getting through. Tons of fun and anxious to ride those spots some more!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

If the streets is talkin...

Then the trails are shouting suckas! I dont know that I was burned out on riding in the past few weeks, but Ive been riding quite a bit and as much as possible between all the work shifts but I switched things up and got back to the trails as I always do around my Bday and it was refreshing. Not much emphasis on tricks at all just going fast and enjoying smooth lines and dirty jeans. I met up with Fowler @ Polo in Aptos and we headed over to secret spot and just had a blast riding a long line that isnt the hardest and demanding but as always if you get caught slipping the trails will check you up quickly. I stayed fairly clean and just had a blast and went back not just Saturday but repeated process on Sunday. All the other boys were getting snappy out at the Manteca races, but for me the trails were a blessing and the perfect way to get refreshed before starting a burner week of 8:30am BMX Camps and then straight to regional for the hospital shifts. I didnt get any pics of the jumps because my sd card was missing in my phone, but Ill try next time. Good times and a promising future!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy birthday to..... Me!

That's right suckas 27 years of age yeah buddy. Worked a lovely 14hr day to celebrate it and aid came through wit the goodie bag of snacks to keep me going. Rode bmx and worked. Real blogs coming soon I promise. Lol

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Much of the same, as always.

Work, work, work. Doin the most as some would say haha. Worked the hospital gig all week and took an extra shift at the warehouse which turned into working the warehouse all weekend, and just got the call for 9-5 at the hospital again tomorrow. I was supposed to start the part time hours this week but glad that Im still stackin the full days. Overtime is payin like $35 an hour so thats nice. Got my worlds stuff all worked out so thats looking good. Booking my flight soon for that adventure and really excited to get it all squared away. Not too much going on, still been doing the road bike thing everynight even though Im dead tired at night. I think since I started Ive only missed like 3-4 nights so kinda glad Ive been stickin to that and hopefully I get faster? LOL who knows but at least I feel like Ive been workin at it hahahaha. Not too much news just all work and no play, but savin for a new car I think :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Go Figure...

I would say that ten years ago you coulda bet someone a cool million bucks that I would never rock a set of scrubs as a work outfit, but then again you coulda probably made that bet a week ago and some sucker would put up the cash. Proof is in the puddin though, started at my new job today and my boy Miguel got the last transfer spot available so it was nice to have a familiar face around and took the stress off. Checked out some surgeries in progress and the word gnar is the best way to describe it. Crazy crazy crazy. Found like my 15th dream evo, I think I might even go hit up John Q. Wells Fargo and ask for a fatty loan, the Escapes wheel bearing is eventually gonna blow up so need to get a new rig set in place. Figure with the new gig and the better hours I might as well treat myself right?

Friday, May 6, 2011


Had to change the soundtrack up to reflect my mood for the day. The Clipse track Grindin always has a special place in my black heart and I herd it drivin home from work today and had to slap it for everyones pleasure, or dislike LOL. Anyway got confirmation today that I legitly now have 3 jobs at the moment until the city thing goes down the tubes. Yeah thats right your boy is gettin laid off due to budget cuts from my city of San Jose Employment, but I got some things up my sleeve so possibly not done but Im setting them on the shelf for now. Bigger fish ya know? Anyway I landed the OR Supply Chain Materials gig at Regional Medical Center and thats a good solid step forward in the little medical career I seem to have stumbled into so pretty psyked on that, part time with 22hrs a week but it comes with benefits and once your at the hospital the search is on for a full time spot, so given I was only on call per diem for 8 months before I moved up Im hoping I can wiggle into a nice spot at RMC as well. So psyked I still get my per diem chances at the warehouse too so warehouse/rmc/and skatepark will keep me busy for the next few weeks. Even got a raise at the warehouse which took me up and over $27.00 an hour and I am psyked on that but found it hilarious that Im leaving that payscale so soon for the on site hospital gig, which pays lower but is more stable. Either way the last few checks should sit heavy and thats a plus. Been working on the cardio thanks to Rodney for the trainer setup and havent missed a night on it yet, Im sure Im doing all the wrong stuff, but its 10x more than I was doing before so thats gotta be good right? No more soda, gave it up for ummmm no apparent reason? LOL Livermore is slowly gettin on track and thats good to hear. Lifes good bruh!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bin Laden Got Murked!

Son of a bitch we finally killed that suckafish? I wonder how much we were still investing in looking for that jackass. Funny stuff I be trippin on it but whatever. Anyway that aint the wildest shit, I actually won a race and not just 1 race but both days?!?! HAHAHAHA Go figure man,wire 2 wire both days avoided the elbows and first straight battles to squeek out a set of wins, I guess I should get 4 more and try and be up for the NAG title. Good times. Pics as soon as I find some- Nick

Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome To Omaha...

You can usually figure your going to have a great day when you wake up to the real deal Hannah Montana and she is giving you the eyes. I chatted her up for a second when I woke up, but she didnt seem interested. To be quite honest she didnt even reply it was like she didnt even listen... Just stood there all sassy with a hand on her hip and a full load of attitude. All good though, I asked her where Allan Porter was since I have seemed to misplace him somehow. He didnt return my calls or texts and I feel like ive been stood up for this race... Guess Ill be partying alone to celebrate my wins LOL. Just the cruiser this weekend, trying to stay on a budget and I have nothing for 19-27x anyway, plus it's a duck race so I wouldnt care if I did that well in class anyway. But Im excited cuz these will be scores 3 and 4 for cruiser so only 2 more after this weekend and I'll be set for a grands shot at a NAG plate. Its been far too long LOL. Sent in my 24" request for team USA, I would assume itll get approved without too much hassle, but funny they changed it up. It used to be if you qualified on one bike you were good on both, but not anymore. Deadline was today at 5pm, and I just luckily emailed mike king yesterday while on a flight and he replied at 12midnight and said get it done by 5pm today LOL sheesh talk about cuttin it close.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Quit talkin and lets see who got skills!

Bring it fools! After being in Chula this weekend and hearing the smack talk from SEVERAL words with friends players I promised I would make this little project tournament happen. So here is the logistics. Its $10 to enter and its pretty much winner takes all and we can kick a few bucks back to the 2nd place person and a "Say I Wont" prize pack for the 3rd place person. I got plenty of cool stuff from the Nor*Cal Classic prize stash so the 3rd place person will probably make out with the most loot.

How do I enter? Log into your paypal and send me $10. Here is the catch when you send the payment to MAKE SURE TO SEND IT AS A GIFT... That makes the whole $10 come to me and if this scam is going to work I need every penny. When you click send a payment, click the "personal" payment tab and select gift from the options. Once your done sending the whopping $10 your in and Ill be emailing you from the Bahamas, errrr I mean I'll email your further instructions. Or... You can also pay me $10 in person but dont expect a receipt, thats a paper trail and uncle scam aint welcome at this party. This is gonna be like a good pyramid scheme so sign up early and Im hoping to get 12 people, I figure those tempted to cheat *cough* Rio Frio *cough* will elect to play fair, but at the same time if Misty puts a 200 point beat down on me again I have to keep my pride somehow so dont ask me how I though up the word... jhvejkefql and scored 197 points in the process. LOL Brackets are drafted up and will be placed here and updated throughout the tournament until we crown a winner. Single elimination first round and best 2 out of 3 for all rounds after that... Questions? Lets do this!